Die Another Day - The Ian Rich Orchestra - Totally...James Bond - The Essential 007 Themes (CD)

Winter said that Martin taught him "how to use the studio as a tool", and allowed him to record the album in a relaxed atmosphere, which was different from the pressurised control in a professional studio. The play opened on Broadway inwith the original cast album being released that summer. He also produced " Candle in the Wind ", Elton's tribute single to the late Diana, Princess of Waleswhich topped charts around the world in September Within the recording industry, Martin was known for having become independent at a time when many producers were still salaried.

Bythe Beatles' success had given Martin the leverage to start Associated Independent Recording AIRwhich enabled him to hire out his services to other artists. Martin also directly and indirectly contributed to the main themes of three films in the James Bond series. Although Martin did not produce the theme for the second Bond film, From Russia with Lovehe was responsible for the signing of Matt Monro to EMI, just months prior to his recording of the song of the same title.

Martin also produced two of the best-known James Bond themes. The first was " Goldfinger " by Shirley Bassey in He also composed and produced the film's score. InMartin released Produced by George Martin : 50 Years in Recordinga six-CD retrospective of his entire studio career, and inMartin launched Playbackhis limited-edition illustrated autobiography, published by Genesis Publications.

In —98, Martin hosted a three-part BBC co-produced documentary series titled The Rhythm of Lifein which he discussed various aspects of musical composition with professional musicians and singers, among them Brian WilsonBilly Joeland Celine Dion.

The series aired on the Ovation television network in the United States. It combines rare archive footage and new interviews with, among others, Paul McCartneyRingo StarrJeff BeckCilla Blackand Giles Martinand tells the life story of how George Martin, a schoolboy growing up in the Depression, grew up to become a legendary music producer.

Produced in association with Sir George Martin, Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music charts a century's worth of music innovation and experimentation, and offers a behind-the-scenes look at recorded music. Soundbreaking features more than original interviews with some of the most celebrated recording artists, producers, and music industry pioneers of all time. Soundbreaking became George Martin's last, and one of his most personal, projects when he died six days before its premiere.

Martin died in his sleep on the night of 8 March at his home in WiltshireEngland, at the age of Martin was one of a handful of producers to have number one records in three or more consecutive decades s, s, s, and s.

Others in this group include Phil Spector s, s and sQuincy Jones s, s and sMichael Omartian s, s and sand Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis s, s, and s. Records produced by Martin have achieved 30 number one singles and 16 number one albums in the UK — plus 23 number one singles and 19 number one albums in North America most of which were by The Beatles.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other people named George Martin, see George Martin disambiguation. English record producer, arranger, composer, conductor, audio engineer and musician. HighburyLondonEngland. WiltshireEngland. Sheena Chisholm. Judy Lockhart-Smith. Rock pop classical Comedy.

Record producer arranger composer conductor audio engineer musician. Oboe keyboards. EMI Parlophone Apple. Musical artist.

Gorgeously and disturbingly photographed by Guy Green and beautifully designed by John Bryan, the movie effectively telescopes the events of the book, at least until its unfortunate ending. Notorious The second Hitchcock picture I saw as a teenager, at a late show screening the first was North by Northweston television Notoriouswhich I loved at 16, now seems to me to encapsulate everything both good and bad about its maker.

Why, for example, send a certifiably great cinematographer Gregg Toland to Rio to film rear-screen backgrounds and then make no attempt whatsoever to match them with your foreground shots, which seem phony in the extreme?

Why show more care at framing a goddamned coffee cup than you do shooting your actors? But Grant and Bergman make a great team, he alternately doting on and sniping at her and she with that radiant anguish for which she pretty much held the patent in the s. Imagine: A Hollywood studio letting itself be directed by a lyricist! Oddly, the characters were offset by stylized backgrounds in which all of the locations and most of the humans in them are rendered abstractly. No Nancy, she. The picture, if thin, is also sunny and agreeable despite the genuinely threatening presence of the homicidal Sykes, his menacing Doberman pets and a hair-raising subway and elevated chase at the climax that on a big theatre screen was suspenseful, and even, at times, genuinely terrifying.

Cactus Flower When I first saw this one as an adolescent, on television in the summer ofit delighted me. Seeing it a third time recently, on Blu-ray, it struck me as bright and extremely funny.

