The Day Has Come - Marc Landers - The Day Has Come (Vinyl)

When you look at the overall roster of songs, they all do fit into a certain context. After I got to know Hilary and we hung out, I saw that she had real points of view and was going to be real involved, which makes it easier to actually create the music—coming from somewhere, from a personality, from a point of view, rather than created out of whole cloth.

So that excited me. Hilary had so much personality that she was able to convey on a recording. I didn't have a ton of ideas going into it. I think I was really in touch with the subject matter and content. I would change things here or there. As she was not familiar with the process of creating an album, Duff met with many different record producers. She sat down with each of them and told them what she enjoyed listening to.

In some instances, Duff would go into detail about events in her personal life that could be used for inspiration in a song. Kara DioGuardiwho had long outgrown Disney, thus making her unaware of who Duff was, was told by an acquaintance of hers who worked at EMI that she should meet up with Recke. DioGuardi told her friend that she was "on a tight schedule", but later decided that she'd "try it".

After hearing the selection, he immediately told her that he wanted " Come Clean " and " The Day Has Come - Marc Landers - The Day Has Come (Vinyl) Voice " for Duff, saying that they were perfect for her. He submitted "quite a few songs" for the album because he loved working with Duff.

Pettus deemed his involved in the project as being "completely accidental"; he had just moved from New Jersey to Los Angeles and was introduced to Midnight through their mutual friend Marc Swersky. The three wrote several songs together with no particular artist in mind. The Matrixa record production team consisting of Lauren ChristyGraham Edwards and Scott Spock had "just come off the back of a very successful little run" with three number one hits with Avril Lavigne when Disney approached them and asked if they would be interested in writing for Duff.

They agreed and called Midnight, who had already been involved in the project. Christy cited him as one of her favorite writers and her mentor. Being familiar with their work, meeting with The Matrix was "very exciting" for Duff. After Recke chose the songs, DioGuardi had the task of rewriting some of the song's lyrics to make them more appropriate for Duff's demographic.

According to Recke: "Kara got [it]. It morphed into this really cool creative relationship that Hilary and Kara developed. What I always loved about Kara was she wrote like an artist, not as a typical songwriter. I think that's what really connected with Hilary. Duff loved the recording process of "Come Clean", having a "good time" in the studio with Shanks, who produced the song. According to Duff, he was "really, really, really great" about making her feel comfortable in the studio.

According to Bennett, the song's producer, "it was kind of an acting job as opposed to a more traditional approach" for Duff. Writing with Haylie was a "specific comfort place" for her at the time, as her life had been changing "so fast and so quickly".

According to Duff, "it was kind of scary and a lot of times I felt alone or criticized". She read it for my family and Duff suggested that they make it into a song, which became "Sweet Sixteen". Christy found writing the songs for Duff as "really fun and easy". Despite her reluctance to do the song, she recorded it and once Hollywood Records heard it, "everybody started sort of freaking out".

As she had already worked with Midnight in the past, he already knew what "she wanted to talk about and what she was going through at that time". Bennett wrote the track and then got together with Midnight to compose the lyrics and the melody. As Bennett was putting the song together he realized that he had a "different spin on the melody", so Duff went back into the studio to "lay down a different melody" for the chorus at the last minute. Duff's "really strong work ethic" greatly impressed Bennett.

Duff described the album as "pop music [that] has some more rock and edginess to it"; [5] she said the type of music was "somewhere in between" pop and " hardcore rock ", but that she did not know how to explain it. According to her, there is "a lot of different music" on Metamorphosis that she finds difficult to categorise. She said that there are many "different sounds" on the album, such as rock and electronicand "a whole range" of temposincluding "deep, slow" tracks and "high-energy" songs to provide her with a "boost".

According to Duff, everyone experiences varied feelings and moods, and they can "feel a bit better" by playing their favorite song. Rolling Stone magazine described the album as "a slick collection of pop songs, master-crafted to appeal to huge numbers of young people".

