Royal Trux Twin Infinitives

Royal Trux Twin Infinitives

PSF: Was it his band? JH: It was his band. Although one of the guys from Government Issue was in the band, it was Neil's band because he wrote all the songs and stuff.

I just remember being very blown away by them. Neil was; even more so then, kinda quiet and cagey. And I was very young so I didn't know how to approach a stranger without being a complete idiot. PSF: What was your first line to him? JH: There wasn't. I just kinda put myself in a position. I knew they were going to this party down the street and I knew this girl at the club who was really good friends with the person who was having the party so I started talking to her and said, "I'm coming with you.

PSF: So you obviously had this amazing crush on Neil immediately? It was like boom It was just that quick. And then it was a series of maneuverings so I could be at the right place at the right time so I could just watch him interact. And he would talk to me but he was just a real fucking freak. He was so contrary to everybody and very unpredictable. So I would keep a little distance at first. I guess it was like monthes later and he was living in a warehouse with this old man. One night, people followed Neil back to this warehouse because he had a sheet of acid.

The old man who lived there drank Colt 45 and he had been tripping for days. When we got there half the room was lined with these bottles filled with piss. Immediately it was a fascinating situation; one to be looked into further. So I had gone there for the purpose of seeing Neil but also to do the acid. I ended up staying there for three days tripping my ass off. And Neil was tripping his ass off so that was the ice-breaker. He slept on a wooden board with a sleeping bag on it. And me and Neil and my friend Holly ending up sitting on the board and it became a ship.

It became a boat. So we could not get off the board or we would drown. Neil suddenly turned into Huey P. Long and he was fucking commandeering the board. We stayed on that board for like a day and a half. And we've been together ever since. PSF: You guys have a great love story.

Has anyone ever told you that? JH: Yeah, and I'm glad that they do because it's all I know now. And I never want to take it for granted but it seems like this is the way it should always be for everybody. That's just the way it is. Is that right? JH: No. I finished up high school and he was my boyfriend. Then we moved into an old carriage house together for a year.

So we just hung out for a year doing a lot of acid. They came back to DC because that's where Julie's from. They played a couple of shows and they had a guitar player who they didn't like. They'd been asking around town about different guitar players and they kept getting recommended Neil. So they called Neil and asked him if he wanted to play and he said yeah because he didn't have a job. At the time I was working a fucking kite store, if you can imagine.

Obviously we didn't have much money; well Then they decided they wanted to move to New York and they wanted Neil to go. I moved up about a month later for school and we got a room at the YMCA together. That's how they started playing together.

But the whole year we lived at the carriage house in DC when we were doing a lot of acid and stuff, Neil and I got a couple of radio shows at Maryland University.

It was never said that it was Royal Trux. It was just me and Neil. But it was some of the earliest songs we wrote as Royal Trux. We were doing that for a whole year when Pussy Galore called.

We had songs written and we gave a couple of them to the band. There's a couple of Royal Trux songs on the album. JH: No Royal Trux was his "thing. Do you guys listen to any of Jon Spencer's stuff these days? In , Hagerty and Herrema found themselves living in San Francisco, having left NYC, and were living in what sounds like a poverty-level existence. Nonetheless, they plugged away with their recording project, booking time when they could. Hagerty and Herrema ticked all of those boxes. One prevailing theory is that band that recorded basic tracks and layered all kinds of effects over them, then began lots of cutting and splicing in the editing process, only to remove the basic tracks from the final mix, leaving all those layers of effects to be prominent in the final product.

Twin plays like a fever dream, of sorts, with various fragments coming in and out of consciousness, so to speak. A repetitive guitar riff may come in for a bit and then fade away, to be replaced by various synth phrases, drum machines, and Herrema and Hagerty at times wailing as if in pain, and others calmly singing about ice cream. Bandcamp Daily your guide to the world of Bandcamp. Cannibal Corpse's George "Corpsegrinder" Fisher stops by for an interview. Explore music. Twin Infinitives by Royal Trux.

Mars Hottentot. Mars Hottentot Yo - my cassette came! Thanks to whomever sent it on it's way. The Album? My review from stands: imageshack. Mighttheone A crowning achievement in sound and aesthetic. Royal Trux never was because they never came here to be. Twin Infinitives is classical music, it is an idea challenged for excellence.

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  1. Doum says:Twin Infinitives is the second studio album by Royal Trux. It was released as a double LP in by Drag City, then reissued on CD and cassette in Twin Infinitives is the first full-length album released under Chicago independent label Drag. Twin Infinitives is the second studio album by Royal Trux. It was released as a double LP in by Drag City, then reissued on CD and cassette in Twin Infinitives is the first full-length album released under Chicago independent label Drag City.
  2. Akigul says:Noisier and harsher than the group's debut, Twin Infinitives is a polarizing record -- you either understand Royal Trux's primal, atonal deconstructions of rock. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Royal Trux - Twin Infinitives at Discogs. Complete your Royal Trux collection.
  3. Kagalmaran says:You haven't fully experienced Royal Trux until you've heard Twin Infinitives, a CD reissue of its double LP masterpiece. Recorded by Greg Freeman in San. A1 Solid Gold Tooth · A2 Ice Cream · A3 Jet Pet · A4 RTX - USA 2:​36 · A5 Kool Down Wheels · B1 Chances Are the Comets in Our Future · B2.
  4. Mazurn says:Twin Infinitives Tracklist · Solid Gold Tooth Lyrics · Ice Cream Lyrics · Jet Pet Lyrics · RTX-USA Lyrics · Kool Down Wheels Lyrics · Chances Are The Comets In Our. This album is from the tape-loops and noise era of RTX. It has sounds of early Kraftwerk, Delta blues, go-go, noise rock, shoegazer, and classic hard rock.. often.
  5. Grogami says:But Royal Trux are not like most bands. In , Hagerty and Herrema found themselves living in San Francisco, having left NYC, and were. Glimmer Twin Infinitives. Royal Trux live, pics by Ed Mabe. by Ed Mabe (October ). For those of you unfamiliar with Royal Trux.

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