One Of A Kind - Karo (11) - Heavy Birthday (CD, Album)

Examples of items bought include, but not limited to: Muesli, Kit-Kat bars, Salt-n-Vinegar chips, and fresh ginger root. If there ever comes a day where we meet any other, you will join me in hoping they burn out all of our eyes. Mike claims he did this to be funny and to get me to go get groceries.

I rest my case. From agesDixon served as a missionary to Japan for the Church. Relying on God as his teacher, he became proficient in the Japanese language and helped to introduce people to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The LDS church teaches its people to coexist and live in a normal society without becoming a victim to temptations and worldly passions.

Mike Dixon is a musician, recording engineer, and mixing engineer. Dixon began playing in rock bands as a teenager in West Lafayette, Indiana. Dixon has continued to perform in numerous bands from Indiana, most often playing electric guitar and singing. Dixon often plays on a modest set up consisting of vintage Fender Mustang and Fender Twin Reverb amplifier.

This sound is best exemplified by listening to the earlier recordings by Candidate and Rapider than Horsepower. Dixon has at times incorporated digital effects processors and MIDI guitar pickups into his electric guitar set up. Dixon has also created compositions that are lyrical, slow, lethargic, yet also impeccably detailed. Dixon is a natural performer, from the karaoke stage to his own living room. One of such bands was called See It Through, and they hired Mike Dixon to make their record at Russian Recording in the summer of As you might expect, Mike B panicked.

Dixon on a shooting spree? Coincidentally, the young men in See It Through had a van full of semi-automatic firearms. When they heard police sirens, they fled. The most amusing alarm incident was when Mike D was recording his own band Prayer Breakfast while Mike B was out of town. While on Album), Mike B received a call from the security people saying that the fire alarm has gone off.

Of course he panicked… again. Should he tell them to go ahead and send the fire department? He makes the decision to send them, better safe than sorry. As it turns out, the fine men of Prayer Breakfast were simply making pizza.

Delicious pizza. Probably Digiorno. Who ever heard of pizza for breakfast? Anyhow, the pizzas must have caught on fire or something. Dixon was given the responsibility of calling the fire department to let them know that they successfully put out the pizza fire themselves, and there was no need to respond to the call. The end. Our bands were playing together at a small venue just across the railroad tracks, and I was immediately struck by this band's sincerity. The chords he chose were different, and we knew that this wasn't just another group thrashing about.

When he sang, our eyes opened - because he had a sense of humor and presence that came together naturally and made complete sense when the lyrics were put in context.

And there it began. The boys from Candidate and all of us Mike and I would later refer to these memories as true "Hoosier moments. My friendship with him has been so much more Album) just good music, its been a learning experience to understand just what else really makes Mike tick.

He's not the easiest guy to get an answer out of, and don't even think of asking for an explanation. But behind all the mystery lies a truly caring and innocent young boy, exploring his world one song at a time.

Andy Dick Tracy Morgan Freeman [1]. Delay [2]. Los Gatos Negros [4]. You cannot tell from this picture, but it has some particularly Texas ornaments -- including a glass ornament shaped like the state, a red-and-green cowboy boot, a chili pepper dressed like a cowboy and a Mariachi cat. The tree looks kind of funny in this picture with that painting peeping out from behind it. That is a homeless guy in Chicago who used to sell papers in Hyde Park. His wild look indicates possible mental illness, or perhaps just the terrible stress of his life.

The paper he sold, StreetWiseis designed specifically for the homeless to sell on the street to help earn some money. I used to buy mine from a young woman who had a station near where I worked in downtown Chicago near Loyola. Because they wore ID tags, you could tell who was legitimate and it was a good way to help people who were trying to improve their situation.

The pond. Tom thought the picture above of the pond in winter was better than the barn scene, so there it is. The picture was taken during one of last winter's storms. This is the pond down the road where, in warmer months, we see sandhill cranes, ducks, does with their fawns and once a blue heron. It is by the site where Tom's great-great-grandfather built the original farmhouse.

