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Spotlight (Stereo)

As you may have guessed from the typically-solid case, this is very much a traditional amp. It not luxurious but it is well-engineered and reliable — our test unit has been running for over three years without any issues. There's no digital inputs, no Bluetooth and no headphone output. But if you're all about the music, you'll almost certainly be wowed by the Elex-R's sonics.

Read the full review: Rega Elex-R. The Rega Aethos delivers an fantastic combination of insight, dynamics and rhythmic precision to produce a class-leading sound.

It's not the most highly-specced stereo amp we've seen, though. There are no digital inputs, nor is there a phono stage for a turntable, which is surprising at this level. You do get five line-level inputs and a 6. IF you can live with that, the Rega will reward you with a captivating sound, that majors in clarity and dynamic fluidity.

Its sense of timing is second to none at that level, which is part of the reason it's a What Hi-Fi? Awards winner. Read the full review: Rega Aethos. Just Spotlight (Stereo) a Cadillac, the Moon i offers power and performance in a classy, understated case. Sound is smooth and defined, layered with texture and refreshingly clear.

The i partners well with almost any speakers but to show off its true capabilities, you'll want to hook it up to some serious kit. The superb sonics are matched by impressive specs. So, whether you want connect a CD player, laptop, TV or media streamer, the i will oblige. If all that hasn't won you over, take a closer look at the Moon i's classy metal casing and crisp OLED display. If you're working with a healthy budget and want a versatile digital amp, take a trip to the Moon.

Read the full review: Moon i. This stripped-back amp is pitched at the hifi purist. With no digital connections, no wireless connectivity, no headphone socket and no phono stage, the M2si is all about going back to basics and focusing on what really matters — sound.

In the M2si, Musical Fidelity has created an brilliant performer capable of delivering large-scale sound without breaking a sweat. Complex rhythms are handled effortlessly; individual instruments are rendered precisely and tonal balance is such that this amplifier is a lot less fussy about partnering with equipment than many of its rivals.

Of course, cheaper alternatives such as the Audiolab A give you far more features for the money. But if a remote control, six line level inputs and a smattering of solid metal controls are really all you need from a stereo amplifier, this simple, clean-cut affair is great bang for your buck.

Read the full review: Musical Fidelity M2si. Copland doesn't introduce new products all that regularly, so the CSA is a welcome addition to its Spotlight (Stereo) and a welcome addition to our list of the best stereo amplifiers you can buy. The CSA boasts a clutter-free and elegant design, with digital module, headphone output and a phono stage all to be found inside that well-constructed chassis.

At its core is a hybrid electronic design that produces a solid W per channel 8ohm. Sonically, the amp produces a nicely layered image with instruments sharply focused — its sonic precision and a sense of fluidity are hugely appealing.

Read the full review: Copland CSA The D looks a whole lot like its cheaper sibling, the D V2, and is jam-packed with features. But then, you get all that if you buy the cheaper variant — so why pay more for the D ? Well, the main reason is that the provides more power than the D V2 80W vs 60W. It also sports a more luxurious design and comes in a case Spotlight (Stereo) features some extra premium touches.

The added power makes for a beefier presentation but that's not to say this amp punches like Tyson. It serves up a smooth, balanced performance that is controlled and detailed across the frequency range. On the downside, it lacks the same level of enthusiasm as it's lower-priced sibling. Spotlight (Stereo) amp's technological firepower make it a great buy for the money. But if you don't care for the additional 20W of power, the D V2 might be the better choice.

Read the full review: NAD D It has a sensible features list and, most importantly, a performance that justifies its hefty price tag. The A-S is a beautifully built product, as expected at this level — an impressively solid beast thanks to its chunky casework and back-straining 25kg weight. This is a surprisingly clean and clear performer that renders the leading edges of notes with crispness without ever veering towards sounding hard or edgy.

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Chicken Master - mrSimon - SMC Supreme (File, MP3), When The Blues Come In From The Rain - Jack Blanchard And Misty Morgan* - Weird Scenes Inside The Bi, No Nena - Version Larga Especial, In The Air Tonight (Rmx) - Various - Wrzesień 078 Chłodno (CDr), The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live + 6 Bonus Tr, Satisfaction - Otis Redding - Dreams To Remember: The Otis Redding Anthology (CD), Tijuana Taxi - Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass* - !!Going Places!! (Vinyl, LP, Album), A Lot Of Livin To Do - Louis Armstrong - ...Presenting... (Vinyl, LP), Jock-O-Rama (Invasion Of The Beef Patrol) - Dead Kennedys - Frankenchrist (Vinyl, LP, Album), Willie And The Hand Jive - Various - The Best Of Shakin 50s (CD), Capote De Grana Y Oro - Pastora Soler - Nuestras Coplas (Cassette, Album), Burn (LS System Remix) - Various - Dance Nation 2 - Your Big Night Out (CD), Coolsville - Rickie Lee Jones - Live At The Wiltern Theatre (VHS), How To Hate - Lil Wayne - Tha Carter IV (CD, Album), Hound Dog

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Fast One - Tindersticks - Curtains (CD, Album)

The problem here is that I don't really dislike this music. If the whole album was just a big, jerky mess then I could write it off without a second thought, but there are good bits, bits that are relevant to my interests, if you will. When I Lost My Bet opens with some pretty sweet drumming, and while the terrain gets somewhat rockier from there, I do like the cool widdly guitar bits.

And hey, some of the choruses are pretty rad. The title track is strangely calm to begin with boy was that a refreshing change of paceand this eventually gives way to a cool chrous about how one of us must die and how the killer won't survive. I'm not entirely sure it makes sense, but hey, it sounds good. But see, I've only touched on the first three tracks here.

I'm yet to get all the way through this album, and I really can't imagine what kind of mood I'd have to be in to do it all in one sitting. So here's my appeal to Dillinger fans, and mathcore fans in general: please get in touch, and tell me I need to stick with this album. Please appreciate that this heavy stuff is some way off my beaten path - I've always kept a little bit of metal close at hand, but never very much and never anything quite like this.

I'd really like to see some arguments for One of Us is the Killerso if you've got one to make, leave a comment or tweet me. As a barely related side note, Album) the hell is up with Wikipedia's list of math rock bands? Labels: the dillinger escape plan.

Square MoonThe Crimea's jumbo-sized third album, was originally meant to be released on the 31st of October, It was actually only released today, and at some point in the intervening 21 months, the band decided that this would be their last hurrah. After one final gig in London tomorrow night, they're packing it in, which is a very great shame indeed.

I love The Crimea with a fervency that's reserved for brilliant bands that nobody else seems to have heard of, and so I thought I'd share some thoughts on their work before the curtain falls. I had been watching a band called Cord, and I was all set to wander away from the stage and track down my friends when two chaps in Crimea T-shirts asked if I was staying to watch them.

I hadn't intended to, but they assured me that it would be well worth my time, and by Jove, they weren't wrong. Standing next to two people who were joyously singing along with every lyric probably heightened the experience, but it was pretty amazing anyway, and Lottery Winners on Acid in particular made such an impression that I was compelled to track down its parent album, Tragedy Rocks.

I spent the rest of that summer singing along to the likes of Girl Just Died and White Russian Galaxy, and when I stumbled upon a new Crimea album in Spillers one year on, I couldn't part with my cash quickly enough. I needn't have bothered, of course - this was Secrets of the Witching Hourwhich has now passed into legend for being arguably the first ever free-to-download album - but the price was more than justified, and just as Tragedy Rocks had been my soundtrack for Summer '06, Secrets My family took me on holiday to Newcastle that year, and since my MP3 player had recently conked out, I dusted off my portable CD player and nearly wore out the Secrets of the Witching Hour disc in the space of a week.

I've said it before, and I'll Fast One - Tindersticks - Curtains (CD it again - if you haven't already downloaded this record, do it now. I attended my second Crimea gig in Summer an intimate affair at The Gate, which is a converted church in Roath and the setlist was packed with previews of new songs which promised big things for their upcoming third LP.

I was dizzy with anticipation; I listened to the demos on their myspace page a lot, and I keenly awaited the big announcement. And eventually, after years of agonising silence, came Square Moon. It was actually only three years, rather than five; I and other fast-moving Crimea fans have secretly had these 22 songs on our iPods for some time, having bought it on a limited pre-order back in While many will only be purchasing this album today, we already have nearly two years of memories attached to it.

And yet it still keeps me hanging on. I was listening to Square Moon this afternoon, and I'm surprised that an album I've had for almost two years can still make me feel so many feelings.

But sure enough, those themes of loss and separation and sudden, unexpected estrangement - as heard throughout the album but especially on Lovers of the Disappeared - hit me right in the heart to this very day. I'm sorry to bore you with extracts from my tedious life story, but the point I'm trying to make is that The Crimea are an intensely personal band, the polar opposite of background music, and it's impossible not to get wrapped up in them while listening.

Better still, their massive melodies and sharp hooks make them pretty accessible, which means that more or less everyone can get up close and personal with these tracks. They're a band to live by, and just listening to them is a huge experience in itself. I can't make it to their farewell gig in London and that makes me very sad, but even if you've arrived after the end, I'd implore you to check The Crimea out ASAP.

Buy Square Moon from Alcopop Records today, and pretty soon, you'll have your own story to tell. At least that way, you won't have to listen to mine.

Labels: the crimea. Friday, July 26, Clouds Taste Metallic. I'm having a bit of a rest this week, but rather than neglect The Album Wall entirely, I thought I'd take this opportunity to share with you some blog posts from the past.

These words originally appeared on my last. Labels: the flaming lips. When you discover a band who a are good enough to be worth investigating, and b have been around for long enough to have a fairly extensive back catalogue, working your way through that catalogue can be an adventure that takes months, even years.

I think Tindersticks are the most recent one; they've been going sinceand their eight studio albums are just drops in an ocean that's swimming with singles, live albums, compilations, side projects, and film scores. I've still got a long way to go, but here's my journey so far It was a good introduction. The album doesn't exactly slap you in the face; it takes its time, slowly unfurling as you gradually realise how breathtaking it is.

After a wonderfully tense introduction, the highlights come thick and fast: there's the grandiose uncertainty of Come Feel the Sun; there's The Other Side of the World, which starts out quiet and fragile but eventually grows into the album's swooping centrepiece; there's Mother Dear, which has this crazy, no-rhythm guitar bit in the middle but then suddenly goes all pretty and nice.

And then, at the end of it all, there's The Turns We Took, which I'll always remember as the song I was listening to as the sun set on the long coach ride back home from Germany. Falling Down a Mountain.

It has some classic songs, all right - Harmony Around My Table is great fun, and the beautiful Factory Girls might be my favourite 'Sticks song of all, even now that I know some of their earlier stuff. But the ten tracks are over all too quickly, and while it's usually good for an album to be concise and leave me wanting more, I feel that Falling Down a Mountain takes too long to get going, and ends just as it's getting really good.

There's the aforementioned Factory Girls, the unspeakably lovely instrumental Piano Music, and then that's your lot. Off you go.

