TylerCreator Wolf

TylerCreator Wolf

Tyler's introductory daddy issues slightly feel out of place, especially with Hodgy's follow-up verse. However, it sets the stage for the rest of the project.

Tyler has some demons and he isn't afraid to show it: "You'd think all this money would make a happy me, but I'm 'bout as lonely as crackers that supermodels eat. Frank Ocean Tyler encapsulates the awkwardness of young love through chopped and screwed rhymes about his youth. It wasn't all that long ago, yet he's speaking about it like it's a distant memory. The message gets drowned out by the track sounding like it's sitting underwater, yet you can still make out a Frank Ocean cameo at the end.

He goes into the rumors of homophobia, talks about smoking sherm with Justin Bieber, after reminding everyone that he became rich off eating a cockroach in his "Yonkers" video. One Direction might not be too pleased by their mention though. Syd the Kid There's an obvious vulnerability to this track. Tyler is addressing his father a common thread in "Wolf" to the tune of simple guitars and percussion, bragging about his success but then returning to theme that if he ever calls his father, he hopes he answers.

It's bipolar and angry like Tyler most of the time , yet proves he has some real feelings to work out. He then turns it on his friends and points out their problems. Welcome to Tyler's black leather couch. You're talking to a fucking bike. Nas' sermon about crack at the start and the close of the song is out of place, plus Tyler's sincerity is debatable. Here's a guy who would punch a puppy and now he's launching a D. He even takes the blame for the drugs. Hopefully he's using drugs as a euphemism for music, because taken literally would be totally questionable.

A few minor instruments including what might be a triangle only accent Tyler's message about an obsessed fan. Tyler continuously switches the lyrics from being cutesy fanfare to sexually maniacal. It's demented, yet Tyler gets his point across.

Fans or no fans, he's dying to lead a normal life. Tyler is a great storyteller when he wants to be. And when he isn't dropping F-bombs the three and the four letter kind , he can be charming. He doesn't let that last for too long before bringing the silliness again.

All of that takes a backseat to a cameo from Stereolab's Laetitia Sadier. Pharrell The hook says it all: "I fucking hate you, but I love you.

I'm bad at keeping my emotions bubbled. Pharrell's cameo like most of the appearances on the project isn't overt, yet it's the perfect closer for the track. Tyler calls his inhaler his best friend because it won't let him cough and brings his depression to the surface.

By the second verse though, he takes revenge on his bullies and through police sirens, suggests he resorted to violence. Given the United States' history with situations like Columbine, Virginia Tech, and most recently Sandy Hook, this track comes in poor taste. Then again, when did Tyler ever care about being tasteful?

Casey Veggies and Mike G Casey Veggies' appearance solely on the hook is disappointing, given how grating Tyler's vocals can be at times.

That's probably what Mike G is there for, but his verse is shorter than what feels like Tyler's twelve. Subtractions of prior cuts would make this track sound even better than perhaps it does when played in consecutive order. Of course Tyler's verse is the longest, but he loses to Earl's cleanup bars.

By the end of the track it's the return of Sam revisiting the Wolf and condemning him. But the overuse of the "other" F-word is a bit much at this point, and the story loses to unnecessary slurs. It's less about the content and more about the string production with gunshots that host a noticeable change in Tyler's cadence. While the real-life Tyler later drives through a neighborhood with Hodgy Beats as his song "Jamba" blasts from the speakers. Wolf was met with generally positive reviews.

At Metacritic , which assigns a normalized rating out of to reviews from professional publications, the album received an average score of 70, based on 31 reviews. Craig Jenkins of Pitchfork said, "With Wolf , Tyler, the Creator displays a radical growth as a producer, composer and arranger, even if, as a rapper, he's still up to some of the same antics. Still, the album contains a few of the best songs he's ever written. Larson of Consequence of Sound said, "Tyler is his own worst enemy, of course.

But the buoyancy of the production and the overall intrigue of hearing him struggle with his idle hands prevent the album from getting mired down in too much vanity.

Slant Magazine ' s Jesse Cataldo commenting "The production is routinely strong, but things are weighed down by Tyler himself, who forcefully refuses to provide a palatable anchor to over an hour's worth of material. Everything from being his own therapist to poking fun at newfound fame is documented in captivating fashion, however juvenile it may be at times.

There's still growing up to do, and maybe time will tame the fascinating artist we see on this album. Until then, there's no escaping his meteoric rise. And the diehard Odd Future fans will love every minute of it.

David Amidon of PopMatters said, "If Wolf is not Goblin is the most important statement I feel like I could make about this album, the second most important thing I can probably say about it is that nothing has actually changed about Tyler himself. All his flaws as a coherent lyricist and person are on full display throughout the album, and the charm or lack thereof of that fact goes a long way towards how enjoyable this album can be.

The don't-give-a-fuck attitude might have run its course lyrically, but when applying it as a production ethos, Tyler is just getting started. XXL ranked it number 18 on their list of the best albums of They commented saying, "The leader of the Odd Future crew's second album Wolf displayed radical maturity—both musically and lyrically; partnering with fellow Odd Future members Frank Ocean and Earl Sweatshirt, alongside Pharrell Williams and even Erykah Badu on songs involving gripping narratives of personal frustrations and heartbreak.

Coupled with vivid lyrics and stark synth production, Tyler's fascinatingly still weird but insightful and musically pleasing. They elaborated saying, " Wolf was Tyler's most grown up effort to date.

Developing into a fully realized production mastermind, he somehow tied a summer camp story in with his usual themes of relationships and the struggles of fame, not to mention the ghetto's crack epidemic and bullying leading to school shootings.

In the United States, Wolf debuted at number three on the Billboard , selling 89, copies in the first week. All songs written and produced by Tyler, the Creator , except where noted. Credits for Wolf adapted from AllMusic.

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  1. Gumuro says:Wolf is the second studio album by American rapper Tyler, the Creator. It was released on April 2, , by Odd Future Records. The album features guest appearances from Mike G, Domo Genesis, Earl Sweatshirt, Left Brain, Hodgy Beats, Erykah Badu. Wolf is the second studio album by American rapper Tyler, the Creator. It was released on April 2, , by Odd Future Records. The album features guest.
  2. Malagis says:About “Wolf” 4 contributors​​ The main album cover is based on a double exposure portrait of a regular Tyler The Creator and a half-body image of who's superimposed into the right corner. The cover is interpreting the dual images of Tyler as he's looking over the past or on a less cool version of himself. With Wolf, Tyler, the Creator displays a radical growth as a producer, composer and arranger, even if, as a rapper, he's still up to some of the.
  3. Tomuro says:Wolf is Tyler's highly anticipated follow-up to the critically-acclaimed May release, Goblin, that has sold over k to date. The album features collaborations. Listen to Wolf on Spotify. Tyler, The Creator · Album · · 18 songs.
  4. Mauk says:Listen to Tyler the creator - Wolf (Full Album) by Edgar F. Kennedy on SoundCloud. TYLER THE CREATOR WOLF. Adriana. Album. 15 Tracks. Feb 7, Answer. Adriana. K. 4y. Awkward. Adriana. K. 4y.
  5. Zujas says:Listen to Wolf by Tyler, The Creator on Apple Music. Stream songs including "​Wolf", "Jamba (feat. Hodgy)" and more. Tyler, the Creator, 'Wolf': Track-By-Track Review · "IFHY" feat. Pharrell · "Pigs" Despite being in his '20s, this track is full of teen angst. · "Parking Lot".

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