Имя - Dolphin (2) - Звезда (CD, Album)

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BFC Small World. OV Engelbert Humperdinck. Max: Your great grandmother was a teacher after the war. Max: Your great grandmother was a doctor when she was young.

Max: Your great grandparents were astronauts. Max: Your great grandparents were married in Example: My great grandfather Victor was born in In he was a student. In he was a doctor. My great grandmother Anna was born in She was a teacher.

It was my first time in Italy snowboarding with my family. First it was a very long and boring long trip by car up to the mountains. But when we were finally there I was happy.

It was fantastic. Beautiful mountains with real snow. I was nervous about going snowboarding for the first time. My mum was also scared. Our instructor, Kelly was helpful and kind. She was great. Her hands -i:i. Now she is eight. They also call it dark chocolate. It tastes a little bitter. But this kind of chocolate is your friend! Pilots always take some chocolate when they fly a plane. So if you have a test, eat some chocolate to prepare for it.

Example: Boy: Please buy me some chocolate, Daddy! Father: No, not today, Jimmy. Chocolate is not good for you. See Ex. A beautiful Welsh legend about a fisherman and a mermaid who saves his life. Ages A group of scouts are camping deep in the forest. A bear comes out of the forest. What happens next?! A great play for kids and their dads to watch together. A mad professor designs a super robot. A myth from ancient Greece about a greedy king who loved gold.

But in the end he understands that there are things more important than gold. I love puppet shows. C: No, thanks. Clerk: Sure. What time? Clerk: Let me see. Somewhere in the middle, please. Clerk: Here you are. Max: Thanks. Pupil B: Look at p. Card for Pupil A 1 You sell tickets at the box office. It is on at the Drama Centre. It starts at 5 p. It's a fairy tale.

Would you like to see it? Make it funny. Chorus Watch out, watch out, Mama said to watch out. Mama said to be careful, 20 Mama said to watch out. Leader Watch out? For what? Scout two Snakes and bears. Chorus Snakes and bears, 25 Snakes and bears. Mama said to watch out.

Leader Snakes and bears? There are no snakes or bears here. Scout one NO? Are you sure? Chorus No snakes, no snakes, No bears here. No snakes, no snakes, No bears here.

Remember, NO bears. Chorus Close your eyes and go to sleep. No snakes, no snakes, no bears. The sweet little scouts are sleeping. Chorus Sleeping, sleeping. Where are the stars? Leader Is that a man over there? Leader What? A bear? You said there were no bears here. Who me? Album) scouts? Close your eyes and go to sleep. Chorus Go back to sleep, Go back to sleep. Example: think — drink 1b Make up a rhyme and act it out.

Centric Robot Kids Professor: Hello, hello, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, cats and dogs, goldfish and budgies, come and see Professor E. You can program it. It can be your servant, your friend, your bodyguard, your pet — in fact anything you want! Let me demonstrate this amazing machine.

Robot moves mechanically across the stage and shakes hands with professor. Touches his toes and makes other robotic movements. Robot: Would-you-like-me-to-help-anybody? Speaking in robot voice. Kids: Me, me, me! Professor: Ok, you — small and important person. What do you want my robot to be? Your servant — to keep your room tidy, or your driver — to take you everywhere, or just be your friend? Kid 1: Er, how about a Dad, make him like a Dad.

Kids: Yeah, great idea. Professor: OK, boys and girls. What do I need to program him to do? Kids: Yes, a really good hug.

General agreement. That was awful. Hmm, well I can change that. What else does a robot dad do? He helps me with my homework. He buys me sweets. He buys my mum flowers. He cooks delicious meals. He comes shopping with me and buys me clothes. He tells lots of interesting stories. He takes me to music lessons. He does funny voices. He makes me laugh. Wait, wait, stop — are you sure he has to do ALL these things? Yes, and more. He plays computer games. And he buries my goldfish when it dies. He knows how to fix stuff.

He can make things. He buys us ice cream. And does all the barbecues. Wait a minute! I think your ideas are unrealistic. No one can do all these things — no one can be so multitalented! Well, my dad is! And mine. And a real ice cream! Kids run off stage. Big sigh. Exit professor and the robot. Centric to program into the Robot Father? Centric wants to invent a new robot.