The family has been on this land since the s, although they moved the house away from the pond eventually to get away from the mosquitoes. The land with the pond and where the old farmhouse stood now belongs to the Fosters. What they do about mosquitoes in the summer, I haven't a clue. Word on the news is that we will probably get another inch or so of snow before the end of the month, and that we are close to breaking the snowfall record for December.

When I asked the cashier at Wal-Mart today how she was doing, she said she was sick and tired of the snow. What can I tell you? We've got at least two more months of winter Let it snow Well, whether we want it or not, it is snowing again -- up to four more inches. With local budgets way over allocations for snow removal, plowing and sanding are not up to the usual.

The snow is supposed to end this evening, so maybe they will get ahead of it over the weekend. In other local news, there is a possibility that a new Johnny Depp movie may film some scenes in Baraboo, including a bank robbery in the Baraboo National Bank, where I keep my pennies.

Michael Berry and I saw Gwyneth Paltrow walking down the sidewalk one day, which was pretty cool. She was nominated for a Golden Globe for her role, but didn't win. Anthony Hopkins and Jake Gyllenhaal were also in that one, but I never saw them. Thursday, December 27, Winter. Mama said I needed to change the picture at the top of the blog because it was winter.

I tried to find a good picture of the Dells in winter without success, so I went with the barn. Seems kind of gloomy, though. Today we went to Madison and I used the gift certificate Ted and Cynthia gave me. I got a set of CDs on philosophy that I can listen to on my way to Texas next month.

Thanks, guys! Wednesday, December 26, Enchiladas rule! Recipe time again. David called tonight from Chicago. He and Rebecca liked the enchilada casserole so much that they want the recipe so they can make it. In a non-stick pan with a little water 1 tbsp. Set aside. Spray a 9 X inch baking pan with non-stick spray. Line the bottom with a layer of tortillas you may cut some of them to fit. Make sure you cover the entire bottom of the pan. Stir the refried beans and spread half of them evenly over the tortillas.

Cover the refried beans with half of the pepper-onion mixture and half of the tomatoes; sprinkle with half of the seasonings and half of the black beans. Add another layer of tortillas and repeat the layers of the other ingredients. Spread the cup of salsa over the final layer of black beans. Cover with a final layer of tortillas, pour the enchilada sauce over the top, and sprinkle with black olives. Cover and bake for about 30 minutes or until hot throughout.

It will be easier to cut if you allow it to cool for about 10 minutes before serving. Note: Fresh corn is a great addition to this.

Use about 2 cups of uncooked or frozen corn and add it as one more layer. You may need a deeper pan, though. I am sure it tastes more Tex-Mex with the corn ones, but it was fine with the flour unless you dislike them.

So you may want to use more, or leave the seeds in, if you are adventuresome. If you aren't keeping kosher or vegetarian, saute the pepper mixture in a bit of oil, use regular refried beans, and feel free to add cheese and chicken or something.

But if you do it as set out above, it will be healthier for you and it tastes fine. Christmas turkeys. The turkeys were back this morning, and it looks like all the snow has made it hard for them to find food.

They looked a bit more frantic as they found the corn that Tom had tossed out around the bird feeder and a few crumbs left over from the figgy pudding. Yes, we did indeed have figgy pudding -- the stuff in "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" -- homemade by Helen and served with a special whipped cream sauce or with rum raisin ice cream. In Great Britain, pudding is a term that can refer to any dessert, and figgy pudding is more like a cake or like banana bread, steamed in a special mold.

The picture is of a large chunk of figgy pudding, and ours looked about like that, only the figs were darker, making it look better in my opinion. Posted by Michael Dodd at AM 1 comment:. You mean I had to share this. We spent about half of one session on Hanukkah: dreidles, candles, 8-day-oil miracles, doughnuts, history, the books of the Macabbees, etc.

Gene's father was Jewish but his mother had been raised Catholic. I don't think she ever converted, but Gene was raised Jewish, more because religion was important to his mother than it was to his father.

