Clutch Blast Tyrant

Clutch Blast Tyrant

Lucky got it the next day an all is well. Love it an thanks for the new cd. Now for the cd review, basically if u like Clutch well they don't disappoint an they have always rocked.

Loved all the cds they have but I do love the Elephant riders. All mighty Clutch keep rocking an keep making awesome music that we can rock out to. Unfortunately for me I came to become a Clutch fan later. This band is so underrated it borders on criminal. They are so tight it's amazing. Neil Fallon writes some great, insightful lyrics.

This is my favorite album by the band. I had it in my CD player in the car for months on end. I would highly recommend to anyone. There's not much to say about this album that many others haven't already said, and how you feel about this one really depends on whether you tend to gravitate toward the more "vintage" Clutch sound or not. This was the album that helped me to discover this wonderful powerhouse of hard rock which would soon become one of my favorites. Well, imagine how excited I was when i found out that this had been one of the three albums re-released under Clutch's label "Weathermaker Music" with a whole second disc of unreleased material!

I'll mainly be focusing on the second disc of the CD release, as well as BT's first ever vinyl release which does NOT include all of the tracks from the "Basket of Eggs" bonus disc Except for the acoustic remix of "The Regulator".

The vinyl release is esentially just the original release in a vinyl format which is okay by me. All of the older albums which have been awarded back to the band under their label has gotten a vinyl release as well as new albums, which makes me hope that they'll eventually get their hands on Elephant Riders, Pure Rock Fury, Jam Room, Transnational Speedway League, and Clutch self-titled. I do understand that these things take time, money, and effort however; so I won't get my hopes up of this happening anytime soon.

While the vinyl release is fairly sparse on extra content, the CD re-release is definitely not. You get the original material from the initial release No remastering along with a sweet Blast Tyrant sticker, a page booklet With all illustrations of your favorite BT characters , and a song bonus disc which will be the subject of the rest of this review.

Box Car comes up before Regulator which I don't know if that was intentional, but it's still a nice touch as the former almost seems like a back story for the latter. The acoustic redos are probably my favorites Especially "Tight Like That" I would even venture to say that I like them better than the originals. There are also two demos which weren't changed around too much At least not as drastically as the others La Curendera, and The Promoter; these are fine if you like both the original songs, but both are pretty unremarkable At least when compared with the other bonus songs.

So, if you enjoyed the original Blast Tyrant, you're a fan of Clutch's current direction, or you're just a Clutch fan out-right, then get this album. The original release, the deluxe CD reissue and now, at last, the vinyl. I honestly don't think of Clutch as a metal band, or God forbid, stoner rock. No, Clutch are simply one of the best straight up rock bands working today, they are innovative, surprising and intelligent.

The riffs are unbelievable, the lyrics are intelligent, witty and thought provoking and the production is tight and heavy. There is simply nothing to complain about as far as the original album is concerned. I do have one slight complaint about the vinyl though It's advertised as having "one vinyl only track" but that is not true.

While it does contain the acoustic version of "The Regulator" this same exact version is available on the 2 CD deluxe reissue. Oh well, the vinyl is a quality g and you get the amazing Blast Tyrant artwork blown up to a glorious 12x12 size.

You also get six "mini-posters" featuring various characters from the album. Clutch rocks. Clutch rules. Clutch jams. Clutch is in your face. Clutch is hard and heavy. Clutch is intense. They amaze me how they can be all those things with such intensity, drive, and talent without having to litter their music with profanity and hate. They don't sing about being miserable. They don't sing about how horrible their childhood was. They don't sing about hating God, quite the contrary.

They don't sing about how much they hate their x girlfriend. They don't sing about what they wanna do to the kids that made fun of them in high school. What they do is I've listened to more than my fair share of heavy, hatefull, profane music, but Clutch is such a breath of fresh air. They are possibly one of my favorite bands. I'm really not into the heavier stuff anymore, but I am completely hooked on Clutch. I can throw in any album at any time and be ready to rock.

Every album of theirs are a treat and they continue to please us with Blast Tyrant. You MUST see them live if ever given the chance. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. I bought this on vinyl, the first one I received had to go back, very flat sounding, really badly compressed sound that tarnished my listening experience.

I sent it back and ordered another to see if I just got a dud. Thankfully, the first was a bad pressing of what appears to be the same release with the misprinted labels for the first disc. The second I received is exactly what I wanted to hear from what is my favourite Clutch album. Punchy sound, clear cymbals like I remember. Report abuse. Wow, Blast Tyrant is seven years old. I'm just going to get this bit out of the way: Blast Tyrant is a classic.

