My Friend - S. Job Organization* - Freedom Anthem (Vinyl, LP, Album)

We had great musicians in a big, grand studio. We were happening. Things were going our way. But up until that point I had been thinking of quitting it all and going back to school because I was sick of being miserable and I hate being poor. Waddy Wachtel was one of the musicians hired to assist in recording the album. So Keith and I started working together.

This was in like '68, '69 probably. And that's - from then on - that's when things started happening. And I want you to play on their record. The three of us became very tight, tight friends.

We were always together. I was crying when we took that picture. And Lindsey was mad at me. He said, 'You know, you're just being a child. This is art. This is me taking a nude photograph with you, and I don't dig it. I thought, 'Who are you? Don't you know me? I couldn't breathe. But I did it because I felt like a rat in a trap. Despite their efforts, Buckingham Nicks was virtually ignored by the promotional staff at Polydor Records.

Elsewhere in the country, the album did not prove to be commercially successful and was soon deleted from the label's catalog. However, shortly after the album's release, Mick Fleetwoodwhile evaluating recording studios, heard "Frozen Love" played back through studio monitors at Sound City by Keith Olsen. The touring band consisted of bassist Tom Moncrieffwho later played bass on Nicks' first solo album Bella Donnaand drummer Gary "Hoppy" Hodges, who played drums on the album.

Waddy Wachtel also toured with the band. Moncrieff and Hodges later formed the band Sinai 48 with a new singer-songwriter duo inmarking the first reunion of any Buckingham Nicks members aside from the continued collaboration of Buckingham and Nicks.

Despite the international success that Nicks and Buckingham later achieved, Buckingham Nicks has never been officially released on CD.

It has since been widely bootlegged, including one bootleg copy titled Buckingham Nicks: Deluxe Edition from South Korea.

A copy of this album allegedly sourced from the master tapes as opposed to a copy taken from vinyl has also surfaced online. He later said, "The raps and vocals are all first takes. Stephenson regretted his involvement in creating the song, in particular the "negative" lyrics, saying "I feel bad about it.

It's not Beck the person, it's the words. I just wish I could have been more of a positive influence. Berg said, "I just lost my mind when I heard it. He left my office, and I swear, by the time he got home, I had left a message asking him to introduce me to [Beck]". He explained, "I wasn't going to do anything for a long time, but Bong Load didn't have the means to make as many copies as people wanted. Geffen were involved and they wanted to make it to more of an organized place, one with a bigger budget and better distribution.

I never had any slack. That slacker stuff is for people who have the time to be depressed about everything. In his Consumer Guide, Robert Christgau gave the single CD a one-star honorable mentionpicked out two songs, "Fume" and "Alcohol", and stated that it's Beck's "greatest hit, an album demo, and two-for-three prime odds and ends".

Around the time of the song's release, Beck had been approached about including "Loser" on the soundtrack of the comedy film Dumb and Dumberbut he refused.

He recalled the process, "I remember getting a phone call one day. My manager said, 'There's a film. They want to use 'Loser' as the theme song. I tried to have fun with it, tried to not take it too serious. But at the same time, it was a little disheartening sometimes. The video for "Loser" was directed by Beck's friend Steve Hanft.

The unprocessed 16 mm film footage was frozen for 6 months until Beck signed with Geffen Records. Filming for the video was done all across California, including in Rothrock's Humboldt County studio and backyard and at the Santa Monica graveyard.

Beck insisted they were "fucking around" when they made the video; he told Option in"We weren't making anything slick — it was deliberately crude. You know? Two coffins were used, one which was a prop borrowed from a local drama school and the other which had been built by Beck and Hanft.

The moment where Beck is wearing a storm trooper mask is often censored for copyright reasons. The work's only clip shot on video rather than film is the one depicting famous mountain dancer Jesco White wearing a white satin shirt and dancing on a picnic table.

The clip was shot by director Julian Nitzberg and was added to the final cut on the last day of editing. The music video for Beck's song "Heart Is a Drum" features characters from the "Loser" video, including the grim reaper, and another version of Beck in which he wears the white outfit from the "Loser" video.

Also, two spacemen enter near the end of the "Heart Is a Drum" video as they ride away on the back of a pick up truck just as they do in the "Kill the Moonlight" film clip that was included in the "Loser" video. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Beck Carl Stephenson.

Beck Carl Stephenson Tom Rothrock. They are regular Margaritaville performers from New Orleans to Pensacola Beach as well as entertained audiences ages at other venues from Texas to Florida. Mark Dreyer is a naturally gifted, Berklee trained entrepreneur with extremely diverse skill sets that range from singer songwriter and multi instrumentalist, session leader, music producer to, video director, producer, editor, and media consultant.

