Aint Gonna Do It - The Wild Goners - Face The Space (Vinyl, LP)

He wrote each song in as long as it took to play them, as they presented themselves fully formed. The songs were recorded and mixed in a single weekend with the help of engineer Brad Bell. Website: www. Brand New Key have been playing locally for the past few years, and include current and former members of Austin favorites FingerPistol and Darling New Neighbors. Taped at Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles, this special features tribute performances and never-before-seen video packages celebrating each of the recipients' contributions to the music industry and our cultural heritage.

Among numerous highlights, psychedelic rock pioneers Jefferson Airplane take fans back in time as they play some of their most memorable hits that shaped much of the San Francisco scene in the s and earned them international mainstream success.

Grace Slick appeared to accept her Grammy award. Rising from the ashes of the self- a voice appears. Once that train stops rolling it reveals its musings.

This voice ruminates in the work of Jeff Finlin. It documents a vivacious spiritual path in poetry and song. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, the grandson of Irish railroad workers who seemed to be in the habit of leaping from trainsmusic, writing and travel became fascination for Finlin. He began with a wanderlust, traveling America using every form of transportation, with Aint Gonna Do It - The Wild Goners - Face The Space (Vinyl exception of tuk tuk still on the bucket list.

Having played in bands in Boston, Ohio and L. Never one for the convention of Nashville, he moved to the far west of America and set up shop. For the last 12 years he has been delivering writing and music of depth and candor that has consistently made its appearance around the world. This new compilation of his work from brand new West London based label Man In The Moon Records represents a distinctive core of his music and poetic thought.

Sober sinceFinlin took up the practice of yoga to enhance and promote his spiritual life. His resulting work documents a spiritual path of experience that became the main focus and structure of his art and life. Even a little sax, too! Same goes for the music of Brace Up! There are a few tender, possibly introspective moments peppered throughout, but I came to Brace Up!

Two masters at play. Go figure! Very cool tunes! He delights in the depth and pitch of his own voice, almost as if trying out different characters to inhabit his tunes, but it never seems corny, only delightfully necessary. The design here is ace, and as luck would have it, the music that inhabits it is great, too! Stereolab with a suntan, geared for crowds of dancing tourists, not arms-folded indie-rockers, perhaps? This has to be at least the third vinyl EP to come through here that features Human Adult Band alongside someone else.

On this one, apparently in celebration of both Halloween and Christmas slick move, covering both markets at onceEarthworm offer two tunes on the a-side. They feature a shared member of Human Adult Band, and the first tune is a grungy dirge that sounds like Mudhoney care of Headache Records; the second a convulsing hardcore blast rendered unintelligible through their choice of effects pedals.

The three tracks here are all shining examples of this — robust beats that recall fellow techno-weaponizers like Batu or Ploy are met with ecstatic loops, live-action distortion and heavily-processed hollering. Oizo on Hospital Productions. He seems like one of those guys that just loves making tracks, genre specificity be damned, and Dream Reading benefits from his eclectic taste. Vocalist Tarek Ahmed shouts and screams his narrative lyrics much in the fire-at-will style of David Yow, railing against jock culture, xenophobia, Trump and his followers… all worthy targets if not necessarily groundbreaking ones.

They push and pull through various levels of energy throughout that lengthy a-side and the other two tracks, mostly in fight-mode but occasionally veering off into oddly pretty forms of flight mode, too.

Highly recommended for fans of super-smart noisy post-punk dub, which I assume is all of you. Can that be right? Those sound like the names of two low-level Double Dragon bosses, and the music they make together is right in line with the rest of the Neubau roster: slow, delirious techno with psychedelic intent. Both are critical displays of low-rider techno, performed at low speeds for high volumes. Neubau founder Heap remixes the title track on the flip, injecting the drums with steroids for dance-floor optimization.

