The Velvet Underground Nico The Velvet Underground Nico

The Velvet Underground Nico The Velvet Underground Nico

A group of U. Drawing from skills honed through his journalism studies, not to mention a healthy affinity for William S. Amazingly, Reed had attempted to record the song during his days on the pop assembly line at Pickwick Records. So I came back in. With a cynical and often bitter wit, he instilled in Reed an innate sense of belief in his own writing.

After just 10 lines of lyrics, it descends into a chaotic avant-garde soundscape. Schwartz almost certainly never heard the piece. Crippled by alcoholism and mental illness, he spent his final days as a recluse in a low-rent midtown Manhattan hotel. Being managed by Andy Warhol came with certain perks, and one was the guarantee of a killer album cover. Bored by mere static images, he devised a peel-away sticker of a pop art banana illustration, under which would be a peeled pink and slightly phallic banana.

Emerson, who had recently been busted for drug possession and was badly in need of money, threatened to sue the label for the unauthorized use of his image.

Copies of the album were recalled in June, all but dooming its commercial prospects. The album thus vanished form the charts almost immediately in June, just when it was about to enter the Top It never returned to the charts. The tracks for the album were largely complete by May , but a combination of production logistics — including the tricky stickers on the cover — and promotional concerns delayed the release for nearly a year.

The band believed that Zappa used his clout to hold back their release in favor of his own album with the Mothers of Invention, Freak Out.

And we were totally naive. Whatever the truth may be, Sterling Morrison held a serious grudge against Zappa for the rest of his life, making no effort to hide his contempt in interviews. London Calling.

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Please try again later. Verified Purchase. I own this on cassette from years back and CD as well. I really wanted it in my vinyl collection. The cover looks great down to the "Peel Slowly and See" sticker, I would be interested to find out if it looks the same as the original when peeled.. Lots of attention to detail here. The Vinyl itself is super thick if that matters to you I read some other reviews in regards to the audio quality being poor to average.

I went back to my digital copy to compare and it sounds pretty much like the digital recording was just pressed onto a record. Nothing different pops out at me and it sounds ok.

I just turned to side 2 and it has some audible static and a loudish pop on Heroin. I may have to send it back, though I would be hard pressed to find another copy at all for 20 bucks.

This record was recorded pretty LO-FI but the cracks and pop should not exist at all on a brand new record. Maybe I will send it back and see if I get a better copy. I got another copy and it was worse than the first. Record jacket had ring wear and it had more clicks and pops. They probably made this record for people who want to hang it on the wall. I will return the second copy and likely keep the first. A bit of a disappointment but not horrible. Definately the the worst pressing I own of any record.

The vinyl has many impurities in it, bumps are visible and arrived with a few scuffs. The external diameter has many trimmings hanging off of it and the center is just sloppy. Very disappointing as I paid good money for this record and I love the music on it. Record definately hads audible pops due to the bad vinyl used to make the LP. This is a must-have for any music collection, especially if you dig Lou Reed like me. The vocals are spot-on and when listening thru the headphones, I swear they are singing and playing just for me with great left-right separation of all audio components.

Insofar as the vinyl itself, it's thick and heavy and could be as many as grams. Def recommend buying from this Distributor. Crank Top Contributor: Rock Music. A beautiful and stunning reissue. They finally did this one right. A two disc digipack with absolutely fantastic remastering is probably the way to go for most people as it includes the stereo and sessions discs of most interest to a lot of fans.

The Super Deluxe is better than the VU Super Deluxe, which wastes two discs on live content from the Matrix live box, in that it has the only known live concert with Nico and her solo album.

And if, the court concluded, the partnership could continue with business as usual as far as copyright was concerned regardless of whether the Foundation actually owned the design's copyright, a court decision would have no practical consequences for the partnership; it would be a purely academic or " advisory " opinion, which federal courts may not issue. The court therefore "dismissed without prejudice" the partnership's request that it resolve whether the Foundation owned the design's copyright.

The album's controversial content led to its almost instantaneous ban from various record stores, many radio stations refused to play it, and magazines refused to carry advertisements for it. The album first entered the Billboard album charts on May 13, , at number and left the charts on June 10, , at number When Verve recalled the album in June due to Eric Emerson's lawsuit, it disappeared from the charts for five months.

It then re-entered the charts on November 18, , at number , peaked at number on December 16, , and finally left the charts on January 6, , at number The critical world initially took little notice of the album.

One of the few print reviews of the album in was a mostly positive review in the second issue of Vibrations , a small rock music magazine. Christgau wrote in his retrospective review for The Village Voice that the record had been difficult to understand in , "which is probably why people are still learning from it. It sounds intermittently crude, thin, and pretentious at first, but it never stops getting better.

