Untitled - Troubles Fete - Paye Ton Trip (Cassette)

The copyright fosters increase of both informational and economical inequality. The Sci-Hub project supports Open Access movement in science. Research should be published in open access, i. The Open Access is a new and advanced form of scientific communication, which is going to replace outdated subscription models.

Trip The Adventure Begins. The Water Tower. Announcements Current Events Exclusives. Manual of Style. Sodor Island Fansite. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Special Attraction. Ruvyzvat, also known as Ruv for short, is a longtime friend of Sarventeand steps in when things get hairy.

His voice is powerful enough to quake the entire church Looks like Boyfriend needs to stand his ground quite literally because Ruv won't hold back! He also has a reanimated version and a remastered versionas well as a fun sized version and a genderbent version.

Apparently, he's the son of Sarv and Ruvwhich may explain the lack of canon to his existence. But he seems to have beef with you Doesn't seem like you're going to be getting out of this in one piece Is someone going to tell him that Selever can't exit his universe, no matter what?

One thing's for sure, if Selever is going down, he's taking YOU with him! Cause he wants to. He also has a remastered versiona genderbent versionand a fanmade full week mod.

Garcello is a character created by Atsuover and Rageminer. He is a heavy-smoking junkie, who can't get enough of the stuff, and relies on it to soothe his nerves. He even has a color-changing cigarette. He challenges Boyfriend to a friendly little rap battle, but when he feels a pain in his chest Hatsune Miku is the world-famous 2D singer from Japan and, surprisingly, the canonical and taller sister of Boyfriend.

At long last, the blue-haired siblings reunite after so many years apart! In this mod made by EvdialMiku wants to have a civilized chat with Girlfriendbut soon after, Miku and Boyfriend head up on stage as they're confronted by thousands and thousands of Miku fans. Now having to face the daring task of impressing Girlfriend AND the fans, Boyfriend has to prove what he's capable of as he shows Miku what he's learned since their time apart! Whether it be in the bright lights or in the dark, this is a one-night-only event that you don't want to miss!

Bbpanzu also made his own Miku mod before working on this one. Hex is a basketball-playing robot with a wholesome demeanor. His face is a monitor that replicates any arrows he hits in a song.

As Boyfriend and Girlfriend relax on their date in the park, they meet across Hex for a rapping exhibition. But what happens when something malfunctions within him? He has a second week or at least a second part coming. He also has a reanimated version. Tabi is a character created by Homskiy. Once seen as a rising music producer, he's actually the ex of Girlfriend and things were going smoothly for a year As he was realizing what he got himself into, he had already lost his career and GF broke up with him.

As if that wasn't enough, he would be kidnapped by a couple of men that were hired by the two Dearests and turned entire body apart from his now-bony hands completely invisible, as well as murdering his cat. He was reduced to nearly nothing. One year later, Girlfriend invites her new lover, Boyfriendto a date at a restaurant reserved to meet up with her uncle. But when they get there, Tabi reemerges into her life!

Now, he's hellbent on getting his revenge, and will do anything to get his way, even if means having to kill a few people A Guy on the Internet, or A. He was trapped in there by Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest after his popularity in the music department grew a bit too big for their taste. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend stumbled into this void without precaution and happen to meet A.

In order to escape, BF needs to out-rap him, or else they'll end up prisoners to this void as well! Can they break the seal trapping them in the void? Uh oh, Bob is mad and you made him mad and he is so mad man, what did you do to make Bob mad? Honestly don't know I'm just a character description of a wiki of fnf mods, I dunno wtf I'm here for, but what is for sure is Bob is one scary blob when he is mad and what happen when he is really mad? You'll see He then also stars with Ron in Vs.

Bob and Bosip mod, specifically Bob Takeover. He also has an upcoming halloween mod, Bob's Trick or Treat. This is Ron. He also hates woman cool guys hate wemenand he probably has his own mod vs ron coming soon, where he'll be more famous and bacwk harder and less possible!

He also has a fanmade B-Side version and fanmade VS Ron mod where he comes back harder and less possible in a cool way. He then also stars with Bob in Vs. It's just a Little Man. After you beat Bob's full week and Bob V2, you unlock this song. And get a Untitled - Troubles Fete - Paye Ton Trip (Cassette) ad as your grand prize.