They take their rural psych in a skyward direction on both lengthy sides, clearly improvised but often locked in for significant periods of time, not unlike Ash Ra Tempel if they were reacting to modern pop-country radio. Raised By Wolves Outta Site The exhibit was the posters, zines and ephemera that was created here in London between andthat accompanied the music scene happening here concurrently. Hundreds of posters, zines and other assorted artwork were dusted off and dug out of who knows where to be on display at the Forest City Gallery.

Attendance records were set during the 6 week run of the exhibit. Accompanying the exhibit is a museum type book, with the same name as the art show. The book is set to be released this weekend at APK, between the hours of 2 and 7PM as the author will be doing a book signing.

Well over pages, this book is literally packed with hundreds of pictures of posters, zines and vintage pictures of some of the people involved in the scene. And this edition of Radio WW is only music recorded in London between and with almost all of it being unreleased and never before broadcast on the radio or elsewhere.

Huge Thanx to Brian Lambert for taking the time to come on air and talk about the Graphic Underground: London book. All pictures from What Wave Archives No postcards please!!! Another all London Ontario show, Part 2 of an all London, almost all unreleased material show. Originally planned as a 90m show, at the last minute it was extended to 2. And thanx to everyone that came out to the book release party last Saturday night at APK.

It was a blast!! Local combo that still haven't played out. Ella Destrozo From Mexico and the start of our 2 person band set. Black Beatle Dutch duo who have released several LP's. Left Lane Cruiser Lost My Mind. This is the start of our one man band set.

Bloodshot Bill. Shame On You Miss Lindy Harmonica Frank Rockin' Chair Daddy Early 50's country with an up your attitude. And the start of our garage rock set. I Don't Want You This particular record is the download of the week at the Marshmallow Overcoat website.

Lords Of Altamont Kensington Hillbillies Push Up The Rain Features former Londoner Pete Lambert on the drums. Sex Pistols No One Is Innocen t Eddie And The Hot Rods Teenage Depression Quit This Town Mott The Hoople One Of The Boys And that's a wrap, we'll be back next week with an all Xmas Special and run a marathon show from 6 to PM Thursday Dec 26th for the Xmas songs you won't hear anywhere else.

Lots of technical glitches on this show The computer that controls the commercials locked up as the commercials were playing to start the show. Had to hard boot the computer twice to get it running, then the commercial program fizzled the first time i tried it. Eventually got it working And that was after spending 20 minutes to get the turntables Aint Gonna Do It - The Wild Goners - Face The Space (Vinyl prior to the show The Shanks Start Taking You Home Wasn't planning on playing this song, but had to play something while trying to get the commercial computer rumming Santa's Comprimise The Fleshtones Hooray For Santa Claus And Hooray I got the commercial computer running again!

Tony Low Merry Christmas Last Minute Rush A series of 3 Christmas compilations put out by Midnight Records in the mid 80's. Blues Magoos Jingle Bells No label or numbering on it, assume it's a bootleg. Thee Eviltones It's Christmas White Christmas MX Sound Christmas With The Devil.

Urban Surf Kings The Razorbacks Canadian rockabilly combo that shoulda gone far but fizzled out. Johnny Rabb Christmas Dance Merry Xmas Everybody Deja Voodoo Bugs For Christmas We Three Sings O Holy Night Bob Seger Sock It To Me Santa Patsy Raye Beatniks Wish Mach Bell C'mon Santa The Turtles Santa And The Sidewalk Surfer Canadian Christmas Phil Spector Silent Night We ended up playing this a couple of times as the program after Radio WW could not get their laptop working through the mixer, same problem as i had prior with the turntables.

Ended up jerry rigging the mixer to get Lady L's program rumming. Hope you enjoyed or at least tolerated all this holiday music, a day late and a dollar short! Back again in the usual time slot next week with lots of new stuff for your listening pleasure. Happy New Year!! Evil Farm Children This was going to be the opener for our post New Years show on Jan 2nd, which didn't happen due to complications. Who's That Girl Hurricane and Able make their live debut Saturday at Wrongbar in Toronto.

