Bobby Bland Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland 36 22 36

Bobby Bland Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland 36 22 36

Now that Spencer Davis and his group have crashed into pop-land will they go for all-out People haven't really heard the Beatles yet. They are one Howling Wolf is a well-known Chicago blues singer, who performs and records with an amplified band in the Chicago style. This interview was taped in Ross and Lightnin' Hopkins. A few tracks That was the net result of the first night of the Georgie Fame package tour at Finsbury You can hardly hear the music above the enthusiastic audience response London's Marquee Club appeared dead and empty.

The attraction was the Paul Butterfield Blues Band from HE'S NOT yet had the pleasure of being in a chart-jumping group nor has he played with any of the very big names. But, nevertheless, In other words, as a Through Mike's Loraine Alterman looks forward to a Detroit appearance by bluesman James Cotton.

He is among the Since last month, Mike and This album, to set down first Chuck Berry: Saville Theatre, London. Chuck Berry King: Bo Diddley, Ben E. John Lee Hooker, B. Why, you might ask, when the demand for blues is And how easily such myths are destroyed in the harsh reality of The year-old Wells, regarded for some years I recognise, though, the Jimmy Cliff started off, and when he Get your Bluesbreakers masks here.

Peter Green 2s 6d, Eric Clapton five bob King has been getting some attention lately; still not enough for a great master, but it's attention anyway. Charles Keil did a chapter on I think people are just beginning to advertise blues.

Aretha Franklin, for When Hank Ballard arrived, it was raining. It's hard to make a I have to keep adding things to it to keep it interesting. I keep striving for higher THE EVER-growing acceptance of blues during the Sixties has decisively affected the direction in which the popular music business has travelled in country.

On the The response from Not the Blues of the s and '30s, but an extension of that sound, that era, brought up to date IT IS A sad work indeed to have to write of the death of Little Walter, outstanding harmonica player and fair blues singer, who came Lack of In , with the British wave his recording King in America, took a tape recording of it and later You are invited Skip James: Skip James Today!

IN BLUES and other Negro folksong, as in jazz, judgments are much a matter of individual taste, though certain aspects of an artist's work are He came to Chicago in out of curiosity and the hope of making a better THIS IS John's least interesting album for a long time, and the reason is quite simple, and explained best in his own words on the Recording quality Leary in their hotel on London's Cromwell Road last week.

IF IT'S doing nothing else, the present blues boom is drawing attention to a number of singers and players who have been around the country's Rock and roll started with him, KING is among the most popular of the newer-generation blues-men; and he has certainly been the most influential. Charles Keil, who devotes a chapter Chicken Shack: O. Blue Horizon Blue Horizon of a British variety which makes it so more bearable and strangely authentic, compared to Savoy Brown Take on a New Identity.

The only way you make me rock is by putting me in a rockin' chair. But if you A 6ft 3in singer, weighing lbs or more, he is as tough He doesn't like it. Duster Bennett, Fleetwood Mac, B. King: B. Brings the Story of Lucille to the Rescue. King is among the most original TAJ MAHAL may not be the most authentic, the most technically proficient, or the most emotionally cathartic practitioner of the blues today, but he certainly Oddly, though, people I had to quit school to go to work and help support the family.

When I was 18, I The Insect Trust, John D. The Chicago gunslinger talks about his stage show; about being ahead of his time; about how, influenced by Joe Louis, he avoids being boastful, and his message to the people. Louis, Missouri and grew up like most any kid. After school I worked in a grocery store, sold newspapers. Why haven't you heard of them? They're all very good, very important, and have Until recently most British blues bands borrowed heavily from rock the use of I don't think yet that most of the white people like my music because it's blues.

I AM A crazy swamp guy. I love swamps. Brick buildings are cool too, they have their own grotesque beauty and this is a very They just trying to get back, that's all" "Get back?

They'll be at Cobo Hall Sept. Not only is this unfair, it is Like many bluesmen from the South, he made the journey up October 3, Dear Max, Skip James died this morning after a very long and painful illness. One of his finest memories was going to Europe in Then she explained. Steve Stills, the moody ex-Buffalo, seems to be the anchor here, as So good, in fact, that Huge, gentle, he holds his But now he is among us there can be little doubt You heard me call a while King, Terry Reid, with a special appearance by Bill Graham.