She said the production "[had] been mastered and sounds really pretty If I could change it, I would, and it would sound [less pop].

Duff said the album represented "kind of a change" because it was "kind of different" from anything she had previously done; [15] as she put it, "We called the album Metamorphosis because it's about changes that everybody experiences". The album opens with its lead single " So Yesterday ," that according to Duff is an empowering song about breaking up with someone and getting over it.

The song speaks of having a conversation with ones conscience. Metamorphosis was released in North America on August 26, During the period in which Metamorphosis was released, Duff was participating in many projects in film, brand licensingmusic and television; USA Today wrote in July that she was emerging as "The Next Big Thing" and "a marketing powerhouse" with nine to twelve year-olds, and Billboard magazine said that she "is looking to become more than just the nation's next teen pop princess.

She wants to become a brand-name phenomenon Entertainment lawyer Larry Golring called it "a great cross-promotion" for VideoNow and Duff's music career, which he said were "two new brands that are going to be huge this time next year, and they hopefully will have helped each other get there".

Marketing people such as Laura Groppe, president of Girls Intelligence Agency, said that the timing of the release of Metamorphosis and other Duff-related products was right because there had been a lack of teen idols since Britney Spearsand that Duff "[is] not too pretty. Not too thin. Not too anything She's become the fabric of pop culture with teens right now. Duff herself said that Lizzie McGuire was "a great place to begin my career", but said that "it's exciting to go out on my own" with Metamorphosis.

Top 40 radio in mid-July, after which it became the "most added" song on the format. Duff embarked on a four-week concert tour in the U. Haylie Duff was the opening act on the tour, which ran for thirty-six dates and sold well in major arenas ; Pollstar editor-in-chief said that there was "a real positive buzz about ticket sales for Hilary's show".

By early Augustenough food had been amassed to feed more than 12, children. Thus, some similarities arose between the song and the work of Lavigne. It was the forty-ninth best selling single of in Australia, [39] and was certified platinum in Duff described the song as being "obviously about a boy and a girl's relationship and it's just talking about how somebody thinks they're in the dark.

They're laying all the cards out on the table and coming out with everything that hasn't been said basically. It sounds sort of like technobut it's slow. It's really cool. However, the song failed to match the success of its predecessor " So Yesterday " in many other countries. Archived from the original PDF on 2 February Retrieved 1 February Archived from the original on 8 January Retrieved 8 January Retrieved 17 January Archived from the original on 10 January Retrieved 10 January Live in Las Vegas : AllMusic".

Retrieved 5 October Ultratop Nielsen SoundScan. Retrieved 6 October Music Data Canada. ISBN Archived from the original on 1 June Retrieved 13 April Retrieved 4 May Retrieved 4 September Les classement single.

GfK Entertainment Charts. IFPI Greece. Archived from the original on 2 June Top Digital Download. Musica e dischi.

Retrieved 28 July Dutch Top 40 Retrieved 4 September Single Top Top 40 Singles. Nielsen Music Control. Archived from the original on 21 October Retrieved 5 May Retrieved 17 March SC Vento Consultanta. Archived from the original on 14 May Retrieved 7 October Official Charts Company.

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Now with the Brooklyn Museum invitation - Art it is! Sam Gilliam, born a product of post-war American painting emerged from the Washington DC scene in the mids with works inspired by the local color-field movement.

His best-known works from this period involved huge stained canvases that he draped stretcher-free, hanging loosely across gallery walls and ceilings. For an African American artist finding his voice in the "hinterlands" as every mile you traveled from Manhattan became more "hinter" in the days when Gilliam was trying to spread his wings as a young artisthe has built a fine career for any coast or continent.