I I 1 Once upon a time, there was a fisherman called Hywel. One day, he saw a very beautiful mermaid with long golden hair. She sat on a rock and sang a gentle song. She agreed to go with him. But she was afraid to live on land with people. The teacher writes down whether the student is in school or not in a special book. Then the teacher tells us what events will take place that day or that week.

Then we have the first lesson, which lasts an hour. No, I have lessons in different classrooms and places around the school. And different teachers conduct different lessons. We finish at 3. Alice: Parents and pupils in primary schools always address teachers by their surname, for example Mr, Mrs or Miss Smith. Album) in secondary schools, we usually address teachers as Miss or Sir.

My mother gives me a packed lunch to take to school and I have my lunch after the 4th period at 1. Sometimes, I have lunches in the canteen. Alice: Three times a week I stay for clubs. There are lots of different clubs which you can go to at lunch time or after school: for example, dance, tennis, cooking, music and chess.

I joined the photography club last year. I am also a member of a theatre group which puts on a play at the end of each year. It was a great success. I played the part of the Queen and my classmate Sophia was Alice. Alice: The school has very good sports facilities: tennis courts, a big gym and a large sports field where students play football.

Jim spends almost every afternoon there. Alice: We have got different school events: school trips, music concerts. Maths week. Science week, festivals etc. I like to travel so school trips are my favourite school event.

During the holidays, we go camping in Wales. As for Jim, he prefers Sports Day, which is full of different sports competitions. Answer their questions. Match them to the pictures LA: Sorry, I come in?

B: Come in and sit down. Open your textbook on page A: I have left my ruler at home. I borrow your ruler? B: Yes, of course. I help you? B: Yes, please. I need a present for my grandpa. A: Mum, I go to the cinema with Jim? But you have to be back at 8 pm. I have a little more cake, please? B: You are welcome. Act out the dialogues from Ex. When we ask people to do something for us we can use: Can you give me a pencil?

Can I have a glass of orange juice? Can you open the window, Kate? Could you tell me your name? May I go out, Mrs Smith? Make up your own dialogues. Use: A: May I? Can I you? Could you? Well, all right. Sometimes, more than one answer is possible. Dear children. Now you are pupils at a primary school and today is your first day. There are some school rules, which you have to follow. I go out, please? There are lots of interesting books in the classroom and you Do you have similar rules in your school?

What is different? That year, in the local school, there was a new Maths teacher and a new student. The new Maths teacher tried to explain Maths rules to him in different ways, but it was useless. He always said something stupid.

Like two plus three was seven or six times two was twenty. Before this boy arrived, Maths lessons had been the most boring of all. Now they were great fun. They all wanted to be first to find mistakes, and then think up the most original ways to explain them. To do this they used different things: sweets, apples, pens, pencils. The new student listened to them attentively and was friendly and polite.

However, William was sure that the situation in his Maths lessons must make him feel sad inside. So, one day, he decided to follow the new student home after school. William was sure he would see him crying'. The teacher gave the new kid a hug', and they left, hand in hand. In the Maths lessons, the new student a gave correct answers.

Maths lessons had become interesting to the students because a they played jokes on the new boy. William decided to follow the new student because he wanted to a see if the boy would cry. Why did the new boy decide to help his teacher? Was the new boy honest with his classmates?

Will William tell his classmates that the new student is good at Maths? Could this story happen in your class? Fill in the fact file for Russian schools. Say what British and Russian schools have in common. Secondary school is for children who are or 18 years old. School uniform In most primary and secondary schools, students have to wear a school uniform. Clubs and sports facilities Most British schools provide lots of activities after schools. They also have good sports facilities for playing football, tennis, basketball etc.

History, Mathematics, information 71 Read the text and say where the students are going this summer. In the first week of term, the teacher gave jobs to her students.

It was one of the most exciting days for all the children in the class. On that day, the teacher gave every boy and girl a job for which they had to be responsible during the school year. Some jobs were more interesting than others, and all the children wanted to get the best job.

Carol was one of these students. She was a kind and smart girl; and during the previous year she worked hard. All the children knew Carol was the most likely to get the best job of all: to look after the class hamster.

But that year there was a big surprise. Each child received one of the class jobs: preparing the books or the CD-player for the lessons, cleaning the blackboard, or looking after one of the pets.

