Sign From God - Sage Francis - Road Tested: 2003 - 2005 (CD)

The music Sign From God - Sage Francis - Road Tested: 2003 - 2005 (CD) though completely original - has a vague familiarity about it, inviting distant comparisons to the fall, sonic youth, and girls against boys.

Nft surprised all with their disco flavoured 'frisco disco' a track that gained radio rotation across the board and perfectly introduces the bizarre transition that is 'latvian lovers' an album which fuses their past style with a mutated electro meets mexicana disco vibe.

Picking up where the Bola project left off, Jello takes things into entirely new territories by adopting a more diverse and alternative approach to the format of modern experimental music that is known as electronics. With the fusion of both male and female vocals, live piano, live drums and fender rhodes alongside more traditional Bola styled production techniques the project provides an insight into the varying influences to the Bola sound!

Interpol - Interpol CDS on Matador The band originally formed in and have released 2 EPs one a limited edition on Chemikal Underground, the other self-released and developed a strong following both at home and overseas. Their mixture of early 80s British influences, punk rock and atmospheric soundscapes define a music that is uniquely Interpol. K7 this is the perfect time to ask the man for a DJ Kicks mix. For it, Trevor came up with a selection that reflects many of his musical influences from the past years.

Trevor Jackson blends music from more than two decades of club and dance culture into a superbly funked up mix. Jackson into orbit.

Already this album is getting a stack of praise on the tech-house mailing list. After 4 years of going trough cold turkey, the long-awaited third album of The Timewriter is coming at you.

The 15 tracks on the album come up to all expectations. Engines full speed ahead! Full length album and the last of the three titles, this recording completes the series in stellar form. The album is chock-full of soulful, guitar-driven sunset psychedelia, from shimmering Spacemen 3 style neo-psych pop-songs to acid-country balladeering to extended soundtrack rock bliss-out instrumentals.

It scooped a number of 'Album Of The Month' awards in the British music press, and it's mixture of ambient soundscapes, stunning keyboard melodies and faultless production make it an essential purchase for any electronic music lover, especially those that have an affinity for the genre.

But, alas, you really would have to conclude that no one but the Twin is capable of production at this level. Rephlex have just landed themselves the Sign From God - Sage Francis - Road Tested: 2003 - 2005 (CD) electronic material of the decade.

CAURAL - Stars On My Ceiling - Chocolate Industries Beginning his musical journey in the summer of '84 with a fisher price tape deck bumping one cassette with Thomas Dolby on one side and the 'Beat Street' soundtrack on the other, this year-old chicago multi-instrumentalist delivers a unique blend of influences, only hinted at on last year's 'Paint' EP This fully-matured creature displays all colours of the sonic spectrum, a potent dose of neck-snapping abstract 'scapes rooted in hip hop and drenched in the atmosphere of life.

Kid Koala styled, this sampladelic maestro will go far. Fresh artwork by Kid Acne. Domotic are a delicate beast, fully enrapturing the soul with mood lifting harmonics and subtle yet intricate beats. Lightly euphoric, one moment then we have spooked evocations the next with a bite and crunch to keep the senses alive. Electronica, on a reflective trip, painting pictures in the mind.

At times when the peculiar vocal samples drop, it feels that extra bit special and unique. Eight tracks in total, this comes very warmly recommended. Lead by the pillow-padded-mallet-hit deep bass resonance and high-pitched hand slaps of the Udu clay drum of West Africa, Boonghee music is circular and profound.

Something like a phenomenon, a mixture of minimal hip-hop, Big Black style hand drumming, and broken-beat, the colors are vast and streaming and come from many sources, primarily percussion: dusun'goni, sintir, thumb piano, harmonium, batajon, talking drums, dumbek and flute. New, ancient flavours for the ears and mind. In essence, the group is making some next level dance music - rock the party, the body, and the spirit. Carlos Nino served as co-musical director for the sessions, setting tempos, outlining rhythms, selecting instruments, and helping sculpt the design and texture.

A very fine release with appeal from jazz, world and beats audiences, with great potential as a totally original battle tool for b-boys. Post ambience warmth and crispness, calm, measured and beautiful. Inspired by nature and fading human memories, the hiss and static taking on an organic scope as if the hiss is programmed in sync with human breathing.

Ten tracks long. Echoing, peaceful and just perfect. Comparable to the finest work of Eno and Fennesz this CD is a real find and should be treasured as such. Insanely gorgeous packaging to boot. Claire continues her happy marriage between Kraftwerkian old skool stylings, with computer generated stutters and pulses and a childlike awe and innocence. Perfect pop, packaging by David Figurine. As opposed to the chopped-up, beat-blasting, hip-hop focus of Prefuse 73, Savath flower multi-textured songs blooming through soft focus lenses.