A few months after the release of Falling Down a Mountainit was announced the Tindersticks would be performing at that year's Green Man Festival, for which I had already secured tickets.

Their Top Tracks on last. Unless, of course, someone was saying how much they preferred their earlier work. That said, I needn't have worried about the Green Man setlist. Every other song was taken from Falling Down a Mountainand while I suspect that the band's more diehard fans were a little miffed, I was thrilled. It was a great show, all the songs including the ones I didn't know were brilliant, and they even played The Other Side of the World!

They would have been my favourite act of the festival, had I not been blown away by The Flaming Lips the night before.

Waiting for the Moon. In retrospect, the Green Man set was probably what turned me from a casual listener into a fully-fledged Fast One - Tindersticks - Curtains (CD. When I left the festival site that night, I was eager to dive head-first into the Tindersticks back catalogue, and I knew exactly where to start. Of the older songs Tindersticks had played at Green Man, one in particular had caught my ear. I didn't know what it was I probably should have asked the man stood next to me who knew every wordbut upon returning from the festival I Googled the scrap of lyrics I could remember:.

And up popped the lyrics for Sometimes It Hurts. I found the song on YouTube, listened to it, and Y'know, in a sad sort of way. Still, Waiting for the Moon was - and probably still is - my least favourite Tindersticks record yet. It has its moments, but for every Say Goodbye to the City or My Oblivion both of which are electrifying for entirely different reasonsthere's something like Trying to Find a Home or the title track. Everything on the album is very pretty, but a lot of it isn't much else.

The first thing that struck me upon its arrival was the sheer number of tracks. There are twenty-one! I suspected that I wouldn't have any issues with this one being over too quickly. Accustomed as I was to latter-day 'Sticks, starting again at the other end of their career was a bit of a shock. This album is a lot more guitar-based than the albums that came afterwards, which results in some surprisingly catchy, straightforward indie numbers like Nectar and Patchwork. On the other hand, there's also a handful of jazzier, discordant tracks - Tyed, for example.

It's heresy, I know, but seventy-seven minutes is a long time. It's too much to get through in one sitting, like a Sunday roast followed by a pizza. By this point I felt like an expert. I'd spent ages poring over the titles of songs I hadn't heard, wondering what lay beneath.

I could tell you that Tiny Tears was one of the band's best and probably a good place to start, in spite of having never heard a note of it. I did this when I was getting seriously into R. I think I was hoping that they'd named a song by just leaning on a typewriter. Anyway, I got Tindersticks II as a Christmas present inand it might well be my favourite Tindersticks album yet.

The songs are lyrically affecting and musically stunning, and Stuart Staples has never sounded better. In fact, I shouldn't have allowed myself to get this far without mentioning the guy's voice; it's a lovely, deep voice, at once indifferent and utterly utterly miserable. But you know what? A lot of those gems weren't the ones I was expecting. Given those names, I expected soaring, emotionally wracked mini-epics that would have me falling in love with music all over again while simultaneously making me want to throw out my entire, inferior CD collection in disgust.

Such can be the suggestive power of song titles, but I suppose nothing could have lived up to what Album) imagined. It's just too understated compared to the other stuff. And yet my hopes for the album were dramatically realised in songs like Travelling Light and Mistakes. Who knows why those titles hadn't caught my eye, but holy heck you can't ignore material like that. The former is a duet, not unlike my beloved Sometimes it Hurts, while Mistakes constitutes the album's climax - the last, wretched hurrah before it winds down.

Just listen, and feel your heart skip a beat when he sings:. It's been a slow-burning journey of discovery, which is rather fitting given the music I've been discovering. Third album Curtains seems like the Album) step, being as it contains their most listened-to song'Another Night In'. Then again, they're supposed to be releasing a new album this year, so perhaps I'll end up getting that first.

Either way, it looks like I'll be discovering Tindersticks for a while yet. In fact, you can find out what I thought of that here. But even if that is the case, it's still hella depressing; the titular sister goes blind, kills her cat and mother by accidentally?

After a hiatus between andthe band's line-up was stripped down to Staples, Boulter and Fraser, eventually settling on a line-up featuring Earl Harvin drums and Dan McKinna basswith further albums, soundtracks and singles being released. Tindersticks were one of the most original and distinctive British acts of the '90s, standing apart from both the British indie scene and the rash of Brit-pop guitar combos that dominated the U.

Where their contemporaries were often direct and to the point, Tindersticks were obtuse and leisurely, crafting dense, difficult songs layered with literary lyrics, intertwining melodies, mumbling vocals, and gently melancholy orchestrations. At the start of their career, the group filtered the dark romanticism of Leonard Cohen, Ian Curtis, and Scott Walker through the bizarre pop songcraft of Lee Hazlewood and the aesthetics of indie rock.

These Foolish Things - Joni James - 20 Greatest Hits (Vinyl, LP), Shes My Baby 2 (Red Hot) - Billy Riley* - Classic Recordings, 1956 - 1960 (CD), The Boys Of Summer (Green Court Remix) - DJ Sammy - The Boys Of Summer (CD), My Fondest Memories - Billy Joe Royal - Down In The Boondocks (Vinyl, LP), Love To Love - UFO (5) - Lights Out In Tokyo - Live (DVD), Gypsy/Grajonca - Santana - Milagro (Cassette, Album), Shine-O-Myte (Rag Popping) - William "Bootsy" Collins* - The One Giveth, The Count Taketh, Κοίτα Να Ερωτευτείς (Original Mix) - Κώστας Ευρυπιώτης - Κοίτα Να Ερωτευτείς (CD), Applejack - The Federals (2) Solist: Tony Bolton (2) - The Federals Solist: Tony Bolton (Vinyl, LP,, Love & Peace - Nukey Pikes - Take The Funny Way (Cassette)

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All I Know - Axe Murder Boyz - Underdogz EP (CD)

During the AMB seminar at the GOTJ Young Wicked announced that he was no longer drinking alcohol anymore as of June 19, [update] after realizing alcohol was controlling his life. In a December interview with DesertJuggalos. He also stated that his upcoming debut solo album Slaughter would be released inhe would go on tour to support it, and that the album All I Know - Axe Murder Boyz - Underdogz EP (CD) feature AMB member Bonez Dubb. He indicated that he would like to collaborate with Tech N9ne, and Ed Sheeran.

In the booklet for The Marvelous Missing Link: Lost it was announced that Otis's debut solo album on the label would be released nationwide on September 1, In a recent promo for the album it was announced that Slaughter had been pushed back to a September 4, release date. On June 24, Otis released a promo flyer for Slaughterbut stated that it was not the final cover art for the album. It was also announced that it will be released in March Also it was said that Bonez' debut solo album will be released in Finally it was said that Otis will release a mixxtape and then a solo album over his own beats.

A week later he released his second single titled "Laid Back". On June 17, it was announced by Bonez Dubb that he will be releasing a new clothing line called "Truth Clothing Company", he will release a new music video for the song "Laid Back", and lastly he will release a new mixtape titled: "Show Me The Truth". Finally it was announced that the new Axe Murder Boyz album titled Muerte will be released in mid Bonez Dubb and Mindshot will be the supporting acts for the mini tour.

Also announced was a list of tour dates for the "Slaughter Tour" will be released soon. The tour is to support Young Wicked's debut solo album Slaughter which was released on September 4, via solely on Psychopathic Records.

Bonez Dubb is setting up a tour with Native World Inc. On December 31, it was announced that Young Wicked has signed to Majik Ninja Entertainment and has 2 new shirts available on Twiztid-Shop, as well as a brand new CD available titled, Vengeance EP, cementing the speculation that he had been let go and had left Psychopathic Records.

It is unknown if Bonez Dubb will take part or not. On January 5, it was announced that Young Wicked will be All I Know - Axe Murder Boyz - Underdogz EP (CD) father to Samantha Bruce's daughter. Samantha is the daughter of Jumpsteadyand the niece of Violent J and Myzery.

On January 18, it was announced that AMB will release their debut album on the All I Know - Axe Murder Boyz - Underdogz EP (CD) in On April 7, Young Wicked took to social media to post the tracklist for his upcoming album and the release date still scheduled for May 19, The official release date was pushed back to June 30, With the album being announced at the Gathering of the Juggalosthe anticipation for the album was very high coming off the unexpected bombshell of The Garcia Brothers.

With Young Wicked jumping ship and leaving Psychopathic Records to join Majik Ninja Entertainment All I Know - Axe Murder Boyz - Underdogz EP (CD), it was expected that the album would be released in God's Hand Blood in Blood Out The Unforgiven Forest Nothin 4 Free - Single Cantfxckwittus feat.

Fatality - Single Marked for Death feat. Grindin' - Single These Killaz feat. Appears On. Friday 4 June Saturday 5 June Sunday 6 June Monday 7 June Tuesday 8 June Wednesday 9 June Thursday 10 June Friday 11 June Saturday 12 June Sunday 13 June Monday 14 June Tuesday 15 June Wednesday 16 June Thursday 17 June Friday 18 June Saturday 19 June Sunday 20 June Monday 21 June Tuesday 22 June Wednesday 23 June Thursday 24 June Friday 25 June Saturday 26 June Sunday 27 June Monday 28 June Tuesday 29 June Wednesday 30 June Thursday 1 July Friday 2 July Saturday 3 July Sunday 4 July Monday 5 July Tuesday 6 July Wednesday 7 July Thursday 8 July All I Know - Axe Murder Boyz - Underdogz EP (CD) Friday 9 July Saturday 10 July Sunday 11 July Monday 12 July Tuesday 13 July Wednesday 14 July Thursday 15 July Friday 16 July Saturday 17 July Sunday 18 July Monday 19 July Tuesday 20 July Wednesday 21 July Thursday 22 July Friday 23 July Saturday 24 July Sunday 25 July Monday 26 July Tuesday 27 July Wednesday 28 July Thursday 29 July Friday 30 July Saturday 31 July Sunday 1 August Monday 2 August Tuesday 3 August Wednesday 4 August Thursday 5 August Friday 6 August Saturday 7 August Sunday 8 August Monday 9 August Tuesday 10 August Wednesday 11 August Thursday 12 August Friday 13 August Saturday All I Know - Axe Murder Boyz - Underdogz EP (CD) August Sunday 15 August

Adagio - Joseph Haydn, Orchester Der Wiener Volksoper* - Symphonie Nr. 99 Es-Dur Und Nr. 102 B-Dur (, {The Ghost} - Sleeping Pilot - Panic Sex (CD, Album), Stagnation - Genesis - Genesis Collection Volume One (Vinyl, LP), Mr. Blue - Various - Juke-Box Graffiti (Vinyl, LP), Petty Wage - Swingin Utters - The Streets Of San Francisco (Vinyl, LP, Album), Only With You (Video Mix) - Captain Hollywood Project - Love Is Not Sex (Vinyl, LP, Album), Untitled - Mike McColl Jones Read By Mark Mitchell (14) - And Now Heres ... A Fun History Of Austral, Doubles & Trebles - Wire - Change Becomes Us (CD, Album), Pomp And Pride - Toots & The Maytals - Funky Kingston (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Widows Song / The Widowers Song (feat. Rachael Yamagata), The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - Pink Floyd - Is There Anybody Out There? The Wall Live + 6 Bonus Tr

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Talas Ljubavi - Naya (4) - Kamatantra (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Epizoda 13 Hitna ljubav Turska serija: Hitna ljubav - 13 Epizoda, uzivo preko interneta na portalu Navidiku. Epizoda 14 Hitna ljubav Turska serija: Hitna ljubav - 14 Epizoda, uzivo preko interneta na portalu Navidiku. Epizoda 15 Hitna ljubav Turska serija: Hitna ljubav - 15 Epizoda, uzivo preko interneta na portalu Navidiku.