She got a big box. There was a flowerpot with an ugly little plant inside it. She had to take care of this plant. Although the teacher said that this plant was a very rare tropical plant, Carol was sad and ready to cry.

Most of her classmates felt sorry for her. Even her father became very angry with the teacher and 67 encouraged Carol to pay no attention to this strange plant.

But Carol decided to do something special with her strange job. So Carol started reading about the little plant. She learned where it grew, if it liked light or dark places and how often she had to water it. She took care of her little plant for the whole school year and in the spring, the plant became nice and strong.

Beautiful big red flowers appeared on it. One day in spring, when the students were in the classroom, the door opened and a man who looked very important came in.

He has got a wonderful Album) of news for you. Your class has been chosen to accompany me, this summer, on a journey to a tropical rain forest. We can discover different flowers and plants. Among all the schools of this region, your school has taken the best care of the rare -tropical plant which you got at the beginning of the school year.

You will be wonderful assistants! They thanked Carol for having been so patient- and responsible. And Carol was happy too. The day when the children got their jobs took place in the last week of term. There were not only interesting jobs but also necessary and less attractive ones. The best class job of all was cleaning the blackboard. Carol had to take care of a strange plant in a flowerpot for the rest of the year. The girl and her father were happy to get this strange plant.

Thanks to Carol, the class won the competition. Doctor Rogers was their new teacher who told them about the tropical rainforest. Read them aloud. Say what pictures you would add. Describe the pictures. Example: Carol is sitting on the sofa and reading a big thick book Tropical Plants. Use the plan: 1. What number name your school has 2. Where your school is situated 3. Whether students have to wear a school uniform or not 5. What clubs and sports facilities your school has got; whether you visit any of the clubs or not 7.

Homework 1 Complete the sentences with have to and has to. A manager Do they My friend He has got 5 lessons. They are really boring. Her mother has already fed them. Does each member Use have to in the correct tense. Example: Ann is 6. He studied at a Canadian school. Jessica writes about the wonders of nature. Yesterday, her son fell ill and she My older brother wants to be a musician. The students missed the bus and they If you want to learn more about Stonehenge, you Use: join, from all over the world, was founded, take care of, endangered, full of fun, save Dear boys and girls!

Our Zoo was founded in We have Имя - Dolphin (2) - Звезда (CD than a hundred kinds of wild animals About You can Welcome to the Panington Zoo! Your visit will be Use: full of fun, fight, shared, last Sunday, watch, jumped out, looked Have you ever been to the zoo at feeding time? I was there last Sunday. It was interesting to As usual, the monkeys were Two dolphins The elephant Write about the animal. Use the guide given in Ex. Shop assistant: Good morning.

Shop assistant: Sorry. There is apple and orange juice. Customer: Then 2 botdes of apple juice, please. What about milk? I see. Is there I also need Here is your coffee. How many jars of jam do you want? Ten, please. Let me see my shopping list. Example: You Complete the tag questions.

Answer them. Example: A new Maths teacher came to the local school,? Now the Maths lessons were interesting and exciting,? The students laughed at the new student,? The new student had to listen to his classmates,?

Can you help me with my pets? Jim: No problem. Alice: You But you will Now about the cat. Jim: OK. Have a nice trip. In the street E.

One of the most amazing animals of the world is the koala. It lives only in Australia and on some of the nearby islands. Though koalas look like teddy bears they are not bears.

The koala is the relative of the kangaroo, which is the symbol of Australia. Koala mothers also have small pockets where the tiny baby koalas grow like kangaroos.

After a baby has been in the pocket for months, it leaves the pocket and starts to eat the leaves of the eucalyptus tree'. Koalas have nice large ears, big dark eyes and black noses. Koalas spend as many as 18 hours a day sleeping and resting in the trees they live in.

Sometimes they come down to the ground to look for another tree, but they seldom jump from one tree to the next. Of course, koalas drink when necessary, but they get most of their water from the eucalyptus leaves which they eat. There are many kinds of eucalyptus trees in Australia, but koalas only eat the young leaves of some eucalyptus trees; they practically never eat anything else.

Koalas are endangered animals. It was so good to chat with you today at the airport. When you handed me your card I knew a sweet girl was no longer with us. My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope I can be of help to you as we share a common cause in different fields of science. God bless your family and Emily and God bless you in your work. This deeply saddens me and breaks my heart!!!!

