Madonna Erotica

Madonna Erotica

She called me a few weeks before and asked me over the phone, "I'll be in New York in two weeks, do you want to work? She came in, started writing, she's like, "What do you think about this direction and these lyrics?

I'm the only one that got the feet up so at first I didn't think she saw it, and she goes, "Dre, stop being a bitch, it's just a rat. Shimkin: She really holds fast to a general rule, which is that she's in charge of lyrics and melody, and you're in charge of music. While she has her say in the music end, it's more about the arrangement and how it works with her vocal.

She'll still be open to ideas you have about a vocal. One is her dominion, the other is yours, and they don't meet that often, but it's not unheard of to be able to comment either way. Donna De Lory: She would completely just hear it in her head. Especially when we're doing vocals.

Sometimes [backup singer] Niki [Haris] and I would be like, "How 'bout this? How 'bout that? She was open to other ideas, but I really respected that. Wimbish: [My first day in the studio], she rolls up and she's got a box with these Playboy magazines from like the '60s. She comes in, Dre sees her and she's chilling, Dre's like, "Yo what's up Mo how you doing?

Dre says, "What do you got here in this box. She's Madonna, she's got that alpha female vibe -- and no disrespect. I'm like "yo, let me see that. Dre's looking at the centerfold, Madonna's doing her Madonna thing, saying, "no, no," and I'm like, "I'm not doing anything until I see some titties and ass. Shimkin: I was 21, 22 years old at the time. While I'd worked on a lot of major artists' records and spoken to some of them, it can be intimidating at first.

When we worked on "Vogue" I didn't speak to her that much, but when we started working in [Shep's] house [on Erotica ] and you're there every day, you realize somebody is just who they are. One time, she was asking me if I was done on the computer. She asked me a few minutes later and I was like "not yet," and I started getting more nervous. The next time she asked me, I lost it and I thought it was the end of my career, I said, "I'm not done yet, make some fucking popcorn and I'll let you know when I'm ready.

It became much easier as time went on. I think she enjoys having people around her who allow themselves to be themselves. She's really no different than what she puts out there to the public in a movie like Truth or Dare. There's not a persona and she doesn't hide who she is. The first single and title track, "Erotica," set the tone for her album and the Sex book a Middle Eastern-flavored version entitled "Erotic" was included on a CD with copies of Sex. But unlike many of the other tracks on Erotica , "Erotica" underwent numerous radical changes during the album sessions.

Shep Pettibone: "Erotica" was four different songs throughout the process. She loved the groove. She would sing it one way, background vocals harmonies and all, then decide to erase everything and start over again. Every version was very good. Shame she made me erase stuff.

Shimkin : The original version of "Erotica" wasn't as slinky and sexy and grimy and dirty sounding until we were in the mixing process of the record, [which was] more toward the final stages. It was experimentation. When we realized it was going to be the first single and started working on the remix, it took on a different, darker vibe. That's when the character emerged, this Dita, when she ad-libbed the speaking parts.

Then the character became something that took over. Pettibone: At one point this was a finely tuned album. She scrapped that and wanted it dirty, murky and not polished.

De Lory: She was more grown up; she was more mature. She had her statements to make and you were there supporting her. If "Erotica" was a bold sonic departure for Madonna, the second single, "Deeper and Deeper," found her in more familiar disco and house territory — it even featured a lyrical shout-out to her No.

Shimkin: The music [for "Deeper and Deeper"] was fairly complete when we handed it to her, with the exception of the middle break bridge section, which took on this Spanish flamenco feel. It had the disco-y feel, the chorus and the melody was all intact, but when we were in the studio transferring the demo elements and adding new elements and getting ready for the mix, I was sitting on the couch in the control room with a guitar and started futzing around with the guitar line in the flamenco guitar section.

And she was like, "Yeah, let's do that. But it was a creative process and a lot of fun. De Lory: All the records with her, you'd show up at the session and you just couldn't wait to hear what she was doing now. By then I'd gotten to know the fans really well, and I thought "the fans are going to love this," especially when we did "Deeper and Deeper. We had so much fun. I remember the brilliance of her vocal arrangements, how she'd wait 'til the end to bring something new in, and you don't want it to fade out, but it is fading.