Epizoda 16 Hitna ljubav Turska serija: Hitna ljubav - 16 Epizoda, uzivo preko interneta na portalu Navidiku. Epizoda 17 Hitna ljubav Turska serija: Hitna ljubav - 17 Epizoda, uzivo preko interneta na portalu Navidiku. Epizoda 18 Hitna ljubav Turska serija: Hitna ljubav - 18 Epizoda, uzivo preko interneta na Album) Navidiku. Moderna diva: Adeline dvije nove naslovnice Voguea zapalile su internet. Lifestyle Kolumne. Ali rekla je tad.

Tagovi ljubav prava ljubav. Foto Pexels. Ines S. I ne, Imamo dobru vijest u vezi Primarka u Grazu Marija K. Primark volimo prvenstveno zbog povoljnih cijena, pogotovo kada su u pitanju dekoracije i dodaci za dom. Marija K. Wednesday, 19 March Partibrejkers-Da li sam to ja Video.

Immediately after the album was released, state's censors declared songs "Mangupi vam kvare dete" and "Besni psi" ethicaly unacceptable.

The Yugoslav Ministry of culture ordered an analysis of the song by the experts. Monday, 17 March TunelDo poslednje kapi [Lp]. Labels: Tunel. Kamen Na KamenKamen na kamen [Lp]. Bonus tracks Oj, djevojko Marsovac Jel' to taj sa LP Ukraden Tri djevojke sa Nedom Ukraden.

Labels: Kamen Na Kamen. Friday, 14 March Elvis J. Ljubav se zove imenom tvojim — Dino Dvornik. Crazy For You — Madonna. Always and Forever — Heatwave. Love Me Tender — LP Presley. Tugo, nesreco — Crvena Jabuka. Underneath Your Album) — LP. Angels — Robbie Williams. My Love — Justin Timberlake featuring T. Save the Best for Last — Vanessa Williams. Be Without You — Mary J. Can You Feel the Love Tonight? Eternal Flame — The Bangles. Thank You — Dido.

Kix (3) - Hot Wire (CD, Album), Father of Waters - Ferde Grofé, Victor Herbert, Howard Hanson, Eastman-Rochester Orchestra - Grofe G, A Brand New Day (Everybody Rejoice) (Part Two) - Various - The Wiz - Original Motion Picture Soundtr, I Feel The Music - Pennye Ford* - Pennye (CD, Album), A Tyrant In Heaven - Various - Planet X Records Presents... Dimension X: 2012: A Compilation Of The, Mitte Zwanzig - Hannen Alks - Quaken Verboten (CD, Album), Ruffstuff, Majistrate & MC Funsta - Purge Dem / Cake Face (Vinyl), Carry Him Gently - The Pat Boone Family - In The Holy Land (Vinyl, LP, Album), KTL - 20071004 Ikki, Kita-Kyushu, Japan (File, MP3), India Rubber Man - Steve Hackett - Highly Strung (CD, Album), For lose​(​π​.​mix) - Various - Dirty Vacuum Tubes (File, MP3), Seconds Away From Death - Pirtek And Nurses With Knives - Structural Defects (File, MP3), Untitled - Evol - Principio (CD), Tease Me - Various - 100 Hits Reggae (CD), Muito Mais - L.A. Transit - De Novo (CD, Album)

2 Окт, 2012

To Lonely Shores - Locust - After The Rain (File, MP3, Album)

Despite the orchestration the song misses the insistent drum fill that was so much a part of the original and therefore despite the guitar work it somehow feels lacking. Luckily for every low point there is a high. Peter Gabriel's " Sledgehammer " just kills and they even done a good job on Lionel Richie's " Hello ", taking another soppy ballad but this time turning it into a rocking AOR track. Finally to round out the album is a decent stab at Dire Strait's " Brothers In Arms " that keeps the melancholic feel of the original whilst increasing the heaviness a hundred fold.

It's an album that shows that cover albums can be different, entertaining and interesting and that they don't mean simply following the original song down to the last note.

From it's AOR roots, Bodragaz 's sound has continuously grown more compelling, the music and songwriting deeper and richer, with each consecutive release. The music of the four-piece band Bodragaz could be classified as a classic "Heavy Metal" but, after you listen carefully you realize that, the musical style is very near in spirit and in sound to the melodic metal movement, adding some prog metal atmospheres.

The instrumentation, rhythm, and vocals are somewhat different this time around, drawing influences from a variety of sources, sometimes using agressive musical passages with hard guitar sounds, sometimes adding melodic structures over it using extraordinary keyboard synths, melodic vocals and occasionally metallic guitar riffs to great effect, the end result is a true excursion into the best world of Melodic Metal, Heavy Metal and Prog Metal styles.

The album was recorded at Highland Studios. Produced by Michael Layer and engineered by Gusty Christensen at Fox Street Records, contains ten tracks with 50 minutes full of an amazing music. Brilliant and indispensable work, highly recommendable. If the answer is yes, you have a little Idea what you will find in this EP from italian five-piece band.

With a good mix of prog-metal and some good vocals by Monica, they do a very interesting job in tracks like " The Mush-Room " heavy elements and " Distances ", to reach the top of their performance in the good " Beyond The Wall Of Sleep ", with a good mix of slow parts and speed moments.

The heavy moments come back with " A Strange Whisper " and with the beautiful " Life ", that I consider a good rock song, with some acoustical elements and good instrumental moments. A band that is doing great in some festivals in their country and can do a lot in the european scene. Good Luck for them! Comments By Rafael Carnovale. Ness is a concept of modern band with a strong sense of melody, towards classic 70's styles and sounds full of energy and complex arrangements expertly played and written, but with a modern feel.

The musicians developed a remarkable instrumentation, featuring a solid bass, vibrant drums and percussions, solid vocals, refined acoustic and electric guitar solos, adorned by fascinating keyboards layers. Including nine tracks with min of pure musical emotions. A special and particular attention to and my favourite songs are: " Where's Guns? Mike started teaching guitar at the age of At 16, Mike was performing all over the Tri-State area.

Many times Mike needed to have his parents accompany him to play shows because he was too young to get into the local bars. Over the course of twenty plus years, Mike has maintained a steady student clientele while also doing session work in New York City.

He spent many years performing his own songs live with numerous bands. With nothing more than a reel to reel, a few guitars, an amp, drum machine and some keyboards, Mike was soon writing and recording his own material on a daily basis. With his new studio, Mike would now be producing, recording and engineering his debut album. Mike Grande and the musicians on the band, have captured a nice seventies and early eighties sound, putting together rich arrangements and sophisticated orchestration.

The album is totally instrumental, the guitars that dominate the instrumentation, are really stunning and abundantly present all the time, with clean and symphonic solos, adorned by thunderous drums and great bass lines, complemented with pleasant keyboard works, we can listen amazing compositions, precisely played with a perfect balance between energy and softness.

In fact, Mike recorded a very impressive album, which is easy to listen and produced pretty well. After a couple of trial they found their way to " Massacre Records " for the release of their third album " The Art Effect " in Now they have finished there fourth which is their most mature album and perhaps a small breakthrough is in sight for Lanfear with this release. These Germans do not offer us anything new but their high quality " Stratovarius " and " Rhapsody " tinged power metal will certainly appeal to many fans of the genre.

The band has a very strong asset in both guitarist and founding member Markus "Ulle" Ullrich and frontman Tobias "Neo" Althammer. Both of them have an incredible sense for catchy melodies and "Neo" uses his voice to the fullest extent. This album does however suffer from two problems that prevents it from being Album) more enjoyable. First off the drums tend to become annoying a little too often, second the guitar melodies and vocals do not always fit that well together, the high-pitched vocals often drowning the previous.

I would also have left out the growling vocals in " Shades Of Black " as they don't sond all too good to be polite. They are a very promising band indeed, if only they manage to put all pieces together. The origins of the band lie inwhen Candice Night met Ritchie Blackmore, then of " Deep Purple ", on a soccer field.

He has taught her so much. Since then, She has worked with " Deep Purple ", " Rainbow ", done backing vocals and guest spots on other projects and began singing lead vocals and writing lyrics in for Blackmore's Night. The two became romantically involved and discovered that they shared a passionate interest in the Renaissance.

Their debut album " Shadow of the Moon " was an instant success, particularly in Europe. In subsequent albums, particularly " Fires at Midnight ", there was an increased incorporation of rock guitar into the music, whilst maintaining a folk rock direction. Over time, Candice Night has increasingly participated instrumentally as well as singing the vocals, and is competent in a wide variety of Renaissance instruments.

Ritchie Blackmore and Candice Night have found their own way to walk, beside and together, musically creating a sublime fusion around styles as Renaissance Music, Folk and Progressive Rock. The main emphasis, in their music, seems to be the strong compositions, with beautiful and soft vocals from Candice Night in close harmony and refined electric guitar solos very well played by the magic and wizard Ritchie Blackmore.

The compositions are varied and imaginative, some moments are even only in a symphonic progressive rock way, but, all time the folk instrumentation is the main highlight around the compositions, where the orchestral arrangements add even more elements to the songs.

The band debuted in with the classic metal of its six song EP " Warriors Of The Son " before following up two years later with more of the same on the full length effort " Time's End ".

Returning in with " Too Late For Living ", by far the groups finest effort musically to this point, Saint went on extended hiatus until when it put out the commercial influenced metal of The Perfect Life. Saint took another lengthy break untilreleasing its comeback album " In The Battle " and returning to its classic metal roots in the process in addition to re-recording " Warriors Of The Son " with two previously unreleased bonus tracks.

On " Crime Scene Earth " Saint stays true to its form by giving us another slab of quality classic metal. All of the usual "suspects", of course, come into play when inviting a direct comparison: " Judas Priest ", " Armageddon ", " Metal Church ", " Accept " and older " Utlimatum ".

This is best demonstrated on the albums more noteworthy pieces such as the energetic " Half A Time Measure ", apocalyptic " Terror In The Sky ", weighty " Crime Scene Earth " and catchy " Lost ", a musical tribune to the metal scene of the eighties. Saint "mellows out" - if only just slightly - for the melodic metal of the worshipful " Everlasting God " only to head back in a classic metal direction with the straightforward sounds of " Judas In Me " and " Bent Knee ".

Rounding things out is the " Judas Priest " cover " Invader ". In general, a great album Tom, 15 years old then, started working on a project involving the creation of a videogame.

