To Lonely Shores - Locust - After The Rain (File, MP3, Album)

While not breaking new ground, " Calling The Earth To Witness " is a formidable album in the field of progressive metal. While so many bands of this genre have too many loose ends flapping around while they try too hard to create something "progressive", Darkwater manages to keep things compelling and dynamic without getting sloppy. It's not always easy to make something memorable and tasty when so many ingredients are used, but Darkwater will both satisfy and keep you hungry for more.

This lies somewhere at a crossroads between hevy devy metal its a genre nowrogressive metal, melodic death metal and power metal. A very fresh sound indeed, which is surprising how hackneyed the inspirations have become in themselves. This has a passion and a sense of honesty often missing in musicians and albums of such virtuosity.

The vocalist is like a one man war between the aforementioned devin minus the reverb OD and Impaled Nazarene. Lovely atmospheric keyboards drench the proceedings but never intrude on the seriously attacking guitars. Thankfully the leads avoid the dreaded Maiden syndrome as well as the abhorred pretty-ness of the Amotts. Instead the guitars and the organic song structures evoke the free flowing spirit of 70's progressive hard rock as on " November " and the classic doomy metal rumblings " Stars Malign ".

This traverses the entire classic and extreme metal spectrum in its 48 minutes, without once sounding forced or MP3. Its great the way the same instruments guitars, drums, bass, keys in the same genre metal can still sound so fresh and vital, without resorting to non-traditional composition techniques. The way the band makes " Lynrd Skynrd " collide head on with Strapping Young Lad has to be heard to be believed.

This band has single handedly revived my faith in progressive metal, infusing it with an almost punk enthusiasm and a true sense of adventure.

For those who have had enough of the navel-gazing bloat metal of " Opeth " or the sheer pomposity and pedestrian nature of " Dream Theatre ", give this a spin to see what you have been missing. My only regret is that this could not be included on my Yearly Top Ten List. The way the free-bird-esque acoustics of " Lonely Crown " erupts into the raging wall of sound and how the composition continues will give any metal fan the shivers.

Overall the vocals are some of the most passionate I have heard in a while though very occasionally interspersed with a more generic growl while the instrumentation takes the best elements of progressive and extreme metal as well as 70's southern rock and comes up with a winning mix.

I could go on and on but suffice to say get it now. This is a concept record, being something of an action-space-drama, but the cohesive concept is only the icing on the cake, because the music stands tall on its own. And finally the cherry on the icing of this monster metal sundae : its available for free download hi quality mp3 directly from the band's site As time went by, they learned how to play the guitar and bass respectively, and started forming bands, writing songs and recording demos.

By that time, Roger and Michael had become better and more ambitious musicians, and therefore decided to try to record some own music that was good "for real". The first demo, " Mr Zingelmann "was basically a 40 minute concept album.

The first real album was however " Put In Perspective "which was also the first release with the whole line-up. For the second album, " Prime Mover Alias Drivkraft "the band wrote all the lyrics in their native tongue: a minority version of Swedish spoken only in Finland. Prime Mover plays a fine Progressive Rock with influences from many style directions, blending styles such as Jazz Rock, Classic Rock, Melodic Rock and Folk, in a perfect musical combination, adding some nice symphonic trends.

Both Arjen and his older brother Gjalt were good students, but unlike Gjalt, Arjen wasn't interested much in studying. A notorious trouble-maker in class, Arjen decided to persue a career in the music business after graduating highschool.

During his teens, Gjalt always teased Arjen a lot, and ever since the Ayreon albums were released, Arjen has been paying him back by playing jokes on his brother in the credits of his CDs.

If you look carefully, you'll find a Gjalt 'joke' in every booklet of CDs released after Arjen's love for music was sparked in the 60s, when he became a big fan of the Beatles. He started buying albums in the early seventies when the glam rock era started and bands such as " T-Rex ", " Alice Cooper ", " The Sweet ", " David Bowie ' were rising stars. Arjen really wanted to be in a band but he was too lazy to learn to play an instrument so he started a play-back band mimicing his heroes " Alice Cooper ", " Slade ", " The Sweet " Ayreon Arjen Anthony Lucassen is known for having many different musical styles and, considered like a magician or mago of the Epic Prog Rock Metal music, he has an ability to create one musical world that extends beyond all known musical genres, blending elements from Progressive Rock, Prog Metal, Art Rock, Electronic Music, Melodic Metal, Classic Rock, Neo Progressive, Folk, Hard Rock, Power Metal and Classic Music with an atmospheric instrumentation, something very special for everyone who appreciates a sophisticated Music.

The music and lyrics, it turns around at a fiction scenario called Planet Y, the seafaring ' Forever ' have long ago forgone their emotions as well as becoming dependent on machines, in order to become immortal. The second part is more dominated by long Symphonic, Prog Power Metal and Progressive Rock styles, almost like an epic music, with several passages that combines sometimes, symphonic guitars with sophisticated keyboards and, sometimes the guitars become familiar with the power metal style, featuring complex interplay of melodies, and pompous vocals, full of musical expressions and a rich instrumentation.

Everything on " " is done to lead you through this very special universe of fiction, full of rich, sensual, sweet and strong melodies, rich arrangements and sophisticated orchestration, generated by expert instrumental performances, because of the professionality of all musicians. If you consider yourself a fan of Progressive Music you must have this double album. Brilliant, amazing and indispensable work, highly recommendable But Doug Pinnick or Dug as he puts on the cover is good at it.

