In Theez Streetz - Mr. Jackson (3) - No More Questions (CD)

Friedman: As long as they spell In Theez Streetz - Mr. Jackson (3) - No More Questions (CD) name right, it's okay. Jackson as a person? What did You think about the trial and his innocence? Friedman: I feel sorry for Michael Jackson. He's in a trap of his own making. For a while he could blame his parents, but his life is own responsibility.

He's almost Jackson's spokesperson threated You with a legal action. Any updates or comments on this matter? Friedman: No. Nothing happened. How did this happen? Friedman: Yes,that's true! Friends of mine thought it would be funny.

It was certainly a surprise. The man was very good. Friedman: I'd be honored to be invited. It is not known if the are any differences to the original CD. An unofficial 'Bad' concert DVD reached out to the markets. The release is also available on Amazon. MJ's lawyers agreed to take a deposition in the Dieter Wiesner case.

According to the court documents, MJ will take the questions first, and Wiesner will follow him immediaetly. A mandatory settlement conference will be held in the case next monday. We have been informed about that Mr. Wiesner travelled to Las Vegas days ago in order to meet with MJ. Mr Wiesner will leave US at the end of this week. In Theez Streetz - Mr. Jackson (3) - No More Questions (CD) trial date has been set for December 4, However the attached court documents shows that the parties agreed to settle the case out of court.

We have been informed by the producers of the new CD that 'the 5 new titles are tracks written and recorded by the production team inspired by MJ's work'.

As well MichaelJackson. You can sample Jennifer's guitar craft and find other information including Jeff Beck tour dates, purchasing Batten merchandise and other news at www. Recently as she takes a brief, well deserved break from her exhausting tour with Jeff Beck, Ms. Batten took part in my guitarist survey where she was asked questions submitted to me by her fans concerning her latest solo release, tours, guitars and life.

Batten, Thank you for taking time out of your heavy Jeff Beck touring schedule to answer these questions submitted by other guitarists and fans. First, How's Life Treating you? DR: You have been involved with many high profile tours.

Other than the sheer honor of playing onstage alongside musical legends including Michael Jackson and currently Jeff beck, among many others, are there any defining moments at a certain venue that stands out as your highlight of highlights?

Are there any certain styles or tracks on this release that you favor above the others? Could you tell us the story behind this tune? DR: Be sure to check out Jennifer's tour dates at www. The average printer is typically a laser printer shaped like a medium-sized moving box. The printer's function, as the name implies, is In Theez Streetz - Mr. Jackson (3) - No More Questions (CD) print or produce the hard copy paper output of the computer.

The printer, though not essential to the Content for Figurative and Trivia, is included for the sake of thoroughness. The laptop not shownby now a very common machine, combines all of the features and devices of the desktop PC system with the current exception of a printer into one single unit.

It is typically the size of a large notebook. Laptops are designed to be a portable PC with a very thin monitor and screen that, when closed, is usually positioned face down on the keyboard. A hinge or other similar device typically combines the keyboard and monitor, and the laptop looks like an open clamshell when opened. Tablets not shown and the similar ereaders have the portability of laptops but are smaller with their screens taking up almost all their In Theez Streetz - Mr.

Jackson (3) - No More Questions (CD) frames. They are typically extremely thin, many are less than an inch thick, and are more or less 9 square inches in size in a rectangular shape.

The devices may have a cover or even a clamshell cover but the majority do not. Many tablets and ereaders use the touchscreen as the primary selection method. Tablets use most of the same software and internet applications as the desktop and laptop.

Ereaders are for reading electronic books or ebooks, and most tablets also have this capability. Many ereaders use other software and internet applications. Tablets and ereaders often have special software tailored to their unique screen dominated shape and small light size. For example, the screen contents can easily switch 90 degrees to a total of degrees, and easily slide to the next window or ebook page. Personal digital assistants PDA's not shown are portable devices designed to be small enough to fit in a human's hand or shirt pocket.