Pure bliss. Highly Recommended. This swansong was pretty well created by Larry Cassidy after the band split inand there are feelings of dislocation everywhere in this music. Nuff bonus cuts, original versions, charming sleevenotes, good job. One long track from the man like Jens Massel, 26 minutes which build from a hushed point where perhaps Ryoji Ikeda and fennesz share notes, until the discrete deep gong tones carry us into a section where clicking pulses provide irresistible momentum to proceedings.

As usual with Raster, repeat listens bring forth the depths where oblique harmonies appear from stringent rhythms, opening up deep head spaces where disfunction meets awesome sound design of the highest calibre. Play loud, kick back and enjoy the ride. Packaging to die for. TANAKH - Villa Claustrophobia - Alien 8 Tanakh is a layering of sound and structure that combines songwriting sensibility and improvisational abstractions that are as thick and rich as they are minimalist.

These two seemingly opposed forms fluidly combine to forge dark sweet lulling gypsy melodies dug from middle-eastern sands that have been knuckled across appalachian washboards that shadow the city in which they live.

Between them they bring vocals, violin, viola, Sign From God - Sage Francis - Road Tested: 2003 - 2005 (CD), bass, percussion, electric and acoustic guitars, flugelhorn horn, trumpet, clarinet, and various ethnic and home made instruments to the recording.

The use of "actual" songs is mostly fresh territory for Alien 8, yet Tanakh's debut still fits alongside Set Fire To Flames and Shalabi Effect in the sense that it blends middle-eastern influenced Sign From God - Sage Francis - Road Tested: 2003 - 2005 (CD) alongside drone-based composition and improvisation. Haunting artwork.

With 8 tracks on the vinyl and 15 tracks on the CD release I kid you not, this is an astounding compilation. Essential stuff throughout. Mils deliver sonic discontinuity, electronic free jazz for martians, Hypo chop like a hyper chef, and O. Lamm proves himself a master of wringing slivers of melody from twitching beat wrecks.

Dorine Muraille merges acoustic guitar with some laptop glitches and some eccentric vocalising, unfolk at its finest, while Encre softly drop the tune of the release, sotto voce horns, brilliant arrangement, jaw-dropping stuff.

Osaka derive deep contemplation from a ringing guitar sustain, atop vibesy movements, inch by inch - sublime material, while Melodium introduce plaintive keys with subdued but ample crunch beneath. Its left to the Morr music warm stylings of Domotic to close up on a neat introduction to the wealth of talent on offer just across the channel.

Explore away! This can also refer also to the erasing of the fine details from the memory of past events and feelings. A fascinating listen made up of a series of deceptive random sound shimmers and frequency drifts. Headphone use paints the pictures of lying on a bed of sand in the simmering late at night heat while crickets chirp close by. Attached inside the cover is the new Noto CD 'Auto Rec' an amazing 20 track compilation of tracks recorded as part of the sound installations featured in the book.

In addition to the minimalistic patterns there are some fully developed moments of pure magic up there with. Raster Noton extend there position as masters of minimalism with this totally irresistible package. A must check. In keeping with the radical nature of their works, Peter Rehberg Pita was enlisted to provide an electronic soundtrack for this work.

For those used to the shock and tremble static bursts of Pita's 'Get Out' or even the banging contorted monster ambience of 'Get Down', one may be in for a surprise. This release offers a new perspective to Pita's world. One of more subtle twists and unnerving dynamics. This otherworldly sound world is shaped less on sine-wave bending and more on a development of deep unusual ambience, pulses, fog and static.

A ghostly digital aura evoking the open and the empty simultaneously. An existential chilled out recording for the colder moments of the human sphere. Unsettling and engaging - here lies a fine addition to the abstract canon. A Mego hit for sure. Utilising guitar, tapes, mics, pedals, analogue synthesizer and some computer assistance Drumm has concocted a sonic beast comprising 2 extended tracks bookended by shorter works.

Like the output of Tony Conrad, Masami Akita, Whitehouse and others this CD has been mastered at extreme levels and demands playback of a similar nature. In doing so one is taken on an intense journey of storming feedback, open audio onslaught and somewhat savaged sonics. The extreme end of anarchic electronics and possibly a hint of nordic musical violence is present throughout the much of the disc. The two centrepiece's encapsulate it's essence: 'Hitting the Pavement' is a staggering 20 minutes of blizzard drone, whilst the 24 minute epic 'Inferno' engulfs the listener in a hail of torrential electronics, jackhammer sinewaves and general 'evil' disguised as 'music'.

