Hozier In The Woods Somewhere

Hozier In The Woods Somewhere

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How are ratings calculated? How large the teeth? I saw new eyes were watching me The creature lunged I turned and ran To save a life I didn't have Deer in the chase There as I flew Forgot all prayers of joining you I clutched my life And wished it kept My dearest love, I'm not done yet How many years I know I'll bear I found something in the woods somewhere.

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Last activities D. Last edit by Deirdre D. Synced by Sylvia Mwangi. Translated by ido mahlev. Correct lyrics. General Comment A woman's voice in the woods, but the fox, no sound HE made. Will someone please enlighten me with the meaning of this song. I can't stop listening.

I feel though, that the whole thing is a dream, or metaphor for other journeys in life, but someone more analytical than i needs to find this page and decipher hokealogenous on December 10, I suppose the fox crying in pain could be similar to a woman screaming? It's like he's in the woods at night and hearing all these weird noises, and letting your imagination run wild, and imagining all sorts of wild creatures and wild scenarios.

I think what he finds in the woods is courage!! Two things struck me - one was the large teeth, like the wolf from red riding hood. The other was in the final two verses, we've another two animals deer dear and a bear bear. Don't know if that adds any insight however. My Interpretation I love this song- it reminds me alot of a fairy tale. And like a fairy tale I feel like it is a simple tale the sick protagonist has a close call in the woods with a much deeper background see my interpretation below : The first few lines refer to the protagonist suffering from some unspecified illness and calling out to someone.

The interesting thing about this is that the protagonist is completely alone- whoever he calls out to is gone. The next few lines deal with the peak of the illness passing.

I find the line "I prayed my mind be good to me" interesting as it could just be referring to the sickness, but it could also be referring to depression or grief. When the scream is heard the protagonist is instantly put in mind of a woman and rushes off defenseless to help her. I feel like this urgency means the protagonist is in some way thinking of the unnamed person they were calling to earlier.

When they discover the fox things get interesting: "I spoke no words, No sound he made"- the protagonist sees himself reflected in the injured fox However as he is about to strike the fox down, he begins to reflect upon what caused the foxes injuries in the first place.

The moment this happens the protagonist becomes aware of something watching him in the darkness. The creature attacks and the protagonist runs "To save a life I didn't have. Then we get the protagonist reflecting: "Dear, in the chase There as I flew Forgot all prayers of joining you" followed by: "I clutched my life And wished it kept. My dearest love I'm not done yet" The unnamed person is likely dead and the protagonist was wishing to join them, however when faced with certain death they still cling to life.

In the final lines they state they will bare their pain for many years as whatever they found "in the woods somewhere" caused them to realize they still wanted to live after all. TLDR: The underlying message of the song is about someone facing their own mortality and choosing to live on after grief or loss because of it. My Interpretation I really love teaspill 's interpretation. I admit my interpretation is pretty nonsensical but here goes: In the first stanza, I took it to be death which broke the fever.

The last positive impression the narrator has is of light, of the moon, which appears to be the same in both life and death. However, now all else is extinguished and the darkness--purgatory--is becoming tangible around them. Whether or not this narrator was suffering from an illness or addiction, I couldn't positively say, but I second the addiction idea, to finally succumb to death in the grip of hallucination. When the narrator next awoke, it was in purgatory. There's nothing around them except the light and the forest, which calls them forward with the horrible noise: a scream from life permeating the narrator's state of consciousness in death.

In this warped sort of reality, the narrator seeks the noise and in doing so is seeking a way back their body. The fox, being the deceiver in this narrative, has pulled this person fully into purgatory and away from the light. It presents itself as precursor to what the narrator will encounter.

Then, here: What caused the wound? The narrator begins to realize what is happening The creature lunged. For me, this is where the narrator fully realizes they're doomed. They realize there is no escape and all thoughts of joining their loved ones are extinguished. The narrator wishes to have returned to life but realizes that their time in purgatory isn't done yet.

Then, like some twisted Sisyphus, they repeat, finding the fox and the creatures in the woods again and repeating the hallucination in their death for years. I don't know if this makes sense to anyone but me but there it is! My Interpretation Am I the only one who thinks this is the story of a werewolf? I think this guy just reverted back to his normal self and is disoriented and confused.

HE was the one who originally attacked the fox, but in his human state doesn't remember. The fox in turn retaliates and the hunter becomes the hunted. Of course, you could argue the metaphor of a werewolf for any number of very human afflictions.