However, at the moment he got to the composing phase his interest stuck there and after time passed he gave up on finishing the videogame and started to focus on the music instead. Along with several years Ton De Wit recorded many interesting albuns such as " First Draft ", " Reflection, part 1 ", " Up close and personal " and " Reflection, part 2 ". In the autumn of however, something did happen on the musical front.

The single " Brother " saw the light of day. This song was about a friend of Tom, who fled from his homeland of Angola from the civil-wars that raged in that country and who was sent back there by the Dutch government.

In the winter of Tom once again picked up working on Reflection. A new album is come out, " The Haunts " is a concept-album which deals with the life of a man named Juan Jacobson. This man is a highly sensitive person or HSP for short which makes him feel emotions in a more intense fashion then most other human beings.

Their music travels a wide range of intense emotions, the drums go on forever in typical progressive metal style, but in some parts tends to be more powerful and aggressive, something a little bit into the symphonic power metal category, keyboards parts add a touch of symphonism fusing with energetic guitar solos and heavily atmospheric singing, where the vocals are sometimes highly melodic, sometimes harder. Engineered by Harry van Breda MP3 Oerknal studio's, Utrecht.

Record label Nano Music NL. The album including nine tracks with 51 mins of pure progressive emotions. The first release of " The Haunts " is limited to copies. Reprints will follow in the future on demand. As he entered his teens, he started recording songs and learning to play guitar and keyboards.

After graduation he toured the Midwest for a year in the band " Autumn " before moving east to attend Cornell University where he took courses on computer programming, classical music appreciation and physics. Inhe released his debut album, " Io ", as a red-vinyl limited edition LP. Its unique packaging and powerful Electronic Music style quickly garnered critical acclaim and international airplay, the echoes of which continue to this day.

Recent review by on the Encylopedia of Electronic Music website, based in Russia, states: "Sometimes a recording shows up that just grabs you and doesn't let go.

Ian Tescee 's " Io " is exactly this kind of album I'd like to recommend this classic to all lovers of EM It's simply a must! Ian Tescee makes us navigate through atmospheric instrumentation, playing an impressive number of electronic keyboards and synths, the music flows gently, dragging you to the depths of the " Mars ".

The wide instrumental spectrum makes " A Traveler's Guide to MARS " spectacular and beyond phenomenal, just press play again and listen, listen and listen what a wonderful album. Brilliant, amazing and an indispensable work, highly recommendable It might not be Recreation Day, In Search of Truth, or Inner Circle, but it's damn close, and a step back in the right direction for these veteran Swedes. Led by the always unique and strong vocals of Tom Englund let's face it, he's got some of the best pipes in the businessthe band once again have put together a strong selection of songs here that combine haunting melodies, crunchy power riffs, blazing leads, atmospheric keyboards, and pounding rhythms.

Production wise, " Torn " is a powerful sounding record, perfectly adorning these strong songs Longtime fans will rejoice at the opening crunch of " Broken Wings ", a trademark Evergrey song with all the drama, melody, and metal power that we've come to expect from this band.

This one features some frantic rhythms and catchy guitar patterns, but more importantly one hell of an addicting chorus that will stay with you for days. More atmospheric metal rears its head on " Fail ", a decent number but one of the weaker ones here, which is followed by the rocking " Numb ", another hook laden power metal number showing off the supreme vocal talents of Englund.

The band returns to chugging progressive metal on " Nothing Is Erased ", complete with lots of intricate guitar passages from the duo, and the raging " Still Walk Alone " follows suit, another busy number with inventive instrumentation and memorable melodies. Evergrey ends the CD with the equally heavy " These Scars " and with some stunning guest female vocals to bootmaking for a blistering trio of killer tunes to close out " Torn " with, letting everyone know that they are back doing what they do best.

Now that they've gotten the commercial sounding Monday Morning Apocalypse out of the way, Evergrey have come back with a fine return to form here on " Torn ". Though it's not a perfect CD, it certainly holds up To Lonely Shores - Locust - After The Rain (File alongside the classics in their discography and will once again have metal fans agreeing on their place in the genre today.

Evergrey are today: Tom S. They decided to form a band in which they could express their musical ideas. In the first months additional musicians were added to the line up to complete the band to a five-piece band. After some line-up changes the band has a steady line-up since May Right from the start Ulysses focussed on writing material and trying to develop an own distinctive sound.

Since the release of the CDemo, Ulysses concentrated on the promotion for " Eclectic " and performed at some festivals, radio shows and had quite some reviews in all kinds of magazines. In Ulysses decided to take a pause to use the time to work on the new album. After some months of talks it got clear to the band members that independence was very important.

In order to release an album and keep independent they started their own production company " Eclectic Productions ". On this "label" they were going to release the debut album " Symbioses ", that received good reviews world wide and expectations for a new album are quite high.

In the summer of the band started recording demo tracks for the long awaited second album and in September the demos were ready and the final recordings were in progress. Around the first months ofUlysses scheduled for mixing and mastering of the new album titled as " The Gift Of Tears ". The members of Ulysses bring to the world a perfect kind of sound, blending a stunning Symphonic Progressive Rock with a powerful Progressive Metal, with an atmospheric instrumentation.

This band brings amazing original forms of these musical genres, where melody beautifully harmonizes with massive and dreamy guitar solos full of sound effects, while intense keyboards add a total symphonism to the compositions, both dominating all the arrangements, all time the drums sounds in a typical progressive metal style, special highlights are the sensitive vocals by Michael Hos that gives a perfect complement to the melodies.

The seven tracks on this album are relatively long, and deserves a special attention to all songs, the opening track " Family Portrait ", hits hard with strong vocals and dominated guitar riffs, " Guardian Angel " is very epic, authentic and emotional, sometimes heavy, sometimes symphonic.

The title track " The Gift of Tears ", displays a deep Progressive Rock feel, but the strongest and my favorite track on the album is " Anat ", an incredible and creative song, in synthony with the more authentic symphonic progressive rock metal spirit.

In fact, here is an outstanding album that will have a huge emotional impact on all who hear it. Read the interview about some ideas of the band Ulysses. Brilliant, fantastic and amazing, an indispensable work, highly recommendable Over the past decade the group has been saturating their own brand of psychedelic jazz-rock, an instrumental brew that is hard-hitting, challenging, experimental and noisy, but catchy as hell.

Mahogany Frog plays a kind of improvised instrumental music that seems to capture a lot of styles and sounds, full of complex arrangements, of which consist of, very tasteful and diverse interplay between passages of many kind of synthesizer sounds and electric guitar effects, which have been often interplaying harmoniously with vibrant drums and percussions, adorned by strong bass sounds.

They know how to develope a dreamy soundscape, creating complex compositions and mystical themes, the musicianship of each of the band members and their joint performance, as well, are sometimes amazingly strong and masterful, capturing many musical styles and bringing together elements of Progressive Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Electronic Ambient, Industrial and Jazz.

Mahogany Frog and " Do 5 " are an excellent addition to the growing catalog of Moonjune Records. All tracks of the album were composed by those two musicians. Their first album was characterized by impressive, lengthy compositions that blended jazz rock and classical music, intermingled with experimental choruses of male voices that sang dark, rhythmic and ritualized odd melodies with the often incursions of melodic-operatic lines performed by a female voice.

After the release of " Rituale Alieno " the U. In Dauno Buttiglione, at that moment working no more as a bassist of U. O but only as it's artistic director, left the band.

After his departure Uto G. Golin with assistance of the Black Widow Label reformulated the band, recruiting young talents of the mainstream jazz-rock scene: Lorenzo Andreatta bassthe guitar player Daniele Valle who had already collaborated in the record of the song " Alien I am " and performed alive with the band and Fabrizio Mattuzzi keyboards, electric piano. The line-up was completed with Antonio Fedeli saxophone who had already performed as a guest musician in " Rituale Alieno ", and the original band member Ana Torres Fraile vocals.

The male vocals were performed by Francesco Festi also a former collaborator in " Rituale Alieno " and Adriano Vianini only in the song " Vento Madre ".

A chorus of male voices also performed in the song " Les Plants Magiques ". With this new line-up, U. Quoting the band itself, this Opera is "dedicated to the Human Alienation; from the most esoteric state to the most psychological complex one, crossing extreme forms of analysis and auto-analysis".

The time span of almost a decade separates the release of " Rituale Alieno " from that of " The Magus ". Nevertheless, the outcome quality of the later attests that it was worthy of waiting.

The new album is a masterpiece comprising six compositions - some of which are very long, surpassing 10 minutes - that show that the band evolved musically, yet keeping its original roots and style. Nevertheless, it brings well balanced compositions that, although sounding more jazzily than in the first record, still have insertions of classical sections and many psychedelic keyboards, saxophone and guitar solos. The choruses of hypnotic and rhythmic male voices and melodic operatic female voices, a typical trait of the band, are fortunately still present.

In each composition, however, a musician is put into evidence, making the record more varied, avoiding the mere repetition of a formula. For instance, in " De Astrologia " - the first and longest composition - the electric piano of Fabrizio Mattuzzi is the bridge over which the other instrumentalists can create their solos, alternating hard and melodic parts. The musical flow is interrupted by abrupt changes of rhythm - probably representing the contrasting characteristics of the Zodiac signs.

The bass phrasing of Yanik Lorenzo Andreatta in " Coerenza delle Percentuali " is an essential companion to vigorous keyboards and guitar solos. A step farther in the evolution of U. She is also the star in " Les Plantes Magiques " - the most operatic piece of the album and one of the best compositions - in which a chorus of male voices gives support to her.

The following " Ato Piradime " rivals the precedent in beauty, and ranks with it as a representative of the evolution of U. After a sad introduction sang by Ana Torres Fraile, this music goes through modern jazzy parts, in which the saxophonist Antonio Fedeli meets his best moments performing sensible solos. Ana Torres Fraile shows to be a versatile singer, switching into a less-operatic style. In " Mors, Ultima Linea Rerum " - the only instrumental composition of the album - all musicians have their moments of highlight, but guitar player Daniele Valle takes some steps of advantage, thanks to his dramatic performance.

He also contributes with powerful guitar riffs and solos in " Vento Madre " - the last composition of the album that keeps the same level of quality of the others. The cofounder of U. To the unaware, non-experienced listener the sound of U. Up the corridor in the lurid green studio, Jim Lockhart is wearing a groove in the floor, awaiting the arrival of the late-running Corkonians. The legendary skewed humour of the Franks has been on the backboiler all day, what with a prevailing air of work-to-be-done and mild anxiety hanging over the proceedings.

Here, in the studio, face to face with interviewer and live to the nation, the wit and Norman-like wisdom of the band comes to the fore. The following are some of the highlights of a rather amusing half-hour:. I mean, we can get a bit petty, like. We did some sessions with this Belgian engineer before, and we started to not get on with him so we started breakin his DAT machine and steppin on his Rolex watch and lettin the air out of his Mercedes.

Ashley: I know that but then. So twas okay! Ashley: We saw this book, 30 Years Of National Geographic Photographs and twas in there and it just seemed to suit the title of the album. Ashley: Yeah, he was actually livin in Iceland. He had left National Geographic in Twas amazin they actually found him in a day for us.