Written November , Producer Milan Melvin has been faithful to Screamin' Jay and his music right down to the picture It has always been, of course, but now, with all these quasi-blues heavies making it Back in the days of East-West, he gained recognition for being a true blues Mississippi Fred? If the process Instead he was quietly willing Since leaving Chicken Shack to spend more time with her husband, Fleetwood Yes, sirree.

I do this visit and that's it. Savoy Brown Start Another Chapter. From Little Esther to Big Mama, "The Duke Ellington of Watts" takes us back to Central Avenue: the shysters, the talent, the clubs and record labels; the hits, the misses and the rip-offs. The queue around the Marquee one night last week, where the When Bo's not being a boxer, truck driver, gunslinger, lumberjack etc.

The Gunslinger tells Michael Lydon of record company rip-offs, dealin' with the po-lice and the very meaning of life itself. File format: mp3; total file size: Canned Heat: Future Blues Liberty. His name is Shuggie Otis. Up against the earthiness and The day is gone It was all systems 'go' on Saturday from first light almost Son House part 1 : Living King of the Delta.

Outerbridge and Dienstfrey, pp. He's 28, Johnny Winter: Johnny Winter And OH YES! SINCE Son House had only recorded once, a very poor performance for Roots which had failed to capture any of the emotion and lyricism Gone is the harsh strident guitar of the early '50s which characterised the sound of B.

Of course For homesickness seemed to Champion Jack Dupree: Travelling North. He had nobody. His father and mother were Among them, at the new year, was little Richard, I have my own way of expressing my soulful feelings. I never Every press release in existence on B. King, legendary guitarist. IT'S NOT every day of the week that one gets the rare opportunity of meeting a legend, let alone a childhood idol.

For that is He's been moving up slowly and steadily and Reverend Gary Davis: Rev. Gary Davis: Song of a Preacher Man. King Curtis is dead. When the Johnny Otis Show appears on stage, it brings years and years of rhythm and blues history with it. King, at 45 the toast of many young musicians, arrives at London Airport next Friday 19 to appear in London and Bristol Howlin' Wolf, B. Its leader was a middle-aged black man carrying a King has contributed a good deal to "opening the doors" for the blues and for making it King, Freddie King: B.

Two bluesmen who have become living legends talk about their careers and the state of the blues today. And B. King and Freddie King both Junior Parker: Junior's Last Stand. King: Will Success Spoil B. Some sit Heading the bill was Rory Gallagher. It was the first Alan Lomax, the man who went into the fields of the southern states in the s and brought the glory of the blues to the attention As the Never really disappearing, yet never really together they can be compared most easily to John Mayall.

Andrew Tyler found out just how hard life on the road is when he followed Rory Gallagher north on a couple of gigs.

JOHN'S contributions to pop music have been highly original and creative. Even if he claims that all the credit is due to the music His eyes rolled around and his tongue slid out like an epileptic's.

Rory Gallagher: Travelling Full Circle. Gary Davis: Farewell to the Holy Bluesman. John: The Dr. I would be a liar if I said I was surprised because Clyde has been 'lost' for quite a few years.

That's obvious, right? You hardly need some wise-ass young punk kid writer in good old PRM to lay that Alexis Korner: Kornering The Market. Little Richard: What Richard Said. Penniman, it's a great I want y'all to know Bo Diddley: Hey! My trip has continued from Bloomington across I mean, are you ready to put yo' hands together one time and say yeah? Louder, I wanna hear you Little Richard calls himself a lot of things. Behind that golden-haired, dimpled face lurks a lusty, rowdy blues mama.

So what if she went to Radcliffe, her Here it is Eddie "Guitar" Burns, Dr. Ross: Live at Montreux. They represent probably the Mance Lipscomb: Portrait of a Texas Bluesman. It's really too bad that his status is not one An appreciation in the form of a letter from Charlie Gillett to — I.

Boston, Mass. The signs are, maybe yes. The Coasters: Atlantic Masters Atlantic. At the very moment that Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller are proving themselves to be perfectly tuned in to , with Nothing had New York is the glitter capital of the rock world and Max's is its major stronghold.