His second solo album is full of this. Most of the songs are divided in two parts: the first one is the actual? The later are comprised of the first takes from the sessions. Comments By Claudio Borges. In combining the styles of the greats with his own Skolnick forged a unique sound. But this is not a false jazz album done by a guitarist in mid-life crisis. This is the true work of a man that loves the style and embraced it with so much passion and knowledge that his past is almost forgotten.

With the fluid and dreamy title track, Skolnick ventures in an unexplored territory. All in all this is their best album to date, one to listen and discover every beauty in his sound waves. He delivers ten instrumental tracks that burst with so many colors and melodies that is impossible not to be blown away.

His many styles are shown in the myriad of sounds that he plays. Plaing for the song and making it a pleasure to listen to. This is a powerful fusion album where the guitar revels sparkling, creamy melodies line. Make no mistake, " Go! After working together for a short while, they formed Caamoraand began preparing for a Rock Opera version of the H Rider Haggard novel, " She ". Instrumentally, an impressive array of familiar names support Clive's symphonic keyboards and orchestrations.

The entire project is composed and produced by Nolan, with " Threshold 's" Karl Groom lending a hand on the technical side. Agnieszka Swita was born in Poland. When she was five, her mother took her to see a musical version of Snow White, and she was immediately drawn to the stage, and to the idea of singing. Within these books it means to cleanse by fire". I have no words to express and describe the power of this project, an incredible Rock Opera full of beautiful melodies, complex harmonics and elaborately arranged compositions, a remarkable combination of Symphonic Rock, and Progressive Rock with touchs of Melodic Rock.

Very melodic music, carried by incredible compositions and arrangements, including a number of symphonic passages MP3 several great mellow pieces, which have the sophistication, and sometimes musical colors of " Arena ", " Pendragon ", " Pallas ", " Mostly Autumn " and " Strangers on a Train ", between those references you are taken on an incredible journey through the depths of time and space, either outer or inner.

The highlights are the tremendous lead vocals by Nolan and Agnieszka Swita that fit perfectly with this type music. Believe me, " She " is definitely one of the most prominent prog albums ofso it deserves the maximum rating. Just listen, listen and listem many times, you can bet how spectacular this album is. Rider Haggard. Recorded and Mixed at Album) Ice Studio. Brilliant, fantastic and indispensable work, highly recommendable But the rhythm section of bassist Flo Schmidt and drummer Max Bucher shows what polyrhythms and funky grooves are made of.

When they put all this musical styles together you hear a heavy- metal- jazz- funk of a song like opener "Zehrfunk". In " Schmitz Kadtse " the mix between heavy riffing and bebop sax sounds like a light version of John Zorn. In a very special way, the complex " Iron Maiden Voyage " and " Meschugge " seems to pay homage to two great metal bands guess what are their names.

Judging by this remarkably start, this band will make a name that will be on the minds of the more open minded metal heads and on the jazz fusion enthusiasts. In another guitarist, Andreas Dombert, was added to the lineup. A new Austrian drummer, Sebastian Lanser, has also joined in recently The band has recorded a demo and an EP which both received great reviews and spawned interest from various record companies around the world. The band however decided to finish their first full-length album without signing to anyone - and the first full length album has been released in Norway on their own FishFarm label.

The official release date of " Crossing Over " in Norway was June, 4th and, the album is being distributed by Mudi Musikkdistribusjon. With a wider distribution this album will put P:O:B where they belong: at the top! Drawing from their inspirations in the music world Port Mahadia takes Progressive Rock in a new direction. Influenced by famous bands and musicians, Port Mahadia has evolved into a style and sound of their own.

This is the next level of Progressive Rock. Five musicians with a rare sense of freedom, performing a kind Progressive Rock with a strong spiritual emphasis, featuring wide vocal arrangements, including many dynamic and lively instrumental sequences, where we can hear killer guitars solos, atmospheric keyboards, accompanied by incredible bass sound and powerful drums.

In fact, Progressive Rock has been brilliantly incarnated into this band. The tracks range from power ballads to a deep symphonic and melodic compositions. Recorded at Peradise Recording Studio. Brilliant, fantastic, amazing, an indispensable work, highly recommendable Using the delta-blues musical format, Gypsy Carns combines Messianic lyrics for a unique blend of authentic American music. His energy and commitment are evidenced through his powerful live performances.

Gypsy Carns became well known for being a preacher-musician that barks his message through blues driven heavy rocks. And is exactly what he does in The Watchman, delivering 12 powerful song-messages that takes the listener on a trip in the back of his Harley. His gravely voice makes all more poignant when he compels you to " Sound the Trumpet ".

Like on the uplifting " Under a Rainbow Sky ". The riff is homage to the " My Generation ". For " The Watchman " rockin' project Gypsy called on long time musical buddies to record 8 tracks: Sean "O. In addition, 4 new tracks were recorded using legendary sessionmen: drummer Greg Morrow and bassist Mike Brignardello. In fact, you must hear the voice, the power of the guitar or the message if will, but hear this man!

He also played on numerous commercials and movie soundtracks. His fluidity is all over the songs and he never gives you the impression of listening to a record that only shows his skills. Since the arrival of their debut album infans and media alike agree that this act from Sweden is one of the most unusual and innovative phenomena on the international Prog Rock music scene.

There is something unreal on their music which leads the listener to the real spirit of the 70's Progressive Rock style, mixing original elements of Progressive Rock, Folk and Symphonic Rock. The musicians on the band, have found creative approaches to their instruments as well, offering some fantastic musical orchestration, including complex compositions and extended instrumental explorations, all the instruments are very well balanced and clear, especially I like the brilliant colors in the acoustic and electric guitar sounds.

