Joe Mayfield Im On The Move Hows Things With You

Joe Mayfield Im On The Move Hows Things With You

Also, huge respect to my vinyl brother Allan Lauder. Next night is in two weeks and it will be a cracker! More famous for her figure than her singing but she did have a pretty good voice. This track is a big play on the popcorn scene, as is another version of the same song by Jane Baker, recorded some months after Meg Myles.

His group, The Knightmares had released a couple of local hits in early and were quickly picked up by Decca Records to release this track nationally. They were all set to become huge rockabilly stars i Considered by many to be the father of modern amplified Chicago Blues. His collaborations with Willie Dixon have become legendary, influencing thou Willie Dixon once again was a huge Related Pages See all.

Rock n Roll Rampage 5. Still nobody for music like Larry, to this day. Larry came out and we played the record and he started jumping up in the air like this [ moves hands up and down very fast ]. I thought this might be good for me. Bring it to my club, let me play it in my club. So, I kept going and met a girl named Denice, and she was working with Salsoul. And the word started filtering around the industry, Joe Bataan has something once again.

Sugarhill Gang already beat me out. Fatback Band beat me out. No, they came out first. Rap was taboo at that time. He said OK, and finally we agreed. I finally got back at him. The record started selling like hot cakes. Larry Levan was playing it, he sold 20, copies the first week through playing it in a disco — not radio, a disco.

It was unheard of. This was a novelty back then, but they all know it now. What kind of club could generate this amount of sales?

That was Larry Levan and the Garage. He released a record, and of course RCA had no idea what they had, they sent it around the world. Glen LaRusso and Saul Whitman called me up. That record is a hit. I put those suspenders on and I went to Holland.

What do you do? I found this old pair of track shoes, I put them on and went on stage. It became the rage of Europe, I found kids all over Europe imitating that dress code. I stayed in Europe for six months going from country to country selling records. They would literally kiss your ass if you own the publishing to a big record. You could retire. But, to get it played on the air, I had difficulty. Of course you know that I told them to shove it.

The record was never played to full potential that it could have. Joe Bataan could have been a household name by now. Of course, as you see, all through my life I kept missing. I kept missing. Everywhere I went I was second in this. When I threw a concert at Shea Stadium, I was second to that. They just happened to go to the moon that day and the whole stadium was rained on….

Not a lot of money. Nothing in the Madonna scale. Eventually I will get to the UK. One thing I did want to say is, you did come back and make an album in , a great record called Call My Name. Actually, do you want to talk about that before?

Let me just skip back a little. Eight years ago Joe Bataan died. I literally physically died. Let me tell you what happened. See how funny life is? I was there working the night shift and I started feeling something in my head. You know that feeling you get in your body when something changes? And I started twitching. What the hell is this? I guess it was tension. You know what to do? Go upstairs, turn the lights out and start rubbing your neck.

The guys, when I told them, started laughing. You know how you are when you first start taking medicine. I was taking medicine for blood pressure and sat back, turned the lights off, and started rubbing my neck. I carry a bag all the time and my whole life is in that little bag. We went to see Star Wars and I started buying the popcorn, the franks, soda, lemonade, everything. The movie is on first thing in the morning. I approached the car, started it up, grabbed the wheel, rolled my window down.

I reached into the back seat to make sure my bag was there, because it had my pay, I just got paid. Everything was intact, except I started bleeding out of my mouth. Now, you might bleed sometimes but this blood, this was different, it was flowing in abundance and I started getting dizzy, and everything was going blurred.

I spat the blood out of the window and I reached for my bag. Shows you how life is, you love material things. I got back some sort of sense and my wife was having a conversation with my daughter and I started choking her [ gestures throttling action ], literally choking her. I was choking her and she got out of the car to get help. I jumped out and started banging the hood. Security guard came, I punched him, took 12 people to restrain me. I woke up in a hospital 10 hours later, unconscious….

What are the chances of your whole family being called to your bedside? Because while I was in the bed, in a coma - I had one of those tubes they put down you - my wife, my daughter, my grandkids were all around the bed.

