The Black Keys Turn Blue

The Black Keys Turn Blue

It's more along a 3, but regardless I feel physical No this album doesn't deserve a score of 1. It's more along a 3, but regardless I feel physical pain when put through this torture fest. There's maybe one alright track here. The rest, forget about it. Another bland album but yet another bland band. Hey guys, dad rock isn't cool. And adding your generic indie flare certainly doesn't help either. You guys said Nickelback was awful? How ironic. Essential Links.

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Retrieved June 30, All Access Music Group. Archived from the original on August 6, Retrieved August 6, Archived from the original on December 8, Retrieved December 8, Then: worldwide financial turmoil struck, the buying public went from purchasing few records to no records at all, dance music infiltrated pop's consciousness, and guitars were, prophetically , exchanged for turntables or, in keeping with recent trends, MPCs.

Banjo-players and Dave Grohl formed an unlikely alliance to establish "real music" as s mainstream rock culture's slyly conservative ethos and just like that, the Black Keys emerged as the most popular guys making music that sounds like older music without getting all P.

Barnum about it. Brothers from the first record made at Muscle Shoals in three decades, natch was the Keys' most consciously bloated effort and, paradoxically, the one that placed them firmly in their current position of The Only Band Your Friend From High School Listens to These Days; writing their catchiest song to date, "Tighten Up", helped, as did soundtracking every goddamn car commercial and buddy-comedy movie trailer that didn't have breakdancing hamsters in it.

Cementing their rep as canny opportunists, Carney and Auerbach returned a year later with El Camino , a sleazy, hook-laden album that switched between the basic thematic food groups of cars-and-women and cars-as-women with the horndog exuberance of a kid doing donuts on an ATV in an abandoned dirt lot.

El Camino was the best ZZ Top album that you can't stream on Spotify and, in an impressive feat for a band so 9-to-5 about their creative process that they once recorded an album in an actual factory , it also turned out to be their most distinctive work and arguably their best.

After a decade-plus of pilfering musical history with all the subtlety of a brick through a windshield—for Christ's sake, last time around they basically plagiarized "Last Dance With Mary Jane" —the Black Keys' cultural cannibalism has finally turned inward.

Turn Blue marks the fourth consecutive Black Keys album in which Danger Mouse had his hands at least partially in the production. But this is the album where Danger Mouse essentially assumes an honorary group member's seat, no longer tweaking here and advising there but truly contributing as a third Black Key. His eerie, poppy, atmospheric fingerprints can be found all over nine of this LP's 11 tracks, with the remaining two songs being self-produced. Therefore, this is the album where a lot of long-time Black Keys fans get lost in the space particle dust, likely feeling abandoned for more polished, more radio-ready territory.

That sounds like a sellout's twist -- but that's the jaded fan's interpretation. If you view it as a necessary evolution in a veteran band's deep catalog that is quickly approaching a studio album count in double digits, the prominent additions of synths and sleekness become acceptable and accessible, and the album can shine for what it is: the hookiest, most splendid set of songs and sounds the Black Keys have ever put out.

Save for the two self-produced tracks "It's Up to You Now," a hat tip to Thickfreakness's days of raw energy, and the wonderfully fun closer "Gotta Get Away" , only remnants of their fuzzy, blues-rock beginnings linger in Turn Blue.

Also missing here: much of Patrick Carney's liberally relaxed read: sloppy drumming, as his play is occasionally so tightened up, it could pass for drum programming see "10 Lovers" and the title track.

Heavy advice there. The warnings against falling in, and subsequently getting hurt by, love continue throughout, with song titles such as "Fever," "Turn Blue," and "Bullet in the Brain" being evidence enough that heartbreak is real and that this album isn't going to be your best anniversary gift.

But it's often difficult to feel the pain communicated amid the chipper, upbeat melodies. Credit that to Danger Mouse, blues-rock fans be damned.

While their early records had a free-spirited looseness about them, every note and effect in Turn Blue appears calculated and intentional. It's still fun, but it's serious fun. See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. I enjoyed this album. There are some great songs on it, Weight of Love, 10 Lovers, Fever But it's not amazing. They've carried on from El Camino, continuing with the more upbeat, bigger, poppier sound.

I'm not a huge fan of the mixing, I have to say. I think it's been over done, and they've lost the natural tones of some of instruments - it all sounds a bit processed. I think Fever would be a good example of this. But it's not the same for all of the songs. One thing that I like is the 'noodly guitar riffs' that have been dismissed as being a bad thing. I think they're pretty good and work well - I am a guitarist though Overall, there are some really cool moments in this album, but there are also some that aren't so great.

Not the best album they've done, but it's not too bad. Brothers was a great album, but they've come along way and changed a lot since then. I sort of wish that they would return to that sort of sound Excellent new release from the black keys.

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  1. Kazrasho says:Turn Blue is the eighth studio album by American rock duo the Black Keys. It was released through Nonesuch Records on May 12, , and co-produced by Danger Mouse and the duo. Turn Blue is the second consecutive Black Keys album where he's credited as a contributing songwriter, and as the veritable third Black Key since.
  2. Tokus says:The Black Keys' new album, Turn Blue, will be released May 13 on Nonesuch Records. Produced by Danger Mouse, Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney, Turn Blue features 11 new tracks including the first single, “Fever.”. Listen to Turn Blue on Spotify. The Black Keys · Album · · 11 songs.
  3. Zulkinos says:The Black Keys' new album, Turn Blue, was released May 13, , on Nonesuch Records. Produced by Danger Mouse, Dan Auerbach, and Patrick Carney, Turn Blue features 11 new tracks. That LP's crunchy mix of Sixties soul and Midwest-garage glam was a rightful breakthrough. Turn Blue is a genuine turning point – into a.
  4. Samulabar says:Metacritic Music Reviews, Turn Blue by The Black Keys, The eighth full-length release for the blues rock duo of an Auerbach and Patrick. Listen to Turn Blue by The Black Keys on Apple Music. Stream songs including "​Weight of Love", "In Time" and more.

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