It's not all buzzing brimstone with the gentle 'Cloudy' providing a calm following the storm. In total? A din of arms, the fierce swell of damaged drone and the shriek of subtle shifting sonic slaughter A reduced soundscape best listened to through headphones or at low volumes in a spacious room allowing movement to alter the ears perception of the subtle sound range flickering and drifting low and high frequencies.

Alongside Bernhard Gunter, Richard Chartier is the leader of the silence is golden brigade. One of the best comps of the year so far. Welcome back Kurtis. This career highlight new mini album from Mr. Lif is wicked. Dre - The Chronic [] Dr. Dre - Welcome to 2 Beat Street [] Dr. Octagon - Dr.

Octagonecologyst [] Dr. Octagon - The Return Of Dr. Illa - Illa LP [] E. Writer - Block Work [] J. Mell O - Thoughts Released [] M. P - Firing Squad [] M. P - First Family 4 Life [] M. P - Ghetto Warfare [] M. P - Mash Out Posse [] M. How We Live Featuring Termanology Imagine Featuring John Lennon Nas Outro Nas - Greatest Hits Surviving The Times Cee-Lo It Ain't Hard To Tell Life's A Bitch feat.

AZ State Of Mind One Love feat. Q-Tip Lauryn Hill Street Dreams Remix feat. Kelly Hate Me Now feat. Puff Daddy One Mic Got Ur Self A Bridging The Gap feat. Olu Dara Half Time Bonus Nas Is Like Bonus Jay-Z Sign From God - Sage Francis - Road Tested: 2003 - 2005 (CD) Lights Out Feat. Killah Priest 11 Suicide Bombs Feat.

Hope Unreleased studio version Classic ft. Where are they now 's remix ft. Represent Premos original demo Fuck Death Row ft. Worst enemy Ridin broke ft. Hustlers and killers Triple threat ft. Amongst kings Never gonna give it up Calm down ft. Sometimes I wonder ft. Stay dreaming stay scheming Good morning remix ft. Project window Raw remix ft.

Sinful living Nas - Untitled Queens Get the Money Breathe Make the World Go Round feat. Hero feat. Keri Hilson America Sly Fox Testify The Slave and the Master Untitled Fried Chicken feat. Busta Rhymes Project Roach feat. The Last Poets Mykel Black President Hustlers f.

The Game produced by Dr Dre Where Are They Now? Where Yall At? Hip Hop Is Dead Sucker MCs 07 Blood Diamonds Are Forever kanye version Jadakiss Lifes Gone Down world premier Premo Shit produced by Dj premier Across The Tracks f. Papoose Death Anniversary The Honeymoon is Over It Wasnt You f.

Why You Hate The Game f. The Game Music for Life f. Hi Tek, Common, and Marsha Rough Around The Edges f. Livin Thug f. One On One Street Fight The Foulness Queens Day Nas verse Street Dreams Pt 2 ft R Kelly Everyday f. Rule Ajap remix I Can Youichi Remix Where Y'all At Jugg Remix One Love Jugg Remix AZ Jugg Remix Fast Life feat.

Kool G Rap Jugg Remix The Unauthorized Autobiography MC Paul Barman Small World Memory Man Remix Scarface Ghetto Prisoners Memory Man Remix Aaliyah Knockboots Memory Man Remix DMX Big Things Memory Man Remix Kissing Memory Man Remix AZ 10 - Classic feat. Rakim 03 - Get Down 04 - Got yourself a Gun ft. AZ 09 - Fast Life ft. Pharrell Coprod. Last Real Nigga Alive, Pt. Jay Electronica 13 Fall in Love feat. Estelle 14 Heartbeat Remix feat. Damian Marley 16 As We Enter feat.

Damian Marley 17 Nah Mean feat. Damian Marley 18 Patience feat. Damian Marley 19 Ancient People feat. Period Dubplate feat. Nneka 21 This Is the Way Clean feat. Purple — Produced by Jony Fraze 5. Fast Life — Produced by Geng Grizzly 6. Hey Nas — Produced by Shinobi Ninja 8.