And this is what I like to say happened, I do use this in my testimony when I play every time I perform. I want you to stop running away from me and do my work.

Now, you have to remember that I had no musical training. Everything I did was by the seat of my pants or what I saw other people do. I was very good at watching people. I learned how to sing, but mostly by ear, and when I learned those three chords I wrote my first song. What I recommend is, anybody that writes, learn an instrument. It really helps you and I guess it took me in another direction because I was handicapped by the only three chords that I knew.

I had to embellish upon it and do things that were not conventional, things that other people do. When you write a song you always have A, A, then you have the bridge and revert back to A.

I had to find out how to do that on the piano so I could go into another key, because I knew that would broaden life. And when I finally found out the difference between minor and major, about being sad and happy, that brought another element into my writing. After a while I got so good I was able to take short cuts.

I had a contract to do an album. Finally, when the piano came along, I was able to translate that into the music. The first way I learnt how to sing is that I read a newspaper. If you notice some of my songs, I have a habit of saying too many words. Whatever was in that paper I would sing. So there was probably a war somewhere, or an uprising, and I would sing about it and play these three chords. I found out whatever I did slow I could do fast, and that became a style of mine.

So, as you can see, that was a growing up experience that I wanted to share with that. If you come tomorrow, you will see how a lot of the songs I incorporated that way. You have no idea that you could really become alive again. I do all the things that the kids do, all the things that you do. Try to do my exercise, the best that I can do. Ride my bike. I play ball. I got a hell of a jump shot. I do these things and now I got the opportunity to play my music, which I love so much.

This is not an accident. Just wondering if you ever license some of your music to film or television? If you could share some of the business side of it…. Sure, OK. Get it. By Clive Davis. I think they have several editions since then. All those things that you do know. The merchandising part of it is also mentioned in there. I know that book was what guided me and that was some time ago. I recently did a little part in Liberty Kid. If I can put it into effect.

I have all the product, all the songs that Joe Bataan ever did are going to come back to me. All those songs belong to me. Come and get me. All right. You see? All that stuff belongs to me. But I got to look at it spiritually also. Before me there were others.

Read and wrote. Before them there were others then. Believe it. A lot of the people singing up there today. I mean I hope I get paid. People are not doing what they did years ago. If they have to go public, they have to answer to a lot of people. Unless you independently try to get into a company that you control yourself.

Open up a publishing company. Find out how. Copyright your songs, your ideas. Get an attorney. Get on the internet. I never had an internet to find information.

You have a world at your feet. The hustle part, that has to be learned on your own. If you have the gumption you got to keep yourself in shape. That spirit. And knowledge. Do not let one day go by that you do not learn a new word or a new something. Do not waste your time idly with not learning something every day. I said they took it. I tried to be humble. Did you ever teach them music?

Or did they ever express any interest in learning? Let me tell you. Take your time before you get married. We have too many kids raising kids. You got to know that this is a responsibility. You have to take care of those kids. My kids are no different. They had all the tools there for them to follow in the line of music, but my first thing was physical with them.

That they had to learn how to walk up the stairs. We ran track when they were three years old. They were doing cross country running… yeah, or we leave you behind! Let me tell you why. I got all girls in my family. I got one boy and for a long time me and him sat on the couch every time my wife went to the hospital to have a child and we would wait to see what was coming. I will make them play a band. They took up karate because they had to defend themselves.

I knew that my son was going to have a hard time. We studied Shotokan and they can take care of themselves.

You got to be very careful with the martial arts. We had to get out of it. At some point in your life you were able to see that rap was going to be the future of music, the new thing coming. What do you think is going to be the new thing in music nowadays? OK, well I grew up through a lot of phases, from rock-and-roll, before that it was rhythm-and-blues Actually my first love of music was show tunes. I saw that craze come, I saw Elvis Presley come through, I saw Frankie Lymon with rock-and-roll, then I saw the disco era come through, and then when the rap era came through… [and then] reggaeton was happening.

What I want to do is I want to bring back the squaredance, but I want to bring it back hip. He might be the right guy. Listen to the stuff that this guy does. That might be the next wave of music. Actually thanks, first of all, for your music and when you mentioned Salsoul record label.