The main musical style of the band, on " The Hemulic Voluntary Band " album, turn around Gentle Giant's instrumentation, but it is possible to hear influences from others renowned prog rock bands such as " Yes ", " Jethro Tull " and " King Crimson ". InBeardfish starts the recording of a second album. The first session includes five songs; A love story, Sun is the devil, Ask someone who knows, Now, Akakabotu unreleased. After this it takes almost a year before the band records again.

This was a truly beautiful process and many songs were recorded, most of them live, so many in fact that Beardfish had to release a double album. Beardfish signs to Inside Out. Their music is a prime example of how good Progressive Music can sound perfect, blending a wide range of musical styles, combining elements from Progressive Rock, Hard Rock, Symphonic Rock, something that very few bands were ever able to play well.

The performance of each musician is extremely creative and pleasant, drawing new elements and creating some astonishing, enjoyable and moving music. Between magical keyboards sounds and dreamy guitar solos, accompanied by cool bass and powerful drums, Beardfish will take you to unexplored land into the Prog Rock world. The band combines elements of various inspirations where, their primary influences are a diverse range of " Gentle Giant ", " King Crimson ", " Caravan ", " Genesis ", " Kaipa " and " Yes ", featuring modern musical elements, found on bands such as " Porcupine Tree ", " Paatos " and " Frost ".

The album consist on eight tracks almost 75 minutes, where you will find only pure musical emotions. In fact, all the songs on the " Sleeping In Traffic: Part Two " are extensive and extremely delightful to the ears. Fantastic, brilliant and an indispensable work, highly recommendable On the cusp of the national release of their debut full-length entitled " Seas of Blood ", they have quickened their pace and are poised to fly.

Upon formation inby talented five musicians. They gigged frequently throughout New England and soon afterward, rushed the release of the band's debut EP " Eternally ". The four songs on the debut EP were enough to quickly give By Blood Alone a foothold in the diverse Portland scene by garnering critical acclaim from local media outlets, spaces on year-end "Best Of " lists and dates supporting national acts such as Joey Belladonna of " Anthrax ", Metal Blade recording artists " Goatwhore ", ex-Misfits leader Michale Graves, and New England doomsters Ocean and Shroud of Bereavement.

More importantly, the band cultivated a strong local following. The catalyst for change was when original drummer left amicably to concentrate on a burgeoning health care career. This led to the recruitment of Runtt, who relocated to Maine in the fall of to take over behind the kit, and finalized the definitive By Blood Alone lineup. He was able to handle everything we wanted to do musically and more.

Listening to the Hard Progressive Rock and pleasant sound of By Blood Alonethe main musical elements are very obvious in often power and symphonic climates with frequent use of the sensitive electric guitarplay, cool bass and power drums, followed by symphonic keyboards and lots of attention for the edgy vocal parts.

The first impression is that, their musical influences indicate Melodic Progressive Metal, but listem carefully their music, we can hear some major influences around styles such as Progressive Rock, Hard Rock and Art Rock.

In fact, the band plays a kind of Prog Music founded especially in Europe during the years 70, something truly original created and played by some German bands as " Octopus ", " Epitaph ", " Birth Control ", " Frumpy ", of course, they included touchs of some modern melodic prog metal elements in the style of " Nightwish ", " The Gathering " and " Within Temptation ".

If you are looking for something a little bit different, " Seas Of Blood " is a good opportunity to discover " By Blood Alone ", especially if you like the original Hard Progressive Rock. There are no favourite songs, I think all the tracks deserves a special attention, you must listen " Serpentarius ", " Wants Me Dead ", " Nidhogg ", " Lovely Lies ", " Seas of Blood " and " Deny Yourself ", of course an amazing music for global ears.

I would definately recomend this album to all types of Progressive Rock fans. They aim to serve only that which falls out of their minds, mixing their collective passions in a bowl and serving it to the public through music. All three of them have worked with other bands in the past and have a broad range of styles and influences. This provides for a tantalizing feast of music. The band was formed in Vancouver BC Canada in the early months of and have just finished recording our first full length album with Loud Chris at Harbourside studios in North Vancouver.

This canadian power trio has a nice mix of influences. From their first cd, " A Thousand Casts ", we can hear elements of the great trios from the nineties such as " Nirvana ", " Therapy " and the most underrated of all God Machine. Since the band was formed inthey got a lot of work to do. It is an angry and intense band that combines elements of hardcore and thrash with a sprinkling of modern metal for a short but powerful punch that is their promo.

There are only 3 songs but they are more than enough to establish the band as force to be reckoned within the European thrashcore scene. Strangely, though the band's press release mentions the dreaded metalcore tag, the music is almost entirely devoid of typical metalcore theatretics as well as silly breakdowns, emo choruses, maiden rip-offs.

Instead it opts for the brutality of the legends, maintaining a fast to mid-tempo groove that just does not let up. The band utilizes repetitive vocals and pounding rhythm sections as a song hook tool, but not in the conventional hardcore sense.

Instead it follows more interesting structures, once again hearkening back to the greats of 80's Cro-Mags, DRI, MODbut updated with the modern production and a brutal metal edge. The vocalist keeps the venom coming, and the lyrics are standard old school hardcore fare, lashing out at sociological ills as well as documenting personal issues etc.

Sometimes it seems there are more than vocalists, but that will be clearer with the full-length. There is a clean sung section in one of the songs but it still avoids sounding whiny in any shape or from, and just comes across as a brief respite before the next assault. Here's to a long and punishing career from this promising new band, a worthy addition to the more serious and uglier end of the thrashcore spectrum Hying completed the band's line-up.

