The Sijara Can't get enough of everyone's favourite wanderers? The Sijara are more than an ancient myth, a well-turned phrase and love of gaudy jewelry.

The free people have their own slang, their own take on every martial class, and even a few little-known magic tricks up their brightly-colored sleeves. Want to put the Sijara in your game?

Get some great Sijaran NPCs, a skill challenge, and more. Curious as to what evil Sijara would be like, or need another good faction for your game? Martial Cultures: The Sijara can help you out there, too. Get new alternate class features, new feats, Death Flasks as wonderous items, and tons of new fluff about the Sijara. The Ikanoi Want to know more about the people of ice and legend?

Learn more about Ikanikon folklore, Damager the ancestors and snow sprites who populate it. Find your Ikanikon zodiac sign, or find out what happens when a bargain with the snow sprites goes wrong. The first tribe was more than just this warriors, and Martial Cultures: The Ikanoi has details about the other guiding ancestors on whom adventurers call for guidance, as well as ancestor feats.

There are also descriptions of the snow sprites, and a detailed skill challenge that you can drop into your game. Can your Damager outwit wily Kero, or trick Phanax into giving up his secrets? There's also more alternate class features, an original Ikanikon folktale, advice for good or evil Ikanoi, and example adventurers that you can easily turn into NPCs. The Daikort Pack Want to know more about the baddest group of mercenaries out there?

Learn about the pack's allies and rivals, missions they've gone on in the past, the places where they fight and how they survive them. There's tons of organizations, plot hooks, rumors and background material just waiting to be dropped into your world, whether the pack makes a direct appearance or not. The Daikort Pack can be a righteous band of heroic warriors, a merciless group of bloody sellswords, or anything in between. They're ruthlessly good, and have that little extra edge that sets them apart from everyone else.

Is it training, magic, or a mix of both? No matter the answer, having the Daikort edge on your side - or in your party - can tip the difference in a fight. There's also more alternate class features, stats for the Daikort's magic armor, exotic terrain to add to your next combat, and tons more cool flavorful fluff.

Arcane Cultures Chaotic Shiny Productions' first line of systemless products, Arcane Cultures takes the cultures from Arcane Flavor and tweaks them to fit in any setting.

Short pdfs with gorgeous illustrations and printer friendly versions and descriptions of magically-influenced cultures you can drop right into your game. The Valok Evil bards. Do I really have to say more? Bards are jovial jesters, the butt of everyone's jokes, barely mechanically competent and certainly not personally imposing.

But what if all that charisma were turned to a less friendly purpose? What if that power over others, the ability to influence moods with music and magic, was used to enslave rather than entertain? And just what would happen to the other magic users who grew up in a place with such bards? No Damager smug sorcerers and bookish wizards; magic is a fight for survival, not a casual pursuit or a happy gift. And what about those with no magic at all? They're, well, they're a little bit different.

Introducing the Valok. Because darkness can fall where you least expect it. Cailleath Faerie tales seldom have happily ever afters, no matter what you learned as a child. So what happens to a city caught in a perpetual faerie tale, unable to escape to the mortal world, or to fully become a part of Faerie itself? Cailleath is the Feyveiled City, a place that shifts constantly between the world and Faerie. Every rock, brick and tree in the city is bursting with magic, but that's as dangerous as it is wondrous.

What's it like, to live in a city where casting a spell is as casual as breathing, so long as you don't cast it on the wrong person?

And while you start with three characters, you end up with four or eight at endgame. Until you meet Mia healerthe party consists of Isaac healerGarett tank and Ivan damage against enemies with wind weakness.

In the Dragon Age series, the Warrior class is mainly about tanking, Rogues are pure damagers, and Mages are the only ones with healing powers. That said, both warriors and mages can be built as damagers instead, and Origins even includes a secret tank build for mages. The "holy trinity" became very prominent in Dragon Age IIwhich took many cues from MMORPGs in regards to its combat, but the trend was broken by Dragon Age: Inquisitionwhich removed magical healing except for a select few Limit Break abilities and thus the Healer role altogether.

In late-game, the healer role becomes much less valuable as tanking is better done through evasion than tanking damage and most characters can get at least some self-healing capability, leaving Sharla as more of a Crutch Character. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 quickly follows the same archetype, with the first three party members and the only ones you'll have for a good third of the game being offensive main character Rex, new Combat Medic Nia, and the shield-wielding, aggro-drawing Tora.

