Aldrich Ames - Tinsel (2) - Finding The Perfect Gift (CD, Album)

Monday 26 July Tuesday 27 July Wednesday 28 July Thursday 29 July Friday 30 July Saturday 31 July Sunday 1 August Monday 2 August Tuesday 3 August Wednesday 4 August Thursday 5 August Friday 6 August Saturday 7 August Sunday 8 August Monday 9 August Tuesday 10 August Wednesday 11 August Thursday 12 August Friday 13 August Saturday 14 August Sunday 15 August Monday 16 August Tuesday 17 August Wednesday 18 August Thursday 19 August Friday 20 August Saturday 21 August Sunday 22 August Monday 23 August Tuesday 24 August Wednesday 25 August Thursday 26 August Friday 27 August Saturday 28 August Sunday 29 August Monday 30 August Tuesday 31 August Wednesday 1 September Thursday 2 September Friday 3 September Saturday 4 September Sunday 5 September Monday 6 September Tuesday 7 September Wednesday 8 September Thursday 9 September Friday 10 September Saturday 11 September Sunday 12 September Monday 13 September Tuesday 14 September Wednesday 15 September Thursday 16 September Friday 17 September Saturday 18 September Sunday 19 September Monday 20 September Tuesday 21 September Wednesday 22 September Thursday 23 September Friday 24 September Saturday 25 September Sunday 26 September Monday 27 September Tuesday 28 September Wednesday 29 September Thursday 30 September Friday 1 October Saturday 2 October Sunday 3 October Monday 4 October Tuesday 5 October Nov 12, Smitten rated it really liked it Shelves: starsadult-contempholiday.

Originally posted on Smitten by Books Blog 3. After the two join force to find another dollhouse, thus ensuring both of their seven-year-old daughte Originally posted on Smitten by Books Blog 3. Okay, I say that tongue-in-cheek. In truth, I found Jason and Leah sweet, apart and as a couple. Jason is as close to perfect as a father can be. And the same can be said of Leah, who is raising her daughter on her own when the father took a hike the minute she told him she was pregnant.

The bum! From the start, there is chemistry between the two. And the more time they spend together, chasing the ever-elusive dollhouse, the more their attraction to the other grows. There are some amusing, silly moments that had be chuckling and rolling my eyes at the same time.

The story takes place over around twenty-four hours. There are one or two kisses. Oct 31, Becca rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalleyblog-tour. This novella releases today and was such a light and adorable Holiday romantic read and I really enjoyed it! Jason and Emily are 2 frantic single parents searching for a very popular dollhouse for their daughters. The problem Album) that it is 2 days before Christmas and no one seems to have one. Fate pulls them together as they both grab the last dollhouse in the city.

After making a pact to search for another together they are taken on a whirlwind city wide search for the coveted toy, an impossible task that brings them closer together. Short, sweet and absolutely adorable. It was a nice break up of my reading schedule. This book reminded me of the movie Serendipity with Kate Beckinsale and John Cusack and I love that movie so I was pleasantly surprised by this book as well.

The characters were very sweet, both Jason and Emily were such caring and thoughtful parents. I loved how much they cared about their children. The toy hunt was realistic and fun and the connection between them felt real, albeit a bit rushed because of the length of the novel being only 80 pages. I was highly anticipating meeting the two little girls and when I finally get to meet them I just fell in love with them.

They were so sweet and cute! My only complaint is that I wish it were longer, I felt so rushed to get to know the characters and as soon as I was wrapped up in the Holiday feeling it was over : With that being said, Dani-Lyn Alexander really did put me in the Holiday spirit!

Complete with hot cocoa, ice skating, snowy scenes and crowded stores. If you are looking for a short and light Holiday read I highly suggest this one! Thanks to Netgalley. They might not Aldrich Ames - Tinsel (2) - Finding The Perfect Gift (CD finding another dollhouse, but they sure are finding a lot to talk about and, as their mutual attraction grows, the unlikely pair finds the greatest holiday gift of all—love.

This was my first Christmas story of the year to read and review and although it was short, I enjoyed it. It was a heartwarming read and got me thinking already about Christmas this year and as I was reading it I could picture rushing around the shops buying presents and last minute gifts for my family and friends and the general buzz about Christmas, after-all we've only about 10 weeks to go.

It will definitely get you into the spirit of Christmas. This book is available on Kindle from 17th November. What do two single parents, a very slippery start to the holidays, and one very sought after dollhouse have in common? Under normal circumstances When coupled with the descriptive imagery, romantic settings, and truly chuckle-worthy comedic situations of authoress Dani Alexander, the magic created is nothing less than "wish upon a Christmas star" gold.