I was lucky enough in late to see Fatima Mansions in a venue I can no longer remember the name of, behind a pub in London and it was one of the best gigs I have ever seen. I thought Cathal Coughlan was going to explode, he was putting so much effort into singing or was it howling the lyrics. This interview with Dave Fanning was recorded on 19th Febalmost 21 years ago to the day. Thank you Micheal Mee for sharing. The control room of the studio is furnished with the usual recording bric-a-brac: DAT machines, an Apple Mac, two reel-to-reels, the requisite huge speakers and a track mixing desk the size of a barn door.

A glass wall separates this area from the live room, a spacious, high-ceilinged chamber cluttered with baffles, ambient mike stands as tall as triffids, open guitar cases and a stripped-down drumkit. A grand piano occupies pride of place by the back wall the walls themselves decorated in a rather queasy blue-green and grey chessboard effect.

Like now. It s a plaintive and empathetic bedsit hymn, lovingly strummed in waltz-time. Paddy, any chance we could turn the lights down a bit? Engineer Paddy McBreen complies. This first take, like most, is fraught with false starts and tuning breaks, but once the Franks get settled into it, the tune is nailed within ten minutes. Eavesdropping on the studio experience can be tedious for the average interloper, but today the tracks are going down almost live to tape, so I get to hear each song in its complete form rather than having to sit through endless hours of drum and bass parts, guitar tracking, overdubbing and guide vocals.

As Ashley tells me later, We prefer to do em live. Dave Fanning once presented a show from down there the live room while we sat across from him and played. The band traipse up to the control room to review the work in progress. They are businesslike and unfussy workers, preferring to go for a good feel rather than endlessly clucking over details.

In one. Forget about drugs, drink, violence and raving sluts of all sexes: rock n roll is about tuning up. A warped guitar or a tuner on the blink can waste hours of precious recording time. This song has been scaled down from the full electric album version to a an uptempo skiffle shuffle. Again, the group nail it in two, then the hassled guitarist is out the door and homeward-bound.

After a couple of days of answering the same questions, you start making things up, he confesses. Talk turns to the subject of the new album. Released on June 30th, the record was not conceived, carried or delivered without its fair share of strife.

Having written some 20 tracks, the band went into September Sound in Twickenham owned by The Cocteau Twins with ex-House frontman Dave Couse taking on production duties. Discs was bought out by the conglomerate PolyGram. Given that one of the reasons the band had signed with Go!

Discs in the first place was because it was an indie label, they were not happy to find themselves as the latest acquisition of a major. Mind you, the record was well worth all the trouble. Packed with killer songs, Grand Parade wears its heart very much on its lapel. Encapsulating compassionate meditations on the loveless and the lonesome Little Dollslust for life Saturday Night or pride of place LandslideTony Cochranethe album is expertly judged both in its playing and production.

The band need to have two of these tracks completed by tonight so they can be aired during an interview with Pat O Mahony deputising for Dave Fanning.

The singer may be only half-joking. Once safely settled back in with Setanta, the band set about establishing themselves in America, something their previous label had always been reluctant to pursue. Restraint will have to wait until the likely lads have finished their interview with Mr.

O Mahony. Up the corridor in the lurid green studio, Jim Lockhart is wearing a groove in the floor, awaiting the arrival of the late-running Corkonians. The legendary skewed humour of the Franks has been on the backboiler all day, what with a prevailing air of work-to-be-done and mild anxiety hanging over the proceedings. Here, in the studio, face to face with interviewer and live to the nation, the wit and Norman-like wisdom of the band comes to the fore.

The following are some of the highlights of a rather amusing half-hour:. I mean, we can get a bit petty, like. We did some sessions with this Belgian engineer before, and we started to not get on with him so we started breakin his DAT machine and steppin on his Rolex watch and lettin the air out of his Mercedes.

Ashley: I know that but then. So twas okay! Ashley: We saw this book, 30 Years Of National Geographic Photographs and twas in there and it just seemed to suit the title of the album.

Ashley: Yeah, he was actually livin in Iceland. He had left National Geographic in Twas amazin they actually found him in a day for us. Paul: Over four years you do change your image a small bit.

Pat Sharpe! He kept his haircut for about 15 years. I find it very, very boring. A bombed-out cathedral! Gas men. Your mother would approve. Continuing the tradition started by Dave Fanning and Ian Wilson all those years ago, 2FM is still busy recording sessions which are now broadcast by Dan Hegarty on his show under the watchful eyes of Ian Wilson.

One exciting recent development is that many recent sessions can now be listened to online at Studio 8 Sessions. I would love to see all the sessions become available and maybe we could even have a 21st century Strange Fruit Records experiment courtesy Breaking Tunes? Imelda May was a guest on the Paul McLoone show last night picking 15 of her favourite tunes and a real treat it was too.

Imelda is currently 7 in the UK charts following her Graham Norton show appearance longer version including interview. I particularly enjoyed tunes by Deadly Engines, Cypress, Mine!

He also throws in the occasional faux pas to generate regular email traffic. In case you missed the show check it out here. For some past shows use the site search. They also recorded no less than six Peel sessions. Update: Have now updated with the full interview which was actually recorded on April 14ththe night they played McGonagles and on the eve of their Cork show. The recording starts off in mono but then switches to stereo and there is a small interruption for the tape flip.