My Interpretation I love everyone interpretations using drug addiction. With the first verses, someone going through the physical effects of suffering a mental illness or the memory of their physical injury that is making them suffer from nightmares or nightsweats.

They are crying out for anyone to help or maybe a fallen soldier. A sound in this case. Coming across an injured and frightened fox could be the manifestation of the situation or event that is the basis for the illness.

An injured soldier or civilian. The memories of a tour. The impact of a death. The stress and pressure placed on the sufferer. Picking up the stone to try and end the suffering caused by the memory or the victim trying to end their own pain by suicide.

The woods being the representation of their broken mind. But the creature could represent the will to live and possibly resemble a life not in the armed forces. The change of lifestyle being so fearsome it manifests as a beast and they fear they don't know how to cope not being in the forces anymore.

I turned and ran. To save a life I didn't have. Dear, in the chase. There as I flew. Forgot all prayers of joining you.

While they served in uniform they had no choice but to follow orders to save a life i didn't have The wish the sufferer has of joining their dead comrades but still wanting to live. But they may have found a will to live or a way to cope with the illness I found something in the woods somewhere Just my thought. Hope it makes sense if you decide to read my comment : cheers Delta on September 03, Link.

My Interpretation I don't think every song needs to have a deep, philosophical or metaphorical meaning. Sometimes a song is just a song, and can be enjoyed without having to puzzle out some pretentious hidden meaning a musician sticks in there to be artsy.

Like another poster said, this one strikes me as being a lot like a Grimm's faerie tale story, in this case told to music to set a sinister tone. One thing that strikes me is that the protagonist had been calling out a woman's name in his sickness. Of course, right after his fever breaks, what's the first thing he hears? A woman screaming in the woods. To me, it implies that whatever was out there is intelligent, knows and targets him specifically.

It wounds a fox to make it scream 'like a woman', to draw him out into the woods while he's still in a weakened state.

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  1. Tegis says:Netflix TV Show: Dark (S03E05)Music: Hozier - In the Woods SomewherePlaylist:​. In the Woods Somewhere Lyrics: My head was warm / My skin was soaked / I called your name 'til the fever broke / When I awoke / The moon.
  2. Fekora says:In The Woods Somewhere ~ Hozier-- Favorite song by him. the story gives. Hozier "In the Woods Somewhere". Saved by Collins. Writing A BookWriting PromptsLyric TattoosUses For Coffee GroundsI Call YouDark QuotesBeautiful.
  3. Zulkilrajas says:This song is for one purpose, and it's horror. A horror film in musical form. The entire song tells the story of a man, who wakes up sweating. He likely had some kind. Hozier Retweeted sarah. In the Woods Somewhere! Someone asked me here also would I rather fight a horse or a wolf. Once dreamt I had to.
  4. Akinorisar says:Lord Huron - "Meet Me In The Woods"I took a little journey to the unknown, And I come back changed. I can feel it in my bones. I fucked with forces that our eyes. I recently heard this song on the Netflix series 'Dark', and wondered how the heck I missed a Hozier song! It's on the Deluxe version of the first album, which I did.
  5. Doukasa says:Listen to In the Woods Somewhere on Spotify. Hozier · Song · In The Woods Somewhere. Hozier. Nov 5, 1. 2. Hozier. K Followers. Recent comments. MANG DARK. 6mo. Like Reply. Avatar.
  6. Faelmaran says:This track is not available in your country. Learn More. In The Woods Somewhere​. Hozier. Nov 5, 1. 2. Hozier. K Followers. Lyrics for In the Woods Somewhere by Hozier. My head was warm My skin was soaked I called your name 'til the fever broke When I awoke.
  7. Meztilmaran says:Lyrics to 'In The Woods Somewhere' by HOZIER. My head was warm My skin was soaked. I called your name 'til the fever broke. When I awoke. текст песни Hozier - In The Woods Somewhere: Her head was warm, Her skin was soaked. I called your name til the fever broke. When I awoke The moon still.
  8. Shakagor says:Listen to In The Woods Somewhere by Hozier, Shazams, featuring on Pure Romance, and Pop Hits: Apple Music playlists. Composição de: Andrew Hozier-Byrne Cifra Club - seu site de cifras e tablaturas. Tom: A F#m [Riff 1] I heard a scream in the woods somewhere. F#m Ooooo.

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