Real helpful and not all annoying. He had a second week, where you can suffer from experience at least 20 minutes of modern meme culture remember this is just one songvery nice. I wonder where my farm is right now. Let's see One day, they create a portal to the game world so they can play Minecraft together. However, upon entering, they end up in a different game they don't recognize at all!

They learn that they're in a game called Friday Night Funkin', and they have to beat Boyfriend in a rap battle to escape. And someone else also appears After Bob and Bosip both lose, their creator, Amortakes over for them. While he and Boyfriend aren't exactly in the same world, that won't stop them from having a round! Before Boyfriend fought Bob and Bosip, Blu challenged Boyfriend to a friendly little battle, which he accepted.

When they draw a crowd though, things are about to get a lot funkier! Kapi is a grey cat that wants some of Girlfriend's love despite the two being, you know, completely different species. He uses a dance pad for extra cool points. Even with his failed efforts, he still doesn't want to go down so easily, but when his dance pad arts goes haywire, how will things unfold? It's time for Boyfriend to show him who's boss and prove that Kapi isn't the one for GF!

Spoiler alert: He's not a furry. His only song is Flatzone. Seriously, though. What is it with Girlfriend having 2D people to crush for her? Wait, does such a thing even exist? While traveling through a corn maze late at night, Boyfriend and Girlfriend seem to have the most unlucky day to meet this scarecrow in person He also has a reanimated versionas well a fun sized version. Shaggy is a popular character from Scooby-Doo. While potrayed normally as a easily frightened man who loves food, a meme that was made canon relatively recently depicts him as one of the strongest beings in all of the universe's existence, possibly even the entire multiverse.

While looking for his dog Scooby in a haunted mansion, he comes across Boyfriend and Girlfriendwho challenge him to a rap battle. Shaggy accepts, hoping Scooby will be fine. But when things get hairy He also has an official non-canon mod of him rapping alongside Matt, titled Shaggy x Matt. Imp ost ors are the villainous protagonists or the main antagonists of the video game Among Us and the opponents that appear in VS.

They are an alien species capable of shapeshifting and have the role of keeping their true nature hidden from the crewmates while murdering them and sabotaging their ship. It looks like Boyfriend is about to find out what happens when the impostor is sus Tomongus is a character from the Rivals of Aether workshop, he is a hamster piloting a suspiciously shaped mech and appears as the third opponent in the VS.

Impostor mod. Chara is a character who originates from XTale and Underverse. During his adventures, he wanted to become a singer at one point. Now he finds himself battling against Boyfriend. Protector of the AUs and previously a happy-go-lucky skeleton, he is now a completely hollow husk Gaster is the shadowy main antagonist in XTale and Underverse. He is the one that created the X-Eventand seeks to rule all AUs.

As he plans to create a perfect world, Boyfriend interferes. He will not let a simple human foil his plans, so it's up to our Funkin' hero to stop this monster before his plan could be realized! Matt is a famously powerful character from the Wii Sports game made by Nintendo, being sighted as a living meme god and a boxing champion.

One day, Boyfriend tries to train with Matt and he gladly agrees. Though, his speed might be something to look out for. Can he be able to hit a home run with the fast-paced beats or will Matt prove to deliver the KO? And when Matt gets pissed off, will they be able to survive Matt's deathmatch? Or will they go down with Matt's failed opponents?

He also has a semi-official 3rd Wiik approved by Sulayre, an un-official 4th Wiikanother un-official th Wiik and an official non-canon mod of him partnering up with Shaggy, titled Shaggy x Matt. He also has an upcoming expansion called Mii Funkin'featuring other Miis. Monika is an eccentric high schooler from Doki Doki Literature Club! FNF isn't an exception, and it won't stop her from having fun! One day, Boyfriend wanted to test his luck in the virtual world again, so he brings along Monika into Hating Simulator for some songs.

However, things go from awkward to unhinged to the point where everything becomes corrupted. Replace for Senpai in earliest version. Accelerant Hank is the protagonist of the Madness Combat series inside of the video game "Madness Accelerant". After running into Boyfriend in Nevada, he does the first thing he knows to do and attacks Boyfriend while rapping of course. But after Tricky shows up things devolve into chaos. Will Boyfriend be able to beat this violent grunt without getting shot or will he be added to Hank's hitlist?

Pico is a famous Newgrounds all-star and former mascot who's now going on his own adventure! With Friday Night Funkin' having made Pico popular again, it makes sense for Untitled - Troubles Fete - Paye Ton Trip (Cassette) to have a mod of his own. Taking place before Boyfriend and Pico broke up, he must rap battle all of his old foes and classmates!