He certainly didn't keep kosher when I knew him or maintain any other external religious life. Around Christmas, she always wanted to put up Hanukkah stuff, including a "Hanukkah bush" as a substitute for a Christmas tree. Gene's father hated it. I think maybe Mrs. Friedman never quite caught on that Hanukkah was NOT the Jewish way of celebrating a Christian holiday, but is in fact a celebration of Jews refusing to surrender their own faith to adopt the practices of a dominant culture.

Click here for Christmas greetings. We had a great Christmas eve dinner and then exchanged gifts. John, as the youngest, distributed and everyone opened a gift in order or age -- youngest John to eldest Jay while the rest oohed and aahed and laughed as appropriate.

I got a pair of Wicked Good L. Tom gave me a stuffed dragon to add to the collection. Ted and Cynthia sent me a gift card for books and Kristin has promised a photo album. Not bad! When Tom and I drove up this morning, a new flamingo had appeared -- a gift, we assume, from Rich and Peggy.

It is glittery, covered with beads, wearing sunglasses and a hat. A nice addition to the flock. After a Christmas breakfast of bacon, eggs and a tea ring pastry from Barb Baker, people started heading out. Byeveryone but Peter and Buddy the Dog were gone. Helen and Jay will pick Buddy back up next week on the way back to Minnesober. Peter will be here until mid-January. Monday, December 24, 'Twas the afternoon before Christmas. I went to work this morning, and the main roads and streets were fine.

Side streets in Baraboo could have used some more clearing, but the county and various other jurisdictions around here are all way over budget for snow removal for They used it all up in the winter storms we had last January into March, and now with a lot of snow in December, they are having to skimp where they can. I got the billing that had to be done completed and mailed out, but I still have to do the billing for the work Evelyn does for the county.

That is another forty or so bills, all of which have to be itemized. Meanwhile, back at The Lodge, people worked on puzzles, prepared for the Christmas dinner which we will eat tonight, Christmas Eve, because Helen and Jay had to leave Christmas morning to catch a flightwatched DVDs and so on.

I went by the motel room to take a nap, but the housecleaning crew was in the room. So I went for a brief swim and enjoyed the jacuzzi instead. Cassdiy was sprawled out on the couch with Jay rubbing her belly. Sundance was curled up sleeping on my bed.

Buddy the Dog was hiding somewhere. After dinner we will do the gift exchange. I'll let you know how I make out later. Sunday, December 23, Everyone's here! Lucy and John arrived about p.

It has been snowing and blowing all day, and the trip took them about an hour longer than they had expected. But now everyone is safely here. Of course, Tom and I still have to get through the mess back to the motel tonight after the tree is decorated. I have to go to work tomorrow morning, and I suspect it will take twice as long as usual. The good news is that no one will be at the office but me, so it won't matter it I am a bit late.

More later. The snow is actually Christmas card pretty, but driving in it is not fun. Nuns Hallelujah Chorus. My friend Noni Blalock Ham sent me this. Be sure to have your sound on. Saturday, December 22, Saturday at the Scharbach Shack. David and Rebecca got here last night just about sundown, slowed by dense fog. The vegetarian Mexican meal turned out quite well, and I think I will make it again sometime with cheese and chicken when being kosher is not an issue.

So far the day has been pretty quiet. It is 37 and foggy at the moment, but we are expecting snow, sleet and freezing rain this evening, turning to all snow during the night. Overnight we may get up to five inches of accumulation and pick up another inch or two tomorrow when it will be windy with a high of only Lucy and John will be driving up from Chicago through that mess. Tom and I are getting ready to go check into the motel and leave our stuff off, then hit Wal-Mart on the way back here.

Helen and Jay and Buddy the Dog are due around four or five. David and Rebecca are housebound until sundown today for the Sabbath, and then depending on the weatherthey may go out and do some last minute shopping.

Thursday, December 20, Hectic holiday houseful. Tom, Helen and Jay have been consulting on what to do about meals. There has been some uncertainty because we were not sure until today that David and Rebecca would be here, which means some kosher options have to be part of the program.

