Looking Glass - Diamond Eye - Moments In Life (CD, Album)

As she Album) in the "true love" commonly found in fairy tales, Minnie is rather dreamy and whimsical contrary to her more no-nonsense sidesomething she is completely unapologetic for. Looking Glass - Diamond Eye - Moments In Life (CD trademark outfit is usually a dress revealing her white bloomers with a large matching bow and oversized high heel pumps that all are one color depending on the cartoon. Like Mickey and GoofyMinnie also wears white gloves for fashion.

Her outfit is sometimes red or pink with white polka dots, other times it has been a blue outfit with a pink bow and shoes. In earlier cartoons, she wore a pillbox hat with a flower in place of her bow. In some cartoons, Minnie wore only a skirt, a bow, bloomers, and her oversized high heels. In Eau de Minnieit is revealed she is seen wearing a black shirt with her skirt.

In subsequent short films throughoutLooking Glass - Diamond Eye - Moments In Life (CD remained a largely silent character outside of brief vocalizations and one-word pieces of dialogue. Cartoons such as The Plowboy featured Minnie singing her signature leitmotif. Marcellite Garner answered the call, as did Marjorie Ralstonand both women were taken to the sound stage. Ralston opted out of the audition, leaving the role to Garner.

She imbued the character with a sweetness and emotion that would become a trademark moving forward. Garner also recorded her dialogue regularly with Walt Disney, who continued voicing Mickey after Steamboat Willie. To help Marcellite prepare for the role, Disney would take time from their recording sessions to describe and act out all the parts.

Garner would continue to voice Minnie for over forty cartoons while simultaneously working as an ink-and-painter. Garner left the studio in and worked with other animation departments, though she recalled briefly returning to Disney for a recording. She nevertheless went through several actresses whenever dialogue was needed. Following this, from up toRuth Clifford provided the character's voice.

Disney felt that each Disney character should have an official voice, to maintain the integrity and consistency of the characters. There were roughly people that auditioned for the part, among them being Russi Taylor. While working on a Radio Disney project with Bill FarmerWayne and Russi spent time after hours to discuss the job and became fast friends. They eventually married inand remained a couple until Allwine's death in After Taylor's passing, Kaitlyn Robrock assumed the role.

The Album released on November 1, in which she performed " Jingle Bells ". Minnie made her debut when she starred alongside Mickey Mouse in the cartoon short Plane Crazywhich was screened to test audiences on May 15 Minnie and Mickey take a flight on the latter's makeshift aircraft. In during which, Mickey repeatedly tries to romance Minnie but she politely refuses these particular advances. The next film featuring the couple was The Gallopin' Gaucho.

It was the second of their series to be produced but only the third to Album) released on March 14 In it, Minnie was employed as the barmaid and dancer of Cantina Argentinaa bar and restaurant established in the pampas of Argentina. She performs the tango for Mickey the gaucho and Black Pete the outlaw. Both flirt with her but the latter intends to abduct her while the former obliges in saving the "damsel in distress" from the villain. All three characters acted as strangers first being introduced to each other.

They appear together again in Steamboat Williethe third short of the series to be produced but released first on November 18 Pete was featured as the captain of the steamboat, Mickey as a crew of one and Minnie as their single passenger. The commercial success of Steamboat Willie helped introduce Mickey and Minnie into the audience. Twelve more films featuring Mickey were produced inbut Minnie only co-starred in seven of them and was mentioned in an eighth.

The first of them was The Barn Dancefirst released on December 30 Minnie stands at the center of attention as Mickey and Pete rival each other in order to win her favor. Both offer to pick her up for the dance but she chooses Pete's newly purchased automobile over Mickey's horse-cart. When the automobile breaks down she resorts to going with Mickey. The latter proves a clumsy dancing partner, repeatedly stepping on her feet, and so she turns to Pete again. She is surprised when Mickey asks for another dance and seems to be light on his feet.

However, she is disgusted when Pete points that his rival had placed a balloon in his shorts. She resumed dancing with Pete while Mickey is reduced to crying on the dance floor. Minnie proves to be rather demanding as a partner in a romantic relationship. Mickey obviously has yet to claim her as his girlfriend by this point.

The Opry Housefirst released on March 28, was the first short to feature Mickey but not Minnie. A poster, however, mentions Minnie as being a member of the "Yankee Doodle Girls". This later group of female performers remained as unseen characters and were apparently short-lived. Minnie appears again in When the Cat's Awayfirst released on April 11 She is attending a party with Mickey along with several other mice.

The short was unusual in the depiction of Mickey and Minnie with the size and part of the behavior common in regular mice. The set standard both before and after this short was to depict them as having the size of a rather short human being. Minnie was seen again in The Plowboyfirst released on May 9, where she is featured as a farm girl and gets Mickey to milk her cow Clarabelle for her.

When Mickey presents her with a bucket full of milk and proceeds to kiss her, Minnie answers by knocking the bucket on his head. This in front of his horse Horace Horsecollar who is just making his debut.

Minnie obviously was not very appreciative of Mickey's affection at the time. Their attempt at farming life would prove short-lived. Minnie then appears as a fiddle player in Mickey's Choo-Choo June 26 Her next appearance was arguably more significant. Mickey then proceeds in explaining his reaction to Minnie's call. The song firmly establishes Mickey and Minnie as a couple and expresses the importance Minnie holds for her partner.

The song would go on to become the theme song for their series as well as the theme to a Disney prime-time television series The Mouse Factory and Mickey Mouse Works which also featured the song as a recurring theme in many of its shorts. Minnie was soon shown herself to be the Damsel-in-Distress. In Wild WavesMinnie was washed off the beach but Mickey rescued her.

Despite being saved, Minnie was left frightened by the experience, leading her to cry. With Mickey and his sea friends' performance, Minnie finally cheered up and made Mickey her hero. Minnie would appear in a number of shorts throughout the s, co-starring alongside Mickey. Inshe appeared in the short On Icewhich was her first appearance in a color cartoon. The short The Fox Hunt was the final appearance of Minnie's early, Ub Iwerks design in the original theatrical run.

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Still, some songs Looking Glass - Diamond Eye - Moments In Life (CD to particularly lend themselves to sending baby off to dreamland. Here are some of our favorite lullabies for babies — a mix of popular, modern-day hits and songs sung for centuries by parents eager for their little ones to get some shut-eye.

This classic nursery rhyme is believed to date back to 18th-century England though it may have originated in America. Theories abound as to the meaning of the mysterious and ominous! And while the notion of a falling cradle may not seem very restful, this melody has lulled babies to sleep and weathered the test of time.

This classic Beatles song written by John Lennon for his son Julian is peaceful and soothing. Think of "Good Night" as an audio take on the classic bedtime story Goodnight Moon. Different variations of the lyrics — originally in German — accompany different versions of the song, but all are full of comfort. The lyrics to this classic — heard in day cares around the country — come from a poem by Jane Taylor that was written in With its images of stars and the night sky, along with the disappearing sun, this song is the perfect way to evoke sleep.

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