Various Born Bad Volume Eight

Various Born Bad Volume Eight

Stars, underbosses and unknown artists rub shoulders on this tangy new compilation. Take off on a sonic journey through the starry night of the late sixties. Drawn to the world of arts from his earliest years, he took an interest in theatre, drawing and painting before starting to sing in Casabalanca at the beginning of the sixties.

In , he leaves Morocco to settle down in Cairo, where his fame burgeoned. A singer songwriter awarded a number of honorary titles of international significance, he became, through the decades, one of the greatest figures of Middle-Eastern music.

His repertoire, mostly traditional, fills the grooves of about twenty albums and some thirty singles. It holds a few surprising gems that bring together his eastern sensibility with the rhythms and harmonies of western rock: a handful of twists at the beginning of the sixties and more particularly the notable Je Suis Jaloux, sung in French and released on the label Philips in Unfortunately I left Paris — that was a mistake.

Today Abdelwahab Doukkali shares his time between singing and painting and lives in Casablanca. Michel Handson signs this B-side with a touch of hip-hop in for the label Butterfly.

A real French-style beatnik, Ezra leaves for India regardless of his promising debut, leaving behind all of his musical projects, from which a collaboration with Jacques Lanzmann orchestrated by Lee Hallyday.

His trip by bus, and not by Boeing! Gilles plays four songs at the guitar, from which Amour and Filles , two tracks he composed for texts written by friends. The track is recorded in at the Studio des Dames.

In , at the Ferber studios, an LP is recorded with the musicians of the singer Christophe. Gilles is given full artistic freedom: Saint Preux, who lives with leopards, spends his afternoons at the cinema rather than behind the mixer. The period is one of hedonism, and Gilles adopts a psychedelic lifestyle.

Overall, the album is a nice assemblage in the flamboyant progressive style of the mid 70s. Many more singles come out until the mid 80s, of which Je suis un passant, a minor success.

But the big hit never comes and Gilles Janeyrand gradually turns to theatre, cinema and television. He offered the instrument to his son.

The latter first disregarded it, though it was to resurface in his life decades later. During his first stage appearance playing the part of a dark, handsome character, the crowd bursts out laughing; Ricar involuntarily discovers his comical potential, which he was to exploit throughout his career.

Through the 60s, he records five singles, of which I like sex is the only incursion into pop music. A cigar in his right hand, a gun in the left, binoculars around his neck complete with a predatory smile, Paul Dupret captivates us with the debonair B-side of the one and only single he released for the label Vogue in Richard Hertel was born in Paris in Towards the end of the 60s, Richard Hertel nicknamed Totoche in the musical world releases a first single as a singer on the label Liberty, Patatras Hola, on which he also plays the drums and the organ.

He releases a second single for Liberty, the score for the film Chitty chitty bang bang by Richard Hertel and his orchestra. The record though is no more than a dull commission. Close to the drummer Kenny Clark, he discovers the universe of Jazz which he integrates at the beginning of the 70s, playing the drums with the likes of Bill Coleman, Joe Newman, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Guy Lafitte and many others.

In , he settles down in the Gers Southwestern France and develops a passion for traditional Occitan music. Richard Hertel passed away in In , Michel Didier lands on the French scene with five simultaneous single releases on the label Fontana.

From a mainly folk corpus emerges this flashy cover of Rainbow Chaser by the English band Nirvana, here renamed Comme un arc-en-ciel, orchestrated and soaked in trippy effects by Jean-Claude Vannier. Vedette internationale, or the lament of an inmate frustrated not to be a star of show business, is the work of the mysterious Liberatore nothing to do with the illustrator of graphic novel RanXerox.

Probably of Belgian origin, the track was released on Vogue in Alain Serco signs a frantic homage to his best friend Kiki, the B-side of his sole single, released on South Records at the beginning of the 70s. Patrice Lamy, born Jacques Desachy, is a romantic singer from Lausanne. He self releases a single in under the alias Patrice Leman, then four more through the 70s. After a short, uneven career, Patrice Lamy dies of sunstroke at age 35 in The Tunisian crooner K.

Nagati becomes well known at the end of the 60s with a cover of the Franco-Arab track Yasmina, originally by the Algerian albino signer Blond Blond.

His repertoire goes from Arabic adaptations of Western hits Strangers in the night, Doctor Jivago, Guantanamera… to traditional and religious songs. Les Missiles are a group of four buddies from the city of Oran Algeria. Micky Segura, drummer and later solo singer, ends up in Port-Vendres, close to the Spanish border. Well intent on reuniting the band, he leaves on a moped to find Robert Suire the bass player who had settled in Aubagne South.

