Doors LAWoman

Doors LAWoman

Outside of the prime songs, deep album cuts like 'The Wasp' illustrate Jim's often surreal poetic creativity. Sadly, this would be The Doors final album with Jim just before the darkness would envelop him in Paris. Significantly, L. Woman contains The Doors most mature and developed compositions and some of Jim's most ominous lyrics. A more cynical view of America and Los Angeles are vividly revealed by the famous title track - the blistering Hollywood noir 'L. Their epic song 'Riders on the Storm' has the power to evoke spine-chilling emotions - this is cinematic music presented in full panoramic widescreen; the jazzy tempo, understated melody and poignant lyrics underscore the power and clarity of this stunning Analogue Productions pressing.

I'm very happy to finally have the definitive audiophile vinyl edition of The Doors L. Woman in my growing vinyl LP collection. Woman is essential listening. Have the cost of your room design deducted from any equipment purchased.

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About News Reviews Our Store. Home Special Brands. Your cart is empty Start shopping. Quantity 1. Add to cart. Woman is. Just passion — in our rehearsal room, not in a fancy studio. It was the first punk album! Jim Morrison used the L. Woman cover to get revenge on his record company. Morrison was always contemptuous of his rock Adonis image, and by he had ditched his trademark leather pants, gained considerable weight, and obscured his handsome features with a bushy beard in an effort to direct fans away from his appearance and towards his art.

But rock is built around image, and Elektra Records preferred the svelte Lizard King of yore. Morrison was furious. For L. Woman , he would do it his way — beard and all. Fed up with having his image emphasized on album covers, he insisted on a group shot, and crouched to appear even smaller alongside his bandmates.

A psychic would have known that guy is on the way out. There was a great weight on him. When the band gathered at Poppi Studios early January to mix L. Woman with Bruce Botnick, they made some last minute embroideries to their epic album closer. The eerie send-off is even more haunting in retrospect.

Additional songs were recorded during the L. Woman sessions — and one remains unissued. In addition to the 10 tracks that made up the final album, several additional songs were considered for L. It eventually was completed by the band posthumously and included in a box set.

Woman in The only known copy is a badly damaged cassette, on which portions have been accidentally erased. Well, it goes without saying, this is what The Doors were aiming at the time. Such a crime Jim didn't make it any longer. I can only imagine what could've been -- like a million others!

Brilliant all around. It was the winter of and The Doors had some battle scars from the past two years and they needed to find some peace and find the music once more. This record is a back to basic live band approach and with the alternate versions you can hear The Doors as loose but still tight at the same time.

John, is one of my favorite drummers and he is too good for an average rock band but perfect for The Doors. Robbie, is one of rock's greatest guitar masters and he can turn it around on a dime and then when he takes off and soars Ray, makes the sound solid and thick but he also solos all over these tunes. These musicians understand these songs and just how to present them.

Bass guitar and rhythm guitar are added by extra players but it's still The Doors and it's like it was back in once more. The Doors saw new life as they were going to play these songs live and start a new chapter to the story when Jim and Pam returned from Paris. This was never meant to be the finale of this great band. But the road took a turn Review no. Initially released in , as this record was obviously the band's final lp with Morrison. I wasn't sure before, but I don believe I've heard the album in it's entirety.

Sort of waited to finally purchase this expanded 2-CD edition - as I sure didn't want to be stuck with a single CD of this piece. Tracks here that I couldn't get enough of were the quite familiar "Love her Madly", the classic title cut "L.

Disc two good to have - as I liked the alternative versions of the previously mentioned "Love Her Madly", "L. The two discs come housed in a triple fold-pot - thin cardboard holder. Very good. I love this record very much, L. Woman was such a great farewell for Jim and The Doors as the world knew them.

What I liked about this record is the round corners it has, I'm not an expert but I don't think I've seen one like that so that's pretty cool. I had no problems with the music, it does not skip or anything. By Marccelo on May 10, Images in this review. A someone who has resurrected my vinyl collection I purchased the vinyl version of this album so there are no extra takes.

That being said, Cars Hiss By My Window is a sublime slow blues and as you listen you can hang on every note. Their level of playing is perfection throughout the album. I'm not sure you'd get the same feel on CD and I can tell you first hand you will miss all the subtleties as an mp3.

I never paid much attention to the Doors in my youth and I was right at the age of their target audience. Through this album I realize I was missing a lot. Your browser does not support HTML5 video. One person found this helpful.

Waiting for the day when all pressing plants learn how to properly press at the correct temperature and learn how to allow the vinyl to cool properly before packaging. The other problem is that most are doing the gram thing which takes longer to press and cool, but they're giving it normal weight times. The average LP weighs grams which is fine - this heavy weight vinyl isn't really necessary, but it's a way to charge a higher price. This LP is extremely hard to find in near-mint condition without a super high price, so using this to hold me over.

Thanks to Amazon's great return policy, I was able to secure a "less warped" copy. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Present for my husband. Arrived well in good time.

We're both fans of The Doors so it's not surprising that we are very pleased with this product! Certainly a departure from what direction the Doors had gone in before. Listening to it, even though it's undoubtedly a superb album, I do get a slight tinge of sadness at knowing this was Jim's final album before his death at the age of Whether Jim would have continued in this direction, backtracked, thrown in the towel altogether or started something completely different will never be known now.

I recommend this album to any fan of the Doors or indeed anyone who appreciates blues music. As I recall it, Jim Morrison had just died and my mate had bought this wonderful album. Expectations were high anyway and so we played it on a hot day - over and over etc. It sounds as fresh, original and magical today as it did then. One of my all-time favourite albums because of the sublime music, the evocation of time - can't ignore this and good to have a new CD of it.

I seem to have had it in so many formats through the years, just as many others will have done. I particularly like the words of the critic who said that during 'LA Woman' itself, the wheels leave the runway and the band really take off. I also liked a recent documentary on the Doors where Ray demonstrated his amazing cascading downward run during 'Riders On the Storm': for me one of the most evocative passages in music - any music.

My wife was equally spellbound. Favourite album ever? Oh - and the sensational music. Having owned this album on vinyl in my teens, I wanted a CD copy now.

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  1. Duzilkree says:L.A. Woman is the sixth studio album by the American rock band the Doors, released on April 19, , on Elektra Records. L.A. Woman is the sixth studio album by the American rock band the Doors, released on April 19, , on Elektra Records. It is the last to feature lead singer​.
  2. Mazugami says:Doors' 'L.A. Woman': 10 Things You Didn't Know. From bathroom recordings to Elvis' borrowed bassist, here are some surprising facts about Jim. L.A. Woman Lyrics: Well, I just got into town about an hour ago / Took a look around, see which way the wind blow / Where the little girls in their Hollywood.
  3. Kigazilkree says:The stories behind all 10 songs on the Doors' album 'L.A. Woman.'. The Doors LA Woman We receive various CDs from the radio cores that we remanufacture. As a result, we are are now selling them! Our CDs are professionally.
  4. Dulkree says:View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of "" on Discogs. Buy Analogue Productions The Doors - L.A. Woman online or in store at Living Sound + Vision, Australia's specialists in Hi-Fi & Home Theatre since

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