Thrice To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere

Thrice To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere

Mixed: 0 out of 8. Absolutely amazing. I've also only heard the first half of the album and so far it is everything I've come to love about thrice and more. You Absolutely amazing. You can feel the passion put in each song and each one so far has given me goosebumps, especially the choruses. Hurricane … Expand. Thrice really have gotten better with time, each album an evolution of their craft. After a 2 year hiatus a lifetime in terms of music one would be concerned that they would have lost it, coming back out of need as opposed to want and grasping desperately for mainstream success leaving them sounding tired and cliched.

The band as a whole have never sound better. The synergy between the various elements on this latest collection is outstanding. Dustin Kensrue has never sounded so good. He's the same guy with punk rock beginnings but much more world weary. The depth and texture in his voice, the light and shade he brings to the record, the control and unadulterated passion; it's everything we've grown to love and so much more. Teppei Teranishi on guitar just kills it every time and this is no exception.

Along with the rest of the band this melodious behemoth of a record is piece of art. An artist is just man with tools and paint without inspiration and these artists have taken such a broad spectrum of subject matter.

On the surface the lyrics would be could sound quite basic but within a few listens you start to find that, while individually the songs are their own self contained episodes, the album as a whole has so many complex layers that have such an epic flow. The lyrics all compliment each other and work so well together. This is an album by a band who have suffered and loved and lost. Who have grown up in a world that promised to much and gave so much and fell short.

Seriously guys this is brilliant. It's as if Thrice hasn't skipped a beat since they went on hiatus. Starting with Hurricane, which represents everything Thrice. Entrancing It's as if Thrice hasn't skipped a beat since they went on hiatus. Entrancing lyrics, guttural and melodic, crisp and driving drums. As you progress though the album it also becomes very obvious that the group decided to address current and relevant political and social issues.

Examples include: Whistleblower i guess that one's obvious ; Death from Above the morals and ethics of war most especially military drone use ; to Salt and Shadow which addresses the social disconnect created by the unrestrained use of modern technology. Their deadbolt days are long since over unfortunately , but they still stay true to their style over the last few albums Quality and production is top-notch, give it a listen and enjoy!

Aging like good wine. They manage to show a great example of how to evolve and progress as a band without losing character at all. It will be Aging like good wine. It will be one of my favorite albums of Thrice. Over the course of the album, Kensrue examines America's foreign policy, war, oil-grabbing, immigration as well as a few other issues on the current social climate.

Not to mention his own dealings with the likes of the Mars Hill Church and his overall stance on God. He signals this intent off the cuff with "Hurricane" which lays into the wreckage of the world at present, kicking off via a Pixies-esque intro. The calm before the storm.

It quickly barrels into soaring melodies, as most of the tracks do, and explodes at the end. A friend commented that it sounded like a heavier Kings of Leon and honestly, he's right.

A few '90s and s bands do pop up as Thrice pay homage to an era most would consider forgotten or by now, antiquated. While as dynamic as ever, it's hard to deny how mainstream and commercial a few of the songs are. The break they took makes a lot of sense as you can feel the tension in his voice as well as how each tune segues into the next. The structured approach to how the tracks were laid flows remarkably, which surprised me in particular given that a lot of the creative engine was built away from each other with families and distance accounting for the gents being apart.

Even in past interviews, there was an air of cynicism when they indicated they'd be making music again. They didn't sound confident but thankfully, all those doubts are exorcised just two tracks in. Again, Kensrue's vocals are as on point as ever -- weathered yet propelling every single chorus on with furious intent. The same for "Black Honey" which touches on undertones of invasion for oil. Thrice is fighting the system and they aren't pulling any punches.

Lyrics accompanying like RATM -- as cerebral as ever with all the rage in the world bottled in like the catalyst for impending doom. Kensrue sounds like he's ushering in the apocalypse with some snide comments shot to Trump as well. It's not all gloom, ash, fire and brimstone though as "Stay With Me" slows things down. Produced by Eric Palmquist, the resulting recording was an alternative rock , post-hardcore and grunge album that features songs with more politically and socially charged lyrics than those on previous Thrice albums.

The album managed to reach number 15 on the Billboard Hot , and received mostly positive reviews from critics; some were moved by the lyrical aspects, while many others praised the album's sonic diversity, especially the heavier parts. Because most members of Thrice settled down and started families during their hiatus, the band decided to be more selective about its touring schedules after reforming so the members could spend more time at home.

In the announcement of the band's split, the members cited several reasons for the break including an intense year touring and writing schedule, the members' evolving music tastes and the inability to spend enough time with their families. He said: "Thrice is not breaking up. If nothing has broken us up by now, I doubt anything ever could. However, we will be taking a break from being a full-time band, and the upcoming tour in the Spring will be the last one for the foreseeable future.

During their hiatus, most members of Thrice still performed music through various projects. Kensrue carried on as a worship director at Mars Hill Church until , when he left amid controversies surrounding evangelical Christian Mark Driscoll. He also served as a touring drum technician for Jimmy Eat World and Weezer.