With exhibitions, indeed retrospectives, at most museums worth mentioning and permanent installations at several prestigious institutions, his work in over 50 public collections Most everyone is aware that those with an eye for visual culture have followed the profound contributions made to the art scene in this country since WW And some of those souls to their credit invested in works that inspired them along the way Those who invested well have been rewarded because the art market has outperformed all other investments That the gallery "Multiples, Inc" was invented and is celebrating its 55th anniversary this month.

While all six works share Puryear's born unique engagement with materials Here he creates a personal memorial that stands with solemn delicacy yet as a firm reminder. History tells us that Sally Hemings was a mixed-race slave belonging to Thomas Jefferson who is presumed to have given birth to six of Jefferson's children.

How elegant than that the fluted column of Sally's tribute both suggests her skirt and the columns of Monticello -narrowing at the waist where a cast iron emblazoned stake drives through its center. If there's any justice somewhere Sally Hemings knows that tho it's taken a long years she is now being commemorated by one of the world's finest sculptors. Although the exquisite work of painter Victoria Gitman born in Buenos Aires, Argentinanow living in Hallandale Beach, Florida appears representational, her mature paintings seriously engage the language of abstraction.

As she focuses on one swath of fabric - often a rich, complex texture like fake-fur and spends months painting it -a hair or a thread at a time- carefully controlling the light, time of day, so every shadow on every surface is exact from one hour to the next, the surface alone is a profound source of engagement.

The outline of the material - what a painter would call the "stretchers" for the fabric happens to be a woman's often antique purse! The artist collects these treasures and spends years painting them. It is their "objectness" that speaks to the gender politics of femininity through craftsmanship and beauty. Perhaps the highlight of the reconstruction is the art installations Here in the Train Hall Wiley plays with the language of ceiling frescoes - using his installation to celebrate Black culture.

While traditionally one would expect the figures in ceiling frescoes to express religious devotion, Wiley's figures twist and twirl as if break-dancing in the sky.

The artist hires people right off the street as models for his works, hoping commuters will look up, pause The artist says, "I wanted to create at the intersection of trade, commerce, and transportation in the capital of the world's economy, something that sits as a testament to Black possibility.

To blanket this year would take an artful embrace both for what has been lost, and what is to come. And for this Jim Hodges born lives in NY flower screens come to mind.

Their qualities of fragility and temporarily become touchstones for human experience and mortality. Her death this weekend at 84 will resonate throughout academia, the documentary film community where she produced eight documentary films and with artists whose careers she followed and contributed to with her astute studio critiques.

She was famously married to Frank Stella when they were both beginning their glorious careers, followed by several others after they divorced. She is credited with doing as much as any critic to advance the careers of women—most notably her monograph on Helen Frankenthaler. Barbara Rose — It is the finest example of Mexican Baroque architecture in the United States, a working parish for the Tohono O'odham community founded in The land the mission sits on is part of the 2.

The walls of the church finished in under the Franciscans are made of the land itself. In its year existence, the mission has been ravaged by earthquakes, lightning, and wars and yet it stands. In when it was finally restored by seven art conservators Thank the Lord for artists who are spending these days wrestling with the realities of this calamity thus giving us new opportunities from which to view the world.

An invitational show at the Drawing Center in New York, " Drawings from Now " hosts a group of works - all but one done during the pandemic - by a diverse group of international artists all of whom find ways subtle and profound to comment on the ordeal we are living through. It is staggering to be awakened, blown off course by the simplest of gestures. Two lines crossing, bold primary colors—right from the tube?!

Such is the surprising mastery 50 years in the making! Of New York native Harriet Korman bornwho with shattered geometries, scribbly gestures, and yes, staunch formalism bucks art world trends to insist on a magic all her own. It is a milestone of sorts for Futura, aka Leonard McGurr, who was known back in the early 70's as the "King of the Aerosol Can" as he covered New York subways with graffiti, starting a movement that forever altered the visual landscape of the city.

The growth of his aesthetic didn't stop there. With the support of the fashion designer Agnes B, he went on to develop commercial lines including the likes of Nike SneakersLouis Vuitton and Comme des Garcons.