A band that needs no introduction and one that has achieved near mythical status in the Dublin music scene. They recorded a session for Dave Fanning in and this track underlines their quality, sounding amazing 30 years on. A second band lineup in featured Paul Cleary guitarBrian Foley ex. The Vipers bass and Jake Reilly drums. Thanks to the efforts of a generous reader I am now able to offer the full FM recording of Light A Big Fire in concert as broadcast by Dave on his show in Courted by multiple majors, ultimately the band imploded before signing a deal.

Two of them are still following the same path they started down in the late Seventies, in a country of soaring unemployment and inflation, where contraception was illegal and divorce was banned. Others of them are now household names, as writers, journalists and commentators. Back then, they were young, unknown and there was no obvious outlet for their talents. It was a music magazine and it became more — a political and cultural rallying-point for alternative points of view of all kinds.

Its writers, designers and production staff tapped phones, biked cheques from bank to bank and drove in relays to the Kerry train to catch the printers, after long nights of putting the magazine together fuelled by coffee so thick a Turk could trot on it. They became a family, a haven of mutual support and, like many families, a place too for dysfunction and, for some of them, excess.

And their contribution to the success of that movement has also, in the way of things, made them part of a new establishment. But at the exceptionally advanced age — for an Irish magazine — of 34, Hot Press is still here, still looking out for new voices, fresh writing talents, music that needs to be listened to.

Originally formed in Paranoid Visions are a punk band from Dublin. They were part of the second wave of punk which was heavily influenced by the diy ethic of crassthe original anarcho-punk band. Following a breakup in they reformed in to play support on some dates of the Sex Pistols tour. System guitarAlbert Cowen drums. Phil Lynott Interview ? That Nick Kelly song sounds great too, must check out his recent stuff.

Listen back here. I wonder have a few readers of this blog been making requests? Anyway keep up the good work Dave and in case you missed the show check it out here. And 4FM, how about taking a leaf out of the BBC book and letting us see the playlist for previous shows?

Typically for the last 30 minutes of his show he would feature a live performance recording. A reader commented asking if I had the Light A Big Fire performance and I recently came across this snippet which suggests that I did in fact record said show but later recycled the cassette. I am sharing the couple of minutes that remain in the hope that someone out there still has the full show they care to share.

Tomorrow it will be the turn of James Vincent McMorrow. In addition, you can listen to and in some cases watch 30 live sets from 7 venues via the 2FM site. I wonder how many can remember the original broadcast?

I posted the first excerpt here and this is the concluding excerpt. To my surprise and delight, in no time at all a session on my midnight Radio 2 rock show became the first rung on the ladder for wet-behind-the-ears Irish bands. It was their apprenticeship. People have praised me for this over the years and said some very kind things about my positive effect on the Irish music industry but I have always felt awkward accepting these plaudits.

Ian Wilson deserves the praise for that. So almost immediately, demo tapes came in from all over the country. They cost money, resources and manpower, sure, but as Ian had predicted, these negatives were far outweighed by the goodwill they generated towards RTE — and as many bands licensed Fanning Sessions for EPs and albums, they occasionally made a little money too.

He said from the start we should aim to do at least forty per year. We listened to all the demos, and the bands we invited in usually stood out a mile and picked themselves.

Our only aim was to pick the best bands and help them do a good session. It is not complete and does include some entries post as I add them to the site. As you can see there is quite a bit of forensic work still to be done so dig out those cassettes and start archiving! It ran for two series from If you have any video footage from this time please get in touch, maybe we can arrange a swap. The stats helper monkeys at WordPress. About 3 million people visit the Taj Mahal every year.

This blog was viewed about 25, times in If it were the Taj Mahal, it would take about 3 days for that many people to see it. Inthere were 75 new posts, growing the total archive of this blog to posts. There were pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 1gb. The busiest day of the year was September 30th with views. The most popular post that day was imro New Sounds CD The top referring sites in were facebook. Some visitors came searching, mostly for fanning sessionsdave fanning sessionslight a big firetoo much for the white manand the slowest clock.

Light A Big Fire June 11 comments. The Subterraneans May 8 comments. The Swinging Swine May 13 comments. The Hunting Toadstools July 2 comments. One thing I like about the end of the year is the round up shows looking back at guests that have appeared or performed in the studio over the past year. Dave Fanning used do this and I have a few great mixtapes as proof. I also have an excerpt of one Gerry Ryan did years ago.

I wonder how long will they take to shoot all the scenes for the video I guess they'll be gone in two or three days at maximum.

But that's just my impression, things may be very different, you never know Another bit of news that the bar tender gave me left me with a surprised look. It opened a week ago, or so he tells me, and it's very cheap. I decide to go there this afternoon. I'm really curious about what people should I find there And what kind of machines, and how many, do they have there. I have a light meal and a big cup of orange juice, it helps me to get away from the heat. I look around MP3 sense the atmosphere of this joint.

Everything's calm and quiet Another quiet day in the desert. I'm on the plane to GotaloNia. The year is The flight began a little more than 20 minutes ago, maybe half an hour ago. I'm feeling pretty homesick. I can't wait to walk again on GotaloNia And then Life in the desert goes well. All the heat is just an excuse to slow down all kinds of activities. Including all room service activities. I ordered a thermus of tea almost an hour ago and they didn't bring it untill now, so everybody's on slow motion The NeXT Cube doesn't complain about the hot weather, after all, the 25Mhz processor doesn't produce that much heat.

This is nowhere lost between nothing at all. Even the people in this place seem like ghosts sometimes. All dressed in white with stains of dust all over their clothes.