I was so happy because [inaudible] by Salsoul Orchestra is one of my favorite records. So I actually really appreciate it. How does it relate to the Salsoul Orchestra, which were a large band to your record label, because it was a gold mine. Well, let me tell you.

I was the only one there on the label. There was no artists, they were dealing in Mexican music, guaracha. Songs like that that they were importing and selling cut-outs. When I introduced the word Salsoul as a company, my first album was called Salsoul.

The concept was to bring together, merge Latin and soul. Later on, when I had my arguments with Salsoul, and they felt that they picked my brain for everything that I gave them, I showed them the Philly Sound, I showed them Jimmy Young, they actually got some of these musicians to come down from Philly to play for Salsoul.

The end result was a Vince Montana that came down. He wrote a lot of those songs, he became the leader of the Salsoul Orchestra, but he did not start Salsoul Records.

The whole concept was mine. He was very successful, so were a lot of the other artists, so was Kenny Cayre. They did this in the absence of me, when they actually booted me out of the company. How was it to have those singers, related to most important disco hints in that era, and did you ever meet Patrick Adams or any producers like that? Patrick was a good friend, he was a very talented guy. He was always understood, he was at the forefront of bringing a lot of those acts. Everybody and their mother wanted to be a part of Salsoul, so everybody came up there.

Every DJ in the country was calling Salsoul. They came in after, to be a part of the Salsoul family. Disco was a wide-open market, so if you look at those records, you will notice that most of those records were played by the same guys, like Bernard and those guys, they were the hit-makers during that era, similar to Motown.

That group that played all those hit records, they never got credit. The same thing holds true for disco. The Babbits… all those guys and the Cornell Duprees… They all played on those songs, but, of course, they were in the background.

You had said something Gil Scott Heron and I just wanted to know how was that experience for you? Let me explain. It takes eight weeks to break a record.

Now, if you want to have any kind of luck, you got to get this record played all over the country at one time. RCA, Sony? Just to produce that record, you know how many records you would have to make? I believe somebody just went bankrupt now — Tower Records. They knew what they were going to do, they started selling everyday cut-outs, started selling them for a dollar.

So, when it came time, the stores were demanding more records, they had no more money. That means the record was going to die and they were going to go broke. That can happen to a lot of people. So you have to be on time.

You have to know exactly your market. For instance, if I came to Australia, and I wanted to play a record and I wanted to make sure everybody bought it, I would have to have a nucleus, what would be a nucleus that everybody would enjoy before I take a chance.

You should be the last one to praise your work. I just happened to… I met him later. He was so happy and proud what I did to his song. He mentioned it in his last documentary I hear, he calls me the mayor of New York. The first time I went there, I went I went up to him, he introduced me, he listened to the record, and he played it. Then I was finding out a source of energy and sale marketability that no one else knew in New York, and that was the disco.

I was on the forefront of the club scene before most artists, promoters. The soundtrack for Super Fly is regarded as an all-time great body of work that captured the essence of life in the ghetto while criticizing the tendency of young people to glorify the "glamorous" lifestyles of drug dealers and pimps, and illuminating the dark realities of drugs, addiction, and exploitation.

Mayfield, along with several other soul and funk musicians, spread messages of hope in the face of oppression, pride in being a member of the black race and gave courage to a generation of people who were demanding their human rights. He has been compared to Martin Luther King Jr. Paving the way for a future generation of rebel thinkers, Mayfield paid the price, artistically and commercially, for his politically charged music.

Mayfield was also a descriptive social commentator. As the influx of drugs ravaged through black America in the late s and s his bittersweet descriptions of the ghetto would serve as warnings to the impressionable. On August 13, , Mayfield became paralyzed from the neck down, after stage lighting equipment fell on him at an outdoor concert at Wingate Field in Flatbush , Brooklyn, New York. He also directed the recording of his last album, New World Order Mayfield's vocals were recorded, usually line-by-line, while he was lying on his back.

