Fatima Yamaha Whats A Girl To Do

Fatima Yamaha Whats A Girl To Do

It worked. So why did the Seismic crew want to hear it so much? But take a step back and the whole is less certain and more considered for it. Once it was in clubs and mainstream radio the bubbling intensified until A Girl Between Two Worlds was expanded into the Between Worlds album, and released as a free download in through the D1 Bandcamp. It was everywhere. Nearly every other comment on uploads of it is a re-telling of where and when a username, fleshed out and present, heard this DJ play it at that festival; how they had lost their friends and had no idea where they were heading to next but, my god!

Each rumbling pad is a blink that lasts just long enough for you to notice, until the whole becomes a cool burst of air that softens the dying high. People who abuse this will be banned. Self-promotion is generally frowned upon, but if you want to have a presence on reddit you should fully read following links so that you understand the culture and social norms.

If you run a website, publication, blog, app, or other project and would like to participate on reddit, you'll need to first make sure that you're following all of these guidelines. Although not specifically techno I thought this subreddit would appreciate this.

This listing was created today, almost certainly in response to this post. There are lots of people who trawl reddit for popular posts of graphics and funny pics. When you buy the item, if you actually receive it you will very likely receive a shit quality item with a fuzzy blurry print. This seems like the opposite of Burial's story.

Out of nowhere he released his mixtape and people were hooked on his sound, yet he decided to stay hidden. This track slowly and gradually gained steam and finally he came out the shadows, but he never stopped releasing tracks or went into hiatus.

Gives the smaller guy some hope lol, that maybe your track s will get caught up in the algo. He's the fourth guy in the rap trio De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig, producing their beats since at least incidentally also the year the rap group became nationally know in the Netherlands.

Over the years he went from just the beats guy to an near equal member. I would even dare to say that he goes further than being near equal than the rest of the group. His tunes really define the tracks of Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Before De Jeugd he was already well-known in the techno and electro scene as Comtron and he already had a huge top 40 hit as Bastian.

Bas Bron is literally one of the most prolific producers in The Netherlands. Consumers outside of The Netherlands might not be aware of him, but people in the music industry definitely do. Also, the wildly popular hiphop formation he made his fame producing for De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig frequently drops his name in tracks, he appears in their video clips, etc.

Honestly such an amazing track, love the sort of rising vacuum-like bassline throughout! The progression of the track I think is really unique it's probably my techno favourite track. Although what's a girl to do does have a very cool hook I can see how it became very popular with DJs to mix into sets. Yep most definitely. In fact, I think the melody on it's own is easily one of the most notable of the past decade I know it was originally released early s but still.

For Dutch people there's more to this story. They scored a bunch of big hits here, and he's the producer of their beats. And I imagine his success with them played a role in him initially not coming forth as Fatima Yamaha. Yeah it was released on a really small irish label and blew up years later.

I remember it well.. What shocked me even more was finding out that fatima was actually a man. Great story! I always thought he was a girl as well thought not specifically because the name but because the high heels on the ep cover haha.

I like to think that this guy stepping forward 11 years after the release actually has nothing to do with the track but found out somehow that the original producer died and decided to just pretend it was his track, the track he so loved ever since he bought the lp. Yeah except I've seen him perform variations of it live, keys and everything.

Could just be really good at covering it but I doubt it.

Underworld Beaucoup Fish, Battles La Di Da Di, ELO Time, Tedeschi Trucks Band Made Up Mind, Magic Sam All Your Love Love Me With A Feeling">

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  2. Tonris says:"East Moon Rising" is pillowy Detroit-style techno, while the darker "Between Worlds" is the most pop-friendly moment thanks to a glossy female. The story behind Fatima Yamaha's What's a Girl To Do. Although not specifically techno I thought this subreddit would appreciate this.
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