From there they head to Jura East , home to Bernard Algarra rhythm guitar. With the last member impossible to locate, the trio makes its way to seek help from the mummified relics of Saint Claude, in the town of the same name.

Upon their arrival, the three companions realise the apartment is in fact inhabited. They spend many weeks on the street, and then decide to get closer to the heart of French show business, Paris, and settle in Aulnay-sous-Bois North-East suburbs. An audition takes them to Boulogne-Billancourt, were they perform their instrumental repertoire, before adding they can sing, too. The artistic director keenly asks for a demonstration, following which they sign a contract with the label Ducretet-Thomson.

Three years of fame and concerts ensue, along with the release of two albums and over a dozen of singles.

Two members of the Missiles get married in , and the band dissolves. Show more Go to Item. The band's chic retro-futurist surf-pop sound possesses the same dose of glamorous punk stomp as previously, but now layered with an elegant fusion of influences including Ennio Morricone, Marie Et Les Garcons, The Velvet Underground, oriental sounds, Turkish disco, Tuareg blues, medieval psychedelia, and mainstays s.

Brian Eno and Pink Floyd. France, Fun Radio, NRJ, Skyrock set a new pace, and their crushing hegemony irrevocably marks the end of the free radio utopia. Is house the soundtrack of the 90s? In Europe, it gave steam to comeback bands just as much as to the most memorable formations of the decade, while in France it paved the way for the global success of French Touch. So far away it inherited a new name: dance music.

The house which sports the all-over jean look, bandana, cap, chewing gum, peugeot complete with snazzy beats on the radio. The big deal big fuss type, miles away from the original, underground house. That and the hits. The result: a chart and club ready ersatz that is to quickly seduce young audiences. With the arrival of this repetitive, yet transgressive music, tabloids freak out, while widespread incomprehension over the genre inspires dubious misconceptions.

The footage became a classic, and the comments, sampled by producers, provided the vocals for a flagship new beat track Dr. The Dechavanne episode is representative of the general confusion surrounding this barbarian music; skepticism remained high, even if not more so?

It annoyed me a little that most tracks were based on the same two chords. The Frenchman had moved to the epicentre of the English commotion, Sheffield, a few years prior to the arrival of house. This emanates from the delimitation of roles in the making of recorded music, traditionally assigned as singer, songwriter and producer.

The latter takes care of the recording per se; that is, he manages the project, rents the studio, hires the musicians known as requins de studio — studio sharks — for accumulating studio sessions and cashes in at the end. The artist in electronic music is the producer alone, who essentially combines all roles at once: totally autonomous in his home studio, he can do without musicians or singers. On the one hand, the new producers, like Fred Rister with Everybody Dancing, who recorded in a shack on a 4-track recorder, according to the sound engineer.

On the other, the revival of old brigade producers, always on the lookout for a hot deal. What seems like mad creative abundance hundreds of tracks between and is in fact the work of a handful of Belgian producers, barely ten, hidden behind multiple aliases.

She wants to make noise, they know how to make a hit. And the track has it all: proto-acid gimmicks, big beat, house piano, verses rapped with a hiphouse flow… It might have been great, but even a Virgin Megastore ad she appeared in two years later got her more success.

He breaks down tracks, reducing them to a gimmick or a bass line, thus creating easy-to-mix tools for DJs and bringing them closer to the sounds of house and techno music. Like his colleague RLP, Dimitri proposes a trailblazing selection, blending together French news and the odd new sound from the States.

At the turn of the nineties, when europop wants in at the club, only these influencers master the dance side of things.

The nineties also set the stage for the first TV stars, the ones who become famous without anyone really knowing why. Take, say, Jordy, four years old. For years, Jordy plays out the role of the child star and demonstrates that dance music is a perfectly profitable affair: it fuels the radios turned juggernauts, and lands on TV, seeping through music programs… In , Vincent Lagaf a famous french TV host dives in with Bo Le Lavabo.

The DJ hailing from Northern France takes part in the short-lived though seminal Maxximum radio and mixes everywhere on both sides of the Belgian border, quickly becoming a local celebrity. At the turn of the century, he starts collaborating with David Guetta — another DJ, slightly better known than Rister and a rising star of the Parisian club scene.

