Adele 25

Adele 25

Mom : This album has been on regular rotation in our house since , thanks to a certain aspiring musician I know. Nine out of Eight out of Seven out of Despite the extended periods of time in between her last two albums and her next one, Adele never fails to impress. Still: the cumulative effect is sometimes as treacly as the heavily frosted sheet cake being slid onto the buffet table in the carpeted banquet hall where this song will be blasting, on a loop, for all of eternity.

Even your most adorable aunt—the one who loves a Yankee Candle—will eventually drain her flute of sparkling wine, lean forward, and be like, "Dog, this shit is corny. Taken as a whole document, it is truly staggering how many of these songs—all of them, as far as I can tell—address the foibles of romantic love.

You dummies are the ones who want that! And perhaps these songs are trifles, foregone conclusions that, instead of facilitating or inviting a deepening, allow for just one outcome: a peaceable head-bob, a wistful smile.

To the point where Ariel and I looked at each other and knew we should do more takes, though we already had it. Already she was having a cup of tea and being a normal mum again. No more terrible than any other mom does, or any other parent.

The guilt of having a bad studio session and spending like eight hours away — [I] still regret it. I was nervous because it changed the feel of the song dramatically. Everything gelled when we dialed up the choir patch of the Orchestron. Being able to change something bothersome on the spot can really help. So I set up a live stream where we were awkwardly staring at each other while I played it. She cried. It was done. The song changed a lot in the process, but she definitely led the way.

Samuel Dixon produced. I liked the arrangement and the sound of our orchestra in the song very much. Top reviews Most recent Top reviews. Top reviews from the United States. There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Verified Purchase. If you are expecting old school vinyl, you will be sorely disappointed in this product. Other than that the sound quality sounds like a digital copy pressed onto a vinyl disc. There are no nuances or characteristics associated with a true vinyl album. You are basically getting a CD pressed onto vinyl. I was not expecting an audiophile quality disc but was expecting something better than what I received.

Also, the second replacement record was just as bad. It had a dimple on each side that makes playing the record smoothly from beginning to end impossible. Save your money and buy directly from a reputable audio seller. One person found this helpful. Adele's 25 is very good in my humble opinion. After reviewing movies and music for over 20 years on Amazon I have found this album yo be totally satisfying. Adele's fire of the heart is still clearly evident and evolving to a deeper sense of emotionally charged delivery of words and melody.

Needless to say, musical tastes are personal, and personally, I adore Adele. If you are going to purchase "25", there is no reason NOT to get the version with the three extra songs. As far as comparing this album with "19" and "21", I do not think personal opinions are useful.

Obviously, Adele has grown and changed with time, as do all artists. Everyone will have a favorite Adele album when her work is done, just as everyone has a favorite Beatles or Zeppelin album. If you loved "19" and "21", trust the artist and listen with an open mind to what she has to offer now. Know that it won't be exactly like the previous albums, or for that matter, the next ones. I am very pleased that I purchased "25" and after much play, it has not gotten old, nor do I expect it to.

Best Adele album! Adele's voice is very soulful, especially on this album. I don't care too much for the lyrics but Adele's voice, which is so much like some of the best opera sopranos, simply cuddles my soul and heart. Her voice is so wonderfully powerful, even though she sings about having her heart broken which is on the mend; a broken heart never heals completely that I feel more alive when I hear her sings -- her voice is very mature and polished, like many great opera sopranos.

You go Lady! I hope Adele sings and perform operas, in due course. In "25", Adele seems to have found closure about having her heart broken. I hope she signs about finding new love in her next album. Her "21" was nice too, but I think "25" reveals the great power of Adele's voice, soul, passion and heart!

I would rate this a solid 3. Pros: Touching lyrics, some good instrumentals, great singing but no HUGE or drawn-out notes like songs in Cons: Most of the songs were so verbose lyrics-wise that little to no opportunity or breath for ANY big notes such as we were accustomed to to in 21, or long, drawn out ones. Didn't get the range low-to-high in ANY songs as compared to Also didn't like the "pop" direction of some of the songs in both terms of lyrics and music.

Her stand-out song on this album, and the only song to approach the breath and range of ANY of the songs from 21 is "Hello. Oh the angst of love! She gives voice to every person who has been dumped, excluded, rejected, dismissed and has made millions expressing human heartache on a grand scale. She is like a sad, beautiful human bell ringing mournfully in the night.

IN all seriousness, what a set of pipes this lady has. The songs are nearly all exquisite; there really isn't a dud track on the whole album. Were I to quibble I would say there are a few too many references to getting older; my goodness, Adele, I hope you are not as obsessed with youth and aging as you sometimes sound in these songs. There is time for that much later

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  1. Nebei says:25 is the third studio album by English singer-songwriter Adele, released on 20 November by XL Recordings and Columbia Records. "25" is the highly anticipated new album from Adele, and is her first new music since her Oscar winning single "Skyfall" in "Hello" is the debut single from.
  2. Yozshurisar says:25 is the third studio album recorded by Adele. It was released on November 20, through XL Recordings. Following the release and international success of Adele's second studio album 21 (), she had considered quitting the music industry and going out on a positive note. 25 · Hello · Send My Love (To Your New Lover) · I Miss You · When We Were Young · Remedy · Water Under the Bridge · River Lea · Love In The Dark.
  3. Mooguk says:25 is the highly-anticipated third studio album by Adele. It was released on November 20, , nearly 5 years after her previous LP, 21, and also after a 3-year hiatus from her music career altogether following the birth of her son. Adele is still young by any sensible metric, but much of 25, her third album, concerns itself with the passage of time: the inevitable accumulation.
  4. Voodoogami says:Upon its release, 25 was praised by many as her most confident and fully realized album. Buoyed by the hit “Hello,” which has emerged as a. Adele has described 25 as a "make-up album," and though the As anyone who's seen her in concert can attest, Adele Adkins is one of the.
  5. Shakagul says:Tunes with Tate: My family reviews '25' by Adele. via Twitter. Adele lifted her four-​year hiatus with the announcement of an album release on.

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