I have it installed on this Cube. It's as fast and simple as that. And LaunchBar learns from your habits so, for instance, if you wanna launch the texteditor you just type "t" and hit "enter" afterwards.

How cool is that? And there's a version for Mac OS X too. Cigarettes taste good with this heat wave. I can never get enough and, as a result, I'm smoking more each passing day. Which reminds me that I have to send this week's report today and the internet connection has been failing a lot for the last couple of days. But I don't really care if I send it in two or three days from now. I guess it won't make any difference since the report itself has very little substancial items in it. Basically it's just a wild bunch of random thoughts and observations.

The sweet sound of Trance. It's been a long time since I last heard trance. I guess, more than a year now. Dream induced music? I guess so. I wonder what it would be to have a rave party in this desert with these people Crazy night, I guess. Just received an email from my "upper contact" asking my opinion about having a weblog for the report from the desert. At first I thought that was a stupid idea.

But now, on second thought, I tend to agree with that choice. It would save me the pain of not logging in to the mail server, since I have almost no problems dealing with the worldwideweb part of the MatriX. So I'll open up a free website to post the reports which will have a bi-weekly appearence on that site. I guess the boss will be happy Just created a website and uploaded the first report; just two or three short paragraphs.

Everything went out smoothly. Very simple and elegant, just what I needed for the reports. It's on version 3. But this old version works just great for my needs. And because I miss OSX I love writing HTML documents in text editors. It gives me total control on how the page will be presented. There's too much heat for me to go to the streets, I'll have a nap instead. Sleep repairs a troubled soul, or something vaguely like that. And with a change of subject like this, it sure will do me good.

And this NeXT machine is behaving like no other that I've owned before. Rock solid, or maybe like steel Heat, sand and whatever is around me. Confusing further and further my mind. I guess it will never stop, I mean, this mind decaying What I am saying here? Nothing, I guess The situation around here is pretty quiet. Nothing really develops here. There's no evolution or the slightest signal of life. Everybody seems to mind their normal day to day lives and nothing more. Not even in this hotel the tourists seem to be doing anything special.

Everybody seems dead This is starting to feel like a zombie city. I guess I must go, as quickly as possible, to GotaloNia I've been thinking about it for the last few days. Here I am again in this desert. Trying to figure out what the hell these words are for. I guess I'll never know, so I'll just type away and never give another thought to what I'm writing at any given moment This is getting more and more confusing.

Stability of the mind. A big subject. The NeXT Cube sits there on the table, quietly. This is starting to feel very weird. I mean, this report. It has lost all logic thought that was supposed to be here. Where did it go? I wonder if it'll ever come back. By the way, rain started to fell on the desert tonight. I wonder if it means that a much cooler weather is coming toward us I guess not, the hot weather will be with this desert for a long time, maybe except at night Which is a big stress for the NeXT Cube and all of its components.

But it will handle it just fine, I'm pretty sure about that. And I'm sure that, in a few days, I'll be heading to GotaloNia I'm trapped inside this fucking desert for too long.

The ultimate myth. The dream machine that drives my will without my knowledge. I'm too tired of this heat and this emptiness that is this desert. I feel like Corto Maltese. I feel the call of the wild, whatever that means I guess it means that for me the "wild" is spelled "GotaloNia". I look up on a website the timetable of this weeks flights. I choose tomorrow as the date.

I make a quick phone call for a ticket reservation and then start to pack one suitcase. That's all I need; that and a rain coat. You never know how's the weather in GotaloNia.

Sometimes it's very hot like the desert and sometimes Album) rains for two weeks without almost any break.

It's very unpredictable, especialy when you think about the fact that GotaloNia can be in the southern emisphere or near the equator or sometimes near one of the frozen poles.

That's a weird shit about it. I wonder how the pilots of the planes that fly towards GotaloNia, like the one I'll be taking tomorrow, know exactly where the city is at Weird shit like that will never stop making me wonder. And I thought about this a lot of times before.

I just don't understand. I guess I have to think harder. I wonder if it's raining there. I wish it were. What really worries me now is the state of mind that I wil face when I arrive there. I hope I'll feel better. Sand fills every hole visible in a thousand mile radius. Whatever that means, I don't know. To relax, I suppose. It suits well the sand all around. It cools my head beneath this heat.

It helps me find a better way of thinking. It makes me wanna organize my thoughts in a cleaner way. It induces me in a good state of mind. Nevrmind the fact that all tracks sound almost the same, that's no coincidence. It's meant to be that way. And it sounds better that way too. Smoking "Detroit" cigarettes. Watching stupid american movies on tv, downstairs. Life is dull, sometimes. Don't know exactly why. I guess our minds work in mysterious ways And maybe not just that but it's because the tv sky album reminds me of bombs exploding.

It could be that, and it's a simple explanation. And, by the way, Switzerland isn't very far away from Turkey and Istambul. Well, let's just forget about that last assertion, ok?

Time for Beck and the exellent "Sea Change". Transparent mood. That's what I'm feeling like now. I really wish it was raining here. Reminds me of "hold back the rain" 12" remix by duranduran. But things tend to be very different when the rain comes to this desert. Don't know when that will happen, of course, but when it does happen I'll be the first one on the streets enjoying it.

Dreaming of the ocean and the wide beaches back home. Even the wind blows in a different way, can't explain why It's not as hot as here in the desert.

And the journey to Gotalonia never seemed this close to me. So I go to the bank to get the necessary money to buy the plane tickets. I'm thinking in going in the next 7 or 15 days. Maybe the weather here will come to a normal state by then. I want to leave the desert in a hot fashion. So it seems more natural to me. Maybe I won't miss the desert, but what do I know? The SGI laptop is having a lot of work lately. Besides this report I've been writing other html's in the last few days.