Go to Item. Genre: Organic Grooves. Cameroonian musician Francis Bebey is truly one of a kind. He entered the music scene with his african compositions for classical guitar. He gave recitals while pursuing a career in journalism and then as an international civil servant. The same creative impulse also led him to write pop songs, and some of which based on novels he had written became big hits in Africa and in the french-speaking world.

But few people know that in the s, Francis Bebey delved into electronic music. The first electronic keyboards, organs and drum machines offered him new possibilities of totally controlling his compositions. This new stage in his musical career included the production of several records 'savannah georgia,' 'new track', 'haiti' , rarities both for their creative explorations as well as their manifestations on vinyl. This was a particularly rich period for him, as he tested the limitless possibilities of the medium, and made use of surprising and novel instruments.

This French cold wave classic gets reissued on vinyl for the first time. Thanks to this re-release, minimal synth connoisseurs will be happy they won't have to cough up Euros to include these essential tracks in their collections. This is a time for punk urgency, for depressed minimal Krautrock, for the great shamanic hypnosis. Indeed for Vox Low, stage performance is a founding act.

It even has to do with pure ceremony, which quickly brought the band its cult aura. Seeing the combo on stage is an act of faith, a celebration of dark forces. After having been the heartthrobs of Andrew Weatherall whom they've remixed , after being remixed by the black angel Ivan Smagghe, after releasing maxi-singles on Jennifer Cardini's techno label and on the brilliant Evrlst, Vox Low is now turning up on an insolently rock'n'roll label. Which is just logical, being one of the few bands able to stylishly surf between 60s rockabilly influences and cold, minimal techno from around Cologne or Berlin's Zoologischer Garten Station.

LP Original Born Bad. A master of the mixing board, from the late '60s until the '90s Bernard Estardy was the wizard of French musical recordings. This "giant" had his hand in the whole range of mainstream French music by making his studio a veritable playground for experimentation. His legendary album 'La Formule Du Baron,' released in , and the eight LPs of production music he made between and for Tele Music are vivid proof. This is the material we were hoping would follow the excellent comp from last year.

Amazing 'universal' music currently only available on expensive originals. Double album with printed innersleeve. Music on Hold — 30 Minutes of When you decide to get a degree at university, like chief songwriter Emile Cartron-Eldin Music goes on hold.

To cherish and adore, right here right now. You only dreamed about it after too many bong hits. Gary Wilson called, and sung you a melody and the Human League stole the synth lines..

Superior Viaduct just found another lost Record by Departmentstore Santas.. Hold on. This is a record for all four seasons in all TV Colours and black and white nouvelle vague romance. This LP is the first baseball bat you take you A Ferrari parked outside a strip club. This is the flock of seagulls that exploded in the sky In multicoloured fireworks and came raining down Into the ears of the youth in these troubled times before cocaine became boring..

It is sincere. The project once a solo affair is now a power-trio featuring funky starship troopers Guillaume Mobstaire and beloved cult-hero Mathis Police Control, Skategang in the shuttle.

And as they blast off into cyberspace They toss this their first greatest hits out of the cockpit and into your hands. Nathan Roche. Killer track compilation of 70s music from Mauritius that evolved from the original sega genre - the music of the slaves as well as their descendants, sung to protest against injustices in Mauritian society. Created at the crossroads of Afro-Malagasy, the 70s strain fused Western and Indian cultures, pop, soul and funk arrangements, syncopated polyrhythms, saturated guitars, psychedelic organs and Creole vocals.

Although the exact origins of sega remain unknown, it contains vocal and percussive practices that originated from Madagascar, Mozambique and East Africa. A social escape and a space for improvisation, satire and verbal jousting, it transcended everyday life and made room for the expression of conflicts and the transgression of taboos.

The main instrument of sega is the ravanne, a large tambourine-like drum made of a large wooden frame and goat skin. It is accompanied by the maravanne, a rectangular rattle filled with seeds, and other homemade forms of percussion. Eric Nelson a solo guitarist and arranger, set up the band Features Of Life which, in the mid 70's, gave birth to a new sound. Fuzzy distorted guitars and funky beats invite each other to play over the unbridled beats created by fabulous drummer Raoul Lacariate.

The band accompanied a new wave of singers, including the atypical Joseph Roland Fatime aka Ti L'Afrique, a hyperbolic and hyperactive character, a fan of blues and James Brown who launched an explosive raw, and funky style of sega.

Travels were not for vacation or rest. They were synonyms of meetings, new music and sometimes, simply, life. These experiences around the world nourished his work, and his career allowed him to set foot on every continent.