Many PDA's are pen-based, meaning that a pen-like stylus is used to do the input functions of the keyboard and mouse by touching the PDA's monitor. PDA's often have organizing functions that allow a person to do scheduling, act like a notepad, store information, calculate, and use many software applications for many other uses.

PDA's, including the tablets and ereaders, can be combined with various other electronic gadgets not shown that includes and is not limited to cell phones, pagers, gaming devices, GPS devices, and the like.

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The whole of the internet could probably be written about in a series of large books. A set of communication protocols that support peer-to-peer connectivity functions for both local and wide area networks.

The internet spans many countries, consists of thousands of networks, has millions of users, and will continue to grow and improve. The most relevant feature regarding the internet is the World Wide Web WWWwith its ability to handle graphics, multimedia, and hypertext links. The WWW is navigated or surfed with the help of a web browser.

A website's address is accessed when its URL Uniform Resource Locator or domain name is invoked on the browser's domain name locator. More such suffixes will undoubtedly be created. The Content for Figurative and Trivia can be implemented on intranet websites.

The following definition of the intranet is from the Dictionary of Computer and Internet Terms. Intranets often include web pages, so a web browser can be used to view the content.

This makes the intranet appear just the same as part of the World Wide Web, the only difference is that it is not accessible to those outside the organization. Keeping it separate from the outside world is essential if it carries confidential data, such as internal business records. However, it must be re-emphasized that the Content for Figurative and Trivia is also applicable to computers and software applications that are independent or offline of the internet and the intranet.

The Content for Figurative and Trivia is not limited as to the type of computer on which it runs, and not limited as to the type of network used. This concludes the basic description of the computer hardware, the internet, and the intranet. Next is a static description of the figurative expressions. The following definitions of figurative are from the Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary.

The figurative expressions include other nonliteral and wordplay terms or expressions. Some brand name dictionaries may have nonliteral as a main entry but do not have any definitions for it.

Of, relating to, or designating the primary, original, or etymological sense of a word, or the exact sense expressed by the actual wording of a phrase or passage, as distinguished from any extended sense, metaphorical meaning, or underlying significance. That is the thing specified in a real or actual sense, without metaphor, exaggeration, or distortion. The figurative expressions include and are not limited to metaphors, similes, analogies, figures of speech, symbolisms, allusions, puns, double entendres, euphemisms, onomatopoeias, buzzwords, slangs, jargons, lingos, malapropisms, spoonerisms, anagrams, palindromes, semordnilaps, lexigrams, alphagrams, ambigrams, pangrams, abbreviations or abbreviated terms, acronyms, initials or initialisms, monograms, condensations or condensed terms, cropped words and phrases, clipped words and phrases, and short form words and phrases.

The Content for Figurative and Trivia is useful wherever figurative In Theez Streetz - Mr. Jackson (3) - No More Questions (CD) are displayed on a screen. The figurative expressions are often displayed within a text or within associated or related information on the screen.

The text is a commonplace feature and is not further described. For the associated information, an example is a medical website displaying varied information.

The website shows links, drop-down menus, images, text in 5 separate sections and columns, statistics, 3 search fields, and a video that are shown with the figurative expressions of a malapropism, an analogy, 5 abbreviations, 2 initials, and an acronym. To further distinguish the signal, it can be colored red, for instance. The selection methods are used to choose the figurative expression. Next is a static description of the pop-up space contents.

The at least 1 pop-up space itself need not always be a strictly rectangular or window shape. The pop-up space can take many forms, shapes, and sizes.

The pop-up spaces include and is not limited to overlapping pop-up spaces, multiple pop-up spaces, 3 dimensional pop-up spaces, pop-up spaces that look like many images or moving images such as billowy clouds, and the shapes of pop-up spaces that are moving or changing. The pop-up space can present educational content features that includes and is not limited to what the figurative expression means, the meanings of it, what it is about, what it stands for, what it represents, spells it out, other information, dictionary materials and entries, other reference materials and entries, words, phrases, persons, people, subjects, and visual information such as images and moving images.