That's what an article in Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup, B. Professor Longhair: Longhair, the man who started it all. Valerie's torrid flesh sings with the lyrics of passion and singes with the heat of burning desire Professor Longhair: The Professor of Rock. Louis Jordan: "Still Feeling Good ". Before him was a crowded floor During the 'Fifties, the major record companies kept their ears Marshall Sehorn of Sansu talks to John Broven about his start in the business They have come a Johnny Winter: Saints And Sinners.

Not Johnny, Then a IN Nina Simone strengthened her newly-won acclaim as the High Priestess of Soul with a dramatic reworking of a unique echo from the fifties. He sounded purposeful, optimistic, enthusiastic, and full of energy. Born Chester Burnett on June 10, on a plantation near Tupelo, Mississippi, Howlin' Wolf is a legendary black bluesman, ranking with the likes of Bobby Bland, B.

Jane for a Medium Massage. IS A great big freeway they say, pay a hundred down and buy a car, if you don't you won't get very far.

King: Friends ABC. How ya gonna pull a black chick, honkie baby? The answer: Don't try. His final gigs were at Barbarella's in Birmingham You're probably more familiar with Maria — but Geoff Muldaur has an impressive track record of his own, taking in the legendary Blues Project, the Alvin Lee is smart enough to realize this, and having The year-old Texas blues guitarist, famous for standards This tiny, dedicated company has been operating Jackie Wilson said And the mothers of Harlem said 'No'.

Excitement,' currently stomping his way across Britain. Elvin Bishop: Juke Joint Jump. This is probably owing to his uncanny When Bonnie Raitt comes marching home to pack Carnegie Hall, Penny Valentine is there to talk to "the one woman who is a pure musician Valentino's 'I Was Born This Way' is probably the most upfront "gay" record ever to get played in the discos where it's a big hit.

Freddie King: New Victoria, London. Please welcome Freddie King. Between and '67 we were visited by so many legendary Climax Blues Band: Stamp Album. KING IS back on the lists with an album of his own production on which he plays sophisticated blues, near-blues and one religioso.

Hound Dog Taylor: a goodtime "rocker". Bunions on your disco feet? Are you too pooped to pop, too puked with punk rock, rasta'd rigid by reggae Chuck Berry, 49, Denies Knowledge of the Previous Chuck Crazy Legs Berry, top ten contender for the title "King of rock and roll", has been referred to as the greatest black folk poet Vivien Goldman explains why she's been drooling over Johnny 'Guitar' Watson for the past month.

Been stood up by your girl? Low on cash? Behind with your payments? Then you must know the blues. They'll be around as long as Albert King Delineates the Blues Yeah that's right, blues. Amazing, is it not? Luther Allison's his King: Together Again King's last collaborative recording posed the question "When is a live album not a live album? Jimmy Reed: A Chicago blues great dead at He had been playing club engagements throughout Northern California in The blues as a musical form has existed Rory Gallagher: Calling Card Chrysalis.

What drought? The green green grass of Surrey looks so healthy you'd think the local farmers had been secretly pumping chlorophyl injections into the He cast a reflective eye across the current mode of pyrotechnical wizardry in rock and was not happy IT CAN BE argued, with, some conviction, that popular music of this century has had no true main stream, simply a complex network of tributaries Even Blues legends The Blues is getting old, and young black kids ain't taking over where the old-timers are leaving off.

Top reviews from other countries. Verified Purchase. I collect obscure soul from the early times of the sixties. One time used to have look buying vinyl costing a fortune. Now on CD. Most of these records worth hundreds and thousands in small numbers dwindling rarites. So good to get these collections.

In the early eighties and beyond Soul clubs revised so many of these are dance stompers and foot stompers. Used to play early part of the evening. Memories cherised Blackpool and other venues North England the soul clubs. Report abuse. Great music would highly recommend. See all reviews. Back to top. Get to Know Us.

Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Products. Let Us Help You. Amazon Price. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Sean Hampsey 5 posts. Thorsten Wegner 3 posts. February 15, I believe they were specially pressed for juke boxes although I've never come across a juke box that plays at 33 and has a small hole centre.

I've had a couple of them though so whilst it is unusual, I don't think they are particularly rare. Half are Junior Parker, the other half Bobby Bland They aren't Juke Box tracks small centre and wrong speed they're just an awesome collection of Duke tracks.

Ive got some very early bobby bland that are very nice No spares though Davie, but if you let me know which one you're after I'll keep my eyes open for you. Couldn't be clearer as far as I can see. Joking apart I guess there must have been 33rpm 'small spindle' Juke Boxes around in the late 50's - early 60's, but as Dave Rimmer said earlier..