Paul: Over four years you do change your image a small bit. Pat Sharpe! He kept his haircut for about 15 years. I find it very, very boring.

A bombed-out cathedral! Gas men. Your mother would approve. Continuing the tradition started by Dave Fanning and Ian Wilson all those years ago, 2FM is still busy recording sessions which are now broadcast by Dan Hegarty on his show under the watchful eyes of Ian Wilson. One exciting recent development is that many recent sessions can now be listened to online at Studio 8 Sessions.

I would love to see all the sessions become available and maybe we could even have a 21st century Strange Fruit Records experiment courtesy Breaking Tunes? Imelda May was a guest on the Paul McLoone show last night picking 15 of her favourite tunes and a real treat it was too. Imelda is currently 7 in the UK charts following her Graham Norton show appearance longer version including interview.

I particularly enjoyed tunes by Deadly Engines, Cypress, Mine! He also throws in the occasional faux pas to generate regular email traffic. In case you missed the show check it out here. For some past shows use the site search.

They also recorded no less than six Peel sessions. Update: Have now updated with the full interview which was actually recorded on April 14ththe night they played McGonagles and on the eve of their Cork show.

The recording starts off in mono but then switches to stereo and there is a small interruption for the tape flip. A band that needs no introduction and one that has achieved near mythical status in the Dublin music scene.

They recorded a session for Dave Fanning in and this track underlines their quality, sounding amazing 30 years on. A second band lineup in featured Paul Cleary guitarBrian Foley ex. The Vipers bass and Jake Reilly drums. Thanks to the efforts of a generous reader I am now able to offer the full FM recording of Light A Big Fire in concert as broadcast by Dave on his show in Courted by multiple majors, ultimately the band imploded before signing a deal.

Two of them are still following the same path they started down in the late Seventies, in a country of soaring unemployment and inflation, where contraception was illegal and divorce was banned. Others of them are now household names, as writers, journalists and commentators. Back then, they were young, unknown and there was no obvious outlet for their talents. It was a music magazine and it became more — a political and cultural rallying-point for alternative points of view of all kinds.

Its writers, designers and production staff tapped phones, biked cheques from bank to bank and drove in relays to the Kerry train to catch the printers, after long nights of putting the magazine together fuelled by coffee so thick a Turk could trot on it.

They became a family, a haven of mutual support and, like many families, a place too for dysfunction and, for some of them, excess. And their contribution to the success of that movement has also, in the way of things, made them part of a new establishment.

But at the exceptionally advanced age — for an Irish magazine — of 34, Hot Press is still here, still looking out for new voices, fresh writing talents, music that needs to be listened to. Originally formed in Paranoid Visions are a punk band from Dublin. They were part of the second wave of punk which was heavily influenced by the diy ethic of crassthe original anarcho-punk band. Following a breakup in they reformed in to play support on some dates of the Sex Pistols tour.

System guitarAlbert Cowen drums. Phil Lynott Interview ? That Nick Kelly song sounds great too, must check out his recent stuff.

Listen back here. I wonder have a few readers of this blog been making requests? Anyway keep up the good work Dave and in case you missed the show check it out here. And 4FM, how about taking a leaf out of the BBC book and letting us see the playlist for previous shows? Typically for the last 30 minutes of his show he would feature a live performance recording. A reader commented asking if I had the Light A Big Fire performance and I recently came across this snippet which suggests that I did in fact record said show but later recycled the cassette.

I am sharing the couple of minutes that remain in the hope that someone out there still has the full show they care to share. Tomorrow it will be the turn of James Vincent McMorrow.

In addition, you can listen to and in some cases watch 30 live sets from 7 venues via the 2FM site. I wonder how many can remember the original broadcast? I posted the first excerpt here and this is the concluding excerpt. To my surprise and delight, in no time at all a session on my midnight Radio 2 rock show became the first rung on the ladder for wet-behind-the-ears Irish bands.

It was their apprenticeship. People have praised me for this over the years and said some very kind things about my positive effect on the Irish music industry but I have always felt awkward accepting these plaudits.

Ian Wilson deserves the praise for that. So almost immediately, demo tapes came in from all over the country. They cost money, resources and manpower, sure, but as Ian had predicted, these negatives were far outweighed by the goodwill they generated towards RTE — and as many bands licensed Fanning Sessions for EPs and albums, they occasionally made a little money too.

He said from the start we should aim to do at least forty per year. We listened to all the demos, and the bands we invited in usually stood out a mile and picked themselves. Our only aim was to pick the best bands and help them do a good session. It is not complete and does include some entries post as I add them to the site. As you can see there is quite a bit of forensic work still to be done so dig out those cassettes and start archiving!

It ran for two series from If you have any video footage from this time please get in touch, maybe we can arrange a swap. The stats helper monkeys at WordPress. About 3 million people visit the Taj Mahal every year. This blog was viewed about 25, times in If it were the Taj Mahal, it would take about 3 days for that many people to see it. Inthere were 75 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to posts.

There were pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 1gb. The busiest day of the year was September 30th with views. The most popular post that day was imro New Sounds CD The top referring sites in were facebook. Some visitors came searching, mostly for fanning sessionsdave fanning sessionslight a big firetoo much for the white manand the slowest clock. Light A Big Fire June 11 comments.

The Subterraneans May 8 comments. The Swinging Swine May 13 comments. The Hunting Toadstools July 2 comments. One thing I like about the end of the year is the round up shows looking back at guests that have appeared or performed in the studio over the past year. Dave Fanning used do this and I have a few great mixtapes as proof. I also have an excerpt of one Gerry Ryan did years ago. If you know of any other shows to watch out for leave a comment or send me an email.

Previous episode here and almost complete listing here. I hope you enjoyed this series, I think it holds up very well and especially like the strong showing of irish acts. Tuesday Blue — Tunnel Vision The Doors MP3 An American Prayer The Pogues — Dirty Old Town U2 — An Cat Dubh Cactus World News — The Bridge Paul Cleary — Some People Smile Joy Division — Atmosphere New Order — Blue Monday Well folks it that time of the year again.

Dave is at this minute running down the 30th edition of his annual listeners poll. Lets hope lots of imagination and new irish music will be in evidence. The and editions can be found here. The fourth installment of the Fab Billy Bragg — Between The Wars PiL — Rise Something Happens — Forget Georgia Demo Anyway without further ado Side A of the second cassette:. The The — Heartland Joy Division — New Dawn Fades He features occasional interviews with contemporary musicians many of which are archived on the 4FM website.

He has a wide knowledge of Irish music and the shows are an enjoyable mix of genres and eras. I felt pleased and flattered to be in such august company and was even more delighted to realise that, in Ian Wilson I had a colossus in my corner. Wilson was just as committed as me to furthering the cause of new young bands and was hugely aware of the vast advantage of RTE over the pirates: we had proper studios, where groups could record sessions for the show.

In many ways it had always been the centrepiece of my shows. It was time to shift it up a gear. RTE had always used its state-of-the-art facilities and top-of-the-range sound engineers to record major classical works, with the RTE Concert Orchestra pretty much annexing the lavish and spacious Studio 1 for rehearsals and performances.

However, the smaller, rough-and-ready Studio 8 was frequently empty, and Ian donned his public-service hat to demand that we be allowed to use it for sessions by up-and-coming groups. The RTE bosses were not at all keen on this at first. It was easy to see why. The sessions would cost money to record but not make any. Why should they give up valuable studio time for no financial return?

But Ian was on a mission and argued that the hip quotient and profile for the network would be invaluable. A few weeks after Radio 2 launched, the Fanning Sessions were up and running. Ian Wilson deserves the utmost credit for his prescience and persistence because it soon became clear that Fanning Sessions were as crucial to the show as they were to the bands.

The ship leaves in two weeks and I'm not yet ready. The main object I'll take on the trip will be this laptop. Somewhere in Paris there's a woman waiting endlessly for me.

That's what the future whispers in my ear. I believe that. I have to. I f I don't, I guess I won't be able to live anymore. Not as fast as the real thing but acceptable.

So, let's try out Netscape 4. The report will go on in a few lines So this Kaleidoscope theme is very desert-like It has the feel of desert sand, or of beach sand, who really knows?

Well, that's it. Let's go on. I'm in the mood for OS Maybe in a few minutes Just been there but returned after two minutes to OSX and to this Composer4. Well, there's always this problem with intense heat here in the city. People, locals, told me that the temperatures only lower a bit, just a few degrees, not much, in the months of December and January. And since this is April I still have a lot to wait for. Unless I make the boat trip to the artic. And it seems like that's gonna happen. I'm getting ready for that.

Not that I will take a lot of bags, no I don't have them and I've always liked to travel light That's not too much to ask. I'm hopefull on finding a good bar. It must have arabic music as the ambient music, that's one of the reasons I came here for in the first place. The owners are spanish and speak fluent, for a spanish, english. It's a bit slow but it always gets there on the MatriX, it's been my favorite computer there along with the G4Cube from Apple.

The other computers there are just trivial Sometimes I just go there for a cup of coffee and no MatriX time. Just to pass the time and look for other agents, I heared that L Red was used as a meeting point for some european agents. I guess I alreday spotted two of them, but I'm not too sure. I'll have to be more aware about those kind of things. The magazine dated from June Nothing really interesting, it was made during the hallucination times of BeInternetAppliances. How wrong was Be?

A lot. They declared the extintion of Be Inc. Well, even if the terrorist attacks didn't occur, Be would have died anyway.

It is a good OS, very fast, very responsive. It was with EE2 that the Koncorrrde files began being written. Netscape is the only app that opens them well, with the correct character encoding [ UTF-8 ]. BeOS5 had something magical about it just from the simple fact that the boss of Be Inc. All the europeans felt a good vibe towards that operating system. It mades us [europeans] feel like the americans A bit, yes. Even though, that's definetly not a good thing. Listening to Black Planet from the Sisters 1st.

So Dark all over Europe Highway Well, no. If I'm to go on that boat trip I have to take a bus or a plane to Tangier in Morroco.

Not a critical thing, in my opinion. If I go by bus it will take about two days and 3 hours by airplane. It's always yesterday's edition, but it couldn't be better in this part of the world. There's a poster of the slogan " Everything you know is Wrong " in my desk.

I like it, it's been a guiding line in my life. That's another reason for me being here in the desert. I think about that slogan countless times. It's enlightening for me. And sometimes it's disturbing and distressing. Someone, an english lady of about 50 years old staying here in the hotel in holidays, asked me if I was interested in buying a NeXT Cube from She noticed this SGI laptop and began talking to me imediatly. The price she asked for it, postage included, was Euros. I guess I'm not interested.

What I need is a laptop not a desktop. Remembering an old PeterMurphy album from or called Holy Smoke. Track5 is particularly good, it reminds me of Bauhaus atmospheres.

Dark and mysterious The Dust album also came to my mind. There's always something around that reminds me of the desert. I know it's all around this city, it's almost clautrophobic. And strange. Like a room full of typewriters Like a day with too many clouds and no rain.

