Jimi Hendri Electric Ladyland

Jimi Hendri Electric Ladyland

The album itself is ranked as one of Jimi's best. You'll notice a lot of experimentation with sound effects on this. It starts off and continues a few times throughout by using some tricks to almost make you think there is an issue with your album or turntable. Only to realize it was an audio trick. Don't expect straight up rock and roll. This is a jam album with long guitar and drum solos. Very mellow and good background music. It has a very Buddhist feel Almost Japanese type of Zen.

At one point it's a 5 minute guitar riff solo with windchimes and no vocal which builds up to a drum solo and then electric guitar. Jimi takes you on the ride he wants to take you.

This is certain chill out music with haunting vocals. I'd put it up there with The Beatles' Sgt. Pepper and The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds for audio tricks and blending blues, rock and roll with experimental music.

I've never heard the original pressing so cannot compare but it's reassuring to know that Jimi's own producer had a hand in the remastering. It may be a bit more bass heavy as is the preference of today's listener but it has a wonderful deep and full sound.

It will take you on a journey. This won't be everyone's cup of tea as Jimi was way ahead of his time. This isn't jukebox or party music But this is an LSD trippy chill out album and any true fan of Jimi would be happy with it. If you are looking for Hendrix standard songs, buy a best of album. This one shows why Jimi was and still is way ahead of his time and why there will never be another quote like him.

At this price, buy it! The only flaws are the off-pressed label and also maybe the fact that because the songs are longer and more drawn out, you have to flip or change the albums a bit more than seems standard. Big deal or not? Everything about this Electric Ladyland reissue is perfect, in every conceivable way. Excellently pressed records, centered and silent when meant to be. The description says that the master was prepared from the original session tapes by Jimi's original sound engineer.

And it sounds like it. I believe this pressing presents Jimi's magnum opus to the listening ear the way he wanted it to be heard, even played on my relatively modest sound system. It is auditory beauty. I have no issue whatesoever with the actual physical records. My issue occurred with the gatefold packaging. On the inner surface, as you open it up, the part along the spine where the two LPs meet has split open. It's not a big deal, right?

I didn't think it was worthy of sending it back for a replacement. Everything else about the records and the gatefold is perfect, so this sticks out. Am I being ridiculous? By Nino Cosoleto-Miller on October 2, Images in this review. Mine sounds absolutely terrible compared to the original 70's pressings. Several newer albums I recently purchased sound so clinical and digital I can assure they were all made with Chinese cutters and masters.

I really don't like the sound at all. Remember how terrible the first cd's sounded? Well this sounds like it was ripped from one of those cd's! I have one sealed Electric Ladyland on Reprise from the 70's that I have never opened, and after listening to this I just may open it! This album is Jimi Hendrix's self-proclaimed Masterpiece! He claimed that every note on this record was completely intentional, every sound and effect was carefully crafted and created for the fulfillment of the work. This album is everything that Jimi was hoping to achieve.

Even with the limitations of the recording processes of the time this record is as fresh and vital today as the day it was recorded. It continues to amaze and inspire musicians all over the world. It is a foundation for experimentation and perfection of the art of guitar playing, songwriting,and composition. In his tragically short lifetime Jimi Hendrix was incredibly prolific, leaving behind a treasure trove of outstanding and magical work with this record proving to be his greatest achievement.

I believe that this record will be alive and inspiring forever! I first bought this album in when I was a young teenager. I thought at the time that it was one of the best albums ever. As I write this review in I still think it was one of the best albums ever. Groundbreaking, innovative, raw energy, there are not enough words to describe it. Hendrix was a true talent.

I won't say anything about this incredible music. Enough has been written about it already. The 5 stars are for the quality of the sound on the CD. Very nice. I stupidly traded that LP in because of a few ticks and pops. Anyway, the CD looks brand new, the very nice booklet that comes with this CD looks brand new. The problem? The Plastic CD case itself was brittle. Don't look at it cross-eyed or pieces will break off I have empty spares so no problem.

That's it. One person found this helpful. Great quality pressing. This is the release done by Sony. The sound, clarity, and feel of the instruments is true to what you'd expect of a Jimi Hendrix album done the way it deserves to be done; perfectly. This album is paet of the Experience Hendrix re-releases which is managed by the Hendrix family. This specific album comes with a few well known songs and plenty of more obscure Hendrix classics specifically on sides B and C.