Berlin based Stefanie Heinze born Berlin begins her work with delicate drawings that capture liveliness in both small and large scale. Her abstract expressionist tendencies blossom and segue into symbolic animal-like figures, humorous social critiques and disembodied body parts.

While Heinze is loosely associated with the Leipzig School it is easier to imagine her heading in another direction entirely! Her influences are many as she sources ancient cultures, found objects and handmade additions such as clay animal heads and bird parts.

The work is also enriched by collaborations with artisans and craftsmen. The exquisite custom-made furnishings of Italian designer Martino Gamper often serve as pedestals for her figures. Multimedia artist Pope. L born Newark, New Jersey lives and works Chicago. He is a humorist and agitator and is known for using his body to examine division and inequality mostly in the streets. Amazingly in addition to these physical grand gestures he also produces elegant paintings like the one posted here.

Philip Guston has been in the news lately as a major retrospective of his work was due to open this year at the National Gallery before traveling to London, New York, and Houston was postponed due to paintings like this one. The delay sparked fury in the art world. What are museums for anyway?

He pointed the finger at himself and made it clear that whiteness carries a legacy of violence of which he was the beneficiary. That is what accountability looks like. Ewa Juszkiewicz born in Krakow Masks women with the material used to limit them. Her ladies sit in bucolic settings wearing frothy garments, artfully arranged. They often hold books The Day Has Come - Marc Landers - The Day Has Come (Vinyl) go unread and fans that are unopened.

The sculptor and performance artist Nick Cave Born who has danced with Alvin Ailey in New York is best known for his Sound Suits sculptural costumes that dazzle with beads, feathers, sequins and buttons. The suits fit like a second skin thus concealing the gender, ethnicity and class of the wearer. In contrast to Nick Cave's abstract sculptural work a more literal offering on the facade of The School in Kinderhook, New York, a northern location of the Jack Shainman Gallery has just been unveiled.

The artist had expected the work to provoke a conversation about racial justice in the wake of the killing of George Floyd and the racial unrest that it provoked. However, that was not the unrest the work provoked in the Village of Kinderhook. The Village is considering the art work an un-permitted sign in violation of local code and has issued an order for its removal. This week in Newington Green, a square outside London, a statue was dedicated to Mary Wollstonecraft -the mother of modern feminism.

Sadly, what was meant to be an honor has turned into a furor as on - lookers wonder if men would be represented in such raw form? Indeed many visitors are taking off their own shirts to cover the statue. At the statue's base is a quote from her book, "A Vindication of the Rights of Women.

Famed Baltimore filmmaker John Waters Born has just donated works by artists from his art collection to the Baltimore Museum of Art. Several museums have recently de-accessioned works to prop up their operating budgets threatened by the pandemic. Waters made clear he was opposed to de-accessioning and The Day Has Come - Marc Landers - The Day Has Come (Vinyl) restricted the sale of his collection.

In exchange for Water's bequest two bathrooms in the museum's East lobby will be named for him. The elegant work now stands next to Chris Burden's Urban Light at the southeast corner of the museum along Wilshire Blvd. Nara describes his inspiration for the work"In Japanese it's called, "Moriko" or "child of the forest. Hence, Miss Forest he envisioned being connected to the earth from soil He thus employs a range of materials: rubber, carpet, aluminum, celotex, styrofoam.

Often the work becomes performative as the chosen material covers the walls and floors thus becoming a backdrop for portraits often not his own but mysterious icons that are alluring and captivating. Sometimes the gallery becomes covered in mirrored surfaces silvered celetex that visitors can carve into.

Soon the gallery walls are decorated by the exhibitions' visitors. I just went to the extreme. Los Angeles sculptor Alison Saar Born using both found and traditional materials, assembles powerful figures that are meditations on the legacy of the African diaspora and femininity.

Her defiant black figures are powerful visual role models for a culture all to reluctant to address the emotional content of its history.

