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That makes sense because organizing a party is not an easy task, and you do need to have a bunch of stuff ready before the guests arrive. However, repairing damaged walls can be a bigger hassle. Therefore, the best thing to do is to decorate an hour before the event to ensure the walls stay intact. Keep in mind that the adhesive can react to sunlight, heat, and even paint, so leaving it on the walls for only a short while should ensure the paint remains spotless.

However, that means you should take the decorations down as soon as possible. Once the guests leave, get busy and remove the tape. Instead, try rolling it flat back from the wall. When removing posters, try to slide up and not pull away. This should keep the walls and the posters safe. If there is any residue on the surface, the best way to remove it is with some warm soapy water and a soft cloth.

In case the walls are improperly painted, or the wallpaper is old, I would suggest using wall gum instead of tape. As a matter of fact, gum would be a better option for any brittle surface, as it is much gentler. Simply place a piece of gum onto the wall and then stick the decoration to it. In my experience, wall gum is the best choice for posters. It is not designed to hold anything heavy, so make sure you do not use heavy decorations.

Well, I hope some of my tips can help you avoid such a hassle in the future. To sum it up, if the tape is the only option, choose wisely and carefully.

Most importantly, pay attention to how your walls are painted. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Safetyhub is supported in part by its readers. If you buy something through our posts, we may receive a commission at no extra charge to you. Inventory and prices are accurate as of time of publication. Table of Contents.

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You have entered an incorrect email address! Latest Post Continue to the category. How to Build a Wooden Ladder Modified date:. How to Care for Marble Counters Modified date:. Recent Review. Is A Gun Safe Necessary? Things you should know Modified date:. I think for a future project, I'd like to take a 1mm sheet of magnesium alloy and create a new headband for the SAs. My headband is okay, but just in case, I'd like another.

Finally I got the "perfect" replacement SA earpads, its fit perfectly despite the form is round and even edges. But the medium soft pleather is very good, not too soft like those wrinkly ones and not stiff, although the inner ring is the stiffier layer. This SA is mm and inner 50mm with detachable foam is the best sofar!

SA used for sale at ebay. You should learn how to sew your own earpads, CDSA So I wanted to put detachable cables onto my SAs. I looked and looked and at first thought that mini-XLR connectors would be perfect. I was wrong, however, realizing that they'd be muuuch too big.

It wasn't until I perused the threads around this place concerning removable cables for in-ear monitors and ear buds that I got the idea that I could use a set of Shure MMCX connectors in order to make the mod without tampering with anything on the SAs. This mod was grueling, it was not fun to solder these tiny connectors. I also retained the old cable I had been using, which is a monster at around 13'. I installed male MMCX connectors on that end too, equally as annoying to install, but it worked out in the end.

I used a thermoplastic softens when hot, hardens when cold to ensure that the connectors would not push out when disconnecting or push in while reconnecting the cables.

I used some high quality cables for the connections inside the cups and the sound is just amazing. Now I have a very short cable for listening to things in bed or portably, and a very long cable for listening sessions while walking around my room.

Just a few layers in the grooves, then buffing them and the finish matches perfectly. I love tinkering with headphones. I literally tore the cables out of the cups of my SAs once before thanks to an act of stupidity i. This is similarly why I installed detachable connectors in my CD Both are gold-plated and securely fitted and soldered non-permanent in both casesand don't detract from the sound at all.

It also doesn't hurt that a cable switch can be done in a snap now. No more soldering, yay! Good that Ouch Assholes Your Stepping On Me - Safe Inside - Safe Inside (Vinyl) detachable mods is working for you, if you're so careless. At the moment I keep those replacement earpads as spare, because I still like the semi peeled pleather originals into bare cloths with the intact front leather piece.

Joined Mar 5, Posts 4, Likes 1, Those pads are not the same as OEM. Original pads are not flat like that. I mean, You must log in or register to reply here. Users who are viewing this thread. The 3 upper cabinets on the right looked out of place to me, so I suggested we take them down and put up open Ouch Assholes Your Stepping On Me - Safe Inside - Safe Inside (Vinyl) made out of the same hickory as our counters.

JC was hesitant at first, but he trusts my vision. Thankfully, we could do most of the work ourselves, but this also meant we had to rebuild the facade above the cabinets. We hung the shelves using a set of invisible floating shelf brackets.

It required drilling in from the back and routing in a spot for the bracket to sit flush. Unfortunately, my excitement only lasted for awhile because we had to stop working to get other work done at this point. It would be a few months before we could install the range hood, and finish other details. However, we were able to install our dining room windows.

All we had was a single pane of glass with two nails holding them in — no joke. They were covered by cheap storm windows, and some were Ouch Assholes Your Stepping On Me - Safe Inside - Safe Inside (Vinyl).

At that time, we also needed to replace our roof over our family room as the winter before had an ice dam that caused a backup under our roof. We had no major leaks, but thought it wise to upgrade just in case. I told him that now I can finally get my new windows!! Within a month we had a leak and he came to fix it and handed me the bill.