They tour full-time and recently opened 3 shows for Ronnie Milsap to sold out crowds. Country music performer Wild Bill Emerson is a legend amongst his peers. Born and raised in Alabama with rich country music root, Wild Bill began performing at a very young age all over the country. Maybe that is because there is nothing between Eric and his audience, between Eric and the world.

His new record gives us something to think about and something to feel. Singer-Songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Forrest Finn was born and raised in Ipswich, Massachusetts and currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee pursuing a career as an artist, songwriter, and producer.

After graduating from Belmont University with a degree in songwriting in Finn spent time in the different pop and country circles securing over 10 cuts andcumulative streams in both the country and pop circles eventually leading to his first publishing deal with independent Nashville Publisher MV2 Entertainment in June of You'll probably see him play cello, banjo, guitar and harmonica at most shows.

He has also recorded or performed with Willie Nelson, Tom T. Doug Gill might just be writing the story of your life. The Monterey, CA native has a knack for reaching into his own heart and finding the core of emotions that drives us all. Sam Glass. Born and raised in LaPorte Tx This had a profound effect on his life and thought of a stable and secure military career quickly switched to the elusive LP of music.

After his honorable discharge in Sam shocked his family and moved to Nashville. After a long year of let down's, Sam was invited to a friend's condo in Perdido Key, and it was goodbye Nashville.

There he rediscovered his love for the craft of songwriting and entertaining. Glass evolved his image from George Strait clone to a flip-flops wearing navigator of multi genre styles of music.

Honky Tonk Beach Swamp might best describe his unique delivery of his song's A fifth-generation fiddle player, Clinton was born and raised in Martinsville, Virginia. He carried the family past-time across state lines, moving to Nashville, Tennessee into share his God-given, natural talent and the heart and soul ambition to keep American Music, and his heritage, alive.

In Clinton became friends with the late great Hank Cochran, who he says was his mentor and taught him the most valuable thing in life and music — how to listen. With a brand new understanding of music and the power of lyrics, the support and belief of his friends, and a new lease on life, Album) put pen to paper and began to develop his own songwriting craft-- determined to re-enter the world of entertainment as a multi-faceted artist: a world-class fiddle player, singer, songwriter and performer worth hearing.

Griego has built his real life experiences into his trade. His heritage, including a family legacy that founded El Paso in and colonized Santa Fe inlends a authenticity to his rich vocals.

Brittany Grimes is a country singer-songwriter proudly hailing from South Alabama. She fell in love with music and started writing songs at a young age. She has written songs and shared the stage with many of her idols and mentors over the years.

Hawkins, and the late David Johnson. The album has sold over 5 million copies and was featured in a Bell South Commercial. Rhonda has been writing and performing in clubs for over three decades. Born in Kentucky, Hawkins moved to Florida in Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and coastal Alabama, his Rust Belt meets Southern upbringing is channeled in his straightforward imagery and gravel-throated delivery.

When not touring, Higgins resides in Greensboro, Alabama. Singer Songwriter from Birmingham Alabama. Growing up around musicians and songwriters like Neil Thrasher and Marc Alan Barnett always dreaming of getting that one big hit. The past few years writing and recording with the band Cottonbox Road recording 2 albums the last under the guidance of Porter Howell and Duane Propes from the band Little Texas and the last 4 years writing songs with Trey Lewis for his last two albums.

Star Search Semi-finalist '88 and subject of the award winning documentary Beautiful Jim. Which has gained him a lot of attention. By fans and radio. Alabama native Adam Hood knows the beautiful mess of blue-collar love and everyone on Music Row wants in.

Born in the small town of Louisville, Mississippi, by the time he was eight years old. During those years with Glen, Carl honed the vocal and songwriting abilities that have now led to sales in excess of 50 million units.

As a vocalist and musician, Carl has performed with practically every big name in the business and his production credits include three Grammys along with countless other awards and nominations.

I began playing the guitar at a young age with a heavy focus on singing. Upon completing my service I went right back to the stage. Now based out of Mobile, AL I travel the south east with my band and write songs about my life and the lives of those around me. He has released 20 solo albums through his career, and he received the Norwegian Grammy for best album of the year for two of them.

Saloon and through his American tours with Joe Sun. Ottar turned 70 in January this year. A video is produced, mainly shot in the Flora Bama area. Brian Ashley Jones is a soulful singer, acclaimed guitarist, actor, and internationally touring songwriter whose guitar-driven Country and Blues tunes have found their way into film, television, radio and have been recorded by multiple performing artists. Originally from Spartanburg, South Carolina, and a longtime resident of East Nashville, TN, Brian performs at festivals, concert series, clubs, music education programs and music conferences.