It's easily my favourite Clutch Album and a contender for my favourite album We're talking seriously HUGE riffage! The vocal delivery is some of Neil Fallon's finest, his Captain Beefheart-esque growl and full throated bellow both on full display, along with some neat vocal multitracked harmonies.

Again, HUGE. Lyrically, it flits effortlessly between whimsical political satire and grandiose mythic epicness. The whole album is a constant succession of grin-making vocal hooks. There's also this narative drive that strings all the lyrics together My orignal copy is looking a bit 'well loved' these days, and is frankly long overdue for replacement so I was pleased to hear they would be reissuing it with a bonus cd.

The bonus disc, entitled "basket of eggs" is a collection of accoustic reworkings, unreleased songs and demo versions. On first listen it's got some very pleasing moments. For me the stand out is the accoustic take of 'Tight like that'- anyone who is familiar with the original verison will be wondering how on earth that can possibly work. Miraculously it not only works but manages to sound like a completely new song. The rest of the EP does a lot to display Clutch's recent leanings toward a much more classic rock sound and while the new material isn't exactly essential, it's certainly a pleasant treat for any fans who, like me, are hungry for new material.

If you do already own the album but are desperate for some new Clutch tunes, you should probably still buy this. It's a lovely package and incredibly good value. If your looking to get into a new band Clutch may just be the one your looking for their sound is unique it reminds me of old country folk music mixed with heavy metal.

Blast tyrant is a great album to get you started. I recommend the tracks The mob goes wild, The regulator, Prophets of doom. It is truly heartwarming to read other reviews posted here raving about Clutch, my favourite band. So often overlooked in rock circles, they are a truly original band that follow no fashions or trends. With Clutch its all about the music. When talking about the greatest album opener in rock history, obvious choices might be Nevermind's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' or Master of Puppets' 'Battery' etc, etc.

Its 'Mercury' from Blast Tyrant. The thundering arrangement of drums and riffs buzzes around my head on a daily basis. Its everything rock music should be, and encapsulates Blast Tyrant in its tight few minutes: crisp production, booming yet expressive drumming, groove-laden bass, tight riff orientated guitar, distinctive vocals and original lyrics. It slowly dies down to a lengthy buzz, until the bass line for 2nd track 'Profits of Doom' starts up and then the drums and guitar kick in.

Every track is perfect; its perhaps one of the most consistant rock record ever made. CS1 maint: discouraged parameter link. Pitchfork Passive Restraints Impetus. Authority control MBRG : 50b03bdccf26b6d9ed1. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: discouraged parameter Articles with short description Short description is different from Wikidata Articles with hAudio microformats Album articles lacking alt text for covers Articles with album ratings that need to be turned into prose Wikipedia articles with MusicBrainz release group identifiers.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Download as PDF Printable version. Hard rock , stoner rock , blues rock , alternative metal , funk metal. DRT , Weathermaker. Slow Hole to China: Rare and Unreleased Blast Tyrant Top Independent Albums. Mainstream Rock Tracks.

Robert Johnson Preaching Blues Up Jumped The Devil Love In Vain Blues, Johnny Morisette Hell All The Way, Freedom Freedom At Last, Howlin Wolf The Real Folk Blues, Gary BB Coleman Too Much Weekend">

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  1. Fauzahn says:Blast Tyrant is the sixth full-length studio album by American rock band Clutch and was released March 23, , but has since had a reissue on May 10, It was the first release with DRT Entertainment by the band. There are few bands who have been as consistent and individualistic as Clutch over the last 2 decades. Kicking off their career with the novelty.
  2. Jum says:It's hard to pick a favorite Clutch album but Blast Tyrant is as close to Pure Rock Perfection as it gets. The riffs are unbelievable, the lyrics are intelligent, witty and​. Moored by lead single and video “The Mob Goes Wild” and expanded upon by the acoustic guitar mastery of “The Regulator,” Blast Tyrant wasn't.
  3. Memi says:Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Clutch - Blast Tyrant at Discogs. Complete your Clutch collection. Wallows Breaks Down The Meaning Of “OK”. Full “Blast Tyrant Atlas of the Invisible World with Illustrations of Strange Beasts and Phantoms” read more».
  4. Kashakar says:“I worked with the album's original artist Chon Hernandez to create a new look and feel for the Clutch Collector's Series release of Blast Tyrant. Listen to Blast Tyrant (Deluxe Version) on Spotify. Clutch · Album · · 25 songs.
  5. Zulkigore says:Clutch are launching a limited-edition series of vinyl reissues this spring with the June release of their classic, 'Blast Tyrant.'. Clutch. Blast Tyrant. DRT. Maryland rockers Clutch have always been one of those bands who are known for their great live act, touring relentlessly.

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