Speedy J Krekc

Speedy J Krekc

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Speedy J - Krekc youtu. I listen to a lot of electronic genres that end with the word core. I still think this could be considered hardtechno or maybe harder techno if you care about semantics.

I know, ishkur says otherwise. Let's say Paula Temple - Contact. Did you consider that as hard techno too back in the day? AFAIK most people just called it techno back then. Nowadays people would find it on the harder side. There was however the whole minimal and dub techno that was considerably slower and less full sounding than techno in that age.

I listened to the Paula Temple track. Compared to Krekc, It's a little bit slower, sounds less gritty, less industrial, less energetic. It's still very dark though, but I wouldn't call it hardtechno. I don't mind Krekc being called just plain techno btw.

Personally I make a distinction between hard techno and hardtechno, one word. I read hard techno as techno at the harder end of the techno genre. Hardtechno in my mind is a synonym for schranz and other really fast techno genres. To come back to Krekc ,I think it's hard techno but borderline hardtechno. I don't use hardtechno to describe freeparty tribe music.

That's teKno with a K in my book. This might be the Dutch way to describe it all, I don't know. Me too! Although I will admit I grew a bit tired of it for a while after a couple of years of the schranz hype. He's making techno again. But what a wide circle it was, and how fickle the trodden path.

Most recently this has been exemplified in his new label Electric Deluxe, which will issue digital releases only. Jochem Paap the Rotterdam artist owes the nickname Speedy J to his DJ skills is unanimously considered to be one of the first techno producers to come from the Benelux. Someone who, together with people like Laurent Garnier, Aphex Twin and his good friend Richie Hawtin, helped raise the genre just after it had escaped the Detroit delivery room. But while techno develops into a multi-faced monster that still dominates many dance floors worldwide, Jochem Paap, after the albums G Spot and Ginger , turns left and heads for more exciting places.

On Public Energy No. During those days Jochem Paap converts his studio into a modular system, which wins him the sought-after freedom.

Suddenly everything is possible with sound. And if an idea turns out to be more unruly than expected he simply looks for software with which to crack the code of his ideas after all. He discusses sound like graphic designers discuss form, speaking of 'contrast' and 'depth' instead of a little ruffle here or a bass-lick there.

Out of a few components I try to make something distinctive. It is an audio-visual, electronic trip, which sets the standard for many composers who want to compose for six speakers in the coming years. According to the Rotterdam artist the most important goal was the exploration of Dolby 5. But 5. Naturally this presents one with many possibilities.

I can yet again make my own rules. Those who prefer the physical version find a documentary on the DVD as well. In this forward way Paap is steps ahead of famous artists like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails and Coldplay, who will later do the same. It reveals much about the Rotterdam artist who, ever since the early days of his career, seems to have had a sixth sense about the direction of the electronic scene and the music market.

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