Replacement for Boyfriend. One day, Boyfriend and Girlfriend find themselves in the game world again, and stumble upon Sonic. And naturally, Boyfriend challenges him to a round of rapping. Somehow, Sonic. Will Boyfriend defeat this horrifying foe? Will Sonic. And what other unspeakable demons are out there in this glitchy, haunted, piece of code? Only time will tell. Lord X is the main antagonist of Sonic. Will Boyfriend defeat this oddly familiar abomination or will he get executed like the rest?

MPEG is a parody of Sonic. After forcing tails to dance for 47 hours Boyfriend wonders onto the dance floor and challenges Sunky to a rap battle.

Will Boyfriend defeat this funky beast or will he suffer the cruel fate of milk and cereal? These characters are really well known and liked, and have more than k views and more than likes on their mod page. They are sorted by GameBanana views. BF and GF were going to a music festival when CJ spots them in the audience, and tells them to get up there! Whether it be 1V1 or 2V Well, there's only one thing to say It's showtime!

Annie is a character made by the well-known YouTuber Atsuoverthrown into the bizarre music-centered world of Friday Night Funkin. Holding a bottle containing " The Liquid " in hand, how will she fare with the blue-haired gremlin?

Currently replace for Pico and X-mas Monster but that's subject to change for the remaster. OK, so one day this dude named Nonsense was chilling in his living room when Boyfriend and Girlfriend bust through the wall and force him to rap, but everything goes downhill when Boyfriend shoots Nonsense, does a Fortnite dance, and dabs inno less. Tord is a trigger-happy villain from the animated series Eddsworld. After leaving the main trio to "make it in the big city", he comes back to them to reclaim his giant robot.

He runs into Boyfriendwho offers him a chance to rap, and when he loses, he resorts to using his giant robot. Why, you may ask? I dunno. He also has a Legacy Era versionas well as an Upcoming expansion. Mano Aloe is the protagonist of Hololive Funkin'. While unfortunate events cut off her virtual idol career, her legacy lives on in the world of FNF, persuaded by her friend to continue pursuing her dream of making it big as a singer.

Her new career as a rapper leads her to face off against various hololive talents. Replace for Boyfriend. A cheerful and upbeat yet also somewhat childish and perverted girl who came from another world to chase after her idol dream, she is the deuteragonist of the mod's main campaign.

Replace for Girlfriend. Carol is a young African American girl that's based off of her creator's dream date. A long-time friend of GirlfriendCarol and Boyfriend have themselves a rap battle, but never underestimate her singing skills!

She can deliver big time! Carol and Whitty are seen as Untitled - Troubles Fete - Paye Ton Trip (Cassette) of the most famous couples in the FNF mod community. In fact, it got so big that the creators of both mods created a mod about the ship. Replace for a number of characters in her first two mods.

Sunday may look like she only cares about sleeping and dreaming about being a massive Marxist, but when she gets on the mic, your ears will pop faster than a dog chasing after a squirrel! After Carol Sunday's exBoyfriend and Girlfriend return from their golfing tripBF accidentally wakes up the sleeping Latino rockstar while trying to take a seat somewhere.

However, this actually gives her an idea. To summarize, her band has a concert tonight and she needs a replacement co-vocalist after the original one broke their pelvis in an accident. BF accepts the offer, but he better be ready for a loud metal showdown! Also, she really doesn't want her tax dollars to be invested into Untitled - Troubles Fete - Paye Ton Trip (Cassette) worthless yes, they're calling you out, Jeff Bezos, y'know, Mr.

Amazon CEO. Ayana is a former lover of Boyfriend 's. She comes from the same college and wants him back, going as far as to trying to getting Daddy Dearest to hire her and attempt to break up his and Girlfriend's current relationship.

It's unknown as to why or how Boyfriend broke up with Ayana, but this "bittersweet" reunion will put Boyfriend's singing skills and mentality to the test to prove that he's moved on from Ayana, or else things will get ugly real fast. Replace for Mommy Mearest, but that's possibly subject to change.

Trol lges are the main antagonists of The Blueballs Incident. Unique to almost every other character within the modding universe, Trollges are actually a species, not one specific character. While usually residing in their own world, they've begun to make excursions into the Friday Night Funkin' world, causing events known as "Incidents", and Boyfriend is the only one who can stop them, through the power of rap!

