Jason Isbell Southeastern

Jason Isbell Southeastern

Call it an album full of knock out quality one liners. Certainly Jason has no trouble searching deep within himself or the people around him as he presents suffering as a truth and fact of life. But the greatest moment of awakening occurs when he shifts perspective and looks at the big picture. On the other hand, it is a stark sobering reality that in the midst of of all the inevitable pain and suffering, we still have it better than most. Dave Cobb really encouraged me to sing with the live tracks while we were recording it.

Isbell finished recording Southeastern one or two days before his wedding to musician Amanda Shires , [13] saying he "even went back and did some final touches on Sunday after the wedding before we went on our honeymoon. On the title, Isbell said that geography "wasn't actually the reason I named the album that. That came from a tool and die shop in Alabama that my dad worked at when I was very young. He came home with terrible stories; I thought of the place as a dungeon.

So I wanted to reclaim that for my own purposes. The album's title stems from Isbell's childhood, with Isbell stating, "My dad used to work for a tool-and-die shop when I was a kid that was called Southeastern and that's how it originally occurred to me. I had moved from Muscle Shoals to Nashville — almost a year ago now — and it struck me that, at this point in my life, I don't have any interest in living in any other part of the country or the world, really.

The album's fourth track, "Elephant", focuses upon cancer, with Isbell stating: "It's something that everyone has had an experience with, or they will have. It can be difficult, but it's supposed to be. You're supposed to give enough of a damn about the songs you're singing that you might get a little choked up a little during one of 'em.

The track, "Yvette", which deals with sexual abuse , is a companion piece to the track, "Daisy Mae", on Isbell's previous studio album, Here We Rest He notes, "I got to a point, I guess when I was probably thirty, or thirty-one years old, where it occurred to me almost everyone you meet was sexually abused as a kid, almost everybody, by someone. That never happened to me, believe it or not, but the percentages are just staggering, and writing a song about something that's that depressing I think it's good to discuss it.

Some people like to discuss those things, maybe they don't want to start the conversation themselves, but sometimes those things help folks to relate and get those things out of their system a little bit.

The album debuted at No. It has sold , copies in the United States as of June From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Jason Isbell. Retrieved December 31, Retrieved June 14, Though former Drive-By Truckers member Jason Isbell's previous solo albums displayed promise with songwriting standouts, his new LP Southeastern is his most gripping and most personal album to date. His friends confronted him about his drinking and checked him into rehab, and he emerged sober, determined, and newly focused.

To his considerable credit, Isbell has very little interest in recounting his long fall or his darkest moments. How do you live with that dark half lurking just offstage?

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  1. Dojora says:Southeastern is the fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Jason Isbell, released on June 11, on Southeastern Records. Though former Drive-By Truckers member Jason Isbell's previous solo albums displayed promise with songwriting standouts, his new LP.
  2. Faut says:Southeastern, the new solo album from Jason Isbell, contains 12 new Isbell compositions and the most personal songs of self-reflection and discovery he has​. Listen to Southeastern on Spotify. Jason Isbell · Album · · 12 songs.
  3. Kat says:Southeastern Tracklist · Cover Me Up Lyrics · Stockholm Lyrics · Traveling Alone Lyrics · Elephant Lyrics · Flying Over Water Lyrics · Different Days Lyrics · Live Oak. Jason Isbell Locates His Musical Compass On 'Southeastern' · On whether he felt pressured to find a 'higher power' while going through rehab.
  4. Netilar says:Thumbnail for Jason Isbell - Traveling Alone (w/ Lyrics) Known for his work with Drive By Truckers, Jason Isbell's album Southeastern was. Jason Isbell defines his strength as the ability to throw daggers at his own vulnerabilities, and this quality is what stands out in his fourth full.
  5. Grokora says:Editors' Notes By the time of Southeastern's release, Alabama singer/songwriter Jason Isbell had spent as much time out of his old band, The Drive-By Truckers. Jason Isbell has always been closely associated with the groups he's been a part of: Drive-By Truckers and, more recently, The Unit, with.

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