Shimkin : We were in the process of adding background vocals [to "Deeper and Deeper"]. Most of the vocals came from a Shure SM57 and a quarter inch tape from the demo session, but we did recut some of the vocals. And Shep, while recording, was singing the "Vogue" line over "Deeper and Deeper. It's happenstance when the melody and key of an original song meld with another one. I think Shep may have suggested [keeping the "Vogue" reference] as a joke and she did it, and we decided to keep it.

For as dark as Erotica is, there's actually quite a bit of humor on it, from the cheeky "Vogue" shout-out to the ridiculously boastful "Did You Do It," a rap freestyle set to the music of another album track, "Waiting. Madonna and I used to talk a lot of shit to each other — a lot. The guys used to always ask me, "the way you guys talk to each other, I know you guys are doing something.

Did you have sex with her? And I said, "give me a mic, I'm going to freestyle something. So she comes back with four guys in suits, and the song is cued up, ready to play. The accompanying music video for the song was directed by fashion photographer Fabien Baron , and features Madonna dressed as a masked dominatrix interspersed with footage of the making of the singer's Sex book, with cameos by celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Big Daddy Kane. The video was highly controversial, being aired by MTV only three times, all after the 10pm watershed , before being completely banned.

The song has also been covered and parodied by several artists. In , Madonna founded her own multi-media entertainment company, Maverick , consisting of a record company Maverick Records , a film production company Maverick Films , and associated music publishing, television broadcasting, book publishing and merchandising divisions. Pettibone first began working with Madonna during the s, providing remixes for several of her singles. According to Pettibone in an article "Erotica Diaries" published on Madonna's Icon magazine, he produced a tape with four songs, for Madonna to listen to, before he traveled to Chicago, where she was filming A League of Their Own.

She listened to the songs and liked all of them. Their schedule was sporadic in the beginning. They were in the studio for a week and then she would work with Steven Meisel on Sex , for two weeks. They're the things she wants to say". It contained stories authored by her mysteriously dark alter [ego], Dita. Madonna took the book and walked out of the room and didn't come back until about half an hour later.

Suddenly she was on the mic, speaking in this very dry voice. The chorus and bridge were changed entirely and the whole psyche of the song became sexier, more to the point. It seemed as if Dita brought out the best in her, actually serving as a vehicle for the dangerous territory she was traveling. Actually, it was the same name Madonna used when she'd stay in hotels around the world.

Not anymore. This sample caused controversy after Fairuz claimed her vocals had been used without her consent, and said the lyrics "He was crucified today", which are sung in Arabic, are taken from a religious song that is traditionally heard during Good Friday services.

The song, a stripped-down version of "Erotica", includes lyrics not heard in the original track such as "We could use the cage, I've got a lot of rope". Stephen Thomas Erlewine from Allmusic highlighted the song as an album standout, calling it "some of Madonna's best and most accomplished music".

But the sensibility of 'Erotica' is miles removed from the warm come-ons of 'Justify', which got its heat from privacy and romance [ Randy Taraborrelli, author of Madonna: An Intimate Biography , wrote that "['Erotica'] wasn't a surprise for anyone who had been paying attention to Madonna's recent music. She had shown her hand earlier with Breathless when she sang ' Hanky Panky ', the song about spanking [ The beats are, by design, hypnotic—at once alluring and devious.

With 'Erotica', Madonna promises to get you off, but not without giving you something". Virtel added that Madonna sells the double entendre of "Erotica" like a "primed burlesque mistress". On October 17, , "Erotica" debuted at number 13 on the Billboard Hot , which at the time of its release placed Madonna in a fifth place tie with Mariah Carey 's rendition of " I'll Be There " as the highest debut for a song in the history of the Billboard Hot It reached a peak of number four, having spent a total of eleven weeks on the chart.