Don't know if it's because of the rain, but I highly doubt it. Nevermind though And this laptop has been behaving rather well, even beneath this humidity. Travelling on Air GotaloNia has always been a good and pleasent experience. They only have two types of aircraft; the Lockheed L and only two Concordes. Unfortunatly the Concordes are not used in this route so I'll have to travel in one Lockheed.

The trip will last about 4 hours. Maybe a little less if we're lucky with the wind. There's always a certain amount of uncertainty, but that's life, isn't it? And I do like surprises when I travel, who doesn't? Can't understand it Tired of loops. They never end, do they?

They're evil and grow on your head like cancer. Or something like that. And this is just not to have to talk about AphexTwin's loops. They sometimes make you feel you're someplace else. Like being transported to another reality instantly. I finally have a ticket for a flight to GotaloNia. My personal documents bring me to another subject. A different one. A very different one.

It's about sadness and the state of being all alone. Just like my present situation here in the desert. How good is it to anyone to be able to sit alone in a room with a cigarette in one hand and a glass of martini in the other? It's not that simple to answer that. In fact, it's very difficult to find a suitable answer to that.

Ok, let's assume that there's really nothing good in being alone in some desert. So, how come I'm here if I don't have a valid reason to be? The hunt for some rare NeXT laptop that nobody really knows if it exists? Is that a valid reason? I wonder. In my case, I think that any reason is a valid reason. So, why worry? And, by the way, isn't that the same reason I'm getting out of this desert and go to GotaloNia?

Yes, that's it. Another endless loop. Another afer-effect of this desert heat that I don't know any more if I really like it or not I wonder how many still exist It was called NeXTI think It was supposed to be launched in and in a very small quantity. Only were supposed to ship from the asian plant where almost all Sun hardware came out to the public. That could be a wonderful machine for me. I never knew if that machine really got out to the hands of the public or if only a few prototypes were made.

That's another very valuable machine that I must find someday in the future. Maybe it's not that far away, that near future when I'll find it in the hands of someone who can't give it it's real value. Maybe I'll find one in GotaloNia. I'll have to ask to the person who is giving the NeXT laptop to me.

Maybe she'll know something about that Sparc powered model. Maybe it's not made by Sun but by some other company with access to Sparc processors. I have to find out.

Strange world, isn't it? It seems that everybody that works on some Unix flavor is craving for an OSX laptop or has already bought one. Many more can be found throughout the web on reviews, on blogs, etc, etc. So why didn't NeXT released a laptop? Well, the answer might lie in this: by the time laptops began to hit some niches of the consumer market inNeXT decided to quit the hardware business and focus only in the software business.

That might be the right answer. But they did try to make that model. And a few prototypes were tested, not sure how sucessful they were though And the price would eventualy be too high for a consumer laptop. Performance might be another issue, although I'm not too certain on that. So, when Apple bought NeXT or was it the other way around? Much like a dream that came true. When the first public beta of OSX was released in early a lot of iBook owners upgraded their memory banks to at least MB total, the minimum required to install and run OSX.

So the first iBooks were, in a way, the original NeXT laptops. And they even came with a handle!!! Finally the NeXT inc and it's software began to feel alive again. And to have beautiful machine to develop for was a big step forward in their self confidence and bank accounts.

One good example of this is a company called "Objective Development" that have a brilliant piece of OSX software that goes by the name "LaunchBar".

It's used by people that don't like to use the mouse too much and prefer the keyboard shortcuts instead and by people who don't like the Dock [one of the best features of OSX]. Many people in Europe and in the U.

GotaloNia is bathed by the Mediterranean sea. At least that's what the legend says and the fact is that nobody really knows for sure the name of the sea or even exactly where GotaloNia is.

But still, most people say it's indeed the Mediterranean. And Natacha, as well. The city is separated, like many european cities, between the center with old buildings and the peripheral part with state of the art modern buildings. The place where I always stay whenever I go there is in an old building in the center of the city barely five minutes walking from the water front.

It's a very nice and quiet neibourghood. It's also very near to a subway station and from the central plaza that holds most of the buses lines in the city.

I arrived at L'Alma international airport in an Air GotaloNia Concorde at 11 in the morning and 35 minutes later I was in the center of the city and headed to the usual place to rent a room.

I planned to rest for a few hours before I made that phone call and eventually arranged for a "meeting" with the owner. After about two hours resting in the room and writing for a few minutes this report on the SGI laptop using OpenOffice from Sun I went out to eat something and have a large cup of cortado coffee that nobody makes this good in the whole world like in GotaloNia.

I'm wondering how many people here are using Irix to work on computers I walk into L'Opera [ number 51 on the main avenue that leads to the sea ] for a quick sandwich and a large cortado.

The person behind the counter seems to recognize me even though I haven't been to Gotalonia in over 4 years. People here have good memories, or so it seems. Well, I missed these cortados, that's for sure. I buy another pack of cigarettes and ask for the public phone. Then I search in my pockets for the card with the telephone number of the model contact.

I dial the number and wait for a long time before a male voice answers with a funny accent. His answer is reassuring saying that he, indeed, has such model for sale and can arrange a meeting with me the next day. I ask him if he knows where L'Opera is and he tells me that everybody in GotaloNia knows it.

I ask his name and he says he's called Corto Maltese. That's not a complete surprise. He then tells me to look for a guy in a sailor hat with a laptop computer. It's unlikely that I'll find anybody like that, other than Corto, in L'Opera.