All right, I know I have. If I see the picture again in a decade, will I go back to finding it dated and un-funny? Maybe nostalgia has something to do with it. It was, by the way, the dialogue and the performances I found so amusing this time around, not the wholly unconvincing plot I.

Matthau of course was a master of the form, languid and wry, but Bergman makes the comedy feel completely grounded even as she gives in gloriously to the nonsense in which her character becomes enmeshed. Midas Run Equally silly and inconsequential but with far less to recommend it, this comic caper from the same year as Cactus Flower has several small assets but, alas, only a single great one.

The jewel, of course, is Fred Astaire. Taking on the unaccustomed role of a British MI6 agent, Astaire elevates his usual purring elegance only slightly. When he literally strides into the picture at the beginning and all you see are his legs, it takes only a moment to recognize that famous walk of his — purposeful yet festooned with infinite grace.

The movie, a modestly budgeted flop on its release, is merest fluff. It still seems thin and cold, but somehow I mind that less now. My only real cavil now has to do with the musical score.

Lean, working with the novelist H. I suppose it was done so the movie audience would not hate her, even momentarily, and the hint that she is capable of it must have been deemed enough. I also find her performance as a middle-aged Ohio spinster finding romance with a philandering Venetian a bit much generally, what with its self-conscious posturing and overplayed emotional responses that make you long for Ingrid Bergman or Olivia de Havilland, both of whom were considered for the role.

But Hepburn has some Die Another Day - The Ian Rich Orchestra - Totally.James Bond - The Essential 007 Themes (CD), true moments, particularly in her scenes with charming little Gaetano Autiero as her unofficial ragazzi tour-guide.

Rossano Brazzi makes a strong impression as her somewhat opportunistic lover, Jane Rose who was in the play and MacDonald Parke provide rich comic relief as the American tourists who stretch but never break the patience of everyone around them, and the recurrent theme by Alessandro Cicognini is a honey. Experiment in Terror A tight little thriller written by the Gordons and directed by Blake Edwards with a strong feeling both for the suspenseful elements and for the city of San Francisco, which he and his gifted cinematographer Philip H.

Lathrop shot with clear eyes and a little, perhaps inevitable, romanticism, in crisp black and white. Henry Mancini wrote one of his distinctive suspense scores, appropriately taut and creepy but with time out for some contemporary jazz and a little ersatz Gay Nineties pop for the sequence in the ludicrously overstated theme-bar. Gable and Claudette Colbert were both reluctant stars of the movie but Gable gradually understood while filming how good it, and his role, were; Colbert never did.

Murder on the Orient Express The perfect escapist movie with which to mark the beginning of the end of a truly terrible year, the worst of whose machinations were pretty obviously manufactured. An all-star enterprise, and what stars! I Bury the Living Steven H.

Well written by Louis A. Although that may owe more to the otherwise good Blu-ray remastering than to the black-and-white original. But within the parameters of its flaws and budgetary limitations lies a compelling story about a reluctant cemetery chairman Richard Boone who may or may not have telekinetic abilities, the retiring caretaker Bikel both more and less than he seems, and a map that at times appears malevolently alive.

Armelia McQueen Her later career did not live up to that promise, but how many performers get even one hit the size of that one?

Johnny Nash Initially marketed as a rival to Johnny Mathis because two young black male singers with extended ranges in the high registers must be performing in opposition to each other, right?

Although the recording is slightly marred at the end by those weird, unnecessary sounds of… what? When I was 11, every time I heard the song on the radio, no matter what my mood was, I immediately felt better. Two minutes and 45 seconds of exhilaration.

Margaret Nolan Conchata Ferrell She had originated the role at Circle in the Square. Lawbut Ferrell also did acclaimed work opposite Rip Torn in the independent picture Heartland in For twelve years she made sour wisecracks sound like choice lines from a screwball comedy on Two and Half Men.

But, Christ, I hope the pay was one hell of a lot better than the scripts. Sir Sean Connery As it is for everyone, James Bond was a velvet trap, earning him money and worldwide fame but typing and limiting him as an actor. That is not to knock his performances as Bond, although often the movies themselves let him down.

