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They are very rich. Ask the students to make three headings on the page one for the man, one for the woman and one for both. The students must write down the sentence with the correct pronoun in the correct column. So for example, you dictate:. Mmm has been a model since she was a teenager. Students write the sentence She has been a model since she was a teenager in the Gisele Bundchen column.

Ask students to check their answers together afterwards then go through them all as a group. These are notoriously problematic for Spanish and Portuguese learners! An activity where students complete sentence stems to practise personal pronouns, play a guessing game in pairs and share information in groups. Lindsay Clandfield discusses task-based grammar teaching and provides a lesson plan based on this methodology which teaches the grammar point used to. Adrian Tennant offers advice to a teacher who is concerned about how to support a student whose levels differ from skill to skill.

Claire Treleaven's article and lesson plan is aimed at using alternative ways to present grammar to students with varied learning styles. With more than , registered users in over countries around the world, Onestopenglish is the number one resource site for English language teachers, providing access to thousands of resources, including lesson plans, worksheets, audio, video and flashcards. Company number: VAT number: Site powered by Webvision Cloud.

Skip to main content Skip to navigation. Ask the Experts. An explanation of the use of them and they in different contexts. Please share your opinions. Thank you Anonymous. The children were kind. They gave me a present. They say that it will take several months to recover. Sometimes, it's a matter of preference, but you can't fault the Blu-Ray when it's showing you the film as it was originally shown.

Some trivia about the film: According to Hollywood legend, Fess Parker's performance caught Walt Disney's attention and led to his casting as Daniel Boone. Likewise, James Arness got his Gunsmoke role from this movie. That's the story, anyway. Images in this review. Bigly disappointed in this lousy transfer. It's cropped from the original aspect ratio and the print is bad as well.

VERY soft focus, lots of gray scale issues. The movie? One of my favorites as a kid, it does not hold up well, sadly. It's 20 minutes too long, lots of chatty scenes that go on forever, "Tarantula" is much better in my adult opinion.

No photo gallery. And all this is just my opinion and nothing more. I was disappointed all the way around. Omega60 Top Contributor: Star Wars. On Blu Ray, it's also brilliantly remastered. Basically it's a simple tale of fear. The Nuclear tests in have led normal ants to grow to gigantic size. So what makes this so great? They aren't fire breathing, talking, thinking, indestructible ants, they're just ants, doing ant things, only their 9 feet long.

It's one of those films I never get tired of watching. So why are you still reading this? Go get THEM! Unfortunately the only take away for me was having watched really cool horror flicks from the 50's, they went on to do something with their education from Saturday afternoons in front of the tube :- This is a Warner Bros production and is pretty well done on all counts within the time period.

James Whitmore and the rest of the cast are very good with the somewhat simplistic plot of atomic testing gone wrong. But this is what I love about these films, the context of the cold war and of new technology were a watershed of concepts during this period, some brilliant, some not so much but the final product for me never fails to entertain as it now is a peek into the mindset of this time period. Later in my life I ran into s person who thought this was real, granted I think the person was probably touched, but I had to chuckle that anyone could think that such a thing was possible.

Such is the power of movies! See all reviews. Top reviews from other countries. This captures the vintage post nuclear apocalyptic doomsday atmosphere. It's played dead straight but there's a bit of 'It's behind you! If the giant ants could have run at scaled up speed it would have been game over in the first reel. Don't mock, it was the standard for the time, suspend your disbelief and enjoy because the whole thing would be ruined by CGI.

I sincerely hope they never try and re make this film, It's a wonderful relic. A sci-fi classic of yester year. I've always loved this film since I saw it as a young child. Everything hangs together perfectly, the cast and locations are all solid, as are the early era special effects. The giant ants bought to life wonderfully, and shot very well when see.

If you love other 50's and 60's sci-fi or monster classics, then this is for you. The disc is region free so will work in the UK and the print itself is a nice sharp transfer. They just do not make this standard of film any more. Although I have seen it many times in the past it still has the power to enthral anew.

Pat Medford, to assist in the investigation. The elder Medford exposes the Ellinson girl to formic acid fumes, which rips her from her catatonia into a state of panic from "Them! Medford's suspicions of Camponotus vicinus are validated by her reaction, but he will not reveal his theory prematurely.

At the Ellinson campsite, Pat encounters a giant, eight-foot-long foraging ant. Following instructions from the elder Medford, Peterson and Graham shoot off the ant's antennae, blinding it, and kill it using a Thompson submachine gun. Medford reveals his theory: a colony of giant ants, mutated by radiation from the first atomic bomb test near Alamogordo, is responsible for the deaths. General O'Brien orders an Army helicopter search, and the ants' nest is found.