I hope that hospital got sued! Such a darling little girl!!!! I am so so sorry for loosing such an angel due to humanly and technical negligence on those that we trust our lives in. It is just unfortunate. It was heartbreaking and eye opening at the same time. They used your story as a template for how even the smallest errors can bring so much harm and how this error should have never been missed if the system had been in place.

Im so sorry your baby became a story for this but I truly believe her story alone will change the lives of many. As a soon to be father I can not imagine the pain that you and your family must have gone through.

I pray that because of this that all states increase the standard of education required for all medical fields. I cannot even begin to tell you how sorry I am to hear about your loss. I am a pharmacy technician, and I completely understand the role that we play in hospitals, is actually crucial. In Ontario, Canada where I live we have now implemented new laws that require all pharmacy technicians to be licensed and our field is regulated under the College of Pharmacist.

We have more training and do everything we can to prevent medication errors. I was upset to read that the Pharm Tech had no idea what she did was wrong, it was very obvious and preventable. They should be trained better. I now train pharmacy assistants and tell them your story, so they will do every thing they can to prevent another Emily. I am so sorry about all that you have gone through. I want you to know that through your efforts, you have made a difference that is still effecting people.

I am in my second week of nursing school at Forsyth Tech in North Carolina, and we learned of this story as a way to know the seriousness of using medications and what can happen if you make any errors. Though I wish it never had to reach that point, I am confident that this will serve as a reminder for all in the medical field, and will save lives by making everyone more cautious of their actions.

My prayers are with you and may God bless you abundantly. Pingback: Preventing Medical Errors Annotary. Thank you for sharing your story with us! Im in nursing school and i will pray to God that people in the medical field are held accountable for their actions. Im still in shock and im sooo sorry this happened to u. May God bless you and your family and I know God will turn this bad around and use it for good in some way. Trust in God and do not lean on your own understandings.

She is in heaven looking down at you and you two will be together again someday! Again sorry. This was so surreal to have this happening and still no answers as to why Emily was dying.

We should have been having dinner and talking with Nate and Katherine on the phone to make sure that they had their book bags packed and ready for school. What was I going to tell Nate and Katherine?

The last time they saw their little sister alive was on her birthday, February 24th. They were not allowed to visit on the weekend due to the cold and flu policy. What a joke. No one got any sleep that night. It never ended. It just got worse. Her mom and I were told that even though she was still being kept alive by life support, Emily was essentially dead due to the massive brain damage she had incurred. Our Emily was killed by an overdose of sodium chloride in her chemotherapy IV bag. Wednesday, March 1st was supposed to be a day of celebration.

Before entering the hospital, we had planned a belated birthday and a cancer-free party for our Emily. Instead, our little Emily was delivered to the Cuyahoga County Morgue. My family has been completely destroyed by the preventable and tragic death of sweet little Emily. Instead, the pharmacy technician filled a plastic bag with a concentrated sodium chloride solution of She claimed that she knew that something was not right but she was not sure.

The pharmacy technician was asked if she knew that an overdose of sodium chloride could result in death. She claimed that she was not aware of that fact. How can a person who works in a pharmacy and compounds medications daily not know that?

Your doing a really great thing. You have my support and my prayers are with you and the foundation. God willing this will be a great success. That is a very touching story and I am very sorry for your loss. I am very happy that you are one of the few people that has been able to turn their situation around to help prevent others from experiencing the same kind fo loss you have.

Chris, It was so nice to meet you tonight. This is an incredible website. My prayers are with you and the Emily Jerry Foundation. I wish you only success. Sincerely, Tammy. Chris it was really nice conversating with you tonight. I have viewed your website and it has touched my heart. I was with my husband Gregg at Имя - Dolphin (2) - Звезда (CD. I came home and gave my children a hug.

My children our my world but you help me appreciate them even more. You are truly doing a wonderful thing, and I wish and pray for you and your future endeavors. I am having trouble writing this email because I am at a loss for words…what a beautifulbeautiful little angel.