The thing that makes this short and sweet story work is that these two strangers are not seeking their own happiness. Yes, you What do two single parents, a very slippery start to the holidays, and one very sought after dollhouse have in common? Yes, you heard right. It's the selfless act know as giving and the shared bond created when the two come together in its shared purpose that makes this story work.

Jason and Leah are not working hard at playing the game of first impressions. They are putting their hearts on the line for the children that they love. Thereby, allowing each other a glimpse at their most true and beautiful selves. This is just the right little romantic reminder that love can be found when you least expect it. Note: I am throwing around descriptors like love and romance There is no sex here. This is more of the feeling each other out to be sure that neither is an axe murder, with a secret stash of bodies in the basement phase.

Both Jason and Leah are strong, well adjusted, and very loving people. There is no saving of any kind going on this time around, so drama is not at a premium this time around.

The scope and content of the story are very tight, but never forced or rushed. This makes the story seems much more involved than its short length suggests. This is a romance for those in love with falling in love. The perfect start to a forever after tied with a very "Merry" Christmas bow.

Nov 19, Becky rated it really liked it Shelves: arccontemporarynovellaholiday. The Perfect Gift is a sweet little holiday novella about two people who start out in competition for the same present for their seven-year-olds possibly the last Little Family Dollhouse left in the entire city and end up falling a Album) bit in love.

Thankfully, it's about as far away from Jingle All the Way as a story can get. But there the similarity ends. Yes, Christmas is almost upon them and yes, their task of finding a second dollhouse often seems futile, but Jason and Leah manage to hang on to their sanity and their humanity throughout.

They discuss their daughters. They eat a few meals together. They get to know each other--and decide that they like what they discover. I liked that there isn't a magical fix at the end. A solution is reached; it's not exactly what they all originally desired, but that made the story feel more realistic. The novella ends with a very optimistic happy-for-now and hopeful for the future note that gave me the warm fuzzies. It was just the thing I needed while stuck inside my freezing cold house in the middle of a November storm.

Thank you, "Winter Storm Knife"! Oct 16, Kathy rated it it was amazing. This is the perfect book for the season. Single parent Jason is looking for a dollhouse for his seven-year old daughter. Leah is looking for the same for her own Aldrich Ames - Tinsel (2) - Finding The Perfect Gift (CD old daughter. However, there no dollhouses of this type left anywhere, until they both find the last one and both try to get it away from the other to buy it. When they are unable to find a second dollhouse, they set out together to find a second dollhouse.

The holiday is drawing very close, so the stakes are high. However, a This is the perfect book for the season. However, as they search together, other things are happening. Their mutual attraction for each other is growing in leaps and bounds. I loved the way the author drew the reader into the lives of both Jason and Leah, into the lives of these two single parents who do anything and everything for their respective children.

It may only be mid-October, but, as I read the story, I felt as if I had been transported to the last days before Christmas, with all the excitement and snowy weather we like to associate with a perfect holiday.

This story will become a real keeper for the Christmas season. I recommend everyone take some time to sit back and enjoy this beautiful, heartfelt tale, for no one who reads it will be disappointed.

I know I was not. I received this from NetGalley to read and provide an honest review. It is a time of festivity and celebration. It can also be hectic and exhausting. The Perfect Gift by Dani-Lyn Alexander is the perfect holiday novella to curl up with in the hectic holiday season. It is a charming Christmas romance that most readers can easily relate to. It is about finding love in the busiest time of year.

It is about giving from the heart and not a physical gift. It is the perfect example of love in every form. I am not going to say too much about the story itself. Finding The Perfect Gift is not about conquering all the stores in the search. This book was charming, full of cheer, and had two special little girls that would rather have love than the Perfect Gift.

This novella will lift your spirits and dazzle your holiday spirit. I highly recommend this holiday romance. I definitely enjoyed reading this short holiday story. It was fun, easy to read and quite relaxing. And as an added bonus, it definitely put me in a Christmas mood. Jason and Leah are really great characters and their story caught my attention from the beginning : Jason is definitely fun I have to say that quite often he put himself in situations that really made me laugh.

I mean, come on, the carolers incident was just epic and I am not even going to talk about the toy trucks. That was just in I definitely enjoyed reading this short holiday story. That was just insanely funny :D. At the same time both characters are shown as amazing parents, ready to do everything for their young daughters, and that just makes them even more lovable in my book.

Especially considering their difficult pasts. Jason and Leah are so alike and they just fit perfectly together. I immensely enjoyed their interactions through the time they had to spend together.

The little ways they were showing their affection towards each other was just so romantic : I think my favorite moment was the epilogue when they are together with the kids. It was just the perfect ending of this sweet romantic story : In a few words, the story is fun to read and I definitely enjoyed it. In a way, everything was a bit cheesy, but definitely amusing and entertaining.