Mayfield received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in In February , he had to have his right leg amputated due to diabetes. Mayfield's last appearance on record was with the group Bran Van on the song " Astounded " for their album Discosis , recorded just before his death and released in However, his health had steadily declined following his paralysis, so the vocals weren't new.

Rather, they were lifted from archive recordings, including "Move On Up. Mayfield was married twice. At the time of his death he was married to Altheida Mayfield. Together they had six children.

Mayfield taught himself how to play guitar, tuning it to the black keys of the piano, giving the guitar an open F-sharp tuning that he used throughout his career.

This was not unique in itself, but most singers sing primarily in the modal register. In , it was reported that Lionel Richie had secured the rights to produce a Curtis Mayfield biographical film. In a statement he said, "I'm so grateful to be working closely with [Mayfield's widow] Altheida Mayfield, [son] Cheaa Mayfield and the Curtis Mayfield Estate and couldn't be happier to be moving forward on this amazing project about a one-of-a-kind music genius.

For years, too many others have tried to claim what he alone did. He was a genius, always stood on his own. Mayfield was nominated for eight Grammy Awards during his career. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American singer, songwriter, and record producer. This article is about the musician. Singer-songwriter guitarist record producer. Vocals guitar piano keyboards.

Curtom Warner Bros. The Impressions Jerry Butler. Main article: The Impressions. Martin Luther King Jr. His music was a major influence on many of today's most influential rap and hip-hop stars, from Lauryn Hill to Public Enemy. Main article: Curtis Mayfield discography. Retrieved January 30, ISBN Pearson Prentice Hall. The center for this innovation was Chicago and the often underappreciated Curtis Mayfield.

Accessed November 28, Rolling Stone. Retrieved February 9, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved November 1, December 27, The Independent. December 28, Chicago Portraits. Northwestern University Press. Higher Ground. Random House. The Canberra Times. March 6, Retrieved October 31,

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  2. Mezikree says:I'm on the Move / How's Things With You, a Single by Joe Mayfield. Released in on Excello (catalog no. ; Vinyl 7"). I'm on the Move / How's Things With You by Joe Mayfield on WhoSampled. Discover all of this album's music connections, watch videos, listen to music, discuss.
  3. Tygokasa says:How's Things With You by Joe Mayfield · I'm on the Move / How's Things With You. Excello Main genre: Soul / Funk / Disco. 2 users contributed to this. The terminally obscure Joe Mayfield cut this rare hunk of deep soul magic in and what How's things with you / I'm on the move ~ EXCELLO (​).
  4. Tauzuru says:Tracks. A: I'm On The Move. Artist: Joe Mayfield Composer: Mayfield, White. B: How's Things With You. Artist: Joe Mayfield Composer: D. White. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of "I'm On The Move / How's Things With You" on Discogs.
  5. Mezile says:JOE MAYFIELD - I'M ON THE MOVE / HOW'S THINGS WITH YOU (7'' 45 RPM VINYL RECORD) - Music. I'm on the Move / How's Things With You, a Single by Joe Mayfield. Released in on Excello (catalog no. ; Vinyl 7").
  6. Mikanris says:I'm on the Move / How's Things With You by Joe Mayfield on WhoSampled. Discover all of this album's music connections, watch videos, listen to music, discuss. How's Things With You by Joe Mayfield · I'm on the Move / How's Things With You. Excello Main genre: Soul / Funk / Disco. 2 users contributed to this.
  7. Tygodal says:The terminally obscure Joe Mayfield cut this rare hunk of deep soul magic in and what How's things with you / I'm on the move ~ EXCELLO (​). Tracks. A: I'm On The Move. Artist: Joe Mayfield Composer: Mayfield, White. B: How's Things With You. Artist: Joe Mayfield Composer: D. White.
  8. Grozahn says:A: I'm A Natural Born Man B: You're The One I Love. Rocket [Louisiana], USA, , 7", , 1 Comment. Joe Mayfield. A: I'm On The Move B: How's Things With. 45 of the day Joe Mayfield - I'm On The Move / How's Things With You Excello () One of my favourite record labels. Excello, from Nashville.

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