Cyanide gas bombs are tossed inside, and Graham, Peterson, and Pat descend into the nest to check for survivors. Deep inside, Pat finds evidence that two queen ants have hatched and escaped to establish new colonies.

Peterson, Graham, and the Medfords join a government task force which covertly begins to investigate reports of unusual activity. In one a civilian pilot Fess Parker has been committed to a mental hospital after claiming that he was forced down by UFOs shaped like giant ants.

Next, the Coast Guard receives a report of a giant queen hatching her brood in the hold of a freighter at sea in the Pacific; giant ants attack the ship's crew, and there are few survivors.

The freighter is later sunk by U. Navy gunfire. An alcoholic Olin Howland in a hospital " drunk tank " claims he has seen giant ants outside his window. The mutilated body of a father is recovered, but his two young sons are missing. Peterson, Graham, and Kibbee find evidence that they were flying a model airplane in the Los Angeles River drainage-channel near the hospital. Martial law is declared in Los Angeles, and troops are assigned to find the ant-nest in the vast storm-drain-system under the city.

Peterson finds the two missing boys alive, trapped by the ants near the nest. He calls for reinforcements and lifts both boys to safety, just before being attacked and grabbed by an ant in its mandibles. Graham arrives with reinforcements and kills the ant, but Peterson dies from his injuries as others swarm to protect the nearby nest. Graham and the soldiers fight off the ants, but a tunnel collapse traps Graham. Several ants charge, but he is able to hold them off with his submachine gun just long enough for troops to break through.

The queen and her hatchlings are discovered and quickly destroyed with flamethrowers. Medford offers a philosophic observation: "When Man entered the Atomic Age , he opened the door to a new world. What we may eventually find in that new world, nobody can predict. When Them! During pre-production, tests shots in color and 3D were made.

A few color tests of the large-scale ant models were also made, but when it was time to shoot the 3D test, Warner Bros. The next day a memo was sent out that the color and 3D aspects of the production were to be scrapped; widescreen black-and-white would now be the film's presentation format.

Warner Bros. Because of the preparation of certain scenes, many of the camera set-ups for 3D still remain in the film, like the opening titles and the flamethrowers shots aimed directly at the camera. Although Warner Bros. This effect was achieved by an Eastman Color section spliced into each release print. The entrance to the ants' final nest was filmed along the concrete spillways of the Los Angeles River , between the First and Seventh Street Bridges, east of downtown.

Mercy Hospital was a real institution and is now Brownsville Medical Center. James Whitmore wore "lifts" in his shoes to compensate for the height difference between himself and James Arness. Whitmore also employed bits of "business" hand gestures and motions during scenes in which he appeared in order to draw more attention to his character when not speaking.

The Wilhelm scream , created three years earlier for the film Distant Drums , is used during the action sequences: when a sailor aboard the freighter is grabbed by an ant, when James Whitmore's character is caught in an ant's mandibles , and when an overhead wooden beam falls on a soldier in the Los Angeles storm drain sequence.

The giant ants, painted a purplish-green color, were constructed and operated by unseen technicians supervised by Ralph Ayers. During the climactic battle sequence in the Los Angeles sewers, there is a brief shot of one ant moving in the foreground with its side removed, revealing its mechanical interior. The film poster shows a gigantic ant with menacing human-like eyes rather than the normal compound eyes of an ant.

The sounds the giant ants emit in the film were the calls of bird-voiced tree frogs mixed in with the calls of a wood thrush , hooded warbler , and red-bellied woodpecker.

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  1. Voodoogis says:Them were a rock group formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in April , most prominently known for the rock standard "Gloria" and launching singer Van Morrison's musical career. Them! is a American black-and-white science fiction monster film from Warner Bros. Pictures, produced by David Weisbart, directed by Gordon Douglas,‚Äč.
  2. Zuluzilkree says:Directed by Gordon Douglas. With James Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, James Arness. The earliest atomic tests in New Mexico cause common ants. Explore releases from Them at Discogs. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Them at the Discogs Marketplace.
  3. Shaktirg says:Them! (2,)IMDb h 32 minX-RayNR. An Endless Terror! A Nameless Horror! Kill one and two take its place! Ten years after atomic bomb tests. The latest Tweets from them. (@them). Tag your posts #oneofthem to be featured.
  4. Zoloramar says:which they usually carry with them, and bind them in a bundle ; and then, together with a pot of oil, throw them them overboard, as a present to the marabbot. k Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from them. (@them).
  5. Vikree says:I am currently teaching ESL to a group of Brazilian students and need to explain/‚Äčexpress to them the difference between the use of the words 'them' and/or 'they'.

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