I definitely recommend the book for those cold winter nights when you need your mood lifted. But keep in mind that you are really getting a sweet romantic Christmas story Oct 11, Monica rated it really liked it Shelves: arcschristmas.

I really enjoyed this tale of two parents desperately searching stores for a dollhouse each of their daughters want for Christmas. It starts off with Leah and Jason both grabbing for the same dollhouse in the ultimate meet cute. They both decide that they will buy the dollhouse but will search together for another in hopes that both of their children will get what they want under the tree come Christmas morning.

The chemistry both them is undeniable and how they interact with each other is great. I loved how there was always a little give and take between them. As the story goes on we get their back stories which will pull at your heartstrings. You really become invested in their stories and especially to them as characters.

The story is so full and complete it feels so much like a novel than a short story. I for one was so rooting for them as a couple and the ending was just perfection!

Do yourself a favor and add this to your list of holiday reads this one is a MUST for the holidays! Oct 18, Sienna Logan Lost to Books rated it really liked it Shelves: reviewnetgalleyarcromancenovellachick-litchristmas. He had to be driven home that night and left behind at the field his badge, cryptic notes, a wallet which included alias identification documents, and his jacket.

One of Ames' supervisors recalled that he was drunk about three times a week during his tour in Rome from to He would go out for long lunches and return to the office too drunk to work. On one occasion in particular, he returned from an agent meeting too drunk to write a cable to Washington as directed by his supervisors.

At an embassy reception inhe got into a loud argument with a guest, left the reception, passed out on the street, and woke up the next day in a local hospital.

One colleague said Ames began to drink more heavily in after he failed to receive an expected promotion. The station security officer brought Ames' drinking habits to the attention of the Chief of Station. After Ames' arrest, his wife told FBI debriefers that alcohol was partly to blame for their marriage falling to pieces during their Rome tour, and for their having numerous fights.

While assigned to CIA Headquarters during toAmes was noted for his tendency to sleep at his desk after a long lunch. InAmes became so intoxicated during a liaison meeting with foreign officials that he made inappropriate remarks about CIA operations and personnel and then passed out at the table.

In his routine behavior as an Agency employee, Ames seemed predisposed Album) accidentally violate or deliberately ignore many rules and regulations. This was not done for personal profit, however. So far as is known, there was no petty theft or fraud typical of a predisposition toward antisocial or criminal behavior.

It appears to be more a case of grandiosity, of feeling that he was above the rules, that security and other mundane procedures followed by others did not merit his attention.

This is exemplified by the following. Inwhile on his way to meet a CIA source in New York, Ames left a briefcase of classified materials identifying the source on a subway train. Although the briefcase was ultimately recovered by the FBI, it might well have compromised the source. In he left Top Secret communications equipment unsecured in his office. In Mexico City duringhe failed to report his "close and continuing" intimate relationship with a foreign national, Rosario Casas Dupuy, who later became his wife.

Inhe used poor judgment by bringing his then-mistress, Rosario, to CIA operational housing where CIA undercover officers were staying. Inwhile assigned to the debriefing of Soviet KGB defector Vitaliy Yurchenko, Ames violated security by taking his mistress to the safe house where Yurchenko was staying. Also inhe had a security violation for leaving his safe open. In Rome from tohe was known to prepare classified reports at home on his personal computer.

He often left the safe open when leaving for the day, and he ignored security regulations that require reporting of all foreign travel. On a trip to a conference in Turkey inAmes took with him a personal laptop computer on which he had classified information. Regulations prohibit using personal computers for classified material. The classified material was seen, and later reported to Office of Security, by his boss who asked to use the laptop for games.

Any one or two of these violations would not be particularly noteworthy. What is noteworthy is the number of violations and their persistence over a prolonged period of time. Ames' disdain for security carried over into his espionage activity for the Soviets, where he failed to follow basic security precautions expected of any intelligence officer. Ames' poor security practices indicate an inability or unwillingness to follow the basic rules of his profession.

Ames was also predisposed to ignore or violate various administrative and operational reporting requirements. Throughout his career, Ames' supervisors frequently counseled and reprimanded him for failure to provide timely accountings and properly maintain his revolving operational funds.

For a DO operations officer, this is more than a question of financial responsibility. Accounting for operational funds provides DO managers with another means of monitoring and verifying activities of the operations officers they supervise. Ames also failed to file timely contact reports on many of his operational meetings with foreign officials, including Soviets.

This failure may initially have been related to his laziness and disdain for regulations. It became more calculated after he volunteered to the KGB and used open and approved meetings with Soviets officials as cover for passing packages of classified documents.

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