I'll have a look at the machine tomorrow. Everything's looking good. How cooler can this get? Not much more, I garantee you that. And after the Dust album was over Dead can Dance began to play. I'll stay here for a few more minutes and read some magazine or newspaper.

I grab the New York Times and read a long article about terrorist cells working in the New York area. The article grabed my atention because it said that the NYPD found a "lost" Apple laptop with plans for terrorist attacks as well as very detailed maps of New York City.

The operating system was in arabic, the newspaper also said. Left L'Opera and went directly to the water front. Spent the rest of the afternoon there.

Went for dinner at 9PM at a restaurant I've never been to in the Port zone. Ordered a bottle of red wine and a simple steak with french fries and a salad. This night in GotaloNia is pretty cool, contrasting with the last few nights I spent on the desert. No horrid hot temperatures at midnight or 2AM But not cold either, just right. Went to the cinema to watch a movie about the lebanese war.

But didn't like or pay much atention to the film because I just can't stop thinking about the NeXTBook. What price will Mister Corto Maltese ask for it? What software is loaded on the laptop? I wonder The place where I'm staying at has this ocean waves atmospheric ambient soundtrack in the lobby all night long.

I wonder why. I'll try to remember to ask someone before I leave back to the desert, hopefully, with the NeXTnotebook Before I go up to my room I enter into one supermarket to buy a bottle of Martini Bianco and a pack of cigarettes. I switch on the SGI laptop that's placed on the desk and fire up the internet connection to check for email. I have quite a few messages I really need to reply. As a soundtrack I choose Air's Walkie Talkie and begin to sip martini and write whatever feels right in my mind.

I have an email from the porter of the hotel in the desert asking me what it feels like to be in GotaloNia again after so long. I found that email quite funny, coming from that guy. In return I ask him how the desert is doing without me.

Of course he'll answer something stupid but that's life. And that's what friendly email is for And, yes, I have an email from the russian lady that I met in the desert hotel.

That's two Natachas that I know that live in GotaloNia. She asks me when will I be in GotaloNia so she can meet me for lunch or some sort of rendez-vous. I reply imidiatly to her and give her the phone number of the hotel I'm staying at. I receive, almost imediatly, a reply from Natacha saying that she'll telephone me tomorrow in the morning to arrange a meeting.

She's also interested in seeing the NeXTBook. Maybe she's just as curious as me. Or maybe she's interested in taking photographs of this very rare laptop to sell them to a computer magazine in Japan, or Oh well, I'm Album) high again I wake up at 10AM. I shower, shave and have a very large cup of cortado while browsing through the news on New York Times and a few other news sites.

There's nothing outragiously new to be read, just the usual stuff. When I disconnect from the matrix I refill the cup with another obcenly large cortado and another cigarette. It's my way of waking up to an important day. I get there 10 minutes early so I order a martini and a cup of cortado and start to read the local newspapers. There's a full page ad on a computer shop that sells only second-hand laptops. I take note of the address on one of my wallet papers and plan to go there later today.

Corto gets here on time and greets me with politeness. He's bringing the famous NeXTBook on a black bag. He opens it and takes the NeXTBook out and places it on the table.

It's bigger than I thought it would be and it has a trackpad instead of a trackball. I'm glad because of that since I much prefer trackpads. He opens the latch and raises the screen. Turns the machine on and NeXTStep begins loading. He then starts to show me what software is loaded on the hard drive of the laptop; WriteNow [his most used software], OmniWeb for web browsing and HTML composing and not much else.

A copy of LaunchBar is also installed. He then tells me that he has it for over 6 years and mainly uses it to write HTML and to move around the matrix and check email. I ask him why he's willing to sell the machine. We discuss the price. He's asking for Euros. It does seem a reasonable price to me since the NeXTBook is a piece for collectors. We agree on the price and I write him a check with that value.

I accept and we leave L'Opera heading down to the harbour. Corto's yatch is named Escuna and is quite old, although is very well preserved. Corto asks me if I want a cup of tea and heads down to the cabin to fetch the tea and his Vaio while I seat at a table in the deck.

Corto brings from the cabin the tea pot, cups and a box with natural tobacco and rolling paper as well. He then start to roll one of this very famous cigarettes and talks about the beauty of EnglishEditor2 for a few minutes.

He then plugs the Vaio to a power outlet on the stairs to the cabin and switches on the laptop. He has it setup to boot BeOS5 on default. It loads extremely fast, under 30 seconds or some sort of a period of time like that. He then launches EE2 and I'm truly amazed at the simplicity and emptiness of the interface. And the beauty as well. About an hour later I ask him if I can plug my NeXTBook as well to start exploring the old machine and it's performance.

The performance is also good, I thought it would be somewhat worse, but fortunatly, it's not. It's quite responsive for such an old equipment.

I think it's even a little faster than my NeXT Cube.

No Nena - Version Larga Especial, Yoc Influenced - Woodie (2) - Life Storiez Vol. 1 (CD), Lump - Various - Promo Rock (CD), Les Baffes - Gotainer* - Lintégrale (CD, Album), The Raven - Cancerslug - Boxed Set (Box Set), Scenario - Busta Rhymes - Everything Remains Raw (DVD), Claudia Cardinale - Popsy-Pop Song / Keep Up Your Smile (Vinyl), The God That Failed - Metallica - Metallica (CD, Album), Back Home Again - Scots Country Comfort - Back Home Again (Vinyl, LP), Claw Hammer - Scuse The Excursion (CD)