In the United Kingdom, "Erotica" debuted at number 11 in the UK Singles Chart , the week of October 17, , ultimately peaking at the third position. The song was present a total of 9 weeks on the chart. The music video for "Erotica" was directed by fashion photographer Fabien Baron. In the video, Madonna becomes Dita Parlo , a masked, gold-toothed dominatrix from an indeterminate age, ready to help us cross the street at the corner of Pleasure and Pain [ Shot in grainy black and white, 'Erotica' has the feel of a stag film, though its quick cuts keep the viewer from seeing all that much.

After its release, it was aired by MTV a total of three times, all of these after the 10 pm watershed , due to its highly charged sexual content, before being permanently banned; this made it Madonna's second video to be banned from airing by the channel, after "Justify My Love" in It is not appropriate for a general viewing audience".

In checking off your list of taboos, how far can you take them? At what point does it just stop being interesting? Can we be bored with the subject matter already? Madonna first performed "Erotica" as the opening number of her fourth concert tour , The Girlie Show World Tour of The show opened with a topless pole dancer sliding down a pole dangling high above the stage. Thirteen years later, Madonna performed a remixed version of the song as part of her Confessions Tour.

The performance found Madonna, who was dressed in white leotard with purple stripes, designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier, and five couples dancing to the song in ballroom dance style. The Village Voice columnist Michael Musto also recreated the nude hitchhiking scene from the Sex book and "Erotica" music video on the streets of Jersey City. Credits adapted from the album's liner notes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the song by Madonna.

For other songs with this title, see Erotica disambiguation. Trip hop new jack swing dance. Maverick Sire Warner Bros. Madonna Shep Pettibone Anthony Shimkin. Models Isabella Rossellini left and Naomi Campbell right are among the celebrities that appeared in the "Erotica" music video alongside Madonna. See also: List of cover versions of Madonna songs and List of Madonna tribute albums. Retrieved Hal Leonard Corporation.

ISBN Retrieved 6 October — via Google Books. Why did projects Madonna intended to open minds shut so many down? It also killed and would go on to kill her cohorts, including Blond Ambition dancer Gabriel Trupin. Unlike Erotica , which contrasts moods and tempos but maintains a deep and yearning sonic continuity, Sex is varied in style and content.

Some shots are straightforward, such as the introductory snaps of Madonna cavorting with two tattooed and pierced lesbian skinheads. The authenticity of her playmates accentuates the fastidiousness of her makeup and the newness of her fetish-wear, which makes Madonna look like a tourist.

Other photos are open to interpretation: One features four masculine figures standing at urinals with Madonna superimposed in pink. Penned by Madonna, the text also varies in tone.

As her charities and donations have attested for decades, she also aims to make the world a better place: She just opened a pediatric hospital in Malawi. Back then, she taught soft-core sex ed.

At a time when the straight media essentially characterized all sex as dangerous, Madonna tried to illustrate that it could be safe and stimulating, particularly if we open our minds, free our bodies, and try something besides standard intercourse. Accordingly, Sex was never about pretty pictures.

And yet I recognize her intentions. I lost my dad to cancer when I was young just as she lost her mom at age five, and so I know all too well how grieving reactivates that original deprivation, like when my very first lover died of AIDS 30 years ago.

But until then, if you lived in a major city and were gay or an intravenous drug user, sex worker or among their intimates, you were an endangered species. There was no cure, and our government was indifferent. Breaking their silence was essential to our survival and sanity.

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  1. Narr says:Erotica is the fifth studio album by American recording artist Madonna, released on October 20, by Maverick and Sire Records. "Erotica" is a song by American singer and songwriter Madonna. It is the title track from her fifth studio album Erotica (), and was released as the album's.
  2. Faugal says:Erotica is the fifth studio album by Madonna, released in the US on October 20, The album was released simultaneously with Madonna's first book. Admittedly I've come to this controversial Madonna album 'Erotica' rather late! It was her fifth studio album released way back in , and as the title suggests it's.
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