They also did a Radio WW Session just over a year ago and have our seal of approval. L os Readymade Cat Blue Brand new from this Argentinian combo who are on the Garagepunk Hideout. Drug Dealerz Mayor Ford Dave Campbell The Time Is Now Brand new London artist, who recorded this CD by himself at home.

This particular song blew me away when i first heard it. Picked this up at Grooves Records here in London, it was a freebie with the fliers up at the front of the store.

This was the world radio premier for this CD. Pool Hall Richard This kinda reminds me of Dave Campbell, the track prior.

Jim Jones Revue This is a show you don't want to miss!! The Everly Brothers Rip It Up This set goes out to Phil Everly who passed away the other day. Poor Jenny This demo track has some Phil and Don audio interaction prior to the start of the track. All 3 songs together tell a nice 50's teenage story. Run Like Hell And this release is going to be on What Wave Records!

Stop Rolling Masked Boy The Knaves Fashion Police David Bowie Panic In Detroit Andy Shernoff and Gord Lewis Master Race Rock Andy mentioned that this was the smallest crowd he had ever played to! Makes me proud to live in this sleepy city!! Agnelli and Rave Heart Of The City The Hippies reunion was also that night. The Hypnotics Soul At Seven A really cool show in a similar vein to this.

That Boy Toronto trio that put on an amazing live show! Radio What Wave Playlist Jan 16 Winter Of Black Ice Thee Hypnotics Half Man Half Boy Montreal based garage combo who play out fairly often.

Freddie Fingers Lee I Really Wanna Boogie UK based rock'n'roll pianist who passed away earlier this week. One man band we had live on Radio WW on Oct 31st of this year. My Way London based artist who recorded this CD by himself in his home studio.

The band was in transit from Chicago, fighting weather on the highway. Then Jim Jones came on to talk a bit High Horse Big Len LP) giving you a taste of the action that was about to happen that evening at Call The Office Jim Jones tore the roof off Call The Office as anyone who was there can atest to!

Swamp Love Skin and Bones This was the last time the band played London and the Jim Jones Revue show was the first time playing London under the new name. Thanx to everyone for listening, especially those that listen each and every week!! Thanx for all the phone calls, emails, facebook messages and Heys!!

Legend Killers Man You Gotta Go The Squids People Food Noble Savages Fire In the World The CD is on that What Wave label, so you know it's gotta be cool.

Thunder Lightning Gotta Thing For You Workin' Man's Soul Blackie and The Rodeo Kings They will be headlining at Aeolian Hall on sunday night. Something On My Mind Teenage Head cover, but you already knew that. I just love the lyrics in this one as it creates so much tension and you can almost feel the world coming down on you. There was supposed to be a hockey game starting at this time. Our News Director wasn't told about the change to and he kept asking me to play for a few more minutes as he was sure the hockey game was supposed to be starting.

Then there was a big argument in the background as some piece of equipment wasn't working and it was going to screw up the game broadcast. As always, mass confusion makes for a better radio show Praying For The Rain Hello Mystery As did almost all of the bands on tonite's show.

Jet Trash There's some killer guitar sonics on this release and believe it or not, this combo got lots of play on the local yokel FM stations in sleepy London Ontario Florida Razors Let's Go Hamilton based rock'n'roll band that had Tom Wilson as vocalist and guitarist.

New York City Radio The Only Ones Another Girl, Another Planet Peel demo from Apr This one is shorter, no keyboards and slightly more abrasive guitars.

Time Is Now And this is a great song to start tonite's action! Los Readymade You won't find many of these exact same words in the most typically played version of "St. James Infirmary" today, but this at least is a back story that makes some of the latter's sentiments perfectly logical: The singer makes a jealousy-tinged boast and turns quickly to thoughts of his own death because his "baby" just died of VD.