Where the early Bonds betrayed Connery, and Fleming, was in their embrace of gadgetry and bigger-is-better design. Thunderball was pretty much conceived that way, by Fleming among others, and its action sequences were hampered by taking place underwater, so I doubt it could have been improved upon. A year later he was on sturdier ground, first as a Berber insurrectionist!

Carol Arthur Geoffrey Palmer Given the quality of the series in which he appeared, however, only a true snob could attach any opprobrium to that. His film roles were fewer, and less showy, but he was in O Lucky Man! David Prowse The man in the iron mask, his voice forever supplanted by that of James Earl Jones, Prowse was both anonymous and universally recognized… as long as he was under his Darth Vader costume.

Ann Reinking It was a strange time for musicals, obviously. Increasingly known for her absences, Reinking was alas out the afternoon I saw the show. For those who never got to see her onstage in a Fosse show, these are compensations of a very high order. Although Reinking had retired from performing byshe was asked by the City Center Encores!

The concert was such a success it led to a Broadway revival, also with Reinking. But the show was a hit, so what do I know? If I seem to be taking a snide tone here against a writer whose books I admire enormously, there are two reasons. As Stephen Fry among others has argued most persuasively, blasphemy laws have no right to exist in a civilized society, and no one on earth, let alone in Britain, deserves what happened to Rushdie.

His best work transports the reader to dangerous avenues of intercourse where no while one is to be fully trusted yet faith in someone else is imperative for the emotional, if not the physical, health of his protagonists. Peter Lamont And what was that obsession of his with spherical patterns?

He also worked on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ; was the set decorator on Fiddler on the Roof — an extremely important job on that picture, with its wealth of lived-in shtetl detail; and the production designer on Aliens and Titanicthe last of which got him an Academy Award.

Owing to the mania that it soon stirred up, the cinema was quickly perceived as a vector of huge potential, and one to be prioritized. The historian Kerry Segrave5 recounts how at the same time, these brands made short ads, generally only one reel long, dedicated to their products, in order to offer them to cinema operators under advantageous conditions.

InVariety observed that more than 50 per cent of cinemas showed advertising programmes. The brands even organized factual communications operations in cinema lobbies.

Cinema is a captive medium for its audience and therefore particularly interesting to advertisers. Jay Newell is assistant professor of journalism at the Iowa State University. They furbished all the cars Warner needed and he showed them in his movies. Inin Dr. The scene simply showed a television set during an advertising break. Although she had never smoked a cigarette in her entire life as a comic character, in Superman II Richard Lester, the character of Lois Lane conspicuously smokes Marlboros.

Turcotte Gimme a Bud! If children and adolescents are often mentioned to illustrate vulnerable targets, the image of vulnerable women should not be ignored. Sponsored shows Marketing and entertainment have always been allies, particularly in the United States. For each of these sponsored programmes, the boundary between the entertainment itself and the advertising content was and still is fragile, even nonexistent.

In the case of a sponsored show, it is possible to escape the straitjacket of the second advertising spot. In historical terms, three elements contributed to the evolution of the system of shows where the sponsor was the only advertiser.

First were the manipulations of which various sponsored game shows were accused during the s. Bill Carter Skipping ads? But each of us knows that in the clamour all around us, only the doom-mongers can make themselves heard. For, if we look closely, things are not quite so desperate.

We are therefore powerless spectators of a complete saturation of the communications environment. The same congestion of the classical media poses the same problem of an escaping audience in the Middle East or in India, for example.

It designates audio, video or data downloaded on a portable player via an internet connection. The process may or may not use RSS rich site summary or really simple syndication technology, for an automatic updated download according to a subscription.

The term was coined in following the launch of the Apple iPod portable player, but it applies to all digital portable players. Many individuals are now using the process to broadcast their own programmes.

Inthe New Oxford American Dictionary admitted the term as a generic descriptor. They are carefully studied by local advertisers. Local spin-offs of foreign shows like Star Academy are also concerned.

An even more disastrous picture for the marketer in this gloomy panorama is the extraordinary boom in videogames. Nielsen United States revealed in that more than three-quarters of all homes on its panel housing a male between the ages of 8—34 years had a games console. The worldwide interest for integrating products in alternative media also concerns videogames.

The theme is a quest in a fantasy universe. For more details about this very popular game, visit www. How in-game product integration can reach elusive to year-old males, Insights, November.