Jim St. James has been a previous performer at festivals past. Members of the Americana Music Association, the bands sound is primarily a blend of rockabilly and blues while still maintaining a singer songwriter presence with their original, folksy ballads that fit nicely into the Americana music genre.

The band consists of Jim St. A for songs recorded by artist such as Hank Williams Jr. Ken grew up in a small Missouri town of people with a graduating class of about 85 give or take a few births along the way. Ken's life has always been based on adventure and travel. Being the oldest of three siblings with a loving mom and dad intact, Ken was always given the opportunity to play. Growing up a true child of the 70's in the bible belt of America has taught Ken to walk lightly and speak softly until otherwise notified Ken got his first real guitar Martin D35 on his fifth birthday and has since never really put it down.

After a childhood of sports, scouts, farming, motorcycles and fast women, Ken put his guitar to work and has been playing professionally ever since. Missing his state semi-finals football game his Jr. Ken picked up a bass guitar gig in his early teens and has never really put that down either. With thousands of gigs on thousands of stages under his belt, Ken will have you dancing to his beat within a bar of the first song.

His ability to play along has earned him the go-ahead to pick his gig for say. After years of travel and a few wives later, Ken married Susie and became a bit of a staple in the Denver Colorado scene for many years until when he moved back to Cape Girardeau Missouri and now resides in a year old house with a 4 room pro studio in the basement.

Hit songwriter with too many credits too mention in 80 words. Fourteen years old and from Milton, Florida he has been playing guitar for 5 years. What began as a hobby, quickly developed into a passion. He plays at local venues like Gallery Night in Pensacola, festivals, various church and private events and weddings. He performed 4 original instrumental pieces and was named the winner of that competition.

Inhe participated in and won the Pensacola State College Fingerstyle Guitar Contest which included a cash prize and scholarship to the school. Rock has played all across the South over the years, and has a broad fan base. His original music is eclectic - country tunes, infused with touches of blues, gospel, comedy and even a little rock and roll. He sings with a lot of soul, determination and humor.

He plays solo, or with a friend or two. Youtube has many videos of him. If you've found yourself wondering where the music was coming from, because you've never heard anything like that before, then chances are you've been to a Mel Knapp show. After spending most of his time playing bass with the Gulf Coast's finest musicians, he started playing solo shows and quickly became a sought after soloist and lead guitarist.

When he's not playing music in the Virgin Islands, he can be found writing new music, and playing all over the Gulf Coast. Atlanta native Scott Koehn has been traveling the professional musician road since age An accomplished bassist, guitarist, vocalist and songwriter, Scott has brought his music to folks in the Southeast.

His music roots date back to the s where he played Greenwich Village folk scene until being drafted into the U. Army in After a year sabbatical from music, Damien met and befriended legendary Florabama songwriter Rusty McHugh who encouraged and helped him get back performing. Later, in Nashville, one of the first people he met was a very little known guy at that time named Kris Kristofferson.

Soon his love for songwriting was born. In he recorded his first album. Lynn is a Grammy winning songwriter and musician. She tours nationally with Doug Gill as Langham and Gill. Their songwriting tells a story that audiences can relate to, translated through their organic sound. Trey Lewis is not only an exceptional musician but a remarkable songwriter as well. He has overcome extraordinary circumstances in his life and he is out to share that message with the world.

Bigger than life with captivating energy and boundless talent are just a few ways to describe the Birmingham based artist. When Trey performs you get a feeling that his music is exploding from his very soul. From his well conceived self-titled album is a sequenced storyline of his own life, in which breaks the restraints of failed relationships and conquering loneliness, as well as remembering the good old days, with songs like "Country Boy Crazy" and "Play It Loud".

Trey continues to work hard and write new music as he performs at some of the top venues throughout the Southeast. A sweet mixture of Laurel Canyon and smooth Tennessee Whiskey, Megan is solidifying her footing as an emerging artist to watch on the country music scene. She has been performing for many years in all the local "hot spots". It did not take long for the industry to realize this lady has major chemistry and charisma on and off stage.

LLOY has literally played all over the U. Jude Hospital, etc. Neal Lucas is from Talbot County, Georgia. He has traveled opening in support of a variety of national acts from B. King to Travis Tritt. Troy Martin is an important adviser and coach to many new songwriters. He is very active writing and performing in Nashville and on the Gulf LP on a regular basis. He spent the majority of his LP owning and operating Music Clubs in New Orleans.