In The Encyclopedia of Popular Music , Colin Larkin called it a "powerful collection" that "introduced Reed's decidedly urban infatuations, a fascination for street culture and amorality bordering on voyeurism. In April , one month after the album's release, a band called the Electrical Banana may have recorded the first cover version of "There She Goes Again".

According to bandmember Dean Ellis Kohler, they recorded it in a tent in Vietnam in April and sent the master tape to a company in California to have 45 RPM records pressed. The exact release date is unknown, so it remains open for debate whether Electric Banana or The Riats were the first to put a Velvet Underground cover on record. Also in , various artists from Argentina collaborated to produce a track-for-track cover of the record.

They played a number of concerts in Buenos Aires to celebrate the release of the album, which was made available online for free. Frustrated by the album's year-long delay and unsuccessful release, Lou Reed 's relationship with Andy Warhol grew tense.

Reed fired Warhol as manager in favor of Steve Sesnick , [65] who convinced the group to move towards a more commercial direction. Her debut solo album, Chelsea Girl , was released in October , featuring some songs written by Velvet Underground members. The first CD edition of the album was released in and featured slight changes.

The title of the album was featured on the cover, unlike the original LP release. In addition, the album contained an alternate mix of "All Tomorrow's Parties" which featured a single track of lead vocals as opposed to the double-tracked vocal version on the original LP.

Apparently, the decision to use the double-tracked version on the original LP was made at the last minute. The subsequent remastered CD reissue removed these changes, keeping the original album art and double-tracked mix of "All Tomorrow's Parties" found on the LP.

The album was featured on the second disc of the set along with the single version of "All Tomorrow's Parties", two Nico tracks from Chelsea Girl and a ten-minute excerpt of the minute "Melody Laughter" performance. Also included in the set on the first disc are the band's Ludlow Street loft demos. In , Universal released a two-disc "Deluxe Edition" set containing the stereo version of the album along with the five tracks from Nico's Chelsea Girl written by members of the band on disc one, and the mono version of the album along with the mono single mixes of "All Tomorrow's Parties" and "Sunday Morning" and their B-sides "I'll Be Your Mirror" and "Femme Fatale" on disc two.

A studio demo of the unreleased track "Miss Joanie Lee" had been planned for inclusion on the set, but a dispute over royalties between the band and Universal canceled these plans. This contractual dispute apparently also led to the cancellation of further installments of the band's official Bootleg Series. However, this track was included in the subsequent re-release, 45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition.

On October 1, , Universal released a 6-CD box set of the album. Disc two contains the same bonus tracks as the prior deluxe version's second disc. Disc three is Nico's Chelsea Girl in its entirety and the Scepter Studios acetate see below in its entirety occupies disc 4.

Discs 5 and 6 contain a previously unreleased live performance from According to the essay by music critic and historian Richie Unterberger contained within the set, the source for the show is the only audio tape of acceptable quality recording during singer Nico's tenure in the band.

The essay also clarifies that the absence of any DVD materials in the box set is due to the fact that none of the band's shows were filmed, in spite of their heavy reliance on multimedia visuals.

Norman Dolph's original acetate recording of the Scepter Studios material contains several recordings that would make it onto the final album, though many are different mixes of those recordings and three are different takes entirely. The acetate was cut on April 25, , shortly after the recording sessions. Although ten songs were recorded during the Scepter sessions, [9] only nine appear on the acetate cut. In , the acetate was officially released as disc 4 of the omnicomprehensive "45th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition" box set of the album see above.

The disc also includes six previously unreleased bonus tracks, recorded during the band's rehearsals at The Factory on January 3, However, a ripped version of the acetate began circulating the internet in January In , it went back to auction. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Not to be confused with The Velvet Underground album. The Velvet Underground and Nico. The percussive, " barrelhouse "-style piano is heard behind Lou Reed's descriptive lyrics.

This sample contains the first verse. The droning electric viola accompanies the " ostrich"-tuned guitar. This sample contains the second verse. As the song nears its final crescendo, the percussion quickens and the electric viola produces feedback.

Shortly after the death of Lou Reed in , it peaked at Clash Music. December 11, Archived from the original on April 2, Retrieved March 28, The Independent. Archived from the original on February 13, Retrieved February 12, New York. Archived from the original on April 5, The quote referenced: McKenna, Kristine October Archived from the original on August 5, Retrieved November 8, I was talking to Lou Reed the other day and he said that the first Velvet Underground record sold 30, copies in the first five years.

The sales have picked up in the past few years, but I mean, that record was such an important record for so many people. This was the only song on the album to feature only Nico's voice and harmonium. The next few years saw frequent live performances by Nico, with tours of Europe , Japan and Australia usually with the Faction or the Bedlamites.

