Sleepy Sun Fever

Sleepy Sun Fever

This album should not be reduced to singles although if I had to pick, I'd say that "Desert God" and "Wild Machines" are noteworthy. It's got a hard edge in tracks like "Wild Machine" which are framed magnificently between the two slices of glorious solace which are "Rigamaroo" and "Ooh Boy".

There's some burning guitar in "Open Eyes" and a blazing harmonica solo in "Desert God". While "Sandstorm Woman"'s progression is the end of the journey that is Fever, it leaves you wanting more. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. Translate all reviews to English. I didn't know this band until very recently when somebody alerted me to it by way of a video link of 'Sandstorm woman'. Boy, was I impressed. There's something 50's about the guitar sound and an intensity that's restrained and all-out at the same time.

So, naturally, I had to get the cd, and I wasn't disappointed. Moments of calm and pleasing languid vocals dance with moments of fury, reminiscent of Neil Young when he's heading for earthquake country.

Needless to say, this music will work its magic only when it's played really loud which usually means I have to wait till everybody's gone from the house. Nothing sleepy about this one! A gloriously kaleidoscopic and schizophrenic album this. Initially bewildering, this seemingly crazy amalgamation of earth-splitting, reverb-heavy, psychedelic rock - all woozy guitars and power jams - delicate acoustic folk, soaring harmonies and dustbowl blues gradually coalesces into something unexpectedly rather beautiful.

At times like the theme to a long-forgotten spaghetti western, other times recalling the likes of Black Mountain, The Grateful Dead and even Fleetwood Mac, this is remarkably panoramic music that surprises and delights at every turn. It's often joyously over the top, some of the acid-rock wig-outs bordering on the uncontrolled, but at the same time it is those longer jams, notably "Sandstorm Woman", "Marina" "Wild Machines" and "Desert God" that are the most effective, conjuring up potent visual images and evoking the barren desert imagery to spectacular effect, coruscating in and out of focus like a mirage.

Original and impressive. This album sat very well with someone who likes their stoner rock. Had to buy this album after many listens on YouTube. Report abuse. Translate review to English. Dieses Album ist einfach gesagt die Droge selbst. Fesselnd, entspannend, aufregend, alles vorstellbare. Back to top.

Get to Know Us. Such circumscription isn't Fever 's only problem, though it is the most vexing. Thing is, you've probably heard all of this before, via Zeppelin, Mountain, Sabbath, Pentangle, or any of the thousands of bands that have cited those acts as influences. Sleepy Sun's psychedelic rock is of a cut-and-paste variety, where a few decades of platitudes are snipped from their sources and simply rearranged. There's a fat-bottomed drum breakdown attached to a harmonica solo on "Desert God", and a fascination with stop-time and slow-burn maneuvers dominates "Wild Machines".

OK, dudes, we get it-- you like LPs, too. This is definitely the type of music I listen to, although I wouldn't consider Sleepy Sun or other bands like them as Indie. They are more of a psych-rock band which is obvious in all songs on this album.

The use of the Fuzz pedal in the first song reminds me of bands from the classic rock era that predominately used this kind of effect. I also like the female vocalist, I am a sucker for falsetto and she has a unique voice.

The arrangement and textures take me back to the Late 60's when the rock scene was in its prime … Expand. Essential Links. Current Music Releases Full List ». By Metascore By user score. All Current Music ». Knut A Knudsen.

Chris Campbell. Eve McGivern. James Cooper. Toxic Surf. Zach Southern. James McCaig. Beauzone Layer. Andrew Kline. Rob Gardner. Jeff Winborn. Larry Fried. Sir Schwonk. Holliman commented that "Fever and Embrace were written back to back. After recording Embrace we moved to San Francisco and started writing the tracks that would eventually arrive on Fever.

This writing took place before Embrace was officially released by ATP and before we started touring full time. So if there's a feeling of continuity between the two, it's simply because there was little to no time between their inception".

In late October, she released a press release in which she cited a lack of input into the band's creative process and conflicts with other band members as the reasons for her departure. She stated that "I had a fun time with them for the first year but after several attempts to contribute my ability to play keys, or write music were ignored I gave up hope and started drinking more.

The band declined to comment on her departure, but Constantino later stated that "She's a really beautiful person in a lot of ways.

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  1. Zulkigal says:Sleepy Sun's psychedelic rock is of a cut-and-paste variety, where a few decades of platitudes are snipped from their sources and simply. Sleepy Sun is an American psychedelic rock band, formed in Santa Cruz, California and now based in San Francisco. The band is composed of vocalist Bret.
  2. Dum says:Fever by Sleepy Sun, released 1. Marina 2. Rigamaroo 3. Wild Machines 4. Ooh Boy 5. Acid Love 6. Desert God 7. Open Eyes 8. Freedom Line 9. For all of its hazy decadence, Sleepy Sun's debut, Embrace, was an album rippling with disarming vocal duets and quaking guitars so in sync.
  3. Kirn says:San Francisco-based Sleepy Sun brings psychedelic-influenced West Coast music. This album is the second album from teh group, after "Embrace" (originally​. Sleepy Sun's "Fever" happens to be an interesting listen of spacey rock and some fantastic female vocals. Some of the songs seem to meander and the album.
  4. Gagor says:Californian acid rockers Sleepy Sun follow up last year's Embrace with another serving of massive, sun-blasted riffs. Metacritic Music Reviews, Fever by Sleepy Sun, Sleepy Sun, the California rock band who most recently guested on UNKLE's Where Did The.
  5. Akikazahn says:I remember the first time I heard them, the Fever album is quite an experience. My dad made me listen to Fever for the first time and then Embrace, Spine Hits and.

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