I will now review the rest of your website to see how you are trying to stop this from ever happening again. Good Luck Christopher…my thoughts will be with you and your family. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Thank you for starting this foundation so others do not have to go through this nightmare you are living. I am so sorry to hear about this sweet little angel. I do not know the family, but heard about your story and my heart is just broken.

I have a daughter named Emily Elizabeth and she just turned 3 on Feb 1st. They almost look alike. When I saw the picture of your sweet Emily, I completely lost it. She is so beautiful!!!!! This should have never happened and I can not imagine what your family has gone thru. God works in misterious ways and someday, you will be reunited with Emily.

I just can not express how truly sorry I am. My prayers and thoughts will always be with you. Needless to say, I was heartbroken for Emily and your family. I saw her face all night … all day today at work and still I am home this evening looking at your site.

I am overwhelmed by the incredible strength that you and your family have found… To move forward and fight … The need to find a way to keep something like this from happening to other families …. You are an inspiration to me and should be to all parents around the world. You are making a difference when some of us would not have the courage to speak up.

I would like to thank you for that. God bless you and your family. While horrific what this family is dealing with, decades of progress in patient safety were erased by the manslaughter conviction of the pharmacist involved. Eric was not even mentioned in this narrative, yet he was given the blame for the error. Systems need to be built to protect people, not blame the easiest target. Shame on Ohio. Dispite the injustice to the pharmacy profession with the prison sentence to Eric, this foundation is helping move healthcare forward by highlighting the need for pharmacy tech education and regulation.

We are human. Humans make errors. As long as a human is involved, errors will happen. We can decrease their occurence. Systems to prevent errors are the only way to decrease these terrible situations. Was this hospital using safe storage methods for concentrated electrolyes? That is standard in the industry and would have give a layer of protection to human error.

That NaCl should have been stored in a manner to make it difficult to select incorrectly. Eric was not given a good system in which to work. Chris, this story of your child was very touching and as I continued reading it just had me in tears. Paradise Lost - Erased Paradiselost - Fader Paramore - Brick By Boring Brick Paramore - Ignorance Paramore - Decode Paramore - I Caught Myself Paramore - Monster Pearl Jam - The Fixer Pearl Jam - I Am Mine Pendulum - Self vs Self feat.

In Flames Pennywise - One Reason Pennywise - The western world Placebo - Twenty Years Placebo - Bitter End Placebo - Meds Pleymo - Sept Pleymo - New Wave Powerman - Time Bomb, Baby Powerman - Free Powerman - Song About Nothing Powerman - Bombshell Primer 55 - this life The Prodigy - Omen Edit Puddle Of Mudd - Blurry Puddle Of Mudd - Famous Puddle Of Mudd - Psycho Quarashi - Stick 'Em Up Radiohead - Fake Plastic Trees Radiohead - Just Radiohead - Street Spirit Fade Out Radiohead - Karma Police Radiohead - No Surprises Radiohead - Creep Rammstein - Benzin Rammstein - Du Riechst So Gut Rammstein - Rammstein Rammstein - Amerika Rammstein - Ich Tu Dir Weh Rammstein - Rammstein - Mein Herz brennt Rammstein - Links 2,3,4 Rammstein - Sonne Rammstein - Ich will Rammstein - Feuer Frei!

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Lucille - Various - Selection Of Rock & Roll De Luxe (CD), Tam Tam (Extended) - Various - CD Club Promo Only 8/2015 (CD), Step The Fuck Back - Various - Thunderdome III - The Nightmare Is Back! (Part 2) (Cassette), Learning To Fly - Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Special (CD), Осень - Ольга Арефьева И Ковчег - Кон-Тики (CD, Album), Coz I Luv You - Various - Top Of The Pops-366 (Vinyl, LP), Anthony Linell - Consolidate (File, Album), Just Cant Hate Enough (Live At CBGB), Mental D-struction - Extrapolation² (File, MP3), Amphibien Dans Sa Peau - Various - Sonatura n°10 - Hors Série, Phonographies Batraciennes (CD), Casse-Têtes - Yves Montand - Montand Dhier Et Daujourdhui (Vinyl, LP, Album), Texan Love Song - Elton John - Dont Shoot Me Im Only The Piano Player (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Green Suit - Adele Bertei - Little Lives (Vinyl, LP, Album), The World Loves A Dancer - City Boy - Book Early (Vinyl, LP, Album)