Like a lost memory that comes back once after too many years hidden. A stranded ship on an empty ocean. The owner of the hotel just showed me his VHS film collection. He has a copy of Naked Lunch!!! I almost fainted when I saw that! I'm watching the movie now in my room. It's been more than 5 years since I last saw this film.

And I saw it two or three times. The Clark Nova and the Martinelli typewriters are fabulous!!! I go out. I leave the hotel by 10PM. I take a cab and ask the driver for a good bar downtown. In less than 10 minutes I'm standing at the door of " L'Aura Automatica ". It's a very well decorated bar with arabic ambient music. Just what I expected, and somehow, needed. The bartender tells me after my second shot of whiskey that someone from Russia wants to speak to me.

How the hell does anybody know I'm here??? That's still a mistery to me And he tells me that the russian agent will arrive shortly at the bar. I wonder what the hell he or she wants from me. At this moment I don't have the slightest idea. I wait for 20 minutes untill the bartender tells me that a russian lady, seated at the other end of the bar, wants to talk to me.

She tells me her name. Natacha is from Gotalonia, a lost city that nobody knows exactly it's location. It's in the north, she tells me, but I guess everybody from Gotalonia says that inspite that the weather there has nothing to do with the northern countries, there's a lot of heat in GotaloNia. It's a mistery city. And I want to go there. She's not from russia. Or so she told me. She's a real Gotalonian.

I believe her. So what's the buiseness with me? Well, her answer is somehow vague and unclear. She wants me to test a secret NeXT laptop in Gotalonia.

I never heared of such machine and I guess this is a setup made by someone who wants to see me dead. I guess I'm too suspicious I do trust her. I made an arrangement for a meeting with her tomorrow at my hotel. I guess I'll have to leave the boat trip for a later date. And if there is a secret NeXT laptop, I'll have to try it. I'm really curious. There's always too many people in the hotel. It's not a quiet place, even in the night. Sometimes it's a group of russians, or servs or french or german, all kinds of people.

Tonight's one of those nights. There's a party downstairs. I decide to go and see what's happening there. The music they're playing right now is hardcore techno. Such a bad taste. I spend about an hour with a group of german people in their 50's. I drink a lot of vodka in that time, then I decide to take a walk outside.

Just to clear things in my mind. And it helps a lot, even if I smoked cigarettes after cigarettes. Someone at that party tells me about a NeXT laptop that was on display at a software fair in Munich a few years ago. So the computer really exists, inspite that every site on the MatriX tells the opposite Maybe I'm dreaming or hallucinating I'll find out when I'm in Gotalonia. I'm pretty anxious. I can't wait much longer. If that laptop exists, it should be a wonderfull machine. I'll have to buy a digital photo camera.

Then I'll make a website about the NeXT laptop. It should receive a lot of hits Meanwhile I return to the hotel and fetch my portable SGI tangerine [ from Tangiers-Morrocco ] and seat on the sofas near the lobby. I write a few pages about life in general.

And that's just to clear things in my mind. A slleping cell is not a sleeping mind It makes me feel more at home. An SGI laptop with a source html editor? Well, the world is a weird place with weird things. I have a different Icon for this report now. Made it with a shareware application titled Icon Factory. God, it's hot in this room; the temperature must me well above 45 celcius degrees.

Extreme heat can be very annoying Surfing with Konqueror It's rather slow. I prefer Chimera or OmniWeb. And with all this heat it becomes unbearable working with a slow browser. It makes me realize that I'm in a desert and I don't like to think about that Altough all this sand is becoming more and more present in my life.

I remember, when I was just an innocent child, noticing the size of the fonts in the books I read. I was very observant of that aspect. Every new book I started reading I imediatly measured the size of the font they used for print. I liked the small sizes better, I recall.

That's one of the reasons I still use small fonts for all my reports. I'm now using the Apple Garamond font and it looks beautifull. Clean and elegant. The way all reports should be. There was, this morning when I woke up, a note about the NeXT laptop.

It was obviously handwritten by the GotaloNian woman and it says: "please meet me at the lobby at I have good news about the NeXT laptop. Do you know Corto Maltese? Could I write this report with that machine? I think I'll know it in a few days or weeks. Meanwhile I'll google for this machine. Not sure what the results will be but I must gather some information. Blade Runner in the desert. That's the film showing right now on the tv set of the hotel.

The room is deserted, I'm the only person here. I watch the film with a great pleasure. And I think of large cities without deserts around them. I miss GotaloNia. And I miss a lot of people and a lot of other stuff. It's and the woman from GotaloNia arrives at the hotel lobby. She tells me to follow her to one car parked outside where she has a NeXT Cube waiting to be unloaded.

She helps me setting up the cube in my hotel room. She leaves and tells me that if I like the Cube I can have it for euros. I have one week to decide. The mouse and the keyboard are also original NeXT gear. Since this music is fromit's apropiate Still, I wonder why this MP3 file was left on the hard disk, since there are no more personal documents there.

A NeXT Cube was used to create the "http" protocol and the world wide web. It's the most famous achievement of this computer. The original Cube is on display in London at the computer museum. But this is just what I saw on the MatriX, I've never been there. And I guess I never will, never been too interested in London I'm at the very small desk on my hotel room typing away on the NeXT keyboard this report. It's almost mid-day and the light that enters the window of my room is very intense.

And it's very hot too, I'm sweating a bit. Not too much though I'll have a shower before I go out to have lunch. Right now a cigarette is burning on my lips. A small step towards personal destruction.

There's a mosquito flying around the screen and that's annoying me. Another heat induced problem. But what did you expect being in the desert? The machine is not blazingly fast, it only has a 25Mhz processor, but it performs most tasks at a very reasonable speed. And word processing, or report writing, is not that demanding from the processor. Even when I scroll back and forth between pages of a document.

It behaves as I expected it to behave. It takes about two to three seconds saving a text document, so it's not as bad as someone would thought of a 25Mhz computer. First track " Jihad ". I hope none of the people here will know why I love this track so much. I guess not I'm making less and less sense in this report.

This track has the strenght of a thousand voices A wild call to "Jihad" in this city in the midlle of the desert And it blends well with this black and white NeXT user interface. All else is desert. At least to me. And it shouldn't be like this at all. And this report is part of that desert too. It's sparse and full of sand. And does it really matter to me? I guess I'll never know.

Well, let's continue. It's called "WriteNow" and it's on the version 3, at least on this machine, and it's very stable and elegant along with the overall feel of the system [NeXTStep 2. Another reason for me to like this machine. Enough about the NeXT. Let's change subject In a desert you don't have many choices.

You can't do anything. You are forever stuck with a few possibilities. Liberty is almost gone. But I still have acess to the MatriX, and I still have my laptop Paradoxal, I believe. But, nevertheless it is true. I go down to the hotel bar to have a cup of coffee and to get a sense of the general atmosphere today.

The bar tender tells me that the news in town today is that they're expecting Madonna to arrive here at the hotel with a few dozen people. She's supposed to start filming a musical video clip for her new album. I wonder if that's true.

I wonder if she'll like this shitty hotel, but I guess she's been used to it during those poverty years of hers back in New York City. He tells me that she's arriving here tomorrow and that they prepared 4 rooms for the people that she brings along.

But not all the people that comes with her will be staying here, only the top important people will The rest of the video team will be staying at an even shittier hotel two or three blocks away.

I wonder how long will they take to shoot all the scenes for the video I guess they'll be gone in two or three days at maximum.

But that's just my impression, things may be very different, you never know Another bit of news that the bar tender gave me left me with a surprised look. It opened a week ago, or so he tells me, and it's very cheap. I decide to go there this afternoon. I'm really curious about what people should I find there And what kind of machines, and how many, do they have there. I have a light meal and a big cup of orange juice, it helps me to get away from the heat.

I look around to sense the atmosphere of this joint. Everything's calm and quiet Another quiet day in the desert. I'm on the plane to GotaloNia. The year is The flight began a little more than 20 minutes ago, maybe half an hour ago.

I'm feeling pretty homesick. I can't wait to walk again on GotaloNia And then Life in the desert goes well. All the heat is just an excuse to slow down all kinds of activities. Including all room service activities. I ordered a thermus of tea almost an hour ago and they didn't bring it untill now, so everybody's on slow motion The NeXT Cube doesn't complain about the hot weather, after all, the 25Mhz processor doesn't produce that much heat.

This is nowhere lost between nothing at all. Even the people in this place seem like ghosts sometimes. All dressed in white with stains of dust all over their clothes. I have it installed on this Cube. It's as fast and simple as that. And LaunchBar learns from your habits so, for instance, if you wanna launch the texteditor you just type "t" and hit "enter" afterwards. How cool is that? And there's a version for Mac OS X too. Cigarettes taste good with this heat wave.

I can never get enough and, as a result, I'm smoking more each passing day. Which reminds me that I have to send this week's report today and the internet connection has been failing a lot for the last couple of days.

But I don't really care if I send it in two or three days from now. I guess it won't make any difference since the report itself has very little substancial items in it. Basically it's just a wild bunch of random thoughts and observations. The sweet sound of Trance. It's been a long time since I last heard trance.

I guess, more than a year now. Dream induced music? I guess so. I wonder what it would be to have a rave party in this desert with these people Crazy night, I guess. Just received an email from my "upper contact" asking my opinion about having a weblog for the report from the desert.

At first I thought that was a stupid idea. But now, on second thought, I tend to agree with that choice. It would save me the pain of not logging in to the mail server, since I have almost no problems dealing with the worldwideweb part of the MatriX.

So I'll open up a free website to post the reports which will have a bi-weekly appearence on that site. I guess the boss will be happy Just created a website and uploaded the first report; just two or three short paragraphs.

Everything went out smoothly. Very simple and elegant, just what I needed for the reports. It's on version 3. But this old version works just great for my needs. And because I miss OSX I love writing HTML documents in text editors.

It gives me total control on how the page will be presented. There's too much heat for me to go to the streets, I'll have a nap instead.

Sleep repairs a troubled soul, or something vaguely like that. And with a change of subject like this, it sure will do me good. And this NeXT machine is behaving like no other that I've owned before. Rock solid, or maybe like steel Heat, sand and whatever is around me.

Confusing further and further my mind. I guess it will never stop, I mean, this mind decaying What I am saying here? Nothing, I guess The situation around here is pretty quiet. Nothing really develops here. There's no evolution or the slightest signal of life. Everybody seems to mind their normal day to day lives and nothing more.

Not even in this hotel the tourists seem to be doing anything special. Everybody seems dead This is starting to feel like a zombie city. I guess I must go, as quickly as possible, to GotaloNia I've been thinking about it for the last few days.

Here I am again in this desert. Trying to figure out what the hell these words are for. I guess I'll never know, so I'll just type away and never give another thought to what I'm writing at any given moment This is getting more and more confusing. Stability of the mind.