The pop-up content includes and is not limited to entire sentences, paragraphs, and pages. The pop-up content includes and is not limited to literary criticisms, literary reviews, literary summaries, criticisms, reviews, summaries, narratives, historical information, symbolic significances, interpretations, reinterpretations, alternative interpretations, revisionist histories, commentaries, motifs, themes, connotations, and to give different perspectives about the figurative expressions.

The pop-up content can present the reference materials of dictionary entries that include and is not limited to main entries, word divisions, functional labels, parts of speech, pronunciations, syllable breaks, variants, definitions, senses, synonyms, antonyms, etymologies, usages, idioms, homographs, suffixes, prefixes, inflected forms, example sentences, and quotations.

These are merely the prominent examples of the many entries of a dictionary. More examples of the dictionary entries are binomials, cognate cross-references, directional cross-references, synonymous cross-references, inflectional cross-references, functional labels, stylistic labels, capitalization labels, subject labels, temporal labels, regional labels, lightface types, major stresses, minor stresses, centered periods, run-on entries, small capitals, usage notes, and verbal illustrations.

The pop-up content can present any other reference materials that include and are not limited to almanacs, encyclopedias, compilations, summaries, reviews, critical reviews, treatises, maps, and directories. The pop-up content can contain images and visual imagery that convey a meaning for the selected figurative expression, or the other pop-up contents not shownor the related trivia not shown.

The images includes and is not limited to drawings, illustrations, pictures, photographs, comics, paintings, charts, maps, diagrams, 3 dimensional images, and digital photographs. The pop-up content can contain moving, movement, and action images and visual imagery that convey a meaning for the selected figurative expression, or the other pop-up contents not shownor the related trivia not shown. The moving images includes and is not limited to animation, films, movies, videos, cartoons, claymation, stop-action imagery, 3 dimensional works, digital video works, and computer generated images.

The pop-up content can contain images or moving images that include and is not limited to renderings of ideas, concepts, processes, thinking, thoughts, spatial motions, immaterial things, metaphysics, stories, plays, plots, tales, enactments, reenactments, jokes, and tall tales.

The pop-up content can display a behind the scenes commentary about its images or moving images not shown. The images or moving images can be presented alone or by themselves without the other pop-up contents. The pop-up space can have a menu with at least two choices or options to present its content and related trivia in an organized manner.

Additional or next selections are necessary to choose the choices on the menus. The drag and selection method of a cursor can be used to make a choice. This method selects so the cursor slides from one location to another location to make a selection.

The additional menu selection displays the pop-up content and the related trivia. A sound system can be utilized, such as for the pronunciation of the figurative expressions, pop-up contents, and related trivia. Other sound effects include and are not limited to narrations, voice-overs, and music. The sound effects can be produced by selecting, for example, a speaker icon displayed in the menu or the pop-up content. Next is a static description of a complementing or complementary related trivia that is presented with the pop-up content.

The related trivia is a trivial type of information. While the pop-up content and its educational information such as a definition is highly important with respect to the figurative expressions, the related trivia information is inherently unimportant. Since the related trivia is trivial information, it is non-obvious in contrast to the high-valued educational information. The related trivia does have educational qualities, however trivial. The trivia can be related to the associated information on a screen, or related to the selected figurative expressions, or related to the pop-up contents such as an etymology or a moving image.

The trivia can even be related to the original trivia itself or any other trivia. The trivia can be In Theez Streetz - Mr. Jackson (3) - No More Questions (CD) in the pop-up content, or it can be presented outside of the pop-up content. The examples of the latter includes and is not limited to displaying the trivia next to the selected figurative expression, next to the pop-up content, next to the associated information, next to the text, at the top or bottom of the screen, and in its own pop-up space.

The trivia challenges a person and is engaging and entertaining. The trivia is not only fun but the person may learn something new. The trivia enlivens the dry and boring experience that is often a part of education. The trivia can be presented in many formats, and includes and is not limited to the following example formats. One interactive format has a trivia question with multiple choice answers, and when a choice is selected the result is shown.

The result is correct or incorrect.

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