The problem facing advertisers is not so much that the use of these games Die Another Day - The Ian Rich Orchestra - Totally.James Bond - The Essential 007 Themes (CD) the home television set — in most cases, the home contains more than one television set — but that while these consumers, principally of generations X and Y, are playing on their consoles they cannot be exposed to television advertising.

Even the baby-boomers are deserting television programmes to go and play, persuaded by their own children. This conclusion invites more attentive contemplation of the content — in order to attempt to retain the attention of a few consumers — and of the possibilities of placing the brand in a good position there.

The explosion of the media on offer has been progressively and naturally accompanied by a fragmentation and dispersal of the Die Another Day - The Ian Rich Orchestra - Totally.James Bond - The Essential 007 Themes (CD), disrupting the traditional segmentation and targeting processes.

Brandweek, 43 1913 May, pp 34— From the remote control, zapping was born, allowing the viewer to change channels without effort, and in particular when the programme being shown became uninteresting or too commercial.

From a communication point of view, this assumes the necessity for a corollary metamorphosis. In a very disturbing book for advertisers and agencies, inRex Briggs and Greg Stuart revealed that This US-born measure allows assessment of the power of a media plan. Without a doubt, the classic advertising model is not dead, but it has not been working correctly for several years now.

New and increasingly sophisticated combinations between above the line, below the line and the internet are appearing. This being so, it is not always a question of audience volume, but of the foreseeable quality of the audience.

It can be calculated by multiplying the reach of the media schedule by the average frequency. As a result, it succeeded in seducing numerous advertisers. Globally, consumers in developed countries have never watched so much television. At the same time, they have never shunned advertising so much. A paradox? No, just a mathematical problem. Advertising pays for the content. No advertising equals no creation and no broadcasting of content.

But if the public shuns advertising, advertisers no longer have any interest in investing in it. Very good placements for big advertisers are somewhat thin on the ground. DVR and TiVo, the enemies of advertising In according to a Neilsen study, the good news for US television networks was that the public was watching much more television.

These recorders make it easy to suppress the commercial breaks skipping or to pass over them very rapidly zippingwhich amounts to zapping without the inconvenience of waiting for the programme to restart. In a parallel phenomenon equally worrying for advertisers, saw a dangerous rise in peer-to-peer video exchanges, according to a study by Magna Global. One of the main motivations for buyers is clearly the possibility of avoiding commercial breaks. The rapid development of the market for digital recorders constitutes an even bigger threat for traditional television advertising, which many consumers increasingly avoid.

As early asa study carried out by the Forrester agency showed that almost 60 per cent of TiVo owners watched pre-recorded or recorded television, and 92 per cent of advertisements were avoided. Only 46 per cent of the commercials had the possibility of being seen by the audience.

It was one of the biggest successes of the year Admittedly, it is possible to imagine that in future, an electronic system working in parallel with the broadcasting of programmes might mask a placement or simply delete it from the image.

But even if a professional broadcaster can blur or hide an alcohol brand or a packet of cigarettes during a television report, or digitally insert one product in place of another in a sporting encounter, we have not yet reached that stage for the public at large.

Consequently, product and brand placements offer the opportunity to bypass this viewer censorship,34 even in pirated programmes exchanged on the internet. The interactive functions could be used to gain more information about the product. The corollary: growth in investment At its annual conference, the ANA US Association of National Advertisers presented the results of a study among its members, indicating that 63 per cent of its members were already integrating branded entertainment activities into their communications plan.

According to the terms of the study, the sectors still bringing together the biggest investors were agricultural produce, drinks, household equipment, and health and beauty products. These sectors accounted for more than half of total expenditure. Taking all media together, the annual rate of growth between and was However, more than 90 per cent of expenditure on product placement was aimed at television and cinema.

The various studies conducted by PQ Media also indicate, however, that placements paid for by advertisers were not the most numerous, although this area has seen an acceleration in growth over recent years as competition increases. Paid placements therefore represented 18 per cent in and reached As a result, in64 per cent of expenditure was on product placements carried out on the basis of an exchange of goods. Among the leading sectors, analysts believe that transport and accessories, clothing and accessories, agricultural produce and drinks, and tourism and leisure will continue to lead the market; but categories such as electronic or technological products, toys and products linked to the world of sport, as well as media and the entertainment sector in general, should see a marked growth in investment.