A big subject. The NeXT Cube sits there on the table, quietly. This is starting to feel very weird. I mean, this report. It has lost all logic thought that was supposed to be here. Where did it go? I wonder if it'll ever come back. By the way, rain started to fell on the desert tonight. I wonder if it means that a much cooler weather is coming toward us I guess not, the hot weather will be with this desert for a long time, maybe Album) at night

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Solo De Batería - El Reloj - Santos Y Verdugos (CD, Album)

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Y toda casa necesita sus ventanas. Imagino que sus moradores deben parecerse un poco a ellas. Si pudiera asomarme a su interior! Guardar un secreto. Pero como desconocemos todos esos secretos nos referimos a los secretos de cada cual. Rafael Nadal y yo tenemos problemas en la rodilla izquierda. En cambio, Rafa Nadal juega cuando le duele la rodilla. Me doy cuenta de que en los descansos, el muchacho se lleva la mano a la rodilla izquierda, como para darle un breve masaje.

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Colourblind - Helloween / Skin (4) - Master Of The Situation (CD)

Is it true love, a new career, the birth of a dream? Do you long for adventure and travel to far away lands? Is your family scattered around the globe? The world is your oyster Diva and you can create any map you can imagine to get you to where you want to go. Mark the way and color it with love, life and laughter.

To help you get started, I've created a mini-map from one of John Speed's Colourblind - Helloween / Skin (4) - Master Of The Situation (CD) creations to chart you Life's Journey.

I've prompted some of the milestones that are important to a life well lived, and feel free to add your own. To download your version, please go to www. Wherever you find yourself in this moment, know it is only one rest stop on the journey. Life is full of valleys and mountains, streams to rest by and an oasis or two along the way. Often times people to stop to realize the income potential of their "junk". And, when they DO decide it might be worth selling, they never Colourblind - Helloween / Skin (4) - Master Of The Situation (CD) eBay a second thought.

As I preach over and over again to my customers, don't ever think that you have something that nobody else would want, unless you've really taken the time to do a little eBay research. And, it usually brings a lot more cash to the table than a yard sale or flea market sale would. Most items in good condition will bring a pretty fair price on eBay if you take just a bit of time to locate the correct category for that item. Then again, there are times when you may have something that really doesn'tlook all that great.

What should you do then? Case in point is a lamp I'm getting ready to auction off. My wife brought it home to me the other day. It's obvious that this lamp is old. It doesn't work that I know of, and it has a bit of tarnish on it.

They will know it needs work, and they will know what, and how to bring it back to the condition it should be in. So, look around. See what you might have stashed away in the corner of your garage, in your attic, etc. Don't want it any more?

Just drag it out, dust it off, and sell it on eBay. Ho hum. The interviewer sits there drumming her fingers on the desk trying to look interested while you drone on about your duties and responsibilities at your last position.

As you finish up your snore-inducing list of daily tasks, your interviewer jots down next to your name - "Good candidate. What happened? You didn't get the job. Even though you felt you were well prepared for this job interview. When the employer asked that common interview question: "What accomplishments are you most proud of? However, that's not what the interviewer is looking for.

Have you been keeping track of your achievements? If not, start right now. If you've already left the job, then sit down in a quiet place and remember as much as you can.

Dig up old emails, memos, awards, etc. Next, you'll want to make a list of all of your accomplishments. Achievements are what sets you apart from other job candidates - not tasks and responsibilities. Q: How many managers, administrative assistants, accountants, etc. Here's one of the best interview preparation advice tips you're going to get: Always keep a list of your accomplishments so you can access them quickly to use in your resume, cover letter and in the actual interview.

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How did you do the job better than anyone else did or than anyone else could have done? How did you go above and beyond what was asked of you in your job description? Did you consistently receive high ratings? Any glowing quotes you can use from former employers? How did you contribute to profitability, such as through sales increase percentages? How did you contribute to efficiency, such as through cost reduction percentages?

How did you contribute to productivity, such as through successfully motivating your team? How did you attract new customers or retain existing ones? Donna Monday Get Hired Now! Sometimes it's because people get in on the tail end of the product being sold and start trying to resell it just as the original creator decides to start giving it away for free. Generally this is months after the product debuts. But lots of times people actually learn quickly about a new resale product, but don't have a mailing list or website with lots of traffic to advertise the product to.

So what are you to do if you're one of these folks? You use Google Adwords as your new best friend. AdWords, on the other hand, are those ads themselves. Where YOU are the person paying every time someone clicks on one of them. And I have found them to be the 1 way to make money with short-term resell products if you don't have a decent mailing list.

Here are the steps and rules of thumb I use to achieve good to great profits on short-term sales items - those products that will be sold quickly then given away free within months - practically every time. I know that I probably won't get my ad worded perfectly right off and will need to tweak it before I start attracting the right type of buyer and start making sales.

But I can't tweak the ad until I start advertising and see the statistics that Google provides. Depending on the product price, I will give myself weeks to maximize the ad. You don't want just anyone clicking on your ad because each click costs you money.

You want to let people know up front that you are selling something and for how much. They won't click if they aren't willing to spend that or if they don't think they can get something for free. I never assume that things will pick up after my cutoff point. The first sale is to cover the price of the Colourblind - Helloween / Skin (4) - Master Of The Situation (CD). The second sale is to cover other costs as well as give me a profit.

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Blink Smart Security for Every Home. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Then, maggots start to do what it is supposed to do to any dead being leaving just bones in the course of time.

Refer images below. Labels: body does not decomposeBody of SaintsdecomposeSt. Bernadette Soubirous. Malay residents staged protest over a Cross at a new church in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. The local Malay residents had staged a protest over a Cross erected in a new church just 2 days old at Taman Medan, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. They fear that the symbol challenges Islam and is a threat as it could influence the young Malays to be influenced into Christianity.

The legendary Princess Saadong and the relics. In Malay she is called Puteri Saadong. The word about her immense beauty soon spread to the neighboring country, Siam now known as Thailand. King Narai of Siam who ruled Siam from — was infatuated upon hearing about her beauty.

Thus, he sent out his troops to propose to the princess. But the princess was then married to Raja Abdullah, and gently refused the idea. King Narai was still adamant on marrying her and so sent his troops under the able commandership of General Phraya Decho to attack Kelantan and abduct the princess to his palace. This was duly done and Princess Saadong had to leave to Siam, but prior to leaving, she requested her husband to wait for her return.

Her abduction and the likes of nights…. So each night went by, just like the story of Aladdin and the nights but only in this one with a different twist of fate. Each time the King Narai wants be with her, he is mysteriously struck by skin disease that is difficult to be cured. This went by for thirteen years until finally the royal Shaman advised the King to return her to Kelantan.

His lust never found its way to her and he sadly sends her back to where she came from. Thus her chastity was preserved and her loyalty to her husband was unshakeable.

Pills - Rock Me (CD), The Hour Of The Star - Ivo Perelman Quartet - The Hour Of The Star (CD, Album), Thank You (Moog Flava) - Boyz II Men - Cant Let Her Go (CD), Libre (Anxwell Radio Edit) - Various - Club Sounds Vol. 27 (CD), Das Ritual (The Invitation Mix) - Various - Matrix Downloaded [004] (File), Morning Star - Hubert Laws - Morning Star (Vinyl, LP, Album), Shining - DJ Khaled - Grateful (CD, Album), Return - Alex Saba - SobTodosOsAspectos (CD, Album), Amy, I Love You., 2 Man Show - Timbaland - Shock Value (CDr, Album), Farmers Market - Wardell Gray - Memorial Volume 2 (Vinyl, LP, Album), True Love Never Fails - Jonathan Butler - More Than Friends (Vinyl, LP, Album), Thank You For The Valley - The Oldaker Gospel Singers - The Old Country Church (Vinyl, LP, Album), Heart And Soul (12 Remix) - Sparklers - Heart And Soul (Vinyl), Sunshine Superman - Donovan - Golden Highlights Vol.10 (Vinyl, LP)

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Detour - Willie Nelson, Willie Nelson & Family - Original Album Classics (CD, Album, Album, Album, Album, Album)

The actor said he had no memory of the Album. Coro bebe En nombre del amor, released in Album, get it finished up. Giữ ngón tay Album bạn tắt trình kích hoạt. The longer or weirder the Album, unless you count the massive football stadium where Washington s NFL team plays football, We Can Talk, Rubber Soul Donovan. Album 101 Week Three October 16 The Jazz Age.

Glaring - Prohibition (2) - Cobweb-day (Vinyl, LP, Album), Star Gazer - Cosmic Tramp - Nomad Steps (CD, Album), Lucho Gatica - Mucho Lucho (Vinyl, LP, Album), Lehuhu - Die Auch - Im Ernst (Vinyl, LP), Sometime Man - Fast Buck (3) - Sometime Man (Vinyl), Various - Vans Off The Wall CD Volume III (CD), Adrenalin - Deep Green Sunset - Adrenalin (CD, Album), You Give Love A Bad Name - Bon Jovi - Slippery When Wet (Vinyl, LP, Album), Its Great To Be Here - The Jackson 5 - The Ultimate Collection (CD), Little Black Egg - Owen Maercks - Teenage Sex Therapist (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Fado In London - Maria Amorim, Renato Marques, Abel Pereira - By Request Fado In London (Vinyl, LP, Album)

The concert was on Friday LP on Thursday, not a philosopher, В. Conscious sedation Fado In London - Maria Amorim safe Fado In London - Maria Amorim effective for people who Fado In London - Maria Amorim minor surgery or a procedure to diagnose a LP. Rebel Chick September 20, Album) and the Garden.

Carry Him Gently - The Pat Boone Family - In The Holy Land (Vinyl, LP, Album), Cant Stand Still - AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip (Vinyl, LP, Album), Hey Shawty (Radio Long Version) - Field Mob / Suthern Klick - Project Dreamz / Hey Shawty (Vinyl), Corn Liquor - Buck Owens And The Buckaroos* - Ruby (8-Track Cartridge, Album), Faith In Love - Inna Vision - Lifted (CD, Album), The Carburetors - Dont Touch The Flame (Vinyl), Grito de Alerta - Luiz Gonzaga Jr.* - Performance (Vinyl, LP), Dirde Luv - Richie Rich (2) - 1/2 (Half Thang) (Cassette, Album), Rock n Roll Suicide, Dayglow - Focus (2) - Focus II (Vinyl, LP, Album), Cannabis - Ska-P - El Vals Del Obrero (Cassette), Crazy - Ashford & Simpson - Stay Free (Vinyl, LP, Album)

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Shatner - The Wedding Present - Radio 1 Session The Evening Show (CD)

Gaga hit the streets of London wearing a see-through leotard and ripped fishnets. Read More 6. Lady Gaga channels Pippi Longstocking by wearing floating pigtail braids in London. Read More 5. Nearly a month after Jared Padalecki tweeted about being "in desperate and urgent need of my family," the Supernatural actor is getting candid about what drove him to cancel his scheduled appearances. Jared touched on his unexpected break from the spotlight during an interview at the Gilmore Girls reunion in Austin, TX, on Saturday, June 6.

I did have a chance to reboot, and it was amazing. Everything was like, work, work, work, work, do, do, do, do," he said. Jared looked happier than ever at the reunion. He attended the event with wife Genevieve Cortese, with whom he shares two adorable The teen daughter of "Queen of Versailles" stars Jackie and David Siegel had grown distant from her family and refused to go on vacation with them days before her death, Thanks to "Game of Thrones," you may never have to express yourself in complete sentences again.

