Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising

Sonic Youth Bad Moon Rising

The newly reissued Bad Moon Rising is their most explicitly sexual album, and among their darkest, exploring the collision of America's obsession with death with the hopeful ecstasies of the hippie generation. So it came as a surprise that they followed it up with a pitch-black, punishing take on Americana titled after, of all things, a Creedence Clearwater Revival song.

Its timing was ripe, arriving amidst the culture wars of the Reagan era: Gordon and Moore cast a shadowy portrait slicked in sweat and blood, not unlike the nightmarish caricatures of American institutions you often saw on the cover art for hardcore bands.

As Gordon recalls in her recent memoir Girl in a Band : "I Where Time Life Books was busy commemorating and canonizing Woodstock, Gordon and Moore raised up the leering specter of Charles Manson, highlighting the thin lines separating free love from violent sexual anarchy, and how such spaces are often exploited to attain power. The album is loosely themed around the dark side of America, including references to obsession, insanity, Charles Manson , heavy metal , Satanism , and early European settlers' encounters with Native Americans.

Released to strong reviews from the underground music press, Bad Moon Rising was the band's first album to combine experimental material with transitional pieces and segues.

Idols in , several drummers joined and left the band. The New York press largely ignored Sonic Youth as well as the noise rock scene in the city , until after a disastrous London debut in October that actually received rave reviews in British papers Sounds and NME. By mid, Sonic Youth were playing almost weekly in the city, but its members started to realize that there was little future in their musical approach; Moore later said, "it was getting to the point of overkill".

After a period of intense songwriting, the band entered producer Martin Bisi 's BC Studio — implicitly, "Before Christ Studio", which is how the band credited it on the album — in Brooklyn , New York in September The album's cover is a photograph by artist James Welling of a scarecrow with a flaming jack-o'-lantern as its head.

Bad Moon Rising ' s style has been described as noise rock , [3] no wave [4] and experimental rock. The second side of Bad Moon Rising , which comprises the experimental "Ghost Bitch" which features Ranaldo on acoustic guitar and references Native Americans' first encounter with European settlers , "I'm Insane" and "Justice is Might", expands on the soundscape concept; the songs feature repeating guitar riffs that segue from one song to the next, while Moore and Gordon mumble cryptic lyrics.

Describing the album's style, Pitchfork called it "not so much a collection of songs as it is an extended, unending uproar, seamless in sound and theme. AllMusic noted the album's dark nature, writing: "An album quite unlike any other in the colorful Sonic Youth canon, Bad Moon Rising captures the New York band in during its most morose phase, one that is quite forbidding yet fascinating all the same.

Bad Moon Rising ranked at No. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Sonic Youth. Noise rock no wave experimental rock. Blast First Homestead. Back Bay Books. ISBN Sacrificial Chalice 5. Cadaverous Odor. This item will ship around mid-May. Originally released in by In Solace Publishing on tape and by Malignant Records on CD, Sentient Ruin now proudly brings you the first vinyl release and deluxe tape re-release of this smoldering masterpiece of disembodied incantations and wretched atmospherics.

Spanish ritualistic black noise sorcerers Black Earth's second MLP "Diagrams of a Hidden Order" masterfully brings together black metal, industrial, scorching noise scarifications, and dark ambient to summon a haunting and grotesque sonic chasm of sublime and mind-expanding aural cacophony.

Similarly to the aesthetic of other abstract sound sculptors of the most liturgic, evil, and wretched craft like Wold , Gnaw Their Tongues , Emanation , and Sutekh Hexen , Black Earth weave and coerce together otherworldly atmospherics, dismal atmospheres, and ear-splitting electronics to paint a daunting sonic arabesque of utter horror and dismay. Mantric Resonances Along Fields of Dissolution 2. Upon Labyrinths of Broken Mirrors 3.

To Cloak a Nebulous Sun. Fifteen minutes of unfathomable audial terror designed to disintegrate existence directly from within. Fifteen minutes of inconceivable sonic trauma administered through the unholy abuse of the most blighted blackened death metal and of the most anti-human and liminal strains of noise, drone and power electronics.

A sensorially annihilating and humiliating sonic holocaust that has brought together the diverse but equally decimating aesthetics of extreme acts like Gnaw Their Tongues , Impetuous Ritual , and Teitanblood to conceive the most absurd and completely unthinkable realms of musical devastation. Void of Existential Terror 2.

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  1. Shaktizahn says:Bad Moon Rising is the second studio album by American rock band Sonic Youth, released in March by Blast First and Homestead Records. The newly reissued Bad Moon Rising is their most explicitly sexual album, and among their darkest, exploring the collision of America's.
  2. Volkree says:Bad Moon Rising by Sonic Youth, released 01 March 1. Intro 2. Brave Men Run (In My Family) 3. Society Is A Hole 4. I Love Her All The Time 5. Ghost Bitch. Bad Moon Rising is probably one of Sonic Youth's best albums to date, and is by far one of my favorites. In my opinion, some of the best tracks are "Death Valley.
  3. Shaktizahn says:Bad Moon Rising is the album where Sonic Youth explored and grasped onto what I believe is the "Sonic Youth sound". Along with my favorite introduction to any. For that reason, Bad Moon Rising is considered by many to be the first true Sonic Youth album. It was fully realised, forged amid the grime of.
  4. Gutaxe says:Sonic Youth ‎– Bad Moon Rising · Tracklist · Credits (9) · Versions (46) · Recommendations · Reviews Show All 11 Reviews · Master Release · Marketplace For. EVOL, Sister and Confusion Is Sex reissues will follow this release. Sonic Youth's second full-length LP Bad Moon Rising was originally released on Homestead.
  5. Kem says:Bad Moon Rising Tracklist · Intro Lyrics · Brave Men Run (In My Family) Lyrics · Society Is A Hole Lyrics · I Love Her All the Time Lyrics · Ghost Bitch Lyrics · I'm Insane.

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