Zone Out — Produced by Mondee Mastermind — Produced by Steel Nas Is Like — Produced by Dr. Rewind — Produced by Face Valyou Thiefs Theme — Produced by Tes Uno Affirmative Action — Produced by Kon Last Real Nigga Alive Pt. The Second Coming On The Real One On One Courthouse Foul Breeze The World I Already Know Tick Tock feat. Prodigy Sometimes I Wonder feat.

Nature My Worst Enemy Amongst Kings Who Are You? Xin Xin Film Good Morning Intro Stay Chiseled Original Version Top Down Street Dreams Pt. II feat. Across The Tracks feat. Silent Murder The Rise And Fall Star Sign From God - Sage Francis - Road Tested: 2003 - 2005 (CD) I Have To Don't Body Yaself I Want It ft.

Life's Gone Low Hustler And A Killer My Will Intro Soundtrack To The Streets Snitch Alibi In Too Deep Triple Threat feat. Gangsta Tears Everyday Thang feat. Dre Talk Of New York Like Me Victory feat. John Legend Never Gonna Give Up Time feat. High Legendary Mike Tyson Theme Ancient People feat. We March As Millions Association feat. Stic Man of Dead Prez The Blackness a.

Darkness Be Right Escobar Sinful Living feat. Billy Lawrence Less Than An Hour feat. Secret Agent Man More Than I Can Say feat. Keyshia Cole Fear Of Mandingo Middle Finger feat. David Banner Tales From The Hood Street's Disciple Original Version Queensfinest War Is Necessary Wanna Play Rough The Foulness Pts. Understanding Too Late feat. Bravehearts Tags Cormega One Never Knows Cookout feat.

Nature Tags Livin It Tags Live From the Bridge Take It In Blood Pt. Jungle Jay feat. Olu Dara Outro CD 2: Keep It Raw Intro Source Freestyle feat. Kid Capri U Wanna Be Me The Flyest Angels feat. Pharrell Come Take A Ride 2 Seater Anybody Test When Thugs Die True Dialect Tags The N The Foulness Pt.

Thugz Mirror Outro Queens Day feat. Run DMC and Prodigy Cassidy and Quan In Between Us feat. Calm Down feat. Noreaga and Tragedy Khadafi Verbal Intercourse feat. Raekwon Fast Life Buckwild Remix feat. Kool G Rap Live at The Barbeque feat. Main Source Success feat. Stay Chiseled feat. Large Professor John Blaze feat. Eye For An Eye feat.

Mobb Deep and Raekwon Music for Life feat. Rough Around The Edges feat. Heartbeat feat. Nneka Road to Zion feat. Damian Marley Bring It To You Hardest feat. Slick Rick CD 2 Rich And Black feat. The Essence feat. Grand Finale ft. Dog Shit ft. Holla Back ft. Jay-Z and Ludacris Mobb Deep and Jadakiss Letter to the King feat.

Game Analyze This No Love Lost feat. Jay-Z and Lord Tariq Classic feat. Finer Things feat. Jon B Daz and Kurupt Why Remix feat.

Ice Cube and Scarface Usual Suspects feat. Rick Ross Give It Up Fast feat. Help Somebody Remix feat. Maxwell CD 3 Mo Money, Mo Murder Homicide ft. Win or Lose feat. Mobb Deep, Jadakiss and Jay-Z The Saints feat. Killah Priest We Major feat.

Kanye West Yacht Music feat. Must Be Nice Remix feat. Lyfe Jennings What If feat. Aiight Then Original version feat. Desperados II feat. The Firm and Canibus Streets Of NY feat. Alicia Keys and Rakim Let My Niggas Live feat. Wu-Tang Clan Devin The Dude and Xzibit Level 7 feat. Ice King feat. Res One Plus One feat.

Freedom Jazz Dance Remix feat. Miles Davis Joe and Mariah Carey CD 4 Who U Rep With feat. Gun 4 Gun feat. Governmentalist feat. Joss Stone Get To Know Me feat. Joe Be Ez feat. Capone-N-Noreaga Show Discipline feat. The Ultimate High feat. With Me feat. Why You Hate The Game feat. Good Life feat. Nate Dogg Topless feat. Eminem and Dr. Popular Thug feat.

Hot Boyz feat. Sincerity feat. DMX and Mary J. Good Morning Surviving the Times One on One Talk of New York II Feat. It Wasnt You Feat. Wanna Play Sometimes I Wonder Feat. Soundtrack To The Streets Feat. Im A Villian Amy Winehouse 14 Bye Baby Nasty The Black Bond Roses The Message I Gave You Power I Can Explicit Version Find Ya Wealth The Set Up Street Dreams Drunk by Myself Loco-Motive feat.

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