At the time, the placements company AIM Productions had to obtain permission from the brand to use the name, but there was no request made by the brand, and there were no payments related to the operation. This was a placement desired by the scriptwriters. Such cases still exist today, but they are rare. It is, however, certain that the role of the props master has evolved considerably over the past few years, the Seinfeld was a very popular series, suitable for product placements.

Although the below the line cost is often unknown to the public at large, it may quickly come to represent the main item on the budget, according to the requirements of the screenplay and the demands of the director, in particular. The campaign also used other authors like Alexander Pushkin, who mentioned the Swiss brand in Eugene Onegin Admittedly, the standard deviation either side of such an average value is naturally high.

On the other hand, the average value is still symptomatic of an overall increase in production costs, as well as of distribution and marketing costs in particular. If the production had had to buy or rent all those cars, it would have increased the production budget. New York Times, 6 November. See Figure 3. Not enjoying the same resources as the major Californian vineyards, it sends, on average, cases of the 65, produced each year to props masters.

The props master David Harlocker, who had in his possession a bottle of Clos du Val, suggested it, and it was immediately put to use.

The exchange of goods is also often the case in car placements. This last article is well documented on the brand, and the journalist ironically reminds the unlikely novice reader that Aston Martin is to James Bond as maple syrup is to Vermont. Casino Royale a Bentley Special 4.

Upon mention of its name, all the mental imagery associated with the insurer is immediately projected on to the character, who also gains in credibility. Infor In Country, director Norman Jewison has Bruce Willis lay before the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall his war decoration and a packet of Camel cigarettes, both heavy with symbolism, and the silent camera pauses on a close-up.

Any newspaper would have done, in principle. A coherent association with the world of business, a logical evocation, a relevant placement. As a reference, it instantly lends credibility to the world of show business in which the story takes place. Inin a scene from Stepmom, by Chris Columbus, Julia Roberts plays a photographer conducting a photo shoot. Her character has not yet been described when we see her taking photographs of people who appear to be models.

These cases, although very different, nevertheless rely on the same machinery of evocation. There are other examples of resorting to product placement for which this evocation is pushed to the limit by an advertiser, in order to launch a new product or a new brand.

Then sit him in a tiny Smart car, not at all the kind of car his character has been using to drive, and it becomes quite plausible that he has much trouble in controlling it. Created by Mattel, it was due to be launched several months later. The Crest internet site registered more than 4.

Of thesewere counted in less than two hours, generating more than 40, requests for samples. There was a competition visitors were invited to take part in, requiring them to submit ideas, and this received more than idea suggestions per minute immediately after the end of the programme. New York Times, 16 November. This observation intends no disrespect to either brand. Nonetheless, their identities, their positioning, their statuses, their images and quite naturally their preferred targets, are not the same.

Directors therefore often make great demands on their props master in this regard. The choice to entrust the disoriented character of Travis, played by Harry Dean Stanton, with a Chevrolet El Camino a partial pick-upin the desert of Paris, Texas Wim Wenders,was not random. This is not to mention the charismatic Peugeot Cabriolet driven by Peter Falk, who plays Lieutenant Columbo in the series Columbo. The useful association of cinema and advertising 45 Figure 3.

Reproduced by kind permission of Daimler Chrysler. The same is true for motorcycles. Batman Begins Christopher Nolan, tackles the subject of the homeless: the mention of the Salvation Army reinforces the idea and locates the milieu in which the title character, played by Christian Bale, is developed.

The appearance of the Chicco brand in Meet the Fockers Jay Roach,where part of the story centres on a birth and another part centres on a baby, is perfectly consistent. The Dalloz codes rouges red codes are to French law what the famous little red book of Mao Zedong is to Chinese communism: the ultimate reference. Dalloz is a renowned brand. By themselves, these legal codes express, represent and justify the law.

Most of the time these are naturally at the farthest edges of the screen, but if a scene requires a close-up or handling by an actor, the latest edition is made available. Do we really identify the Kleenex brand in The Forgotten Joseph Ruben,or the generic name Die Another Day - The Ian Rich Orchestra - Totally.James Bond - The Essential 007 Themes (CD) a simple tissue? As for Google, the omnipresent and indispensable internet search engine, is it really what the audience sees in The Fog Rupert Wainwright, or in Hitchor do they simply see the now-standard tool for online searches?