A common thread is the wild fantasy of the narrator's grandiose funeral for himself. Here are a few versions of the song. Like Vowell, I still get the shivers from some of these. Two of my country heroes singing "Streets of Laredo.

For more deep dives into songs, check out The Stephen W. Terrell Web Log Songbook. Labels: emusic. Labels: LP). There's going to be live music by Mariachi Buenaventura and the Swinging Ornaments plus "special guests. And, in case you were wondering, "The Santa Fe Music Alliance is a non-profit organization of musicians, music industry professionals, and music advocates. Work Your Soul …. Lloyd and Glen….

Mini Skirt and Go Go Boots …. Boris Gardener……Melting Pot …. Very cool Memphis influenced reggae soul!! Norma Fraser…. The Maytones…. Sha La La …. Way cool compilation LP I picked up the other day.

Fela Kuti…. Fela is one of my faves and there was a documentary on Netflix recently, that blended footage from the Broadway play about Fela with live footage and interviews with band and management. This song goes out to what is happening south of the border these days. King Salami and The Cumberland 3…. Never Betters…. Gold Stars …. The Darts…. Revolution …. All female combo from the west coast of the US. Lucy and The Rats….

Dirty Water Records has been releasing some really fine records over the past few years! Paranoid …. Aint Gonna Do It - The Wild Goners - Face The Space (Vinyl Reed…. Kill Your Sons …. Michael will be in town tonight at the Firehall reunion as part of the backing band. Immortal Lee County Killers…. Boom Boom …. This was the 3 rd and final full length from this combo who played at Call The Office just after releasing this CD and it was a phenomenal show!! Richard James and the Special Riders….

Wounded Animal …. Lee Harvey Osmond…. Shake The Hand …. Caught them at the Aeolian Hall on this tour and one of the best shows we saw last year! David Vest…. David will be in town tonight as part of the Firehall Reunion sho. Paul James…. Dex Romweber Duo…. So Sad About Us ….

Keith Whittaker…. A request to hear the original version of this song that local combo TVD recently released on their debut CD. Alarm Cat…. Notches …. I Am A Human …. Date With Disaster …. We did a full length article on this combo many years ago in What Wave zine.

Around The Corner …. The Thing From Outer Space…. Surf Rider …. The Deuce Couples…. Gear Masher …. Love the squealing tires on this one!

Bounty Hunters…. Echo Express …. There were at least 6 volumes of this crazy guitar instro madness, supposedly dated from to The Surfdusters…. Gruesome ….

This song is probably dedicated to those tyrants of teen trash, The Gruesomes! Leave Me Alone …. Get your tickets quick as this one will sell out quick! Supersuckers……Coatail Rider …. The Methadones…. Noble Savages…. Ancient Shapes…. Public Hymns …. The Hippies…. Can Teens …. You can grab a copy from me at the upcoming London Record Show, March 19 th. Never Let You Go …. Seven Day Weekend …. Since this is a long weekend around here, seemed Aint Gonna Do It - The Wild Goners - Face The Space (Vinyl.

Amy Rigby…. Dancing With Joey Ramone …. The Polymorphines……Billy Hates Sunday …. Oddly or coincidentally I was wearing a Polymorphines T-shirt during this show. Blood On The Saddle…. Bed Of Roses …. Singer Annette was in the original lineup of The Bangles. Caught this combo a couple of times at Key West and they put on a really good live show!

Teenage Head …. The Sadies…. A Burning Showman …. The Sadies…. Tiger Tiger …. A regular listener rightly stated The Sadies should be headlining this show…. Blue Rodeo….

Till I Am Myself Again …. Rose Coloured Glasses …. Slowdown …. Rob Sweeney…. My Funny Valentine …. Coaching For Sara……Look Around …. Coaching For Sara …. Coaching For Sara …. Coaching For Sara…. Mandala…Love-itis ….

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