Friday night will just be them, Tom and me. Tom is working hard on most of the meals except for Christmas dinner itself which I think will be Christmas Eve, actuallyso I volunteered to cook for Friday. I made one for Hannah and Miriam once in Chicago when they came over for dinner, since they are vegetarians, and they liked it a lot. And it isn't too much work. I assume Helen and Jay will also arrive with Buddy the Dog, so the house will be full of people and animals and the cats will no doubt be thoroughly flummoxed by all the activity.

Tom and I take a room at a nearby motel and have a place to escape to when it gets too much. Since the young folks tend to stay up late let me rephrase that -- stay up all nightit is nice to be able to go somewhere nice and quiet to sleep. Helen and Jay get my room, Lucy gets Tom's, David and Becca get the guestroom and the boys get to sleep in Tom's office. Buddy the Dog will most likely sleep on the floor in my room by Helen and Jay, and the cats will sleep with whoever will let them.

Joe has a trial in southwestern Wisconsin Friday morning, so he won't be in the office. So I won't see him again until after the first of the year. We had an impromptu office Christmas party today -- salads from Monk's down the street for lunch and I got my Christmas bonus. Posted by Michael Dodd at PM 2 comments:.

Tuesday, December 18, Tuna surprise. Last night Joe and Evelyn invited Tom and me over for Album). There was sushi to start with, then a sort of noodle salad from a recipe Evelyn got from a Japanese former in-law, egg rolls followed by wonton soup and then pork stir fry.

Good meal! Tom likes to cook Chinese, too, and he and Evelyn got to chatting about food. He mentioned a low-fat cookbook that he bought a few months ago that has a lot of things we like in it. But he told her about one that did not turn out as expected. For the other songs, I play them acoustic. But I don't only play music.

Do you think the success of other musical comedy acts lately Flight of the Conchords, Bo Burnham, Lonely Island helps you, or does it just crowd the field? Well, the beauty of it is that it's all good stuff. We're all doing the same thing in a very different way. I think it's nice. It's musical comedy, sure. But Nirvana is alternative rock, and so is Radiohead, and they're worlds apart.

I can't believe I just made that comparison, but hey, I did. Have you toured much in America yet? What's your sense of how well you're known here? I've toured in the States a bit over the past months. I'm constantly surprised by how many people actually show up. I'm always expecting 3 people to show up, but I'm always pleasantly surprised. Some towns know me more than others, but generally speaking, the shows sell out, or close to it.

In Canada it's different. I just performed in Toronto for a sold-out crowd in a seater. Do you do straight stand-up or sketch, as well? Yes, I do stand-up and sketchy stuff. It makes up about half of my show.

How well is the album doing, as opposed to the YouTube videos? It seems an album serves a different purpose now than it may have just a few years ago, in terms of promoting yourself and reaching fans. I didn't really write the songs with the idea that I was going to release them on an album. I just wrote them and recorded them for the videos But it just seemed like a logical idea, at this point.

I gave them away on my website for about a year, and now I'm making millions of dollars selling them on iTunes. Not really. I don't even know how many I've sold yet. I should get a sales report soon. Probably Big labels approached me to release it, but it just didn't make sense to me to sign with a big label. I just put it out myself. What's the career ideal for you, as a musical comedian? More videos? A sitcom? I want a role on Two and A Half Men! That's the goal. Maybe I can be the wacky neighbor that comes over and sings funny songs!

That would be awesome. Honestly, 2 years ago I didn't even know I that I wanted to do comedy. Come see me for a live reading. Our spring soaps are now available at www. We can't give you warm weather, but we can offer you the scents and energies of the spring season! For those of you who are still shivering through the winter, desperate for that first bit of spring green, you might want to check out our Green Man soap. It smells clean and fresh, and one of our best sellers during the spring and summer.

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A planet of illusion, dreams, inward introspection, emotions. When this phase is happening, shadow sides come to the surface if we allow them to. However for the most part, emotions are real and focused inward and hidden agendas abound. Imaginations are active, dreaming is reality and creativity is at the fore.