I refused to pay, but apparently my husband had already agreed by phone. Talk about a hot mama!! Two months later I found more leaks on Christmas Eve as I sat by our tree. It dripped on my shoulder and the rest of the winter we had buckets set about. We would have to do it ourselves come spring. The kicker is we could have done the roof ourselves in the first place, but decided to hire it out so we could continue the kitchen. Sad to say. We waited for a few months for a plumber to feel like showing up and then when he did he messed up some things and even sprayed an awful mess all over my shop inventory in the basement.

There are far worse things, but this was a bit much. Finally, we could finish since all the wrinkles were ironed out. All the angles involved in creating the framing and then the covers was mind-boggling. I hoarded that hand-carved trim for years waiting for this day. JC kept asking if he could refinish it — nope. I had to keep explaining what patina is and why I love it so. He may never understand me in that regard.

I just used my hemp oil and it looks good as new. Once the hood and cover were installed, all I needed to do was add the finishing touches. Meanwhile, we added the laundry counter and sink. Our cast iron kitchen sink came with a like-new faucet, so we would use that in here. Finally, after a few more tweaks and fixes to things, we can finally show you all our hard work. We adore our new space with all the little bells and whistles. However, we still have a few things to change.

We have a few other projects to finish before winter. The worm holes and all the story it tells really makes it speak to my heart. The open feel our farmhouse kitchen remodel now has Ouch Assholes Your Stepping On Me - Safe Inside - Safe Inside (Vinyl) my heart sing when I walk in.

My kids love to be able to have everything easy to access as we cook from scratch for all meals daily. The faucet in the antique brass finish is perfect for the look I was after.

That beautiful faucet pairs nicely with our custom range hood that I gave a faux aged-finished look in copper and brown metallic paints. You can see the mandolin my grandparents used to use. I adore seeing bits of family memories around the house. Below, we built the cupboards to suit our needs. First, is a trash bin drawer that keeps my blucky junk hidden. The second drawer is a double-stacked drawer for my kitchen goodies. It makes it nice to have them easy to access.

Last, a taller drawer is for my cookie sheets, muffin pans, cutting boards, etc. Again, one of the best decisions in our farmhouse kitchen remodel was to go with a cooktop instead of a range to give me more storage space. We were after and old world style look, so our choice in backsplash tile reflects that.

The embossed design with an aged appeal really suits what we were after. We could have laid it out in many styles, but we like this design best. After I suggested getting rid of our dishwasher, you would assume JC would call me crazy. I had dreamed of a double oven and was so ready to ditch the dishwasher. Around the corner from our farmhouse kitchen remodel is the laundry, as mentioned earlier. We had much work to do in there.

Our efforts made such a difference to the overall function. Back out in the dining room, I have my repurposed lighting and chalkboard, and my dining table and chair all previously refinished links below. We also added a built-in bench to house our Ouch Assholes Your Stepping On Me - Safe Inside - Safe Inside (Vinyl) books and materials.

Makes for a nice spot to tuck our daily grind needs away and cozy up with a book. When not used for our meals, this is definitely the hub to our homeschooling day.

Because of that, it was key to make this spot be cozy and functional. That, my friends, wraps up our farmhouse kitchen remodel reveal. Thank you for encouraging and uplifting us when we hit low points. Feel free to email with questions too.

Thankfully, we are already working on finishing our family room and hope to share that soon. Lord willing, there will be no major hangups like we faced in the kitchen! I invite you to pin and share our farmhouse kitchen remodel for future reference, as well as to inspire others to give DIY a try. We did this on the tightest budget and know there are many hoping to try to do similar too. Up next, I take this pile of thrifted fun and make it into something new. BIG surprise!

Until next time! I know it must have seemed like it took forever but the end result is so worth it. You and JC have so much talent. The kitchen looks fantastic. Larissa, I am so happy for you! Your kitchen is beautiful! What a huge project! I am one who has been waiting to see the big reveal and happy you have finished! What I like about your blog is that you can do amazing things on a shoestring budget.

It is harder for me to identify with people who seem to have unlimited funds for remodels. So rather than cultivating covetousness, you inspire me to be creative and resourceful.

Thank you so much for sharing! Thanks so much, Amy! We are so relieved to be done. Wow what a difference. You guys did a fantastic job. All of your hard work paid off. I know you will really enjoy your kitchen now. You certainly faced some trials along the way…Romans4. A special congratulations to JC…what a math whiz! GREAT job! Congratulation to all 8 of you on a job well done! Amazing what all a good team can accomplish. The sinks, double ovens, floating shelves… and Ouch Assholes Your Stepping On Me - Safe Inside - Safe Inside (Vinyl) back splash tile- so pretty!

I have a warm spot in my heart for the kraut cutter on the stove hood. I have 2 from my great-grandma hanging in my kitchen! I actually used to use one of them to cut cabbage when I was a teen! Thanks for your flooring input in the video.

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