In December , Thrice announced it would reform the following year. He said: "The break was a good thing, a really good thing I think it was healthy, as much as I think it was hard for everyone in the band in different ways at the time we took the break, but coming back, I also think we're all grateful for it. The writing process for To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere lasted about six months, though most Thrice members continued songwriting for the band during the hiatus.

To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere is the first album written primarily through file sharing ideas and demo recordings shared over the Internet. Though the band made an effort to write material while they were together at festival dates in , most of the album was created virtually.

Riley Breckenridge, who previously composed music virtually with Puig Destroyer, [8] said he found the situation to be challenging and would have preferred to jam together in person as a band.

He said, "I think it was difficult to not have a lot of time to jam stuff out but I think it also forced us to be more creative in the studio once we all got together and actually started recording the songs. It was an exciting way to write a record because it was a new way to write, but it was also daunting because it was unfamiliar.

During the writing process, Thrice scrapped a few ideas for the album. Kensrue originally wanted to write "a more stringent concept album " but abandoned the idea because the album was coming together in favor of looser sociopolitical themes throughout. This allowed the band members to experiment with working versions of the songs before officially recording them. Riley Breckenridge described the process, stating: "It was a lot more like a conversation and a creative experience than it was just capturing better versions of the final demos we had".

The members of Thrice have stated that while elements or parts of To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere might resemble other albums in their discography, the new album has a unique sound. Riley Breckenridge said:. I think there is a different sound but I also think that there is a healthy nod to some of our back catalog in a lot of the music.

But at the same time it's also pushing that kind of stuff forward. Kensrue said, "I don't know that this new record sounds like a huge jump. Riley Breckenridge said he appreciated instances in which more aggressive sounds were incorporated in an emotionally impacting and dynamic way, drawing inspiration from bands he felt achieved this, including Cave In, Torche , Cult of Luna and O'Brother.

Whereas the lyrics of previous Thrice albums have focused on literary, biblical and occasionally science-fiction themes, most of the songs on To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere touch on political, cultural and social themes. I really hate the party system and think it's a huge part of a lot of the problems we have I try not to go to the party lines but to just talk about actual social issues that have political ramifications.

Thrice also named the interlude track "Seneca" after the philosopher. Ways for us to disengage from the world around us. To him, the Seneca quotation means "focusing more on the importance of being present in the moment that you're in instead of being everywhere all at once". The first, "Blood on the Sand," became available online on March 24, He ultimately selected this track because; "It has an immediacy to it, the pacing—I really like the song in general, it's pretty strong melodically, energetically".

The car pulls over by an orchard and a flash of light emanates from the boy, leaving the trees covered in a dark, liquid-like substance. The album itself was released on May With the announcement of the end of the band's hiatus, the members of Thrice said their tour in support of future albums starting with To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere would be significantly reduced from their more rigorously scheduled earlier tours to allow them to spend more time with their families and working on other projects.

Then we're going to make sure that we have a decent gap where we can be at home and take care of stuff on the homefront. It performed best in North America, peaking at number 15 on the American Billboard [43] and at number 20 on its Canadian component. At Metacritic , which assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from mainstream publications, the album received an average score of 78 based on eight reviews, indicating a generally favorable reception.

Allmusic 's Neil Z. He wrote in his summary; "For a band that has consistently switched up their direction with each successive album, the biggest surprise is not that To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere once again manages to add fresh ideas to the Thrice catalog, but that a band 17 years into their career still has new directions to travel".

He described the album as "a small triumph not just in its existence but also in its execution" in reference to the band's reunion. Complaining that the album lacked energy, he wrote, " Vheissu may not have had the snarl or speed-freak time signatures of The Illusion of Safety , but it more than made up for that with its epic scope and genre experimentation.

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  1. Yokree says:To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere is the ninth studio album by American rock band Thrice. The album was released on May 27, , through Vagrant Records. Thrice even did it themselves on Identity Crisis, elevating the largely overdramatic lyrics through loud/soft contrast and brain-rattling thrash. To Be.
  2. Kehn says:Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere - Music. Thrice has been a staple in the alternative/modern-rock world for over fifteen years. A band. From Kid Cudi To Lil Nas X: Kurt Cobain's Impact On Hip-Hop. jxdn & Travis Barker "So What!" (Live Performance). The 8th studio album (9th if.
  3. Meztizilkree says:Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Thrice - To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere at Discogs. Complete your Thrice collection. It takes the best off albums like The Artist In The Ambulance, Vheissu, Major/​Minor and Beggars and refines them -- not with the aim of creating.
  4. Zuluk says:Listen to To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere on Spotify. Thrice · Album · · 11 songs. Listen to To Be Everywhere Is to Be Nowhere by Thrice on Apple Music. Stream songs including "Hurricane", "Blood on the Sand" and more.
  5. Talrajas says:“To Be Everywhere is to be Nowhere” kicks off the with the entrancing rock attack, Hurricane. The selection is filled with a heady explosion of rock.

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