Klockuz (Instrumental) - Dead Poetz Society - Klockuz / Lick A Shot / Lick A Shot (Remix) (Vinyl)

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But in his autobiography Kiss and Make-Uphe set the record straight: it's a human tongue, and it's Klockuz (Instrumental) - Dead Poetz Society - Klockuz / Lick A Shot / Lick A Shot (Remix) (Vinyl) him well.

Clearly, cows are only required when Gene craves a burger. Dark Side of the Moon is one of the greatest albums ever. The Wizard of Oz is one of the greatest movies ever. And according to popular legend, their powers combined make both even greater: Apparently, if you play Moon and Oz at the same time by starting the album at the MGM lion's third roar, they sync up perfectly, because Pink Floyd is just that incredible of a band. As it turns out, Pink Floyd is only kind of incredible.

The Wizard of Oz thing popularly called "Dark Side of the Rainbow" has been tested many times, and they don't really sync up at all. So how did this absurd rumor even start? Well, according to Little White Liesit appears to have originated on a '90s Internet forum dedicated to Floyd. That, combined with a viral article that details how to access the synchronicity, gave the myth enough life to survive the band laughing it off, and years of people trying it out and learning nothing except that Oz is a better film when you can hear Dorothy speak.

When song lyrics go vague, fans are forced to come up with their own meanings. The prevailing interpretation of Phil Collins' "In the Air Tonight" might be the most bonkers theory ever dreamed up, but its sheer implausibility hasn't stopped people from believing it to this day. As described by Klockuz (Instrumental) - Dead Poetz Society - Klockuz / Lick A Shot / Lick A Shot (Remix) (Vinyl)the myth goes that Collins wrote "Tonight" after witnessing a man who could've saved someone from drowning, but didn't.

Disgusted, Collins spent years tracking the man down—and once Klockuz (Instrumental) - Dead Poetz Society - Klockuz / Lick A Shot / Lick A Shot (Remix) (Vinyl) did, he sent the guilty party a free front-row ticket to one of his shows. Eventually, Collins supposedly even had a spotlight aimed at the guy, exposing and humiliating him in front of thousands. That's pretty hardcore, especially for the man who gave us "Sussudio.

An interesting story, but it's totally false. Such a scenario would basically be impossible, and even if it did happen, how would everybody else at the show even know what was happening? Collins discussed the real meaning behind the song during an appearance on The Tonight Showand naturally, it wound up being completely unrelated to drowning. Basically, Collins was going through a divorce, he was angry, and the song was a reflection of his anger. That's all, folks. Eminem lied to you.

Mama Cass of the Mamas and the Papas died inat age She's been humiliated ever since, as an erroneous doctor's report—combined with our knack for accepting the first thing we hear as the truth—has sentenced her to more than 40 years of posthumous fat-shaming.

The prevailing story—that Cass choked to death on a ham sandwich—is just that: a story. It's also a particularly cruel one, painting the picture of the overweight Cass dying while inhaling food she didn't need.

According to the myth, Prometheus is eventually freed by Hercules who kills the bird. However, in Prometheus Strangling the VultureLipchitz depicts the Titan breaking free of his chains and wrestling the bird that has caused him so much pain. Created at the height of World War II, the sculpture is in part symbolic of humanity's struggle against evil and particularly against the persecution of Jews by the Nazis. The sculpture was originally produced in plaster and that version was on display in Philadelphia in when Lipchitz' New York studio burned, destroying all his works in progress.

The Philadelphia Museum of Art purchased the work at the highest price it had paid for a work by a living sculptor at that time. Following its purchase, the piece was cast in bronze under Lipchitz' supervision. Prometheus Strangling the Vulture is installed near the entrance to the museum. Expressive and distinctly organic, from a formal perspective the work shares few stylistic similarities to Lipchitz' early works although it maintains the same strong sense of mass and volume projecting from a central core.

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