A number of Nico's performances towards the end of her life were recorded and released, including 's Heroine , Nico in Tokyo , and Behind the Iron Curtain. In March , she and Young hired new guitarist Henry Olsen: together, they composed new songs to be premiered at a festival organized by Lutz Ulbrich at the Berlin Planetarium in June.

Nico was then inspired by Egyptian music and Egyptian singer and diva Oum Kalthoum. Young stated that the new material was "good enough to be a springboard to a new record" with an Egyptian orchestra.

A duet called "Your Kisses Burn" with singer Marc Almond was her last studio recording about a month before her death. Nico saw herself as part of a tradition of bohemian artists, which she traced back to the Romanticism of the early 19th century. She led a nomadic life, living in different countries. Apart from Germany, where she grew up, and Spain, where she died, Nico lived in Italy and France in the s, spent most of the s in the US , and lived in London in the early s and again in the s, when she moved between London and Manchester.

The final years of her life were mainly spent in the Prestwich [28] and Salford area of Greater Manchester. Although she was still struggling with addiction, she became interested in music again. Nico was a heroin addict for over 15 years. Shortly before her death, Nico stopped using heroin and began methadone replacement therapy as well as a regimen of bicycle exercise and healthy eating. In , Nigel Bagley, who was Nico's co-manager and promoter in Manchester, said he never saw Nico express racist views: "She was in a multicultural city and was good friends with Yankee Bill, our American-Jamaican doorman.

She was certainly capable of very casual racism about Alan [Wise], who was Jewish, but that was a way of having a go at Al. On 17 July , while on vacation on the Mediterranean island of Ibiza with her son, Ari, Nico hit her head when she fell off her bicycle. A passing taxi driver found her unconscious, but had difficulty getting her admitted to local hospitals.

She was misdiagnosed as suffering from heat exposure and died at 8 p. X-rays later revealed a severe cerebral hemorrhage as the cause of death. In the late morning of July 17, , my mother told me she needed to go downtown to buy marijuana. She sat down in front of the mirror and wrapped a black scarf around her head.

My mother stared at the mirror and took great care to wrap the scarf appropriately. Down the hill on her bike: "I'll be back soon. Nico was buried in her mother's plot in Grunewald , a forest cemetery in Berlin. Siouxsie and the Banshees invited her as special guest on their first major UK tour in ; they also later covered "All Tomorrow's Parties". They both did Frankenstein, but Nico's was real. Several biographical works on Nico have appeared, both in print and film.

The documentary Nico Icon by Susanne Ofteringer examined the many facets of Nico's life with contributions from those who knew her, including her colleagues Reed and Cale.

In the biopic Nico, directed by Susanna Nicchiarelli, Trine Dyrholm portrays Nico on a journey across Europe during her last tour. Several concerts to honour Nico's career were organized over the years with multiple singers to revisit her repertoire. In Texas punk band Really Red released an original song in tribute to Nico. Two Nico tribute concerts took place in Europe in the autumn of to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Nico's birth and the 20th anniversary of her death.

In , X-TG featuring members of industrial band Throbbing Gristle released a re-interpretation of the Desertshore album. According to The Great Rock Discography : [1]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. German musician. This article is about the German rock singer. For people with the name Nico, see Nico given name. For other uses, see Nico disambiguation. Nico performing at the University of Wales, Lampeter , Avant-garde gothic rock art rock folk rock.

Singer songwriter musician model actress. Vocals keyboards harmonium tambourine. The Great Rock Discography 5th ed. Edinburgh: Mojo Books. ISBN Knocking on Heaven's Door: Rock Obituaries.

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  1. JoJorn says:The Velvet Underground & Nico is the debut album by American rock band the Velvet Underground and German singer Nico, released in March through Verve Records. It was recorded in while the band were featured on Andy Warhol's Exploding. The Velvet Underground & Nico is the debut album by American rock band the Velvet Underground and German singer Nico, released in March through Verve Records. It was recorded in while the band were featured on Andy Warhol's Exploding Plastic Inevitable tour.
  2. Kajile says:Nico's tenure with the Velvet Underground was marked by personal and musical difficulties. The Velvet Underground and Nico is an essential part of a vinyl collectors library, a truly seminal and unique proto-punk/noise rock album. However, I'm not here.
  3. Meztizahn says:“I just wanted to cram everything into a record that these people had ignored which left me everything.” – Lou Reed to Joe Smith for blankonblank. Velvet. There are three versions of the back cover of the original American release: 1st - Has an image of actor Eric Emerson projected upside-down on the wall behind.
  4. Grora says:The Velvet Underground & Nico 45th Anniversary · Sunday Morning · I'm Waiting For The Man · Femme Fatale · Venus In Furs · Run Run Run · All Tomorrow's Parties. It took just four days and $3, for the Velvet Underground and Nico to record their self-named, iconic and highly influential debut album. The Underground.

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