Everyone is customizable due to being able to equip different Blades to make them take whatever role you want especially Torabut they're best at these default roles.

Similar to the first game, the healer role Damager less necessary in the late game, but even more so with HP potions being plentiful in battle and anyone being able to equip healer Blades.

This makes Nia more of a Crutch Character for the early game, at least in her Driver form. She's the best healer in the game in her Blade form, so in the rare case a healer is needed, having Nia on Rex is the way to go. White Mages are the healers and buffers, and Monks and Black Mages typically deal the most damage at the cost of requiring protection.

Final Fantasy VII : Since the magic and summoning materia that allow for much of the most powerful damage-dealing also decrease hit pointsdivvying up roles in this way makes a lot of sense. Since a single Restore materia doesn't lower HP so much as to cripple the wielder's defense, healing duties can safely be spread around the party, although a caster with their Magic stat boosted by many other magic materia will still be better at it.

Alternatively you can use "Cover" on a character with strong physical attacks but low HP and Defence in order to force them to build their Limit Break gauge quickly, allowing them to output absurd amounts of damage if you can keep them alive. The classic strategy is to do this with Tifa. A solid strategy for most of the playthrough of Final Fantasy XIIwhere micromanaging is everything.

Also recommended in the official guide for that game. Tank: Vaan or Balthier, armour to boost defence and evasion, buffs to boost defences, max HP and to draw enemy fire. Damage dealer: Basch, weaponry to maximise damage output or to be ranged to keep them out of dangerbuffs to boost speed, attack power and to give them berserk status for both attack and speed.

Healer: Penelo or Ashe, weaponry to be ranged to keep them out of danger or to boost magic stat, usually too busy healing to be Damager. Note: Fran has such horrible stats she doesn't really fit into any of the roles and is largely worthless. Typically, the game's magic lag and costliness of magic generally prevent magic from being used effectively as a damage-dealing tactic, though certain circumstances crowd control of enemies with exploitable elemental weaknesses may encourage this.

Four roles fit under this: Sentinel: A role that does nothing but guarding with the exception of countering and evading attacks. Medic: Heals allies. Commando: Deals high physical damage to the enemy. Ravager: Works along the opposite side of the Break Meter to the Commando to increase inflicted damage. Also a solid strategy in at least one Fire Emblem game. Damage, detriment, harm, mischief refer to injuries of various kinds.

Damage is the kind of injury or the effect of injury that directly impairs appearance, value, usefulness, soundness, etc. Detriment is a falling off from an original condition as the result of damage, depreciation, devaluation, etc.

Harm may denote either physical hurt or mental, moral, or spiritual injury: bodily harm; harm to one's self-confidence. Mischief may be damage, harm, trouble, or misfortune caused by a person, especially if maliciously: an enemy who would do one mischief. Words nearby damage Dalton's lawDalton SystemDalyDaly Citydamdamagedamage controldamaged goodsdamagesdamagingdaman.

Words related to damage blowdevastationharmillnesshardshipbruisewoundcorruptiondisturbancesufferingaccidentdeteriorationcontaminationdestructionimpairmentcatastrophecasualtypollutionpolluteimpair. Bukkit Forums. Solved Get damager from damage event. Hello guys, it's flash again and I have another question for the bukkit community! I have been working on a cool death plugin that includes instant respawning without using packets, so I will not be using the player death event. I am using the EntityDamageEvent and I can pick and choose between the different causes of damage just fine, but I can't seem to find a way to get the damager name.

This is an issue of particular importance in cases of harm to reputation, such as slander, libel, and malicious prosecution. Note: Treble damages are recoverable where authorized by statute and are usually imposed as a punishment. Old French, from dam injury, harm, from Latin damnum financial loss, fine. Nglish: Translation of damage for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of damage for Arabic Speakers.

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Definition of damage Entry 1 of 2. Definition of damage Entry 2 of 2. Keep scrolling for more. Choose the Right Synonym for damage Verb injureharmhurtdamageimpairmar mean to affect injuriously.

Examples of damage in a Sentence Noun The items were carefully wrapped to protect them from damage during shipping. The city sustained heavy damage during the war.

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