Even if they have to do a little trolling. The Trollges you face in the mod are The Smiler a depressed menace to society who is in denial over the death of his "best friend" Derp, and Stairway a psychotic killer who went insane after killing his best friend that turned into a monster. Derpy is a non Trollge character in The Trollge Files. He is the former best friend of Stairway who got turned into a monster and tried to kill him. Flippy is a character from Happy Tree Friendsan adult animated show, and a very famous one among the show's fanbase.

Previously a sergeant of a war, he now hangs about in the world of Happy Tree Friends as a troubled war veteran. He has an alt ego, given the in-series nickname of "Fliqpy", that shows up whenever he "flips-out" and is known to attack anything and everything alive that crosses his sight. It's a true wonder why he decided to not kill Boyfriend and Girlfriend right away Not to be confused with j0nnytest's Fliqpy. Salty is the protagonist of Salty's Sunday Night.

Salty's the final soul to be trapped within an Untitled - Troubles Fete - Paye Ton Trip (Cassette) arcade cabinet. He was forced in by Daddy Dearest due to him spillling some coffee on him Jeez, don't you think that's a little petty? Besides that, after regaining himself, Salty and Itsumia new ally of his, will have to travel far and wide to find their way out of the arcade.

Will they succeed? Itsumi is the secondary protagonist of Salty's Sunday Night. Itsumi's the second soul to be trapped within an old arcade cabinet. It wasn't until, Saltywho also recently became a victim of Daddy Dearest's magic, entered the arcade as well. Now, they will have to travel far and wide to find their way out of the arcade.

QT is a robot female that Boyfriend meets in a strange pink alleyway. What fate will our protagonists meet with against this anonymous foe? Why is there a robot on a wanted poster in a back alley? And why does she look nervous?

This strange girl raises many, MANY questions. Her spritesheet is based on Pico. There he is! What do you mean? KB is a very aggressive robot and the other robot that shares a body with QT that only lives to murder people. As a last resort he will now try to kill Boyfriend using QT's body to do so!

Yeaaah, QT really needs a new friend The roles involved in making a LibriVox recording. Not all volunteers read for LibriVox. If you would prefer not to lend your voice to LibriVoxyou could lend us your ears. Proof listeners catch mistakes we may have missed during the initial recording and editing process. Readers record themselves reading a section of a book, edit the recording, and upload it to the LibriVox Management Tool. Some of his views about why the hoppers were not able to organise and get better pay would be regarded as very politically incorrect today.

He describes the hoppers he met as three types: East Enders, mostly costermongers a person who sells goods, especially fruit and vegetables, from a handcart in the street ; Gypsies all knew Romany and used a word or two when they did not want to be understood ; and itinerant agricultural labourers with a sprinkling of tramps Orwell and his companion Ginger were tramps.

On the way to Wateringbury, mainly on foot although with one lift from a lorry driver, they stayed one night at West Malling "spike". The West Malling Union Workhouse to give it its full name took in "casual inmates" i. Orwell and Ginger picked hops on Blest's farm along with other pickers, of which 50 or 60 were gypsies. Frank Blest lived at Broomscroft, Canon Lane, Wateringbury and his grandsons believe the farm involved was likely to be Brewers Hall FarmMereworth at the back of Mereworth Church with entrance from A26although Bull FarmMereworth just across the A26 from the entrance to Mereworth Castle which was rented from the Falmouth estate, is also a possibility.

There are a number of distances quoted in the diaries which tend to support, but do not prove, this view.

A Red Letter Day (Trouser Autoerotic Decapitation Mix) - Pet Shop Boys - A Red Letter Day (CD), Make Love To Me Baby - Various - Anjunadeep In Ibiza 2012 (File, MP3), She Choose Up - Suga Free - Hi Power Pimpin (CD, Album), You Can Get It If You Really Want - Various - Ziggy Marley In Jamaica (CD), 2. Andante - Amadeus Quartet* / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Los Primeros Cuartetos de Cuerda (Vinyl, L, Tower Of Babel - Brother Dege - Scorched Earth Policy: Deluxe (CD, Album), Song To John (Part 1) - Stanley Clarke - Journey To Love (Vinyl, LP, Album), Married To Marijuana (Instrumental) - Sadat-X* / Capone & Noreaga* - Yo! / Calm Down / Married T, Somewhere In Your Heart, Group 87 - Group 87 (Vinyl, LP, Album)