Fred Tomaselli Born collects unorthodox materials including herbs, prescription drugs, hallucinogenic plants, capsules, pills of all varieties, which he arranges on wood panels and covers in thick layers of clear resin. In this manner he depicts hallucinatory surreal scenes both allegorical Masaccio's "Expulsion from the Garden of Eden and contemporary his version of the grim reaper. With my work they travel through the eyes. The isolated rural community of Gee's Bend Alabama is famous for its inhabitants who trace their lineage back to the slaves of the Pettway Plantation.

Struggling to survive through the decades, often cut off from access to ferry service to the rest of Alabama and slow to get utilities and public services, the community of Gee's Bend produced quilts in order to stay warm.

Typically quilt making has been an Euro-American folk tradition- but the Gee's Bend quilts are uniquely African textiles and made by African Americans in isolation since before the 19th century. Michael Kimmelman reviewed the Gee's Bend quilters exhibition for the New York Times calling the quilts "Some of the most miraculous works of modern art America has produced. I am excited to share that one of my favorite painters opened in Chelsea with a major exhibition at the historic Paula Cooper Gallery.

Cecily Brown's Born London robust paintings, a combination of abstraction and figuration draw from art historical references as well as contemporary motifs.

One of the many surprises in Brown's aesthetic is her ability to transform paint into flesh, and this attribute plus the erotic energy of the expressive and mobile paint application and rich pallet gives the eye a memorable workout. Zoe Buckman Born creates multidisciplinary work which spans sculpture, textiles,ceramics, photography and large-scale installations. Incorporating vintage fabrics, used and decorated by women, the artist sets up strong gender references pairing the feminine with boxing gloves and textiles with embroidery suggesting patriarchal subjugation.

Los Angeles hosted Buckman's first public art installation in Titled "Champ" it was a kinetic sculpture featuring a glowing pink uterus with boxing gloves in the place of the ovaries. Standing feet-tall it towered above Sunset Blvd. It was thrilling this week to get the news that Simone Leigh Born a New York-based artist whose work includes sculpture, performance and installation, will be the first black woman to represent the U.

Leigh's work which deals with both the cultural as well as the marginalization of women of color has found exciting ways to engage the public. In Leigh was commissioned to add a ft tall bronze bust of a black woman to Manhattan's High Line at 10th Avenue. Titled "Brick House" the work towers above the Chelsea District and celebrates female strength and beauty in grand style.

Both locations give him insight into migration, colonization, exile, displacement and race that are the core issues of his work. He has now merged traditional Japanese ukiyo-e with graffiti bringing the art of the streets into the galleries and making tagging a fine art. While there is much speculation regarding Stan's new owner he is headed to a private collection for sure so this picture of him may be your last. Looking at a work of Los Angeles-based artist Elliott Hundley is always impressive and "Agave of the Bacchae" is no exception.

The large scale work based on the Greek tragedy explores ideas of exuberance and ecstasy, mourning and remembrance. And oddly unique to Hundley's work, in addition to the collage, painting, photography, sculpture and assemblage used in the construction are small cut out images held in place with a multitude of pins of varying lengths and colors.

Your eyes have to zoom in to take in the story an inch at a time It is thrilling to learn that after years of turmoil and descent over how to handle American monuments left from the Confederacy the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has pledged million dollars over five years to the "Monuments Project. The work of Swiss-born New York-based mixed media artist Ugo Rondinone Born embraces a range of forms - none more compelling than the day-glo cairns that stand feet-high and comprise the Seven Magic Mountains formation at the southern end of Las Vegas Blvd along Interstate The mammoth land art contribution is reminiscent of ancient rock balancing techniques.

The installation was five years in the making and originally planned for but has now been extended through The Iranian-born American artist combined his architectural and sculptural skills to build public gathering places that paid tribute to everyday life. He was an idealist and an ethicist whose architecture encouraged the best of its citizenry.