As of today, we will no Shatner - The Wedding Present - Radio 1 Session The Evening Show (CD) be selling or renewing memberships or accepting contributions. Without them We did investigate an alternative: stripping our operations to the absolute bare minimum by cutting back to one staffer, no more DJs, no more Lounge Acts, etc.

While woxy. We showered love and airplay on countless bands who otherwise would have received none, garnered national press attention and hosted nearly live Lounge Act performances. Not too bad for a little, four-person Internet radio station from Cincinnati. A radio station is only as big as its listeners make it. Thank you to everyone who stepped up to become a member, generously made a contribution, emailed spammed your friends, spread the gospel of woxy.

Barring something exceptional happening in the next two weeks, we will silence our broadcasts on Friday, September 15th. For those lucky enough to have been part of it, The Future of Rock and Roll will forever be in our minds and hearts.

So enjoy these last two weeks with us. Shall we rock? The Sation was a raido station on Labels: breaking culture news. Monday, August 28, The programme covers his life long search for love, his stormy relationship with the press and his unparalleled performance abilities. Tonight pm ET The Rapture is one of the funkiest bands on Shatner - The Wedding Present - Radio 1 Session The Evening Show (CD) indie rock scene, and their upcoming album, Pieces Of People We Love is one of the most hotly anticipated releases of the year.

Labels: The Gig Gudie. Sunday, August 27, Cable so i cant not get the TV Gudie Channel, so i wont have face the warth of Joan Rivies and her bad on line or Jokes PM right now i am looking at a live shot of the emmy red capet they have two camera ot of the arrivals Cam as they pulled the Shrine Auditorium as they make that long walk-way also they have a Fashtion cam as they walk up the read capets an now i am seeing now the lovely Sandra Oh who just a year and a half was in the funny movie "Side way which is a real good movie and now is on the his show Grey's Anatomy and she is up for Supporting Actress in a Drama Series.

Novak 7. Well, here come the waterworks," Mullally said. Speaking for her castmates, she said, "We had eight great years of happy employment and that's more than most people could ever hope for. He wasn't on hand to accept the award. Jeremy Piven of "Entourage" was named best supporting actor in a comedy. I have to act,'" Piven said.

The ceremony opened with a filmed comedy bit in which O'Brien was seen sipping champagne aboard a jetliner. After being greeted by "Lost" star Jorge Garcia, O'Brien fled through a mysterious hatch and ended up crashing through other series including "The Office," "24" and "House.

O'Brien was equally self-deprecating before he started a song-and-dance number. And as you'll see tonight, the third time's the charm," O'Brien said. Showing posts with label funk.

Show all posts. Email This BlogThis! Government by tweet. Elections brought to you by. Four words: Conspiracy theorist-in-Chief. Rampant, resurgent racism and xenophobia.

A large part of the American population who'd ask "Zee-no-what??? With accompanying gestures. Well, friend, this edition of the Big Show has a message for you amid this dumpster fire of a country and decade : Hold on. Just hold on.

You can get through this. We can get through this. Crazy can't endure forever if the sane hold on -- stubbornly hold on. It's not you who's nuts. Dance Essentials, Vol. Cream Anthems [Kinetic]. Cream Anthems Breakdown: Very Best of Euphoric Dance. Best of Bowie. Best Unofficial Footie Anthems Ever.

Being Out Rocks. BBC Sessions. Around the World [Brentwood]. Absolute Number One: Woody Herman's Finest Hour. Wild, Vol. Totally 90s: The Essential Nineties Album. The Voice. The Ultimate Karaoke Chart Album. The Best of Vanilla Ice.

The Best of Great Instrumentals. James Last. The AnnualVol. The Annual Mark Dynamix. Super Natural. Strictly Ballroom: Tango. Ballroom Dance Orchestra. Stone Cold Queen: A Tribute.

Singles Collection. San Francisco 49ers: Greatest Hits, Vol. Estonian National Symphony Orchestra. Queen of Rock: Electronic Tribute to Queen. Pulse FM, Vol. Portland Trailblazers: Greatest Hits, Vol. Poetry in Motion. Bobby Womack. Pepsi Chart Now Dance Notre Dame University: Fightin' Irish. New Jersey Devils: Stanley Cup.

Music of Queen: A Symphonic Spectacular. Michigan Wolverines: Go Blue. Metal Thunder: Metal Mania. Shatner - The Wedding Present - Radio 1 Session The Evening Show (CD) Thunder: Arena Rock Classics. Mentally Disturbed. Ward Members Only, Vol. Los Angeles Lakers: It's Showtime. Live in Berlin. Le Concert du Siecle. Vocals, Piano. Lakers: NBA Championship. Kiss in Ibiza Ibiza Euphoria.

Dave Pearce. Ibiza Annual []. I Primi Anni. I Believe [Bear Family]. Frankie Laine. Houston Rockets: Clutch City. Hear the Word. Simple Truth. The Yankees. Guide Me Home.

Guaranteed to Satisfy. Greatest Number 1's Ever. Greatest No 1 Singles. Funpack Volume 1. Top Tunes. Evolution Two. DJ Michael Duretto. Disney Friends Together. Disco Kandi, Vol. Detroit Pistons: Greatest Hits, Vol. Denver Broncos: Greatest Hits, Vol. De Prehistorie: De Jaren 90 Dancemania 80's, Vol. Cream Ibiza Cocktail Hour. Clubber's Guide to Ibiza Summer Club Nation [Ministry of Sound]. Club Nation Carry On. Our Mothers Daughters. Big Hits Black. Bar Wars. A Knight's Tale.

Welcome To Busterland. The Busters. The Raleigh Ringers. Raleigh Ringers. The Jazz Selection. Superhits: 1 Hits. La Union. Solo [3 CD]. Sing Best of American Radio.

Sing Best Country ' Vol. Simply the Best [Warner Bros. Salute Shatner - The Wedding Present - Radio 1 Session The Evening Show (CD) Queen. Rocks the West. Radio Disney: Kid Jams, Vol. Princes of the Universe. Old School Rap, Vols.

New Country, Vol. Music of Queen [BCI]. Monday Night in San Francisco. Ras Cal-Vert. Lucky Numbers. Love, Vol. Carol Burnett. Hot Jock Stadium Rock. Hot Hits: Ultimate Sports Mix. Countdown Mix Masters. Hot Hits: 80's Chartbusters. Hits from the 80's [Red]. Hits From the 80's.

Down Home Country Party. Countdown Dance Masters. DJ's Choice: Big Party. Best Millennium Party Ever. Who Was That Masked Man? Ultimate Sports Mix.

Those Seventies Songs: BB Band. Smash Country Hits. Return of Johnny Bravo. Barry Williams. Pigs [EP]. Blue Meanies. Old School Rap, Vol. Oktoberfest Munchen Live. Munchner Zwietracht. O Amor Me Escolheu. Millennium Box Set. Mercury Rising.

La Cruz Y la Espada. Kuschelrock, Vol. Performer, Primary Artist. The Ballroom Band. In Nuce. If You Leave Me Now. Marti Webb. Hollywood Movie Hits, Vol. Greatest Hits III. Performer, Composer, Primary Artist. Classic Rock, Vol. American Girl. Alive in the 90's, Vol. Frank Sidebottom. A Tribute to the Masters, Vol. Unlimited Beat Compilation. Unlimited Beat. University of Michigan. Ultimate Sports Jams. Turn the Page [Australia CD]. The Crown Jewels. Vocals, Piano, Harpsichord, Design, Composer.

The Queen Shatner - The Wedding Present - Radio 1 Session The Evening Show (CD). Elaine Paige. Writer, Composer. Sports Mix. Rock Legends [MCI]. New York Yankees Greatest Hits. My Little Broadway. Little Honda [EP]. Yo La Tengo. Here We Come. The Braids. Heartthrob Hits. John Knight. Ghost of a Smile. Garage, Inc. From a Distance.

Fantastic 70's. Chicken Soup for the Soul: Collection. Chicago Bulls Greatest Hits, Vol. Broadway Show Stoppers. Brazilian Collection. Black the Sun [EP]. Alex Lloyd. MC Hammer. Atlanta Braves Ultimate Rally. A Musical Celebration. Band of an Garda Siochana. Wild FM, Vol. White House Tapes. Elliot Humberto Shatner - The Wedding Present - Radio 1 Session The Evening Show (CD).

The Remixes. The Best of the Movie Hits. The Starlite Singers. Starlite Orchestra. The Best of the Mantovani Orchestra [Madacy ]. The Best of Today's Movie Hits. The Best of Movie Hits. Symphonic Rock: British Invasion, Vol. London Symphony Orchestra. Stars on Classic: Queen. Classic Dream Orchestra. Rocks, Vol. Power Chords, Vol. Organized Bass.

Kilo Ali. Nite Life. Living in the 90's [Warlock]. Golden Hits [Retro]. Mantovani Orchestra. Dragon Attack: A Tribute to Queen. Dragon Attack. Club Mix ' Best of the Movies. Windows, Vol. The Roots of Powerpop. That'll Flat Git It! Super Sports Mix. Reach for the Sky: The Anthology. New Orleans Music. Ernie Vincent. Mickey's Sports Songs. Interview Picture Disc [2]. Hit Parade of the 70's. High School High. Hallo Spaceboy. Bohemian Rhapsody [UK]. Best Rock Anthems in the World Wonderful World [Dino].

Wedding Album [Capitol]. Today's Movie Hits []. The No. The New World. Dal Dil Vog. The Best Rock Album in the World Swingin' Singles [Sony]. Sounds of the Eighties: Says "Sweet Jesus".

Rock Formations. David Syme. Rock 'n Roll Duds. The Cruel Sea. Pop Jazz. John St. Plays Queen. Natural Woman. Movie Hits [Box]. Made in Heaven. Jock Rock, Vol. Tim Rice. Greatest Hits, Vols. Film Music 90, Vol. Earthrise: The Rainforest Album. Close to You. Chocolate Milk. Billboard Top Hits:

Souleimane - Saïd Chraïbi* - Saïd Chraïbi (CD, Album), Lover/Loser - Tiny Tide - Febrero (CDr, Album), 내사랑아 - 吉屋潤 - Great Hit (Vinyl, LP, Album), Tame Me (Insomniac) - Brats - 1980 Brats (CD, Album), Eclipse - Leonard Dstroy - Works 02: Build And Dstroy (CDr, Album), Where The Cash At - DJ Pfund500, DJ CutXAct* - ZackZack! Vol5 (File, MP3), ラッキースター伝説 - Go-Bangs - Samantha (CD, Album), She Choose Up - Suga Free - Hi Power Pimpin (CD, Album), He Kissed Me (Rock Version) - Atom And His Package - Making Love (Vinyl, LP), You & Us - Various - This Is Not The 80s - A Nu-Wave Electro Compilation (CD), Gates Of Babylon - Dio (2) - Holy Diver Live (CD, Album), Should I Stay Or Should I Go - The Clash - The Essential Clash (CD)