From an early age, music had been a focus within his family. His Father and Grandfather both played violin, and his Great Grandfather played and arranged Music under John Philips Souza his entire adult life, fluent in 7 My Friend - S. Job Organization* - Freedom Anthem (Vinyl instruments. Tommy played music in his early before the kids came along, then picked the guitar back up after the nest cleared, playing and writing music ever since.

Mazzullo says, "I've been fortunate to play with many of the Singer Songwriters in our area, and many involved with Frank Brown International Songwriter Festival". Your privy to skill sets and structures you may have never explored in your writing! McBride has songs on over 70, records sold worldwide.

Her music career kicked off in October of alongside her brother, Michael McClelland. From earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre to diving into an unexpected music career, Jenna knew she was in for a wild ride. Jenna has released four records of all original music-- both with and without her sibling counterpart-- her most recent work being her solo EP, "Mess.

Jenna took the plunge in September ofquitting her two restaurant day jobs in order to whole-heartedly chase down her musical passion full time. She writes songs that push envelopes-- songs about everything we're afraid to talk about-- and uses her megaphone voice to sing her stories. Jenna is a love messenger that hopes to continue to use her craft to spread light and positivity to those that come across her and her music.

He has served as a board governor and vice-president for the Recording Academy and on the board of the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

Hailing from south of Toronto, Ontario Canada, Tia McGraff is an internationally-renowned, award-winning Americana singer-songwriter and gifted author with Scottish and Transylvanian roots. Ronny signed in with positive country label Cheyenne Records of Nashville. Less than a year later he had four Cashbox Magazine 1 singles releases.

Ronny has also toured the nation with legendary Singer-Songwriter Hank Cochran, wrote music with Hank for five years and learned a lot about the music world during that time. Ronny is a signed writer for Hank Cochran Music in Nashville. Ronny still tours the country with his own band Ronny McKinley Band. Don McNatt, son of Speedy McNatt, fiddler for Eddy Arnold,has been writing songs for well over 50 years, and working as a performer, even longer. He loves all the forms, and has worked as a musician, an actor, and even a dancer in younger days.

Don has played in venues small and large in Europe, Australia, some islands, and of course in most states of the USA. CDs are also available, just ask Don. Karen has been with festival sinceperforming and hosting the open Mike with husband Don.

Moving from Nashville 4 years ago down to the Gulf coast for a more quiet peaceful life has given her lots of songwriting ideas! She writes about love and lack of, hippies brides red umbrellas Marines boats and the beach, songs will make you smile cry and laugh because they are relatable songs about life.

People enjoy the way she puts her words and haunting melodies together. She loves how the festival brings newbies every year that learn to appreciate original music! Karen says writing songs is her passion, she can never stop. Bruce Michael Miller is a producer, guitarist, songwriter, vocalist, performer and music educator. An award winning songwriter, he has had over 50 cuts with major and independent artists as well as placements in Film and TV.

Unique, emotional and powerful. A master songwriter and world class guitarist. A storyteller of the highest order, Bruce mixes a laser eye for the essence of each story with a humorous and welcoming stage presence to create a memorable performance. He has mentored writers on over 14, songs and some of them have gone on to become hit writers in their own right.

He still spends time in Nashville where he continues to co-write with new artists and mentor songwriters. He is the song evaluator for Global Songwriters Connection in Nashville. He has 2 CDs out, one is a solo CD and the other is with his band. He also enjoys singing duets with his wife JoJo Billups. His music is sure to bring a smile to your face and a tap to your toes. If you listen long enough you will probably be on your feet dancing.

Dallas an award winning Singer Songwriter who consistently performs over shows per year all across America. Isaac is an 18 yr old singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Mooresville, IN. Isaac began singing at age 2, playing guitar and banjo at 7 and multiple other stringed instruments by the time he had written his first song at age Isaac lives to pour his heart out from the stage, and has done so, sharing his music in 26 states, and 14 countries in the last three years, where his music has been well accepted by many different cultures.

Brent has been coming down since and enjoys being part of the family of writers who grace the stages of this fantastic festival! Known as the Global Cowboy, he has shared the stage with many famous artists from country star Willie Nelson to pop diva Donna Summer and has played lead guitar for the legendary, Lynn Anderson Rose Garden. Mudbone' music tells the story of American Roots Music one song at a time.

As a child of both the Mississippi Delta and the hill country of Arkansas he has a unique "from the cradle" perspective that is instilled in the fibers of his songs. Both records broke the top 70 in the Americana charts AMA. Mudbone is currently writing and recording for future projects as well as maintaining a rigorous touring schedule. Josh Newcom is an anomaly. As a musician and entertainer, he is continually in a whirlwind of creation.

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