But his most beautiful travels took place in recording studios. They landed there and we stayed for years. The legitimate child of this trip, she was conceived in Senegal. Laura remembers well the beautiful moments, and travels were a part of them.

On trips, he was more beautiful as well. A traveler out of obligation in his youth Algeria and its war , he became a traveler by taste and acquired an interest in people, an essential for anyone willing to travel the Globe. He also traveled out of necessity. When smiles faded, a boat, a plane, and bye bye idiots. And he brought all those trips back into his songs. Pierre sensed the rhythm of the country we were in and he found a song.

There, exotic birds and courteous elephants guarding a castle built with cakes form a Front for the Liberation of the Imaginary: colourful, systematically framed illustrations standing out against the cream background of gatefold sleeves… doorways to a maze of sounds at the crossroads between the neatest form of chanson and the most prospective jazz.

Originally a linguist, Gavardin was one of these open-minded intellectuals, with one foot in the Contrescarpe cabarets and the other in step with the avant-garde, combining his apparently classical tastes with a keen interest in the novelties of his time.

The label developed a real editorial policy disregarding commercial constraints. Each record took a clear direction: modern fables, bestiaries, musical tales, cookbooks… Words were the backbone and every release was both carefully designed and perfectly manufactured.

Several teams were built up in the course of meetings which were more like congenial brainstormings. In the chanson category, Anne and Gilles, a duet regularly performing in the left bank area, alternated with the Swiss actress Cristine Combe who had recently settled in Paris and wanted to sing Kurt Weill. Initially distributed by the label Le Chant du Monde, Chevance was definitely included in the catalogue of this venerable parent company when Gavardin started directing it.

If the collection gives a striking change from mass-produced music for kids, its spirit is nevertheless akin to other singular attempts that were made at the time.

Founded by Pierre Barouh, Saravah showed the same balance between moderation and radicalism, with oddities like those of Brigitte Fontaine, Alfred Panou, Barney Willen and so many other musicians feeding the creative frenzy that characterised the French jazz scene. As for the literary dimension, it is right in the lineage of the American iconoclastic publisher Harlin Quist, whose activity in France left its mark on the genre. Similar selections, a common taste for playful uses of language, and the same distancing from both conventional and outcome-based education… A universe excluding the mundane to make room for cosmogonic visions in which, at the turn of each page, everyday life is relentlessly assaulted by the incongruous.

The parallelism with Chevance goes even beyond questions of editorial, graphical or typographical choices: the two worked with the same team of illustrators, which included Henri Galeron, Nicole Claveloux and Patrick Couratin.

Andre Williams - Jail Bait The Frantics - Werewolf Herbie Duncan - Hot Lips Baby. Buddy Love - Heartbreak Hotel The Shades - Strollin' After Dark Spark Plugs - Chicken The Standells - Barracuda The Tune Rockers - Green Mosquito The Rumblers - Boss Alfred E. Neuman - It's A Gas.

The Instrumentals - Chop Suey Rock The Raindrops - Hanky Panky The Readymen - Shortnin' Bread The Fendermen - Mule Skinner Blues Macy Skipper - Bop Pills Mac Rebennack - Storm Warning Dean Carter - Jailhouse Rock The Ventures - Fourth Dimension The Sonics - He's Waitin' The Wailers - Dirty Robber The Sparkles - Hipsville 29 B.

I Need Help Jim Lowe - The Green Door Ric Cartey - Oo Wee Baby Johnny Fortune - Dragster Roy Brown - Butcher Pete Part 1 Larry Phillipson - Bitter Feelings Terry Dunavan - Earthquake Boogie The Shells - Whiplash The Fanatics - I will not be lonely The Wailers - hang up Junior Thompson - how come you do me The Rhythm Rockers - Madness Charlie Feathers - one hand loose Gene Summers - Taboo Link Wray - Rumble. Bo Diddley - Dancing Girl Keith Courvale - Trapped Love Hayden Thompson - Blues, Blues, Blues Roy Brown - Butcher Pete Part 2 Danny Dell - Froggy Went a Courting Fender Four - Margaya Elvis Presley - Do the Clam Slim Harpo - Strange Love Alvey Randy - Green Fuzz Captain Beefheart - Hard Working Man

Run DMC Tougher Than Leather, The Marshall Tucker Band The Marshall Tucker Band, Prince Come, The Tragically Hip Fully Completely, James Taylor Walking Man">

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