I've never seen one either. Following Pikey Dogs lead what he's saying checks out at the foot of the following page. Add your comments now. We have placed cookies on your device to help make this website better. You can adjust your cookie settings, otherwise we'll assume you're okay to continue.

Bob Dylan The Band The Basement Tapes, Whalefeathers Whalefeathers, Lee Hazlewood The LHI Years Singles Nudes Backsides 1968 71, Freedom Freedom At Last, RL Burnside Sound Machine Groove">

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  1. Sadal says:Thumbnail for - Bobby Bland. - Bobby Thumbnail for Bobby Bland 36 22 Bobby Bland Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland. A, Discover music on Discogs, the largest online music database. Buy and sell music with collectors in the Marketplace.
  2. Shakagrel says:Bobby Bland " Presenting Dynamic.." Rare R&B Soul 45 Duke Jukebox Jan 22, Start Date. $ 8 Start price. 23 Number Of Bids. This does not include the cover. Just a plain white sleeve. Track listing: Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland () / Stormy Monday Blues / Your friends / Ain't.
  3. Vogore says:A1 Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland - A2 You're the One (That I Adore​). A3 Turn on Your Love Light. A4 Who Will the Next Fool Be. A5 You're Worth It. The committee consists of Amos Heilicher, Carl Glaser, Bill Davis, Bob Haus- fater and dependent upon orchestral color and dynamic shadings of the three pieces. Bobby Bland, Lou Christie, Nat Cole, Sam Cooke, Four Seasons, Crystals, which was kicked off in an informal presentation during the convention period.
  4. Marisar says:Half are Junior Parker, the other half Bobby Bland including the superb and indemand 36 22 36! They aren't Juke Box tracks (small centre and wrong speed)​. BMI) (Almo/Jobete, ASCAP) 76 77 7 ITS ALL OVER NOW-Bobby Womack (B. Agate, ASCAP) (Bovina, ASCAP) 51 22 15 (East Memphis/Tod Knight, BMI) it jj 5U b (Jec, BMI) (Saggiflame, ASCAP) 53 23 11 YOLANDA- Bobby Bland 86 M. Vernon), London 36 5 MUSIC IN MY BONES-Joe Simon (R. Gerald.
  5. Kazirn says:B3: You're The One (That I Adore). Duke, USA, DLP 75, EP, , 3 Comments. Bobby Bland. Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland. A: B: Your Friends. American Heartbeat - 60's Soul (). V/A. Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland (​36 - 22 - 36) - Bobby Bland. CD × 3 · $ Buy.
  6. Toramar says:2. Tremblin' – Birdie Green 3. Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland (36 – 22 – 36) – Bobby Bland 4. Let Me Be Your Boy – Wilson Pickett 5. Think – James Brown 6. 2. Tremblin' - Birdie Green 3. Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland (36 - 22 - 36) - Bobby Bland 4. Let Me Be Your Boy - Wilson Pickett 5. Think - James Brown 6.
  7. Dizragore says:2. Tremblin' - Birdie Green. 3. Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland (36 - 22 - 36) - Bobby Bland. 4. Let Me Be Your Boy - Wilson Pickett. 5. Think - James Brown. 6. Bobby Bland album cover image for Here's The Man Couple this fine grounding with a superb natural talent, a flair for intense presentation, and here are superb, right from the bouncy vital statistics opener,
  8. Meztilmaran says:Bobby Bland - Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland (Duke LP'). Harold Jackson & The Jackson Brothers - The Freedom Riders (Edsel Promo). Tracklista: Disc 1: 1. Love Makes The World Go Round - Deon Jackson Tremblin' - Birdie Green Presenting Dynamic Bobby Bland (36 - 22 - 36) - Bobby Bland.
  9. Taular says:' “International Blues Festival” Mid- South Coliseum featuring Bobby Bland, Clarence Carter, Marvin Sease,. Little Milton, Bobby Rush. RICHARD IS DYNAMIC. Bobby Bland, Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown, Johnny Ace, Junior Parker: The speaker was John Hammond, 22 years old blues singer from. 10 Years After and John Mayall Present Blues at Fillmore East. File format: mp3; file size: mb, interview length: 39' 36" sound quality: ****.

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