Do you Yahoo? The reality of a brand-consumerist world We live in a brand-consumerist world. Films set in an advertising agency are naturally auspicious for the citing of brands. On television, the custom of the time was to mask any that might appear, or to use false names or dummy products. Different eras, different approaches. The Nike brand even plays a part in the screenplay as the subject of a bid in which the agency participates.

A world littered with brands is here completely logical. An advertising agency is, of course, an extreme case. However, the world of consumption in which we live day to day is itself full of brands.

Since Coca-Cola, the world leader in its class, is also present everywhere, it is a logical element of the world of consumption. If once the appearance of brands, particularly in large numbers, would have seemed strange, even incongruous, in the great Walt Disney classics, the times have changed.

The subtle insertion of the popular magazine Life in The Incredibles Brad Bird,drew the viewer into this world, even though it was populated by superheroes. The fruit producer also distributed a board to be coloured in, on which the collected stickers could be placed see Figure 3.

Familiarity with the brand, as well as the frequency of consumption, are important points for the memorization of the brand that appears onscreen. But those cars are alive, so giving them a name and a real brand automatically reinforced realism. In Shark Tale Bibo Volkswagen got out of the garage. Even here, however, realism was supported by brand placements, adapted once again to the circumstances. The use of real brands, in their usual form, would have had a completely opposite effect. Interviewed by the magazine Marketing News, J Walker Smith, president of the Chapel Hill, NC-based marketing consultancy Yankelovich Partners Inc, pertinently analysed this process: More and more brands are looking for fresh ways in which to connect with consumers.

Consumers are looking for brands to do things that show that they take themselves less seriously. Brands that take themselves too seriously and exercise iron-lifted control over the ways consumers encounter them are kind of swimming against the tide.

Although it goes beyond the world of the bathroom or bedroom, the scene, played in the key of comedy, gains natural credibility. These placements are even used by directors to lend credibility to the surroundings or the story itself.

He wanted to ensure that, on the one hand, the consumer understood that the action was supposed to take place on Earth and not in an unknown world, and on the other hand, that the familiarity that consumers have with these brands would enable them to believe that this future is not as distant as they might have thought.

But this is not always the case, and the use of special effects does not always provide a possible replacement. The US Army has often collaborated with Hollywood studios, for understandable reasons relating to image. There, indeed, lies the key to the exchange: a win—win relationship.

The directors wanted to emphasize the fact that the scene was indeed taking place in Paris in the s. The placement is very positive: the heroine is left obviously very happy following several purchases. However, the placement was not sought by the French luxury brand, which merely gave its approval. Chanel became the guarantee of credibility. Even beyond the realism legitimately sought by the director, however, it is possible that some placements are judged to be indispensable for the story to appear credible, or simply to increase its authenticity.

We should bear in mind that the storyline is inspired by the true story of the life of Frank Abagnale Jr, whom the FBI had tracked over several years for having usurped various identities, principally to the detriment of Pan Am. It further shows surviving soldiers contradicting themselves while explaining the accidental circumstances, and hiding some evidence.

An alert viewer will have noted the care that Peter Jackson brought to the production. For a real-time interactive check, connect for example to: www. It just so happens that that series was produced by Donald P Bellisario. The major international communications companies are often present in various media. It is easy to imagine the innumerable synergies that it is possible to create within such an empire. Synergies are sometimes expedited by the screenplay. The placement of production studios is therefore not incongruous.

By way of example, an attentive viewer of Killer Instinct, produced and broadcast by Fox, might have noticed that on the desk of Lieutenant Matt Cavanaugh played by Chi McBridea mug regularly appears on which can be clearly seen the OLN logo, the initials of Outdoor Life Network, a smaller sister channel of the Fox network.

Still on the subject of Fox, some may have spotted the Fox channel in Minority Reportor in Fantastic 4both of them produced and distributed by 20th Century Fox, of course! The contract comprised tie-in operations from Survivor 8 onwards, and placements in Survivor The promotional operation set up in parallel invited consumers to buy at least three of the products concerned within the framework of a game with questions based on the Survivor programme.

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