What's Scalapino Nu Shu? The early works of American sculptor Petah Coyne Born were chandeliers made of unorthodox materials: candles, flowers, fabric, pigment, all dipped in wax and suspended; often dripping elements to the floor - suggesting Victorian Vanitas.

The contradictions were many and they have grown However, when has beauty not been paired with the grotesque? The riotous foot-long painting influenced by Gericaut's "Raft of the Medusa" seems well suited to these crazy times. While the central figure attempts to build a life for himself in a post apocalyptic world, other figures are on board: and many are art-world luminaries!

See if you spot paint splashed Jackson Pollock, and the sailors spouting water from their mouths a la Bruce Nauman's fountain! This boat-building exercise leaves no doubt that like Marina Abramovic's sit-in performance at MOMA - the artist is always present!

American expressionist painter Dana Schutz Born wins your heart with her clumsy yet comic figures that lope between creativity and violence. The pictures float in and out of pictorial genres. Still lives become personified portraits become events and landscapes become constructions. In the studio these samples will get drenched with colored pigments to make the scenic murals reminiscent of the ecosystems from which they came.

Abstract painter Ron Gorchov died last month at his home in Redhook Brooklyn at age He was known for saddle-shaped canvases that curve off the wall and reshape the viewer's field of vision in all sizes and proportions. The works developed over the decades had a confrontive, emotional-charged impact often including simple geometric marks, suggestive of openings, orifices or eyes.

Endless references suggest themselves when in the presence of this work which is considered both "primitive" and "rudimentary.

Sam Falls Born is an American artist who uses photography, painting, and sculpture, to defy natural phenomena. Often the result becomes the insertion of organic structures into art and man made objects into nature. Ceramic artist Sharif Farrag Born accesses his Egyptian and Syrian heritage when building sculptures that reference both Middle Eastern and European traditions. These personal references continue in his highlighting of Los Angeles where he now lives and works, as he also nods to skate culture and graffiti, making for a rollicking mash-up of global identity.

Turner Prize-winning YBA artist Chris Ofili born inspires with exuberant paintings influenced by popular cultures and religious sources from the Bible to hip hop. Ofili, who now lives in Trinidad is well known as the artist that Rudolf Giuliani tried to ban from the "Sensation" exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum in Here find Fatty and Fudge the famed progeny of Los Angeles painter Kim Dingle, born who has focused much of her career on tots running amok.

Her endless imagination lures us into unknown fantasy worlds full of spiritual and courtly fervor that inspire often forgotten aesthetic experiences that are redemptive. The Japanese ceramicist Katsuyo Aoki born in lurid blue imagery details momento mori as a preferred motif. As with the designer Alexander McQueen, skull imagery lurks in the intense beauty of her calligraphy.

We share here the work of Titus Kaphar born who, with disarming energy and power, re-configures art history to include the African American experience.

Painter, sculptor, filmmaker, and installation artist Titus Kaphar born wrestles with the past as he transforms classic historic images by altering them— with repainting, slashing, twisting and reinventing in every way imaginable. Andrew Lord is certainly not the first artist in the modern era to use ceramics.

He prides himself on referencing a hybrid genealogy that includes Picasso, Duchamp and Gauguin as well as artists from other eras: Michelangelo, Rodin who worked in the medium as well as the Florentine Della Robbia family. He is also familiar with the great Meissen sculptors; and since moving from England has seen the stark division between art and craft not held in Europe.

Andrew Lord born is an innovator, working in one of the oldest mediums known to man. There is an extraordinary consistency and coherence in his trajectory, a kind of natural growth, devoid of repetition and never afraid of exposing its influences. His sources and affiliations in painting, ceramics, poetry, the natural world and the city, construct a personal and unique genealogy.

These familiar forms take on the weighty heft of sculpture as they exaggerate the way women are perceived with a painful frankness. Jenny Saville.

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