It does have the original Voodoo Chile track, plus the more famous Voodoo Child Slight Return which a lot more people are familiar with. Plus you get the Hendrix original cover of All Along the Watchtower. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. The word on the web is that the CD and the stereo version on the blu ray are too compressed to enjoy at boogie volume, and that the live performance isn't the best, so if we discount them as reasons why you might want to buy this box set, that leaves the multichannel mix, the Making Of documentary and the book itself.

When he finally did begin recording, Jimi would be playing for the benefit of his guests, not the machines…. We got it. Finally I just threw my hands up and left. It was a party, not a session. In addition to being a musical perfectionist, Hendrix had very specific visual ideas for Electric Ladyland. Some of them are nice looking chicks, but the photographer distorted the photograph with a fish-eye lens or something.

It made the girls look bad. Hendrix was unhappy with the way the finished album sounded. Pressured by Reprise for a finished product, he was forced to mix the record while out on tour with the Experience. They thought it was out of phase. Rolling Stone gave the album a mixed review upon its release. See Also. Newswire Powered by.

Not long after this album was made we would lose him to drugs. If you can jam out to those 15 minutes, you'll love everything else on the album. Half produced by Chas Chandler, who began the project with Jimi, but left a few songs in because of the mad circus of drama and intrigue which surrounded the Jimi Hendrix Experience, who were by then a HUGE global rock-n-roll sensation, and the rest of the album was produced by none other than the visionary Jimi Hendrix himself, who was beginning to tire of the whole "Experience" thing, and was internalizing a new direction by this time.

I do believe that this was the last Jimi Hendrix Experience album as he went on to working with other musicians as a solo artist. Am I correct? Anyway, this was the followup to Axis:Bold as Love. This really built the group up to their expectations.

Lots of memorable tunes on this disc. This was such a great album and should never be overlooked. Sooooo, if you are a Hendrix fan such as I, you should seriously think of purchasing this disc, you will not ever regret it. Buy any other version of this album and the sound will be better. This has been "brickwalled" in an attempt to make it sound louder.

Very harsh, unlistenable. One person found this helpful. Long extended jams tend to get boring on repetition. At least I find a lot of the 70's rock jams to be so. So, why is it I never tire of Voodoo Chile? And, maybe it's because of it's sexy and langorous rythmn and Stevie Winwood matching and counterpunching on Organ and somehow managing to keep up with and augment Hendrix's virtuosity.

Whatever, it cooks like crazy and it never bores me and if Voodoo Chile was the only track, along with its harder driving reprise Voodoo Chile Slight Return at the end, this album would be a keeper. But, there is much more. Crosstown Traffic. The best version of All Along the Watchtower. Let the Good Times Roll. And the long and spacey Rainy Day into etc. Hey, this is one of the classic albums made by a man who took the electric guitar to places no one else could, then and now.

It is just great stuff by a young, intuitive virtuoso just hitting-his-stride before we lost him. Still rocks!

See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. I am so enjoying this album, I bought it on a whim after watching 'The Making of Electric Ladyland' - part of the Classic Albums series, so now know just what went into each track. Jimmy Hendrix was just a little before my time, and I never appreciated him when I was young, and it's actually my son who has been inspired by him as a guitar player.

Now I can see or hear why. This record lives in a way little modern music does, and now the electric guitar is firmly established in our musical landscape, I realise just what an influence Jimmy had, and what a truly great album this is.

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  1. Molrajas says:Electric Ladyland is the third and final studio album by the Jimi Hendrix Experience and the final studio album released in Hendrix's lifetime before his death in Electric Ladyland · And the Gods Made Love · Have You Ever Been (To Electric Ladyland) · Crosstown Traffic · Voodoo Chile · Little Miss Strange · Long Hot.
  2. Kagaktilar says:Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Electric Ladyland at Discogs. Complete your The Jimi Hendrix. Such tunes as "All Along the Watchtower", "Voodoo Child (A Slight Return)" and the classic British single "Burning of The Midnight Lamp". There are some really.
  3. Tekree says:Jewelcase. Remastered edition of this album from the Rock icon. Electric Ladyland features some of Jimi's most enduring recordings including 'Crosstown​. Wallows Breaks Down The Meaning Of “OK”. As the Jimi Hendrix Experience's most commercially successful release, Electric Ladyland represents read more​.

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