This might morph into a creative phase, so just go with the flow. In fact, I headed to the arts and crafts store just today for some supplies for my lastest Goddess project. Neptune is negative, watery, mutable, dreamy, altered states of consciousness, cool, flowing, heartfelt, trickling like a fountain, the perfect "white noise," something that will lull us right to sleepdiaphanous clothing or layered colors, not unlike translucent images from the other side that we see in our dreams or dying patients describe to their loved ones.

Neptune's glyph gives us a reminder of the GOD of the planet Neptune, with it's trident shape. In the Greek and Roman Myths, whenever Neptune is mentioned and he is creating havoc of some sort, one can see the characters going through their emotional turmoils.

When he is done raging, the waters emotions are smoothed over again. Pisces and Neptune along with the Moon speak to us of what we allow to come to the surface and what we want to remain hidden either from others or from ourselves in our own subconscious.

What is reality and what is imagination? Is there a fine line between the two? Meditation on our own inner selves and our inner work is important during this phase and what we allow out in our creative endeavors is our own expression of that. If you cannot think of anything creative to do, get your hands in something fun, if you are right handed, explore automatic writing with your Album) hand.

Meditate and then get some finger paints and go crazy on a blank white board I wish I believed in a huge ginormous, powerful God of any gender. I want a Deity with some smiting mojo. That I can see, take a picture of, poke with a sharp stick. And I'm not talking about Mary on a piece of freakin' toast. If I had to twist myself to believe in a "higher power", well, make my God a Goddess. Women know how to spank the unruly, lick a thumb to rub out a smudge on a child's face.

Women know how to deal with leaky bodies. Vomit, pus, blood, poop, pee, ear wax, and motes in eyes. Women know how to clean, and when to clean. Women know how to laugh. Deep, full, belly fat shaking laughter. Can Yaweh do that? No, didn't think so. The classic God's laugh seems to sound more like sarcasm. Snarky snickering, behind a clenched fist. A Snidely Whiplash kind of laugh. Like we're being laughed AT. He asks someone else to do it. Can't seem to get his masculine ass off the sofa. Sends down 10 simple, easy to follow instructions, then lets human men twist 'em until there is no making sense of it, Then he goes fishing or something.

God only knows what He's up to. But he certainly is NOT paying attention. Give me a Goddess who is a plant, or some dirt, or water, or air, or a tree. A tree that grows food to eat, and cleans the air.

Give me a Goddess with huge boobalas, so when I need to cry, all that needs doing is a welcoming gesture, a bit of cuddle, and a stroke or two on my old thinning hair.

A warm, fresh from the dryer, down pillow feels remarkable like Goddess boobs oughta feel, don't cha think? You can have your Old Testament God with all that useless anger, hate, and destructive power.

Knock yourself out. Go ahead, hang your life on good 'ole Jehovah. Now there's a God who knows how to punish his most faithful. Oh, by the way, you can have your sacrificial lamb too. I've read that He came down to save us all, He suffered so that we may be saved.

Um, how's that working out for ya? Not so much. As a matter of true, verifiable, I have the pictures fact, Sheesh, He hasn't saved a freakin' thing. He came not to change the law but to fulfill it. Still waiting… um, change we can believe in? Waiting… waiting… And just what is he supposed to save us from?

His DAD????? I can imagine that it would taste something like apples. Or tuna. A Goddess whose every gaze, touch, song, and tear is manifested, visibly in our world. If I needed an almighty and I don't, thank you very much I want to imagine one more like me. A deity that IS me. A Goddess. As a Pastor there are many times that people from all walks of life come to me both personally and in my position as Director of a Spiritual Wellness Center. They come for different reasons, however, there is one thing in common among nearly every person that comes.

What is that one thing you might ask? They come for hope. Hope for something — something better, something different, something spiritual, something emotional, or even just something physical. As one who is in the field of pastoral work, I would like to think that every spiritual leader would offer the same thing as is forefront to me. Regardless of what spiritual journey a person is on, regardless of what their background is, regardless of what sex they are, what age, what economic stature they are or what sexual orientation they have — when they come to a spiritual leader they are looking for hope.

Personally I believe that it is a responsibility to carry a message of hope to everyone who comes seeking out help. Unfortunately, I know that not all religious and spiritual people in pastoral positions offer that so important four letter word. I felt compelled to write this article because of the experience I had this morning. I volunteer on a website that offers the public a place One Of A Kind - Karo (11) - Heavy Birthday (CD ask questions of volunteers in different categories.

The public has a choice of whether to ask the question privately or publicly. He wanted to tell someone of his plans. Paraphrased from his email: Wednesday's night he went to his hometown church please note I have since found out the young man was from another state and spoke with the pastor there.

The conversation with the pastor involved the young man telling the Pastor that he was gay. The young man's question was did God still love him. I just thought someone should know. I am unsure of what type of church it was and that really is irrelevant. What is relevant? This is not the first time that a situation of this nature has come across my path.

There are many times that people come from different religious backgrounds and share that judgment was passed down upon them from religious persons. Judgment upon their sexual orientation is only one example. While I do understand that many religions have their dogma and beliefs, I can not fathom the idea of telling a person that they are condemned and there is no way out. If I am not mistaken, the basis of every religion, of every spiritual path, is Hope.

Hope in something. Something outside of themselves. Hope that can carry them through dark days. Hope that they are not alone. Hope that someone cares enough to listen. Hope that tomorrow is a brand new day. I will not go into statistics of how many young people commit suicide each year.

I will not go into quoting from sacred texts. I just want to know and understand how it is that any spiritual person, especially those who are looked to for guidance and help, can ever tell anyone there is no hope — no way out — nothing but condemnation. Due to the very nature of being the Director of a Spiritual Wellness Center, I am blessed with the opportunity to meet many beings on different spiritual journeys.

I have the opportunity to speak with many religious and spiritual leaders of the community. I am blessed with being able to speak with persons from different economic levels, different educational backgrounds, different countries, different sexual orientations and different cultures.

It is my belief that anyone I have spoken with would not have done or said the same thing to this young man. They would have offered Hope, offered love and offered compassion. What might sound like perfection to your neighbor could be like nails on a chalkboard to you or vice versa. However, some artists are clearly better than others.

Whether they introduced the world to a new sound, have a vocal range that defies explanation or hit the top of the charts more times than you can count, they are the superstars of their industry. Check out some of the most amazing singers who ever belted out a rock song, based on the number of hits they have had on the Billboard Hot charts.

Patti Smith started her career as a guitar-playing poet on the streets of New York. She released her first album in after forming the Patti Smith Group. The England-born, America-raised rocker broke into the music scene as a guitarist for the all-female teenage rock band The Runaways in the s. She was inducted into the Hall of Heavy Metal History in James Marshall Hendrix grew up in Seattle, where he took up playing the guitar as a teen. Although her vocals left a lasting mark on rock music, her career was incredibly shortlived as the singer known as the Queen of Rock died of an accidental overdose in

All My Love (Radio Edit Version 2 - Hook First) - Queen Pen - All My Love - (Radio Edits) (CD), Pupazzetti - Various - Musica Futurista: The Art Of Noises (CD), Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition - Kay Kyser And His Orchestra - Kay Kyser (Vinyl), We Can Work It Out - The Beatles - 1 (CD), Bonnie & Clyde - Flozilla - This Life I Live (CD, Album), Time On My Hands - Teddy Wilson - In Chronology - 1952-1953 (File, MP3), Sergio Fernandez - Jam Sax EP (File, MP3), Girl´s Got A Brand New Toy (Album Version) - Various - Pop & Wave - New Romantic (CD), Boo Hoo - Lloyd Price - Boo Hoo / I Made You Cry (Vinyl), Um Amor Infinito - Madredeus - Um Amor Infinito (CD, Album), Claw Hammer - Scuse The Excursion (CD)